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I used to bartend for a nudist club up in the mountains. My wife wasn’t really into the nudist thing, but was surprisingly relaxed about my going to the club alone. It was really just to get away and be in the mountains, more than anything. The regulars were typically in their 30s to 50s, mature but all in good shape and sexy. On occasion younger couples would join in the fun, but mostly it was an older, mellow crowd. Recently, after I began helping out on weekends, it had began morphing into a swing club, which was thrilling to watch.

People began to play around and even have sex outdoors, in full view of everyone; some sexy gal would suck her husband’s cock while laying out by the pool; people would have sex one any of the 4 Jacuzzis around the place; some would even indulge in a gang-bang in front of everyone. It was a real thrill to be there.

Ray was a friend of the owners, and usually came up on Saturdays by himself. He was a quiet guy and usually just liked to lay out nude by the pool. On occasion he would stay overnight in one of the safari tents, that were dotted around the hillside. They were really nice places, with a wood floor and a regular bed inside of a screen wall tent. Ray and I became acquaintances during my first summer there.

One Saturday we were having a really fun weekend, with a lot fo people and playing nude volleyball in the pool. Ray was lounging around and watching. The thing about Ray is that he may be kind of laid back and quiet, he is unusually endowed. I have never seen his cock hard, but even soft, laying there in the sun, it is quite a large sample.

That night after dinner, dancing and a soak in hot tubs, people began to turn in. Ray had rented a tent for the night and was staying over. Not his typical thing he was kind of unprepared. He asked if I would show him to the tent, and guide him there as he had no flashlight and it was pitch black out there in the woods. I told him sure. I guided him along the trail to the tent that was furthest away, apart from all of the others, my small flashlight leading the way.

There were sounds in the dark of people having noisy passionate sex; in twos; in threes; in groups. As we passed a tent we heard a man’s low, passionate voice,

“Oh yeah, suck it. Oh that’s so good! You guys suck me so beautifully!” His voice was joined by the sound of a woman and a man moaning around what must have been a cock that they were sharing. ‘Ooh’, I thought, ‘some guy’s getting his mouth filled with some hard cock’. I had a brief thought that I knew who.

It was Bruce and Susie’s tent, a good looking couple in their late 50s. Susie was petite and sexy as hell with the most spectacular ass. She always playfully let me pat and stroke it. Her breasts were fake, but perfectly built, with sexy hard nipples. Bruce was mid-height and softening in the middle, but had a cock on him that was like a log. They had spent the day chatting and flirting with Andrew, the early 20s kid that had also come up to help out. Susie took an instant shine to the kid.

The mental image of Bruce laying back, guiding Andrew’s and Susie’s mouths up and down his fat cock, made me pretty casino oyna excited. Walking along in nothing but my flip-flops and lightweight shorts, my cock dangling freely, I began to get hard.

Strolling by Fred and Sally’s tent I noticed they had 2 candles lit. Fred and John stood on opposite sides of their bed, stroking themselves and watching Sally and John’s girlfriend Katie, a very thin but sexy 26 year old, eat each other in a passionate 69. My pace slowed a bit as I passed, as did Ray’s behind me. Fred just turned briefly and smiled at us as we passed. The image of Sally’s hands caressing Katie tight, curvy bottom, as Katie straddled her face, brought me fully erect.

We rounded a corner, dropped through a small gully, up the other side and came at last to Black Oak Camp, the tent that Ray rented. I unzipped the tent and let Ray step in.

“Can you just hold the light right here, so I can put my stuff away?” he asked me. I stepped into the tent and held the light for him. He put his bag in the corner and pulled out a few items and set them on the table, and kicked off his sandals.

“There we go. Thanks.” He told me. “Boy it sure is dark here.” I agreed and shut of my light for a moment.

“Wow. It really is dark here. And quiet.” I told him. We stood there for a moment listening to the quiet of the night. The sounds of nearby sex were muted. “Is there anything else you need?’ I asked him before turning on my light.

There was a very long pause before he spoke.

“Well,” he hesitated, “I would sure love a blowjob.” I instantly thought, ‘Yeah, me too’ but was suddenly taken aback.

“You mean….” I stuck on the thought for a moment, “You mean from me?” I asked, sounding surprised.

“Well … I don’t mean …. I don’t know if you ….”

There was quite a pause before I answered again.

“Well, I never really …” I stammered.

“I don’t want to make you uncomfortable. I’m sorry if …”

“No, no.” I told him. “I’ve just never … done that before.”

“It’s okay.” He said quietly, “I understand …”

“No no, … I … uh …so … you’d like a blowjob from me?” I finally got out.

There was a long moment in the dark and the quiet. Finally he spoke in a quiet, smoldering voice.

“I would love a blowjob from you.” I was hard before but now became like a rock.

“Really?’ I asked. “I’m not sure if … I don’t know if … ” I stepped a bit closer, lowering my voice, “You have a really big cock.”

“Yes I do.” He countering immediately, confidently. I stepped a bit closer.

By the very faint light of the stars, I could make out his shape. I reached out and took hold of his shirt and drew it up and over his head.

“You have a really big cock.”

“Yes. I do.” He whispered again. “But I think you’ll like it. A lot!” He peeled my shirt off as well. “I think yours is beautiful as well.” His hand gently reached down and found its way up inside the leg of my shorts to my bare erect cock.

“Mmmmm yes! Oh Steven, can I admit something to you?’ he whispered as he stepped closer still. “I’ve been noticing your penis all day. It’s so handsome. I’ve canlı casino had fantasies all day of kissing it, licking it up and down, wrapping my soft, wet, lips around your beautiful penis, sucking and licking and tasting you.” His fingers were feather soft on my shaft and balls. “Oohhh, giving you slow, oral pleasure until you ejaculate for me. Feeding me; drinking you. Ohhh your penis feels so wonderful!”

I leaned in closer and whispered into his ear.

“Oh Ray, you make it sound so wonderful. So erotic, so sensual. I admit that I stolen many, many glances at you as well. All nude, and thick, and full, and manly. I love how you shave around your penis. Such a beautiful display of manliness. You have an amazing penis! I think I might really enjoy giving you a nice … slow … wet … b l o w j o b.” I drew out this last word in a long moan into his ear. I slowly sat down on the edge of his bed.

“Here, let me help you.” I said, as I began to unbuckle his belt, taking my time and building yet more tension; for both of us. “Let me get you out of these shorts. I want you completely nude.” I unbuttoned the fly of his shorts, sensing his cock just tearing at the fabric in front. “Ooh you feel so infatuated, so solid, so determined.” I ran my fingertips over his stomach, nice and tight, down into the V of his open shorts and over the root of his powerful cock. “Oh Ray, you feel so hard.”

I hooked my fingers into the slash pockets on both sides and began gently, slowly tugging them down. Once free of the obstruction of his penis, they dropped to the floor. Ray’s cock bounced up straight at me. By now my eyes were becoming accustomed to the low light level. I was honestly shocked at the size of his cock.

“Oh my god!” was all I could think to say.

Ray worked his feet out of his shorts and simply stood there, his enormous shaft bobbing freely, incredible hard!

“Oh my god!” I said again. Ray didn’t move, just stood there allowing me to study him. In the faint light I realized that this was the biggest cock I had ever seen, ever! “It’s incredible!” I whispered, almost to myself.

“Yeah? Is that good?” he asked me, sounding like he was smiling in the dark.

“It’s incredible.” I instinctively reached up and ran my fingertips very lightly over the length of him, from the base at his abdomen all the way up to and over the pronounced ridge at the big, silky head.

“Ray, your penis is incredible! I’ve never even dreamed …’I tapered off. “Well, you really do look like you need a blowjob.” He laughed for a moment and then fell serious.

“Oh Steven, I really do. I really need a sexy, wet, deep blowjob.”

“Oh Ray. Your cock is spectacular! I want to give you the most wonderful blowjob I can.” He moaned aloud. “Oh yes.” I said as I brought the head to my lips and began kissing the head. “Oh yes, can you feel me kissing your penis?”

“Oh yeah.” He moaned combing his fingers through my hair. “Oh yes Steve. This is what I want. Oh yes. Kiss it. Yeah kiss it Steven. Your lips are so soft.”

“Mmm hmm.” I moaned as I tilted the huge shaft up against his tummy and swirled my tongue over the underside, kaçak casino down the incredible length of him, to the root and then over his tight, full, shaved balls.

“Oh yeah! Oh Steven. Oh my balls.” I gathered them into my palm and kissed and licked them over and over.

I worked my way back his considerable length to the tip and kissed and kissed it some more.

“Oh Ray. Oh I love your penis. I love it! You are so fucking big! Are you enjoying my lips?” He moaned that he was. “Mmmm yeah. Cause I want to suck your gorgeous big, fucking cock!” I said as I slipped my lips over the big head and began the descent down the thick shaft. He was so big in my mouth!

Ray hands gently gripped the back of my head as eh leaned over the top of me.

“Oh yes, Steven. Oh yeah! Suck it. Yeah just suck it! That feels so good!” He was now fucking my mouth as my fingertips gently teased his hips, his back, his butt, the insides of his thighs, and his huge tight balls. “Oh yeah. What an incredible blowjob! You give such great head, Steven!”

We continued just like that for about a minute, Ray thrusting his huge cock between my wet lips and over my tongue. He tasted so sexy, so manly!

“Oh Steven, baby. What an incredible mouth you have. What a wonderful cocksucker you are. I love it! Oh you’re gonna make me cum! You want me to cum?” I nodded around his penis. “Yeah? You want my cum?” I nodded again. “Oh yes! I’m gonna give it to you.

I drew him out of my mouth and looked up in his direction.

“Oh Ray. I want to drink your sperm. Let me drink it all.” He stuffed his fat cock back into my mouth.

“Oh yeah! Oh yes Steven. Here I cum. I want you to drink all my sperm, baby! Yeah drink all my creamy sperm.” My fingers were tickling and teasing his tight balls as he began ramming it into me harder and faster.

His hot cum was a flood into me. Delicious and salty, thick and creamy! I could feel the squirts of his sperm onto my tongue and into the back of my throat depending on how deep his cock was. He threw his head back groaning. I gently squeezed his balls, moaning, and gulped and gulped and gulped down mouthfuls of his luscious sperm. We kept moving but continued to slow the pace. His cock softened but remained thick and long and once slightly spongy became a different kind of pleasure to suck on.

There was a noise from my left and we both turned to find Fred and John standing outside watching and stroking their erections. By now we were accustomed to the low light level and could see them pretty well.

“I hope you don’t mind us watching, but we thought you guys might be having fun together.” Fred asked. Ray just laughed, panting.

“I don’t mind.” Looking down at me, “You?”

“No. I’m, just here to have a good time.” I said slipping Ray’s cock back into my mouth.

“Well that looks like a good time.” John said.

“Yes it is.” I said smooching the big head. My mouth and throat were totally coated with creamy cum. “Were you here to watch me drinking Ray’s big juicy load?”

They admitted that they were and that it was incredibly hot to watch. I asked if either of them had ever sucked cock and they both said no.

“We thought that maybe if you guys were into sucking, we had a couple cocks to add to your enjoyment.”

“Well bring ’em on it.” Ray told them.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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