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There is nothing quite like the feeling of sheer pleasure and accomplishment I get when I put in my time and energy towards a worthwhile enterprise. Just call me a modern man at work, know what I mean? Well, if you don’t know then you soon will. My name is Barry O’Shea and I am a young man of Haitian-American and Irish descent living in the great city of Brockton, down in the state of Massachusetts. Oh, and I’m a closet bisexual too. Hope that’s cool with you. In case it isn’t, you can kiss my ass. This here is my story. It takes place during the Summer of 2008. Right after school closed and summer began.

I attend the little-known establishment of Brockton State College or BSC on a student-athlete scholarship. Football, to be specific. I’ve been a great football player ever since my days at Brockton High School. And I was one of the few hyoung men out there who were good enough to play college football. BSC is a small public school with eleven thousand students. Most of the student body is African-American, Latino or Asian. More than half of us are racial and ethnic minorities. And that works just fine for me. A biracial brother like myself doesn’t feel so out of place. BSC has excellent varsity teams in Men’s Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Football, Wrestling, Soccer, Rugby, Swimming, Volleyball, Wrestling, Ice Hockey and Lacrosse along with Women’s Softball, Basketball, Cross Country, Field Hockey, Rugby, Equestrian, Soccer, Swimming, Volleyball, Wrestling, Ice Hockey and Lacrosse. We compete in the NCAA Division Two.

The Brockton State College football team had a tough season this year. We lost in the division championships to Stonehill College. I was on the bench during the final minutes of the game and I hated it. If you ask me, we would have won had I played. Wishful thinking gets you nowhere, unfortunately. Sucks, huh? Oh, well. There’s always next year. free spin The summer of 2008 had come and I found myself quite bored. I was spending a lot of time at the Brockton Community Library. I was one bored brother. So I found some way to kill time. By seducing some of Brockton’s big-booty librarians.

There were a lot of plump beauties working at the library. I hooked up with a nineteen-year-old plump black chick named Sabisha Johnson in the archives room of the Brockton Community Library’s Main Branch. Sabisha works at the library but she isn’t one of the librarians. She’s more like an assistant or something. That’s okay with me, though. This chick was hot. She was around five feet seven inches tall, large-breasted, wide-hipped and big-bottomed. I noticed her checking me out when I sat in a corner reading. I also couldn’t help noticing her seriously huge ass. So I wanted to get me a piece of that. And so I did. Sabisha was easy to get. She already had a thing for me. I can’t blame her. A six-foot-two, 250-pound, pretty-faced brother like me was definitely a catch for any female with common sense. We had some fun together.

Sabisha was a pretty dark-skinned plumper with some big lips. And she knew how to use them. I leaned against the wall of the Archives room and whipped out my dick. Nine inches of long and thick, uncircumcised black dick. Yeah, I’m uncut and proud. If nature didn’t want men to have foreskin, she wouldn’t have given it to them. And nature never makes mistakes. Sabisha sucked on my long dick and licked my big hairy balls. This broad definitely knew what she was doing. I gently stroked her pretty little head as she worked her magic on me. Man, this was fun. As reward, I gave her a pearl necklace. For those of you who don’t know what that means, I came all over her damn face. And she apparently liked it. She licked my dick and balls bonus veren siteler clean. All without spilling a single drop. What a woman!

After this, things got a little bit more serious and dare I say more interesting. Enough with the frigging preliminaries and onto the main event. I bent Sabisha over a table and spread her plump brown butt cheeks wide open. I fingered her pussy and licked her asshole. She was a bit surprised but not turned off. What can I say? I am a kinky man and I do have a way with females. Sabisha liked getting her booty hole licked. So when I began fingering her tight asshole, she didn’t protest. She giggled and urged me to continue. Once I stretched her booty hole and got it nice and loose, I told her what I had in mind. Sabisha stared at me with wide eyes. She was surprised by my proposal, to tell you the truth. However, I talked her into it.

Smiling, I took out the small can of lube I never left home without. I smeared some lube all over my cock. I did the same thing to Sabisha Johnson’s puckered asshole. Slowly, I worked my cock into Sabisha’s asshole. Her ass was incredibly tight. That’s more than okay with me. I like to fuck a tight asshole. Doesn’t matter to me if it belongs to a man or a woman. I don’t discriminate. I fuck all assholes with equal vigor. It’s the bisexual American way, you know! Sabisha grunted as I began working my cock into her tight asshole. I gripped her wide hips tightly and started giving her ass the pounding I knew it righteously deserved. Sabisha Johnson had one of the most tempting ghetto booties I had ever seen. The city of Brockton was packed with big women with big tits, wide hips and huge asses. However, even in this crowd, Sabisha stood out. She was simply something else, you know? So I took my sweet time with her. Savoring every thrust of my cock into her asshole.

As my deneme bonusu veren siteler cock began stretching her tight asshole, Sabisha screamed. Having a woman or a man scream as I penetrate their asshole is really nothing unusual. I clamped my hand over Sabisha’s mouth and whispered into her ear. Did she forget where we were? Did she want her co-workers and bosses to walk in on us? I didn’t think so. I removed my hand from her mouth and she changed her tune. Actually, she shut up rather quickly. I sighed in relief and resumed fucking her in the ass. This time, I noticed a change in her body language. The big young black woman was no longer as tense as before. She relaxed, and enjoyed. Thrilled, I shoved my cock deep into her asshole. I love the feeling of a tight ass around my dick and if loving it is wrong, then I don’t want to be right. This was fun. So much fun that I came shortly after, flooding Sabisha’s asshole with my cum. The plump young black woman squealed as my cum filled her booty hole. I roared victoriously. Her screams were music to my ears. Slowly, I squeezed my cock out of her asshole. Isn’t that something?

A few moments later, Sabisha and I left the Archives room. I went back to reading and she went back to work. As if nothing had happened. I picked up a book and left the library. I was heading to the Dunkin Donuts near the Bus Station. I always feel drained after sex. Brockton’s big booty librarians and their assistants will do that to you. I was feeling a craving for a hearty meal. And so I had myself one. As I ate, I watched three plump, big-bottomed young women walk in. A black one. A Spanish one. And an Asian one. They looked at me. I smiled at them. One of them smiled back. The Spanish chick. Then for some reason, she dropped her purse and bent over to pick it up. I looked at her fat ass. Hot! I let my mind wonder as to what I’d do to her if she was willing and I wasn’t busy. Oh, well. Can’t win them all. I ate my food and drank my coffee. As the three young women left, a waiter approached me with a note. It was from the Spanish chick, apparently. She wanted me to have her number. Man, I don’t even have to try. Am I good or what?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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