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My car puttered into the parking lot of the veteran’s hall as the sun set. I had managed to get out of work early enough to race home, do my makeup and hair and put on my new dress. My nerves were shot, and my stomach full of butterflies as I sat behind the wheel, staring ahead at a sky that looked painted. I took a deep breath, smoothing the crinoline on my lap, and thinking back to a conversation I had with Kelly on our first date.

* * * * * *

“Sooo, with this wedding coming up, I think it begs the question – what are YOU going to be wearing?” Kelly sat across from me at ‘The Jack’, a fancy burger place, picking at her fries and grinning stupidly. We had gone to the movies earlier, and figured on a late bite to eat.

“Well, I have no idea,” I remarked coyly. “I’m not sure where one finds pretty dresses in these parts,” I reached across the table and stole a french fry. “Besides, you know I couldn’t promise you 100% that I would be able to make your cousin’s wedding. What with my work schedule and all,”

“Yeah, but I had a thought about that – the wedding itself is in the afternoon, and its just boring stuff. The reception is the really fun part, you could make that, right?”

I looked at Kelly’s sweet, pale, cherubic face – those freckles and long eyelashes behind her glasses, and knew I didn’t want to disappoint her. It had been a few days since we had our impromptu “tryst” in the change room at my work, and before committing to anything matrimonial, we agreed to go out on an actual date. To be honest, it was my first actual date with another woman, and it scared me. I figured that something familiar like dinner and a movie would be best to dip my toe into the water, and here I was, having burgers at the proverbial ‘malt shop’ wondering if there was going to be a goodnight kiss.

“How about I pencil you in?” I gave Kelly a sly glance as I polished off another stolen fry.

“Well then, I am cautiously flattered,” Kelly leaned back in the booth and pushed her glasses back up on her nose. Her chest stuck out, and I could read the bra lines beneath her t-shirt. She looked downwards and smiled to herself.

“What?” I whispered at her. She looked back up at me with pursed lips.

“I just can’t wait to see how beautiful you look in a dress,”

My face warmed as I stared down at the table, suddenly realizing our legs had been intertwined since we sat down.

* * * * * *

Passing a pair of leathery smokers outside, I pushed through an old set of wooden doors and walked into the lobby of the Veteran’s hall. Though largely unfamiliar with this branch, I had grown up with one of these in town, its old ’50s style decor, stained carpet and panelled coat room. Animal horns, plaques, pictures and trophies adorned the walls, flags limply standing on poles in most corners. These were where life happened for everyone in small towns; wedding receptions, 50th birthday parties for your uncle, tea services after funerals – you knew that all the standard milestones were hosted here.

Though perhaps this one would have been a first I’m guessing.

I looked around and found a sign board on an easel, the plastic white letters spelling out Carlson-Petitte Reception: Armoury Hall. Unable to find further indication of where that was, I began to wander, drawn to the thumping base of a far off wedding DJ. Just as I came to the decorative arch and the dimly light dance hall, I caught a glimpse of Kelly, carrying an empty tray and dashing across the hall to what I guessed was the kitchen. I moved to follow her, and found a handful of women, all of various ages, and states of wedding finery, unboxing desserts and putting them on plastic serving trays. An older lady, with super tall hair and too much makeup looked up at me.

“Hi there, can I help you?”

Before I could speak, i was practically body checked back out into the hallway by a bundle of dark hair and taffeta.

“Oh my god, oh my god! You’re here!, Thank you SO much!” Kelly had wrapped her arms around me with great energy, and excitement. I had never heard casino siteleri her so effusive before. She looked up at me, practically beaming.

“I’m sorry I’m so late, it took longer to get here than-” Kelly shyly kissed my nose, and hugged me tight once more. She composed herself and pulled away ever so slightly, perhaps a tad embarassed by her emotion. She looked me up and down, holding my hands and spreading my arms apart.

“This dress. You look… incredible.” The look she gave me was one of pride and relief, though I could tell she was every bit as nervous as I was. I squeezed her hands, and leaned forward to kiss her on the forehead.

“Thank you Kel, you look beautiful,”

* * * * * *

Our second date was very much a “Netflix and Chill”. Kelly lived with her parents, so it was easier for her to come over to my place, which allowed her to meet my cat Poe. We all hunkered down on my couch in a pile of blankets, wearing sweats and t-shirts, eating junk food. By the time the credits had rolled, we were making out, and groping at one another over our clothes. Every once in awhile, we would stop, and spoon, or just lay beside each other staring up at the ceiling.

“Do you ever feel like any time you go out with another girl, its like, law that you have to have the talk?” I shifted to look at the side of Kelly’s face.

“Which talk?” I asked, unsure of where this was going.

“The standard talk of – well how long have you been into girls? When did you know? Have you been with a guy before? Like, I’m not sure what to call it, really – But like the establishment of the lesbian credentials I guess.” She turned over onto her side, putting her an inch away from literally being nose to nose with me. I could see my face reflected in her glasses.

“You think its standard? Hrm… Well, I’m not sure I’ve had that experience. I mean, I haven’t had much of any experience really.” I could sense a tinge of fear in Kelly’s eyes. We lay there in silence for a minute or two before I spoke again. “Do you think its important to have that talk?”

“I dunno, maybe?” I could sense that there was some worry in her about our mutual orientation, and wondered if she had been hurt in the past. “I know I could use some more cuddling,” She smiled and moved her body down as she wrapped her arms around my waist. Her head rested on my breasts, and she closed her eyes with a contented look upon her face.

I watched her fall asleep, her head moving up and down with every breath I took, and I wondered about those “lesbian credentials”.

Growing up, I had never had a sudden realization about who I liked, I just kind of – well, I either fell into things or just plain avoided the whole love and sex stuff altogether. Everything that surrounded the concept of relationships irked me, and I found myself withdrawn from the process. In fact, maybe that had been my problem – that relationships were a process to me.

The first time I had sex was with a boy named Xavier, a fairly unremarkable boy, and an equally unremarkable event. I was curious about sex, and had found the opportunity to be with him at a bush party during high school. It was interesting to feel someone inside of you, and to be naked with another person, but I didn’t really have feelings for him. The typical high school aftermath, involving hurt feelings and gossip didn’t endear me to the experience, and it took till my second year in college before I tried again.

Patrick was my second lover, and the first person I fell in love with. He was a psychology major who lived off campus, which was great, as I was still living at home at the time. We had met in a study group, and had a natural progression into his bed. What I learned here was that the more you did it, the better the sex got, and I guess it was the familiarity that built feelings in me, and it was familiarity that lost Patrick’s attention. What ensued was a lengthy process of breaking up, that left me cold and rattled.

Nick was my third sexual partner, a rough guy with a few screws loose, and what was, canlı casino I imagine, the knee-jerk reaction to losing the sweet, bookish Patrick. Nick worked as a mechanic at a local auto body shop, where I met him after getting my tires rotated. It was stupid and meaningless, but Nick’s devil-may-care attitude brought me to my very first threesome… with a girl.

Not having done anything with a woman before, I felt I was at a bit of a loss as I fumbled about – primarily for Nick’s benefit. After he got off, and passed out me and the other girl – Nikki- had laid in bed caressing each other. That night was the first time that someone else had made me orgasm, and it was an earth shattering experience. My time with Nick evaporated, and I found myself clandestinely meeting Nikki for mutual exploration. It was completely physical, and I could barely remember a conversation we shared before she moved away.

It was after Nikki that I became disenchanted with everything else.

I got grossed out over boys mooning over me, developing crushes out of thin air, and getting cold when I didn’t help them live up to their fantasy. I got sick of the nice guys who looked and acted perfectly by-the-book, as if ticking off some archetypal boyfriend checklist was deserving of my body. Like I said, it all just felt like some process I was supposed to reward. So ultimately, I just withdrew from the game, got myself a life and a routine and painted a landscape to live in.

And then came Kelly.

The girl who just showed up in my life one day, and made me wake up.

I looked down at her face, buried into my chest, and reached over to take off her glasses. After safely putting them on the coffee table, I gently stroked her hair.

* * * * * * After making a round of introductions in the kitchen, meeting her relatives, and her mother – the original sock buyer from way back when- Kelly and I straggled out to the entrance of the reception hall, gazing over the scene. The party was in full swing, and all the disco lights were on, dotting the room with sparkles and flashes. Old ladies tried to keep up with the Top 40 numbers, while the kids, jazzed up on dessert raggedly flailed about in amusing fashion.

Kelly stood next to me, pointing out people and leaning over with a hand cupped over her mouth to tell me who was who. We watched and laughed, then stood silently still as the music turned slow, as partners creaked onto the dance floor to sway and spin. By the time a second slow song came on, Kelly leaned over to me.

“Did you want a drink?”

I slowly turned my head to look at her, “Not right now,” My hand slid over to hers, entwining our fingers together. A look of surprise crossed her face. “Dance with me?”

We didn’t whisk ourselves onto the dance floor with grandiose flair, there were no spins or flourishes. The two of us just quietly moved to the darkened edge of the tiled space, faced each other and embraced. We awkwardly shuffled to the music, too shy to make eye contact at first – but by the time she looked up at me, and I caught her teary eyes behind those glasses, a passion took over and I kissed her deeply. Our tongues met, and our bodies tightened around each other. I could feel our breasts pushed together as Kelly’s hands reached up to touch my bare shoulders. Our body movements became more fluid and as we broke our kiss, I found myself crying too. I looked down at Kelly’s milky cleavage, and ran my hands along her sides, completely unaware of our surroundings.

“I really need to get you…”

* * * * * *


I kicked my apartment door open after unlocking it, Kelly and I spilling into the living room giggling like fools. We returned to our embrace as we kissed again, swaying as if we were still on the dance floor. This time, our hands roamed freely, squeezing each others breasts through our fancy party dresses, and jockeying for dominance over one another. We took turns as the aggressor, but I never stopped working the back of her dress open, fiddling awkwardly with the unseen laces of her corset.

For kaçak casino her efforts, all Kelly had to do was briefly unzip me in the back, and tug downward to expose my strapless demi bra. Every move between us was met with sinister chuckling, as we attempted to one up each other. Feeling like the onus was on me this time, I managed to unlace her, and then yank her dress to her waist, her breasts bouncing out into view. Her chest was a masterpiece, and i was thankful to see them directly and up close this time. My desire to taste one of those big pink nipples was to be put off though, as I began to roughly push her over to my bed. Pushing her onto her back, I drew her legs up, and pulled her dress clean off, leaving her in a purple thong with a growing wet spot in the front. Victory was mine, and Kelly was ripe for the taking now!

I shimmied out of my own dress, leaving me in my strapless demi and a tiny pair of matching cotton panties, and then mounted Kelly atop my bed. I leaned over her, grasping her wrists and pulling her arms over her head. I rubbed my breasts in her face, as she helplessly tried to nibble and lick my tits. I ground my ass over her mound, unsure of the sensation it would cause, but finding myself confident in my physicality. I bit her lip then rained kisses down the side of her neck as she writhed around beneath me. I found a nipple and sucked it between my teeth, nibbling them lightly and causing Kelly to moan out loud.

Overwhelmed by my own aggressiveness, I skipped over the rest of her body, letting go of her hands, and sprang back to the foot of the bed. I wrestled with her panties, wanting to tear them apart, but settled for roughly dragging them over her legs and throwing them across the room. I pushed her knees apart as wide as they would go and inhaled the muskiness between her legs. She had trimmed herself into a dark swath atop her mound, her wet lips pouting from a tight crevice. I shoved my face into her cunt, lapping madly, stabbing into her with my tongue. I wanted so badly to taste her, to feel her juices spread across my face, and to hear her moan and feel her shudder. I reached up and grabbed her thighs, pulling her closer to my face as I kneeled on the floor. Kelly began making noises “ah- ah- ah- ah- ah- ah” as I shook my mouth over her pussy. I zeroed in on her clit, flattening my tongue and rapidly moving over the tiny little nub.

By this time, I had managed to work two fingers inside of her, then a third, crudely fucking her with my hand as I flicked her clit with my tongue. She began to buck wildly on the bed, her hips rising and falling, making it difficult for me to stay on task. I grasped her thighs tighter to keep her in place, as I licked and sucked and fingered at a quickening pace.

Suddenly, Kelly sat up, grabbing my head by the sides and pulling me up to her face. With her juices still on my lips, she sloppily kissed me, her fingers lacing into my hair. Momentarily caught off guard and lost in a kiss, Kelly took the opportunity to drag me onto the bed and place me on my back. I submitted to her as she turned and planted her pussy atop my face. I felt my own panties being pulled down to my knees as I lapped away and struggled under her suffocating weight. She would raise herself every couple of seconds to allow me to catch my breath, and to moan as she began to lick me.

I felt her fingers pinch my clit, exposing it to her mouth and teeth, and I squirmed underneath her. It didn’t take her long before I was shaking and screaming out into her vagina in sheer ecstasy. Just as I began to settle, I felt her sit upright and turn, so she could look down at my eyes as I ate her out.

Still reeling from my orgasm, I stared up at this beautiful, statuesque woman, her creamy breasts bouncing, her tiny belly shaking, her pubes glistening with sweat and quim. She began to run her fingers through my hair, and pull at my head as I licked away, bringing her closer to the edge. She closed her eyes, and fingered her clit, shaking and bellowing as her wetness slid down my throat. Finally, she peaked, eliciting a high pitched shriek. Her relaxed body falling away to the bed.

We lay there in a sweaty, wet heap for a lifetime before pulling our bodies close together, and absentmindedly misplacing kisses.

It was bliss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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