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At 8:00 pm I texted John to see if he still intended to come over after work.

Straight guys can be a little weird after having their first gay experience. Some question their masculinity and some are still homophobic.

To ensure his return to my house, I mentioned I still had a few questions about the truck.

As I waited for John to reply, I began to reminisce about my first gay experience.

Giving and receiving my first blow job occurred in my early twenties.

Following graduation from Basic Training at Fort Jackson, I was sent to Arizona for nine months to begin Advanced Individual Training (AIT) for my job in intelligence.

I was assigned to a special housing unit with other guys in the program as part of our specialized training. We would spend the next nine months sleeping and working together.

The housing unit consisted of 4 two-man units. There was a shared bathroom and small common area to store equipment. This quad held 8 men, sharing 4 bedrooms and one large bathroom consisting of a gang shower with three heads, 3 toilets and 3 sinks. Each bedroom had two twin beds, cabinets and shelving for personal storage.

My roommate Brett and I chipped in and bought a television and gaming system from soldiers in a similar unit who were graduating from AIT and leaving the base. There wasn’t much to do during our free time as we were stuck on post, so this helped eliminate boredom.

I was 21 and single. Brett was 21 with a hot girlfriend at home. He had her pictures posted all over his side of the room. My side consisted of bare walls.

About a week into our assignment, it happened.

Walking quietly into our bedroom following a shower, I closed and locked the door behind me as I didn’t want to wake up Brett. I was wrapped in only a towel.

Turning around, I witnessed a beautiful sight. There was Brett lying naked on his bed with his eyes closed, his right hand slowly stroking his cock while his left hand massaged his balls.

Presented with a full view of this beautiful man, my eyes darted from his crotch to his head down to his toes. I was fascinated watching his legs and toes respond to the sensations he was enjoying while he stroked his six inches. With his eyes closed, I could see he was engaged in some serious self-pleasure as I saw his chest rise and fall as I heard light moans escape from his lips.

I was in a trance.

I never saw another naked man jerking off before. I knew all guys did, but it wasn’t openly discussed.

Suddenly, I was filled with a raging lust. As my eyes were fixated on his cock, I slowly approached the side of his bed. I stood before him mesmerized.

Then he opened his eyes – wide.

He was obviously startled to see me standing over him. As his body jerked, I heard him say, “Oh shit!”

Standing over him my eyes were roaming from his hands now covering his crotch to his face. Looking at him, he broke a slight smile and sheepishly said, “sorry, dude. I guess I got carried away.”

I just stood there looking down at him with fire in my eyes.

Without thinking, I dropped my towel with my 6 inches at full attention. I looked at Brett and said, “why stop on my account?”

Still towering over him, I brushed his hands away from his crotch revealing his now slightly deflated 7″ cock. Keeping my eyes focused on his, I grabbed his junk and started stroking.

Holding another erect penis in my hand felt so different than my own. It was soft, yet hard. It was so hot.

It was a powerful feeling which I will never forget.

Staring into Brett’s eyes, I said, “Doesn’t it feel better with another hand?”

A look of pure ecstasy was displayed across his face as he moaned, and his body relaxed. He was clearly enjoying the attention as I rubbed his chest and stomach while providing long slow strokes.

I was casino siteleri so turned on. My cock was so hard it hurt and was dripping pre-cum onto Brett’s hand as I leaned over his side.

Then I felt a tingle on my balls as he grabbed my sac and massaged them like he was holding a handful of marbles. I involuntarily moaned and collapsed on him as I was unexpectedly weak at the knees.

I landed across his body, our dicks touching and our faces staring at each other. I don’t know what came over me, but I leaned in and planted a kiss on his lips. I did it a second time as I pushed my tongue into his mouth and forced it open.

We began moaning and French kissing as we were grabbing and stroking each other. I never kissed anyone before an in intimate way, and I was on fire. It was the most sensual experience I had – and I couldn’t get enough!

Within two minutes, we reached our climax at the same time exploding onto our stomachs as we moaned into each other’s mouths. We couldn’t get enough of each other as we pressed our tongues deeper as if we were trying to touch our tonsils.

After about a minute, I got up and said, “shit look at this mess” and we both laughed. I used my towel to wipe up our stomachs as Brett took one end to clean up his dick as I did mine. He looked at me and said, “Thanks, I needed that!”

Very discreetly, we continued to “help” each other for our remaining year together. We learned to how to suck, swallow, stroke and massage each other. We explored feet worship and scalp massage – and every part of the male body in between. We never tried anal sex but did engage in butt play and prostate massage.

Thankfully, no one ever found out what we did in that shared bedroom. After AIT, we both moved on to our assignments and lost touch.

More recently, I reconnected with Brett via social media. I learned he got married, had several kids and was now single again. We agreed to meet soon to catch up on our lives.

I was jerked back to reality feeling my iPhone vibrate with a message notification. It was John telling me he would see me in about an hour.

I was excited and relieved he was going to come after all.

After completing the table set-up in a spare bedroom, I turned up the heater on my hot tub which is located on the deck right outside the kitchen. Although my backyard is private, my wife asked me, a few years ago to install a privacy wall so she could use the hot tub topless.

Minutes later, John texted his arrival. When I greeted him at the front door, he walked in with a smile and was much more relaxed then earlier today.

I said, “Welcome back, I am so glad you decided to come over.” John replied, “a massage is really appealing to me as I never had one before.”

I was so thrilled to be the first person to give John a massage that I felt like I would explode with excitement.

We walked into the kitchen, grabbed a few beers and headed to the deck. I showed John the hot tub and suggested we go in and relax a bit before heading up stairs. He said, “sounds like a plan.”

In less than a minute after handing him a 12oz. Yuengling, it was empty. As he exchanged his empty bottle for another one, he said, “I really needed that as I was thirsty all day.” I laughed and said there is plenty more in the refrigerator as we stood and began removing our clothes.

Even though I sucked a load out of him a few hours before, John hesitated before removing his underwear.

There he stood before me with nothing on but his briefs showing a handsome package as he stretched and gulped down the remaining drops of his 2nd beer. John reminded me so much of Brett at that moment. There is something about a guy in his twenties standing in only briefs that makes me crazy with lust.

Once I removed my briefs and stood naked before him, he followed. Looking at him from canlı casino head to toe, I said, “You got one hot bod!” He replied, “Thanks, you look great too.”

We spent about 15 minutes chatting about his job at the dealership. I was curious and asked John if he had ever been propositioned before today. He looked at me in the eye and said, “Never.”

“Well, I have never propositioned anyone before today either,” I replied with a chuckle. John said, “Well, I didn’t know what to do when you placed your hand on my thigh. I was nervous and just froze.”

John then gave me a serious look and said, “Just so you know, I am not gay.”

I replied, “I am not gay either. I was married and have 3 kids. I love pussy, but I just appreciate the male body. I prefer not to use labels. This is just two guys enjoying some time together.”

As we sat there relaxing, I told John the story of my time in the service with Brett. As my story unfolded, I scooted over to him bringing our legs together. I placed my hand on his thigh and gently moved to his crotch. He was hard as steel as I caressed his groan, enjoying the feel of his balls as well.

Following 20 minutes in the hot tub, I suggested we move to the massage table. I got up first and grabbed towels handing one to John. It was fun to watch his face as he looked at my erect cock. I laughed and said, “looks like you have a similar problem.”

On our way upstairs, I grabbed two bottled waters from the kitchen.

With lights low and soothing music playing, I guided John on his stomach placing his head in the headrest. I said, “just relax and enjoy the sensations.”

Using a sensual cinnamon oil, I started at his neck and shoulders applying a generous amount of oil as I worked my way to his hips. I spent 15 minutes performing a Swedish massage touching every part of his upper body as I walked around the table.

Then I moved to his legs, working his calves, ankles and feet. Gently lifting each foot as I worked on his toes, ball, arch and heel. Hearing slight moans were just the encouragement I needed to keep going.

As I stood at his mid-section, I began to work his upper thighs, lightly touching his ball sac that was resting comfortably. With each pass of my fingers, he lifted off the table to grant me access.

As I poured some oil on his butt watching it disappear in his crack, he purred like a kitten. While no words were spoken, his body was communicating loud and clear.

For the next 15 minutes, I work on his glutes, taking time to really feel his body. While massaging his ass, I would dip my finger into his crack and caress his pucker, eliciting a low moan. I knew he liked it because his ass would lift up to meet my finger.

His butt was lightly hairy and smooth between his cheeks. Becoming bolder, I used both hands to part his cheeks exposing his pucker to me. As he slightly moved, it appeared that his pucker was winking at me, welcoming me.

That’s all I needed to see as I dove straight in to eat his ass. I used my tongue to lick, kiss and poke inside as far as it would go. John let out a gasp and just went wild with sounds of pleasure as he lifted his ass off the table to allow me greater access. I moved a hand between his legs, grabbing his erect cock from behind as I rimmed him. This continued for at least 5 minutes; I just couldn’t get enough!

Slowly, I backed out of his ass and lightly tickled his whole body from head to toe. Then, I leaned into his ear, whispering that it was time to turn over.

As he turned over onto his back, I removed the headrest and placed a sleep mask over his eyes whispering this would heighten the sensations.

I poured oil on his chest, working his neck, shoulders and pecs. Standing over him allowed me to admire his beautiful body and watch his chest rise and fall with each contented breath.

Working kaçak casino down his chest, I took time to massage each nipple, causing his body to react hearing very soft moans. I spent time massaging his stomach occasionally reaching down to touch his flaccid cock. Each time, I grazed his cock, it would slightly lift up as if greeting my fingers.

I moved down to his feet, carefully massaging each toe and the spaces in between. As I moved to his ankles and calves, I was reminded of why I admire an athletic male body. John was clearly a person that took good care of himself, was toned, muscular and his legs showed it.

Moving up to his knees and thighs, I could feel his defined muscle tone. As I was slowly worked on this area; I moved my hands up lightly brushing his ball sac. As I did this, I paid close attention to the reactions of his body and saw the skin on his ball sac tighten a little as his penis lifted up slightly even though I didn’t touch it yet.

Then I moved back up to his chest and began to lightly tickle his entire body moving quickly up and down brushing over his penis with each pass. I watched John spread his legs to allow greater access as my fingers were brushing over his groin.

Then, I bent over and took his semi-erect cock into my mouth to the root. A gasp escaped from his lips followed by a moan as his torso lifted off the table as if to get me to swallow him more. Within 15 seconds his cock grew to full length. I sucked him up and down the shaft, tongued his piss slit then engulfed his whole organ. I repeatedly this several times, enjoying his juices as he squirmed uncontrollably on the table.

Then slowly jerking him off, I moved to his head and whispered into his ears, “I love your cock, feed me your load.” As his mouth was open due to his constant moaning, I shoved my tongue inside and kissed him deeply. He responded by kissing me back as we were engaged in a tongue dual. This real deep, sensual kissing is one of the most erotic moments two men can share.

As I moved off his mouth, I began kissing and licking my way down his chin, chest, belly button and treasure trail until taking him all the way down. I lapped up the pre cum at the tip and as I stroked and sucked him at the same time.

He cried out, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” I felt his balls tighten as his cock erupted as I was fed spurt after spurt of his cum. I swallowed and swallowed as I continued to suck as he came down off his high.

He just laid there panting as I caressed his body with light touches. As his cock softened, I saw more cum drip out which I quickly lapped up. I told John to just relax and enjoy the afterglow.

Five minutes later, I helped him to sit up and get his bearings. I asked him if he was alright and he simply smiled and nodded in affirmation.

I offered him a shower which he accepted. While he in was in the bathroom, I grabbed a beer for the both of us. Coming out of the shower, we went downstairs to retrieve our clothes by the hot tub. As he got dressed, I watched him and just enjoyed his presence.

Fully dressed, we relaxed in the den for about 10 minutes, finishing our drinks. As he looked down, John said, “I never had anyone touch my ass, let alone eat it. It was an awesome feeling.”

I replied, “I learned there are more nerve endings on that area then on our cocks, so that makes sense. I didn’t plan on doing that, but I was so turned on, I hope you didn’t mind.”

John said, “God no! It was so awesome. In fact, this massage was so good, I don’t think I will be ever satisfied with just a regular massage if I ever get one.”

As we got up from the couch, I gave John a tight hug and said, “Thanks for a great evening.” He smiled and said, “Wow, I would love to come back.”

I replied, “Anytime.”

As he was leaving, I said, “ya know, if you ever have a friend, we could engage in a 4-handed massage. If you thought tonight was good, that would even be better.”

As he drove away, he beeped his horn. I walked into the house smiling as I cleaned up thinking my car buying experience will never by the same again!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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