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The next day, a Saturday, Tommy and Chris were playing guitars again in the common room of Chris’s dorm. It was around noon, and it was a grey, overcast, rainy April day in Missouri.

“How was the show last night, Chris?” Tommy asked his friend.

“It was rocking, dude, rocking. Too much fun. How was the drive? Did you get caught in that storm?”

“Yeah, that storm hit us around Wentzville, really hard, had to pull over and wait it out a bit. That’s one cool girl, that Lauren. We had a great time driving, talking, you know, kicking it. She’s chill. I’m supposed to call her today.”

“Oh yeah? Right on. You could knock on her door. She lives right down the hall.”

“Good call. I’ll go down and ask her if she wants to get some lunch in a bit. I’ll be right back.” He left his guitar with Chris and wandered down the hall, looking at the names on the doors, till he found the door that read: “Lauren McCain.” There was another girl’s name on the door, a “Kitty Harris.” Tommy knocked on the door. There was no reply. He knocked again. Still nothing.

Suddenly, from down the hall, came Lauren’s voice: “Tommy! Oh my God, what are you doing here?” She was coming from the women’s rest room, with another girl, about the same height, but a brunette. They both had wet hair and wore only towels wrapped around their lithe frames, and each carried a plastic basket full of shower stuff.

“I was jamming with Chris over there and I thought you might want to get lunch or something in a while,” Tommy explained.

“That sounds great,” Lauren said. “Oh, this is my roommate Kitty.”

Kitty extended a hand, letting her towel fall a bit and flashing him some of her cleavage. Tommy shook it. “Nice to meet you,” Kitty said, and opened the door and walked into her room.

“Hey, my friend Jenni is supposed to meet me for lunch today. We should all go together. We were gonna go downtown if it ever stops raining. Bring Chris, too. It’ll be a party,” Lauren said. She leaned up onto her toes and kissed Tommy on the lips. “I’ll be out in a little while, okay?”

“Cool,” Tommy said. “I’ll be in the commons.”

“See you soon,” she said, and walked into her room. Tommy caught a glimpse of a very naked Kitty, and of Lauren removing her towel, before the door was shut. Tommy shook his head, headed back to the commons.

“You should have lunch with us. She’s bringing a friend,” Tommy told Chris as he picked up his guitar.

“Sure, sounds good to me,” Chris said. They jammed for a while on “Hard to Handle” and finished it up after Lauren and Kitty came and sat down on an adjacent sofa. They looked good today. They were a hot pair. Each wore a pair of tight blue jeans, sneakers, and a tight little tee shirt that showed off their sexy bellies. The shirts were both white. Kitty’s had red flames writing across her tits that read: “Naughty” with a little cute devil tail on the Y. Lauren’s shirt read: “Nice” across her tits in blue cursive writing. They had both put their hair up in pigtails.

“You guys should keep playing. We’re still waiting for Jenni,” Lauren said. Tommy and Chris shrugged, played another song before Lauren’s cell phone rang. “She’s outside,” Lauren said.

“Where are we going for lunch?” Tommy asked, packing his guitar in its case.

“We were gonna go downtown, but it’s too rainy to walk,” Kitty said.

“I can drive us,” Tommy offered. They all decided that was a good idea. Chris stashed his guitar in his room, and they left. They found Jenni in the dorm lobby. She was a cute little brunette, with a cute smile and shining eyes. Introductions were made, and the five of them ran out to Tommy’s car and climbed in. It was only a few blocks to a little diner for lunch. They sat in a booth that was made for four. Tommy found himself happily squeezed between Lauren and Jenni, and Chris and Kitty sat across from them. They ate greasy food and shot the shit for a while as the rain came down, pitter-pattering on the windows next to them. After a while, it was getting towards evening. There was talk of going to parties, but no one was very enthusiastic. Somebody suggested a movie, somebody else thought they should get trashed. They eventually decided to rent a movie and get some beer for the evening, and they would crash at Tommy’s to watch the movie, drink the beer, and smoke a lot of pot, which Tommy said he was happy to share. Since they were spending the night, the girls wanted to get some things before getting illegal bahis to Tommy’s. So he drove them all back to their dorms. Chris got his guitar, a pillow, and a change of clothes. It took Lauren and Kitty a bit longer, but they soon came, each carrying a duffel bag. Tommy drove them all over to Jenni’s dorm. She was up to her room and back in a snap, and then they were off. Tommy was the only one who was 21, so he bought the beer, three twelve packs, each one different, all microbrews. They rented “Jimi Plays Berkeley,” a DVD of Jimi Hendrix’ classic May 1970 Berkeley, California performance, spliced with footage of the student riots that were going on just before the show. They got to Tommy’s. Everyone was happy to spend the night, since Tommy didn’t want to drive anywhere all drunk and stoned.

It was getting dark outside, and raining harder now. Beers were opened, a joint rolled and lit and passed around as the movie started. Tommy had a sofa, a recliner, and a huge bean bag chair. The bean bag chair was pushed up against the sofa and the recliner. Chris took a seat in the recliner. Kitty lounged on the bean bag chair. Jenni sat behind Kitty, rubbing out kinks in Kitty’s shoulders. Tommy and Lauren sat on the other end of the sofa, cuddling.

They started the movie. They paused it halfway through, between songs, so everyone could get another beer. Chris rolled up another fat joint, it was passed around in a circle, Chris to Kitty to Tommy to Lauren to Jenni and to Chris again. They smoked it down, and everyone was feeling pretty mellow. After the movie, they ordered a pizza delivery, smoked another joint, popped in one of Tommy’s DVDs, “The Princess Bride.” More beers with pizza, a fourth joint passed around in a circle.

By this time, it was late, and everyone was pretty well messed up. Nobody wanted to watch anymore movies. Tommy flipped on a strong blacklight and killed the regular lights, and the room was glowing in neon from posters on the walls. He set some things to spinning and a small mirrorball worked some magic. The room was alive in color and light. More beers were drunk. Lauren was taking hits off the battie, a glass hashpipe was being smoked. Kitty wandered off to find the bathroom, and came back ten minutes later, after wandering into Tommy’s bedroom and discovering his porn DVDs. She brought one back and popped it in, set the sound to mute.

Lauren took a hit from the battie, and after she did, Tommy kissed her, good and long, not breaking the kiss, and Lauren was forced to exhale the smoke into Tommy’s mouth. Tommy breathed in then, sucking the smoke in as Lauren breathed it out. He held it in, then exhaled. Everyone else wanted to try, so they made up a kissing game. They would pass the smoke from one person to the next and see if they could get it around to everyone. If it got screwed up, the two who messed it up each had to remove a piece of clothes. How was the game won? They never really figured that out. Everyone was a winner, because everyone got to kiss each other. Lauren started, kissing Tommy and passing her smoke to him. Tommy turned to Jenni, and they kissed, but Tommy started laughing abruptly and the smoke went everywhere, because Lauren had tickled him! Tommy and Jenni kicked off their shoes. Lauren promised not to tickle him again. Tommy hit the battie and kissed Jenni again, and she successfully took his smoke in. She went to kiss Chris, but got a case of the giggles from Chris’s goatee tickling her face. Jenni lost her socks, Chris slid off his shoes. Chris and Kitty had a couple problems making it work. More giggles and stoned minds led to Chris losing his socks and his shirt, though he still had a tee shirt. Kitty had to lose her sandals, and followed her sandals with her jeans, easing slowly out of them. Finally, Kitty got the smoke into her lungs from kissing Chris, and she stumbled from the bean bag chair over to Lauren. Chris couldn’t take his eyes off the round globes of Kitty’s ass cheeks, formed by a little red thong that rode up between her cheeks. Kitty leaned down and kissed Lauren, a good open mouth kiss, tongue and all, but when Kitty breathed out the smoke, she exhaled through her nostrils! Everyone laughed, and then Kitty and Lauren each pulled off their respective Naughty and Nice tee shirts in unison, peeling them off their bodies and over their heads. In addition to wearing matching tee shirts, Lauren and Kitty were wearing matching bras, satin push-up numbers from Victoria’s Secret, identical in illegal bahis siteleri style but differing in color; like the writing on their shirts, Kitty’s was red and Lauren’s was blue. Kitty hit the battie and kissed Lauren again, this time successfully passing the smoke to Lauren. Lauren breathed the smoke from Kitty into Tommy’s mouth, and when he turned to Jenni, he saw her making out with Chris. Tommy coughed a bit and Jenni turned to him. They kissed but Jenni breathed out instead of in, and Tommy lost his socks. Jenni had to take off her tank top, revealing that her B-cup tits were being held in a lacy white wonderbra; the white bra glowed in the blacklight.

Tommy and Jenni tried again, and failed again, when Chris tickled her from behind. Jenni slid out of her jeans, revealing simple white panties, small and sexy, innocent yet seductive. Tommy lost his shirt, but still had on a wifebeater. It also glowed in the blacklight. Lauren’s hands were all over him, suddenly. Tommy took another hit, but Jenni’s attention was back on Chris. They were making out again, across the gap between the sofa and the recliner. Kitty had moved back to her bean bag chair and was pulling at Chris’s pants, and Chris and Jenni got on the bean bag chair with Kitty. Lauren started kissing at Tommy’s neck and rubbing her hands across his chest, and they both watched as Kitty got Chris’s pants all the way off. His erection was making a tent of his black boxers, and as Chris kissed Jenni and felt up her chest, Kitty was rubbing his cock with her hand. She suddenly pulled it out through the hole in his boxers and started sucking on it! He moaned when she licked him up and down, and he moaned again when she took him into her mouth. Chris and Jenni were French kissing, really going at it.

Lauren started tugging at Tommy’s jeans; they slid them off his body, and she slid out of her jeans, too, revealing a little blue thong just like the one Kitty was wearing. Lauren grabbed the top of Tommy’s wifebeater and ripped it, right down his chest, tearing it off his body and throwing it across the room. They kissed passionately, deeply, tongues down each other’s throat. Tommy pushed her down onto her back on the sofa and fell on top of her. Her legs were wrapped around his waist, and they humped against each other, kissing and watching the threesome on the beanbag chair right in front of their faces.

Kitty and Jenni were both licking and sucking on Chris’s cock, and kissing each other around it and with it in between. Their hands were also all over each other’s bodies. Chris had a hand on each girl’s chest, rubbing and squeezing their tits. The girls hands, as they sucked on Chris, were rubbing each other between the legs. They had worked their way inside their panties and they seemed to be fingering each other. Tommy and Lauren got on the floor to get a closer look. They helped Kitty and Jenni out of their bras, and the girls panties were quick to follow. Within an instant, everyone else was suddenly naked, too. Kitty and Jenni had stopped sucking off Chris, and Kitty was on her back on the floor. Jenni knelt over her face and then leaned down, bringing her mouth to Kitty’s pussy, and the girls started eating each other out.

Tommy got Lauren onto her hands and knees as they watched the girls go to town. He was behind her, and was rubbing his big hard cock all over her ass. She reached between her legs, found Tommy’s cock and grabbed it, and led the head to her soaking entrance. He slid it inside her, grabbing her by the hips to push it all the way in. He slowly moved it in and out, and she purred.

Chris was sitting back on the bean bag chair, stroking his cock, watching the girls 69 and Tommy and Lauren fucking. Lauren saw him jerking off slowly, caught his eyes, licked her lips, moaned from Tommy’s big cock fucking her. Chris moved so he was sitting in front of her, and she started sucking him off while Tommy’s fucked her from behind. Her head bobbed up and down with his cock in her mouth. She moaned a lot from Tommy’s fucking, and Chris moaned when she did—the vibrations felt good on his cock. Tommy reached around her as he fucked her slowly and started to rub her clit in little circles. Now she was really moaning, and bobbing her head faster, sucking harder on the cock in her mouth.

The girls on the floor were crying out in orgasm. Tommy and Chris watched as the girls bucked their hips against each other’s face, crying out into each other’s pussy. They rolled off canlı bahis siteleri each other and saw what was going on with Tommy, Lauren, and Chris. They crawled over and each lay on her back on either side of Lauren, and each took one of Lauren’s nipples in her mouth and started sucking. Kitty grabbed Tommy’s balls and gently squeezed as he fucked Lauren from behind. Jenni grabbed Chris’s balls and gently squeezes as he fucked Lauren in the face. All the sensations—her pussy, the cock in her mouth, the sucking on her nipples, the rubbing on her clit—overwhelmed Lauren, and her body released orgasm after orgasm. All she could do was come! She sucked harder on the cock in her mouth, and bucked her hips against Tommy behind her, until both were coming inside her at the same time, Chris shooting down her throat and Tommy filling her pussy. She took it all, still coming hard herself, until there was no more to suck from Chris’s cock and Tommy could shoot no more. They all collapsed to the floor.

After a few minutes, and the afterglow wore off, Tommy collected some blankets, gave everyone one, and put a different porno in the DVD player for them to watch. Chris and Kitty wrapped themselves together in the recliner. Tommy, Lauren, and Jenni cuddled on the sofa, with Lauren in the middle. They passed around a couple more joints, drank some more beer, laughed and joked about the porno, all the while, undercover, jerking and teasing each other’s bodies. A few times they really got into it. Chris made Kitty come with his hand, rubbing her clit and fingering her pussy. At one point, Jenni went all the way under the blankets, her head between Lauren’s legs, and ate out her pussy, and Lauren just moaned and kissed Tommy and grabbed onto his cock and jerked it slowly, holding it tightly. Jenni made Lauren come not once but twice. Tommy’s cock was still big and hard in her hand, so she shed her blanket and climbed on top of him, straddling him on the sofa, her back to him, both of them facing the TV so they could watch the porn. Jenni lent a helping hand, grabbing Tommy’s cock and fingering Lauren’s pussy until the two came together, and she pushed the head of Tommy’s cock into Lauren’s waiting, hungry pussy. They did it slowly, enjoying the sensations of each other’s body. Jenni kissed Lauren, sucking on her tits a bit, before going over to Kitty and Chris.

Kitty and Chris were in a similar position on the recliner, although the chair was fully reclined. Chris was laid back, his hands all over Kitty’s ass and legs, and around to her front, toying with her clit. She had taken his cock into her asshole. She was sitting up, grinding on him with her hips and ass, her legs splayed out in a V as she sat on his lap and his cock. She had produced a large dildo, undoubtedly from her overnight bag. It made a barely-audible buzz because it was vibrating. She was rubbing it along her pussy lips and against her clit. Jenni was kneeling on the beanbag chair. She took the vibrating dildo from Kitty and continued rubbing it against Kitty’s pussy. This allowed Kitty to place her hands on the arm rests and really go to town on Chris’s cock in her asshole. Then, Jenni slid the vibrating dildo a little bit into Kitty’s pussy, just the tip, and then a couple inches. Chris could feel the vibrations on his cock. He grabbed hold of Kitty by her hips and started to thrust into her. Jenni suddenly thrust the dildo all the way inside her, and she melted, lost in ecstasy. She lost control of her body, could only buck her hips, trying to take in as much as her lithe body would allow. Her breasts bounced, and she was constantly moaning and crying out.

Tommy and Lauren watched all this intently, fucking slowly, enjoying the show, parts of them unwilling to believe this was actually happening with their closest friends, and part of them finding it perfectly natural, as natural as the way Tommy’s cock filled Lauren’s pussy and hit her in all the right spots. Lauren started fucking him hard, bucking her hips on his cock and squeezing it inside with her pussy.

Kitty was screaming, Chris and Jenni were working her hard. She cried out that she was coming; Chris grunted and groaned, pushing up with his hips, releasing deeply inside Kitty’s ass; Tommy yelled that he was coming; finally Lauren was sent over the edge by Tommy’s spasming cock inside her, and she came too. Jenni fell onto the bean bag chair, pulling the dildo from Kitty, and slid it into her own pussy. She came within a minute. Tommy and Lauren wandered from the sofa to Tommy’s room, fell into his bed, fell asleep in moments, nestled in each other’s arms. Chris passed out in the recliner. Kitty and Jenni fell asleep together, entangled in each other’s limbs, on the sofa.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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