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Cris stood in her office and watched the crowd with a glass of whiskey in her hand. Sometimes she’d entertain guests there, but tonight she was alone. Solitude soothed her soul on nights like this; busy nights where she had to constantly restock liquor behind the bar, fill special requests for entitled assholes (read: politicians) who wanted private rooms, and check with security because there’s at least a few guys doing poppers in the bathroom or getting too handsy with the dancers.

She’d been running this club for seven years now, and nothing got past her. That’s why Cris knew when she walked in. Well she didn’t actually know, but she could feel it. Even through the one-way glass she could feel the energy shift, she saw heads turn. She’s back. It took her all but five seconds to scan the floor and find her. After taking a moment to admire her face— the strong lines of her cheek bones, round lips covered in dark red lipstick, almond shaped brown eyes that sparkled in the strobe lights— Cris’s eyes fell to the curve of her hips and she licked her lips, taking a shaky breath. She was an ass lover after all, and the way the rose colored fabric stretched across her thighs was so deliciously sinful Cris was silently begging her to turn around.

As if she had read her mind, the woman turned on the balls of her feet and headed toward the bar, giving Cris the perfect view of her heart-shaped backside. Fuck. She watched her slink over to the bar as graceful as a gazelle, and Cris felt like a lion stalking its prey. It wasn’t often that Cris felt completely consumed by a woman she didn’t even know, hell it was actually never. But this woman had captivated her since she’d first come in to The Playhouse the first Friday of September. It was now the end of October and she’d been there every Friday since.

Cris watched as Rhonda, one of the bartenders, handed her what looked to be a martini. She smiled and tried to give her her card, but Rhonda simply shook her head and winked at her. What a fuckin’ player…giving away free drinks at my bar, she thought. In that moment, Cris decided to head down there herself. She’d be damned if Rhonda got to her before she did. Rhonda would fuck a gotdamn teddy bear if it had a slit and a nice rack. Cris had spent enough time watching her. She was acting like a silly teenager with a crush.

Cris took one big swig of her whiskey to kill the glass and felt the warmth travel down her spine, spread to her fingertips and…other places. Sitting the glass down on her desk, Cris turned away from the glass finally and headed for the stairs. By the time she made it down the stairs, Red was no longer by the bar. Red. Yeah that’s what I’ll call her. Cris looked every which way, scanned every face to find her again and when she did her breath left her lungs and caught in her throat.

There she was in the middle of the dance floor dancing alone like no one was watching her, with her hands in the air and a smile on her face. The way the light kissed her dress and brown skin as she swayed her hips was downright sinful. Cris let her eyes travel up her body; from her shapely legs to her slim waistline, past her small tits that didn’t seem to need a bra, and landed on her sultry red lips once more. Fuck I need another glass of whiskey.

Their eyes locked and the hairs on the back of her neck stood up. Red’s almost black eyes peered into her hazel ones like a mischievous cat. The curiosity and intrigue was as clear as day even in the flashing neon lights. Cris watched as Red’s lips moved, attempting to talk to her, but she couldn’t hear a thing over the loud house music. Cris stepped toward her and let her arm circle around her so that her hand rested on her lower back and she put her ear to Red’s face. The palm of her hand itched with the desire to grip her ass and see if it was as soft as it looked but she didn’t want to push her luck.

“So you’ve finally decided to come out and play with me, yeah?” A chill ran down Cris’s casino siteleri spine as Red’s lips brushed against her ear as she spoke. Her soft voice had a bit of a raspiness to it that made Cris want to wrap her hand around Red’s throat and squeeze.

“What do you mean by finally?” Cris turned her head to look at Red’s face and a coy smirk was there teasing at her lips and her right eyebrow lifted up in a way that said she wasn’t taking the shit.

“Oh you can’t lie to me, darling. Sometimes you’re sitting by the bar staring at me, sometimes you’re over at the security booth staring at me, sometimes I don’t know where you are but I can feel you…staring at me.”

Cris could only stare for a moment, blinking with her mouth slightly agape. What the fuck? She tried to think of something witty to say but the only thing that managed to come out of her mouth was, “I’m in my office a lot of the times you come in.”

“I’m assuming that’s up there?” Red pointed to the one way glass above the dance floor that gave everyone in the club a good look at themselves.

“You’re smart.” Cris winced internally, she had a tendency to come off abrasive when trying not to come off nervous.

The smirk that had been playing at Red’s lips since they first started speaking finally broke into a toothy smile. And just as quickly as it appeared, it was gone. “Mmph,” she said “take me there. I want to see it.”

Normally, Cris would take a girl like this to the bathroom, bend her over the sink, give her a good fucking spanking and maybe slip a finger in her ass for good measure, demanding things of her like that. But the look in Red’s eyes told Cris that she was not one to submit so easily, that she would have to work for it; so she let her hand go to the small of Red’s back once more and led her through the dance floor to the stairs.

As the pair made their way up the stairs the anticipation was really starting to make Cris sweat. Every time she blinked she saw behind her eyes all the fucked up things she wanted to do to this woman. She imagined pushing Red’s naked body face first up against the glass with a fistful of her hair in Cris’s hand as the other hand held Red’s arms behind her back as she fucked her with the 10 inch dildo she kept in her desk for times just like this.

“Well are you going to open the door?”

Shit. Cris hadn’t even realized they’d made it all the way up the stairs and were now standing in the walkway in front of her office door. As Cris fumbled with the key and opened the door, she looked over her shoulder to see Red looking at her expectantly yet knowingly. A bit too much so, almost as if she knew something Cris didn’t. Cris pushed the door open and stepped aside to let Red walk through first and let her eyes follow the sway of her hips as she watched Red walk through the door.

“This is nice, it looks and feels so much bigger than it looks from the outside.”

“It’s the glass, opens up the room.” Cris watched as Red walked around the office, taking everything in. Red traced her fingers over the edge of the mahogany desk as she approached the gold-detailed bookshelf to its left.

“Have you read all of these? You have some of my favorites. The Picture of Dorian Grey, Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop, The Color Purple.” Red looked over her shoulder to meet Cris’s eyes as Cris stood in front of the coffee table pouring herself a glass of whiskey. “I’d like one of those too,” she said to Cris.

“I have read them all actually. Are you surprised?”

“Pleasantly.” Red walked over to Cris and took one of the two glasses she held in her hand and drank half the glass in one swig like it was iced tea.

Cris blinked and shook her head slightly when she saw that. “Would you like to sit?” Cris stepped around the coffee table and took a seat at the leather sectional she had facing the glass and patted the seat next to her.

Completely ignoring the question at hand, Red proposed another canlı casino one, still standing in front of the coffee table facing Cris as she sat. “You say you watch me from here sometimes,” Red’s eyes changed as she spoke, getting darker, deeper, bearing into Cris’s with intent, “what do you do? Do you sit behind your desk and try to pretend like you’re doing some work so you don’t feel so obsessed? Or do you sit there blatantly on the sofa with a glass in your hand?”

Cris swallowed. “I sit on the sofa and I drink my whiskey as I watch you, yes.”

Red stepped closer until her knees rested against the coffee table. “Do you ever touch yourself watching me, thinking of me?”

Cris choked on the sip she had just taken and coughed a little. Fucking hell. She looked up at Red and searched her eyes for anything that said that was a fucking joke, but she wasn’t smiling. Cris hadn’t even seen her blink since she asked the question. Red was just staring straight into her eyes, unwavering, daring Cris to answer. Or not answer. Cris couldn’t tell.

“I asked you a question. I expect an answer.” Red tipped the glass to her lips, downed the rest of the whiskey without even batting an eye, and sat the glass down on the table with an audible clink.

Shit this is not what I was expecting. “Some…times.”

Red cocked her head to the side and that coy smile started to form at the corners of her mouth again. “You don’t sound so sure darling, can you repeat that?”

“I do, sometimes.”

“Show me how.” As stunned as Cris was by this woman’s brazenness, she could feel her pussy running like a fucking faucet in her underwear. It was just as exciting as it was nerve racking to be on the submissive side of things. She would’ve never imagined.

“If I have to say it again I won’t be so nice. I don’t like repeating myself.” And with that, Cris unbuckled her belt, unzipped her trousers and hesitantly slid her hand inside to touch her throbbing pussy.

“Wait a second!” Red snapped. “Stand up and take those off. I want the full view.” By this point Cris admitted to herself there was no denying that being ordered around by this goddess of a woman was turning her on. There was no point in trying to act like she wouldn’t jump off a bridge if Red told her to in that raspy voice, so she stood right up and let her trousers and boxer briefs fall to her ankles before she plopped back down on the sofa. Cris let her hand fall back down to her stomach and she brushed her fingers through the sparse brunette hairs that were there before making her way back down to her wet pussy, her finger just barely brushed her clit when Red spoke again.

“Ah ah ah. Not so fast.” There was that smile again. Red’s eyes traveled from Cris’s grey eyes down to her exposed pussy and back again until she was satisfied Cris was squirming enough from her gaze and said, “Now go ahead.”

Fuck she’s fucking evil. Cris moaned in desperation. She was so ready to rub one out, this girl had her pussy so wet Cris could feel her juices pooling between her ass cheeks as she sat with her legs wide open on the sofa. Her finger finally met her clit and Cris began to trace circles around it slowly, and then faster as she felt the familiar sensation of an orgasm budding. She had to admit it was such a relief, it’s what her body was begging for ever since she saw Red walk in that night. Cris felt utterly exposed with Red just standing there, watching her like a boring tv show, but it was that same feeling that was bringing her closer and closer to her climax. Cris’s eyes closed as her breathy moans turned into guttural, animalistic sounds.

Red walked around the coffee table to stand directly in front of Cris on the sofa and reached down, grabbing a fistful of Cris’s short hair and yanking her head back. “Open your eyes and look at me when you cum,” she said through clenched teeth.

Cris’s eyes snapped open and met Red’s fiery gaze and in an instant she was falling apart. kaçak casino A stifled scream left her throat as her orgasm rippled through her entire body. Red’s grip tightened in her hair and a smile spread across her lips as she watched Cris cum.

“Jesus fuck,” Cris said breathlessly as her body finally began to relax and her legs stopped twitching. Cris leaned back against the sofa and tried to catch her breathe.

“I’m not finished with you just yet.” Red gripped her dress with one hand, pulled it up to her waist, and lifted one leg on to the sofa. With the hand that still gripped Cris’s hair, Red guided her head to her naked pussy and said, “Eat.”

Cris stuck her tongue out but before she could make a move to just taste her, Red started grinding her pussy into Cris’s mouth, chin, nose. She fucked her face relentlessly and Cris could barely breathe. Cris reached her hands up to grip Red’s thighs, she dug her nails in, braced herself and stiffened her tongue to keep up with her bucking hips.

Throaty moans started to make their way past her Red’s lips and Cris finally felt like she was in control. She dragged her nails across the skin on her thighs and she heard Red gasp. Her fingers tightened even more in Cris’s hair, making it almost impossible for her to keep her mouth on her pussy. But Cris pushed back, and she could feel the muscles in Red’s thighs begin to clench in response. The thrusting of her hips became more erratic, desperate almost, and as a scream pushed its way past Red’s lips she pushed Cris back against the sofa. Just as Cris was landing on her ass Red squirted all over her. All Cris could do was look up at her as Red’s cum dripped down her face.

Red’s face relaxed slowly and she pulled her dress down on shaky legs. She looked into Cris’s eyes with that signature coy smile on her face and said breathlessly, “That was fun.”

“I don’t even know your name.”

“Chanel. But some people call me Cherry,” she winked and turned to grab the clutch bag she’d placed on the coffee table some time ago. As she walked towards the door, Red looked back over her shoulder at Cris to say, “I’ll see you next week, darling.”

“Fucking hell.” Cris scoffed as she watched Red walk out of her office door. She’d left before even catching her breath, left Cris with cum still damp on her face and pants around her ankles.


As she opened the door to her hotel room, Chanel stopped to take a look at herself in the vanity mirror above the desk and smiled. It had been a while since she had so much fun. Sex seemed to be so transactional for her nowadays. She sat her clutch down on the desk and turned toward the bathroom. Chanel opened the frosted sliding door and wrinkled her nose as a foul stench penetrated her nostrils.

“I fucking told you not to shit in here while I was gone!” Chanel kicked the large dog cage that sat in the middle of the bathroom and the leather clad man inside flinched. Todd was one of her most frequent clients. He liked to spend a weekend with her once a month, just for her to keep him in that cage half the time.

“I’m sorry,” he said with his eyes turned down.

Chanel kicked the cage again, this time the water bowl that sat inside the cage tipped over and spilled out into the cage and on the bathroom floor. Her eyes narrowed, and even though he was not looking at her he could tell she was burning holes into the top of his head.

“I’m sorry, what?” She spat out.

“I’m sorry Mistress Cherry, it won’t happen again.” This time he looked up into her eyes, attempting to show his sincerity.

“Who told you you could look at me, huh?” Red reached down and opened the cage. Her pet inside knew not to move yet, however. “Clean up this got damn mess and meet me out in the bedroom for your punishment. You better not take too long either.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Chanel glared at him for a few seconds more and waved her hand dismissively to let him know he could finally move. Without taking another glance at him she walked out of the bathroom and into the main room, sliding the door closed so hard behind her that the artwork on the wall shook.

What a way to ruin my great night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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