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Chloe Pt.2 – Alex acquainted

My car was a rather old convertible, but it was still cool enough to attract attention. When Chloe and I left the apartment-building, she was obviously uncomfortable. Well, with a 13 inch dildo lodged inside her bowels, it was not surprising. I opened the car door for her, and when she was in I got into the driver’s seat.

The fact that Chloe was wearing nothing but a skimpy little sun-dress was driving me crazy. And before she could ask, I told her my plans.

“Chloe, we’re going to meet up with someone I know. It’s a girl who works at the local mall, and she’ll be happy to be friends with you!”

Chloe smiled, but I knew the only thing on her mind was to get that dildo out of her ass.

“Rob, this thing feels really big inside me, I think I need to let it out!” she pleaded.

“Well, Chloe, I’m a considerate person. So I’ve already contemplated that. As soon as we are out on the road, I’m going to put the top of the car down, and you’ll be giving everyone on the road a show, alright?” I told her and started the car. Chloe looked at me, and with a mischievous grin, nodded.

When we turned onto the main road, I pushed the button to let the top down and told Chloe to crawl into the backseat. She did as I told her, and the short dress rode up to reveal her pussy and part of her ass. I knew this was going to be fun. As soon as Chloe was on the backseat, I said:

“Now take off that dress. Come on, you’re a slut, you won’t care if people see you naked, right?” The dress was off.

“Good, now kneel and spread your asscheeks!” I ordered. Cars were already streaming by, since I was driving extra-slowly. I noticed that many had already seen Chloe’s naked body, but I knew nobody would expect what would come now.

“Chloe, I want you to push that dildo out of your ass now!”

I looked into the rear-view mirror, and what I saw made me instantly hard. Chloe’s face was a mask of pain and pleasure. It was obvious that she was trying to push that dildo out, but it was really big and it took a lot of effort to accomplish such a feat. Suddenly something black appeared in the middle of her asshole. And in a smooth movement, her asshole dilated to such a degree that the dildo appeared in the open. As that happened, Chloe let out a muffled scream, her head buried in the backseat.

“Yeah, that’s it, slut, push it out. It’s already seeing daylight, now make it appear, you little ass-magician!” I said.

People were already driving slower, I saw men gawk at the spectacle, women turn their head in disgust and a few honking, encouraging my little slut here to go on. And that’s what she did. She pushed harder, and slowly, the dildo crept out of that ass.

“Oh god, Rob, it hurts. But it hurts good. Are people seeing my asshole being stretched?” She asked.

“Yeah, Chloe, people see your dilated asshole, and they love it! Give them a show!” I replied, concentrating hard not to swerve into other cars when staring into the rear-view mirror.

It took Chloe another minute, and the big, black dildo popped out of her ass. She let out a sigh, and collapsed onto the backseat. People hollered and cheered and drove on.

“Chloe, You’re a good girl, a really good girl!” I said. She was panting, oblivious to what I had to say. That was fine with me, because I was going to have to make phone call anyway.

I was going to call up Alex. She was a girl whom I had met when she was 18. It was a party of a friend, and she was dressed up the way I liked it. Short skirt, tight top, high-heels. The whole slut gear. I hooked up with her and introduced her into the joy’s of anal. And I don’t mean the odd back-door poking once a month, but the anal feature, love-making revolving about nothing but the butt. She knew me to be a fanatic when it came to sex, but she also knew that I was not going to be a guy to go steady, and that was fine with her. So about a year ago, when she had turned 20, her sexy, brown haired, skinny body was married to another guy. But we still met up once in a while in a cheap hotel room, basking in endless sessions of anal pleasure. casino siteleri Just like Chloe, fidelity was a word she had probably never even heard of.

Today, she was working at the mall, selling lingerie. I called her up from my cell-phone.

“Alex, hello!” she answered the phone.

“Hey there, how’s my favourite anal-slut?” I asked.

“Rob!!” she screamed into her phone. “I was waiting for your call. What’s up?”

“Well, Sweety, I’m on my way to the mall, with a naked slut I met yesterday on my backseat, and I think we’ll need you to complete out fun trip into town. Are you ready for a break?”

“Oh Rob, that sounds great. I’m sure I’ll get off, I’ll just have to quickly ask my manager! And you know how convincing I can be!” I smiled. She was still the same, taking every chance she got to cheat on her husband, and most of the time, to her advantage.

“Alright, we’ll meet on the parking lot in fifteen minutes alright?”

“Ok, Rob, that’s cool. See you there!”

On the way to the mall, I told Chloe to put on her dress again and come back onto the front seat. When she was sitting next to me, I put my hand between her legs and asked:

“Chloe, ever done a woman?”

“Are you kidding me? I’m an expert pussy licker!” she laughed. Good, I thought to myself, very good. And wondered if she was an expert asshole-licker too.

When we arrived at the parking lot, Alex, dressed in ultra low cut jeans and of course a tight white top with no bra was waiting for us. As the sun shone into her hair, and her smile lit up her face, I asked myself for just one moment if I was not the luckiest guy on earth. I knew I was today.

When she saw my car, she ran towards it. When she was next to the car, she bent forwards and we kissed. God, she was a great kisser. I let a hand travel between her thighs, and noticed how very thin that jeans-material was, for I was able to trace the outline of her pussy. Although the parking lot was crowded with people, Alex didn’t mind at all. Like I said, a slut at heart.

“So Alex, I want you to get acquainted with my new friend Chloe here”, I said and pointed to my right. Alex looked at her and let out a small whistle:

“Hi Chloe, you’re a good looking gal. Well, I wouldn’t expect anything else from Rob.!”

I told Alex to get seated in the backseat and in order to get a little relationship between the two girls going, decided to seat Chloe beside her.

“Girls, I want you to get to know each other, in the meantime, I’m going to find us a hotelroom!”

It was definitely one of my best ideas to let them sit next to each other. Without further ado, Alex and Chloe were lip-locked and feeling each other up. In the rear-view mirror I witnessed how Alex slid her hand between Chloe’s legs while Chloe sucked on Alex’ tongue. Small moans escaped Chloe as Alex was obviously stroking her shaved pussy.

“Girls, no pussy play today. We are all anal today, so if you want to turn each other on, explore your cute little assholes!” I disturbed their act of befriending.

“Oh Rob, you’re so nasty. I really love it when you talk like that!” Alex replied, and with one swift movement slipped a finger inside Chloe’s ass. Chloe yelped and moaned at the same time, which resulted in a sound similar to a low bark. We all laughed and I concentrated on finding the right hotel.

After driving around town for about ten minutes, I found it. It looked a bit run-down, but still not too shabby. I was sure it was going to be cheap, especially at that time of the day.

“All right girls, time to let go of each other. It’ll take only a few minutes, and we’ll have us a nice double-bed to play in.” I said. Alex reluctantly retrieved the two fingers she had been fingering Chloe’s asshole with, and Chloe let out a sound of disappointment. We all scrambled out of the car and went up to the counter where a bored looking woman of around fifty read one of those gossip-magazines.

“Hey there, I need a room.!” I said.

“What about the two ladies, no room for them?” she asked.

“Well, they’re my guests for today. You understand?” canlı casino

“Hehe, well, ok, so put in your name here and I need your credit card!”

I proceeded with the formalities, as the girls were already impatiently walking up to the elevator. When I was done signing stuff I got the key and followed them. We called for the elevator, and when we were in, the girls were already all over each other. I caught an unbelieving stare from the woman before the doors of the elevator closed. On our way to the 6th floor, the girls were groping each other’s tits and ass, slurping away at the mouth of the other. Needless to say that my dick was rock hard and I was barely able to restrain myself. But I knew I had to wait, because I planned on having the girls put on a show before I was going to enter the game.

Our room was just as I had predicted. Cheap, but a big bed and that was all we needed. I got a whiskey bottle from the bar and poured us three glasses.

“Cheers girls, on a nice afternoon filled with nasty anal sex!” I toasted. Talk about originality, but I was just too horny to think of a more subtle toast. We gulped the drink down and I sat on a chair in the corner of the room.

“Alright, why don’t you both show what you have learned already. Alex, you’ve been my disciple for a longer time, show Chloe what real anal sex is like, will you?” I said.

Alex smiled. She was beautiful. Although very skinny, her body had something very sexual. Probably the fact that she was married and about to cheat on her husband for the approximately 100th time made her look as attractive as any pornstar. Well, to me at least.

“Allright, you little slut, I’ve already made friends with your asshole, why don’t you show me what else you’ve got!” Alex said to Chloe, who was already sitting on the bed. Chloe obliged and pulled the dress over her head. Her full tits came into view and Alex licked her lips.

“Now those are nice ripe melons you have there! I think I’ll have to lick them a bit!” With that she pushed Chloe back on the bed and kneeled above her. She started by licking the pure skin just above Chloe’s right nipple, and soon let her tongue flick over it. Chloe moaned and looked at me seductively. I was tempted to go over and push my hard dick into her mouth, but waited. I knew it was worth it. Alex now concentrated on Chloe’s other tit, and soon little marks appeared on Chloe’s sensitive skin.

“You like that, don’t you? Well, let’s see if you like that!” Alex said and suddenly slapped Chloe’s left nipple. Chloe screamed, but didn’t back away. She was a bit surprised, but it showed that she liked to play it rough.

“Good girl!” Alex said, and slapped again. After a few more slaps, Chloe’s tits were already read and had imprints of Alex’s palm on them.

“Well, time to see your asshole. I can’t wait to lick that sweet thing!” Alex said and made Chloe get on her knees. Pushing her ass high up in the air she shook with anticipation.

“Now that’s a nice ass!” Alex said in amazement and stroked Chloe’s asscheeks. But before going further, she took off her top, exposing her tiny tits. She then started to rub her rock-hard nipples on Chloe’s butt, which she obviously enjoyed.

“Now spread your cheeks, come on more!” Alex demanded and Chloe willingly did what she was asked. I had a good view of Chloe’s asshole from where I was sitting and it was still a bit stretched.

“Hmm, that asshole has been used before today, hasn’t it?” Alex asked and looked at me. I just smiled. Alex smiled back and without further announcements, plunged between Chloe’s asscheeks. Alex was a perfect asshole-licker. Her tongue was fast and she dipped it into Chloe’s asshole ever so often. Chloe just squirmed on the bed and moaned. Chloe’s asshole opened up for Alex’ tongue everytime she was pushing at it, and it became clear that Chloe wanted it deep inside her. That dildo had made her crave to have anything up her ass. It was a pleasure to see that I had created another addict.

“Alright, Chloe, you’ve had my tongue up your ass, now it’s my turn!” Alex said and made took off her jeans. kaçak casino Of course, no underwear. Ironic in a way, since she was selling lingerie, but she had probably other qualifications. Chloe smiled and looked at the skinny frame that was presented in front of her. She drew in the sight of Alex’s shaved pussy and the flat tummy and was eager to see her ass.

“Time for a 69er!” Alex said and soon both the girls were engaged in a tight 69-position. The difference to the ordinary one was that they were both lapping away at each other’s assholes. It was crazy, but I loved it. And so did they. The moaning and squirming got more, and soon, both had shattering orgasms.

“Chloe, you’re a number one asslicker, but now we’ll do something even better!” Alex said.

She looked at me and smiled a smile of a conspirator and went to her bag. She came up with a tube of Astroglide.

“Simultaneous ass-fisting, how do you like that?!” Alex said to Chloe. Chloe didn’t say anything but just pushed her ass towards Alex, inviting her to lube up her asshole. Alex smeared a generous amount on Chloe’s asshole and a generous one on her own tiny little asshole. Then she took her own hand and coated it in the lubricant.

“I don’t want you to lube up your hand, Chloe. I like it when it hurts!” Alex said to Chloe. She then positioned herself on the bed, so that both of their bodies were parallel to each other, but with their feet next to the other one’s head.

Alex started by pushing two fingers roughly into Chloe’s asshole. Chloe didn ‘t want to hold back, and forced two of her fingers between Alex’s tiny asscheeks. Soon both girls were wriggling their fingers in and out of the other’s ass. It was obvious that Alex’ ass was really tight. Chloe had already problems pushing a third finger into Alex’ asshole, while Alex was already working her fourth finger into Chloe’s by now wide asshole. Chloe looked at me questioningly.

“Chloe, don’t be gentle, do it with force. You won’t get it in if you don’t do it like that!” I advised her. Chloe nodded and pushed hard. Alex screamed, but she liked it.

“Oh god, that hurts. But it hurts good. Do it Chloe, push harder!”

So Chloe pushed harder. Soon, her fourth finger was inside Alex’s bowels. She seemed to really hurt, because whenever Chloe pushed, she instinctively backed away. But then she always scooted back up, knowing that her instincts were not what she was wanting to rely on now!

After another ten minutes, both girls were ready to take both hands. With one very hard thrust, both pushed their hands into the other one’s butt. Alex bucked and her face was a mask of pain. Chloe’s hand was now deep inside her, and Alex knew that it was what she wanted. Chloe was also moaning as Alex’s fist was deep inside her. It was an unbelievable sight. Two girls in front of me, with fists deeply lodged inside the other one’s ass. It took them both a few minutes to get used to the feeling, but then they started to really go at it. They pushed their hands deeper, just to retrieve them again. Both were working feverishly to get their hands in deeper. Alex was really successful at pushing her hand inside Chloe’s ass. It seemed as if she was already in up to her elbow. Chloe was squirming on the bed, her pussy oozing juice all the time. Alex as was still tight, and Chloe had not succeeded much in getting her hand in deeper. So I decided to help. I got up and kneeled next to the two sluts.

“Alright Chloe, I’m gonna grab your hand now, and when I say now you’ll have to push. NOW!” Chloe pushed and I pushed too. Chloe’s hand sank so deep inside Alex’s ass, I was a bit worried I had ripped something. Alex screamed, her hips bucked wildly and I saw that she just had an orgasm. When Chloe noticed that, she started bucking too, and after a few seconds, she screamed and her pussy started gushing juice. That was it, they had both orgasmed.

I waited for another five minutes until they had both recovered, and then ordered them to retrieve their hands. Both their assholes were wide and red, and I knew this was going to be a really good afternoon.

To be continued…

Please, if you like my stories or if you don’t, send feedback. I’m thankful to everyone, especially if the feedback is not anonymous. I need to know if people want me to go on or just quit writing down my fantasies.

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