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I was in college when I finally told someone I was Bisexual. I’d just turned 19 and decided to tell my girlfriend at the time. I shouldn’t have been surprised that she took it so poorly considering it wasn’t exactly a healthy relationship up to that point anyway, but I was young and stupid. The ensuing argument was pretty one-sided and mostly consisted of her hurling insults and slurs my way (which I can’t in good conscience repeat), and by the night was over I was a newly single man.

I probably could have found a rebound relatively quickly, after all I was a decently attractive college freshman. However the problem with looking like an average white, blonde Midwestern guy is that I was attending a school full of them, and I was feeling a little down on myself after the breakup anyway. So, the next few weeks mostly consisted of me avoiding her, and everyone else for that matter. Fortunately we had no classes together, so as long as I stayed holed up in my room it was pretty easy to avoid her. I wasn’t exactly ready to be publicly out, so I was relieved that it seemed like she had decided to keep my secret. I guess she decided that it would embarrass her to tell people she’d dated a bisexual man. Whatever her reasoning, I was fine with her silence.

It wasn’t long before she was dating someone else. Whoever the guy was he lived in another building so she was spending less time around, meaning I could finally start leaving my dorm whenever I wanted. This new-found freedom led me to start thinking about ways to deal with some of my more…physical needs. I’d been single for a little while now, and even when we were together my ex and I didn’t exactly have a very exciting intimate life. But after that bitter break-up, I wasn’t really looking for time with women, I decided it was time to test out the other side of my sexuality. It also felt like a good way to get back at her for the things she’d said to me, even if she’d never know it happened. Yes, I’m that petty.

There was only one problem with my plan. I wasn’t out, and I wasn’t sure how to look for someone without outing myself. So I did what any college student does when they need to research a problem and took to the internet. Finally one Friday night I found myself browsing Craigslist. Maybe not the best idea in retrospect but I was desperate. After some browsing a post stuck out to me. A guy who could host, was within walking distance, and didn’t seem to be looking for anything too extreme. Thinking I wouldn’t have a chance I fired off an email and was surprised to get a reply relatively quickly. He was fine with meeting up discreetly with a first timer. I made it clear that I was mostly looking for a very casual hookup and we could see where it went after we met. I also made sure to let him know I wasn’t sure if I would want to be topped which he didn’t mind at all. So he sent me his address and I started walking.

The walk took about 15 minutes. The whole way I was shaking from nerves, despite it being a relatively warm spring night. I couldn’t stop thinking about what I was about to do, wondering if I should just back out and go home. I’d been hard as a rock basically from the second I’d left my building, which gave me the drive to keep walking. I walked past a few parties, people walking their dogs, and a few joggers. Each time I saw someone I wondered in the back of my head if they knew what my plans were. Totally irrational, but then again adrenaline doesn’t really lend itself to rational thought. Before I knew it I was at the apartment complex, walking through the maze of buildings until I casino oyna saw the number I was looking for, and rounded the corner.

I didn’t really see anyone at first, the porch lights were off on all the units. The only light was the dull orange glow of the light poles in the parking area, until I spotted the flash of a cigarette.

“Is that him?” I thought.

A gruff “Hey…” from the porch confirmed my suspicions. There was no backing out now. As I got closer, I was greeted with the site of a tall, thick black man, he nodded to a patio chair next to him. I guess he figured if we hung out outside for a few minutes it would help calm my nerves, and he was right. We made some small talk while he finished his cigarette, both of us casually taking chances to check the other out. The more I looked at him the more excited I got for what was to come. He had a nice body, covered in a loosely fitting t-shirt. It didn’t take long until my gaze made it’s way down to his lap. Despite the dimly lit area, I got a very good view of a very impressive bulge in his shorts. I’m sure he saw me looking because he put out his cigarette and rested his hand on his covered dick, giving it a squeeze before asking if I wanted to head inside.

“Yes…” I croaked out and followed him inside.

It was a nice place. I took off my shoes at the door and got a quick look around as he led me back to his bedroom. I sat down on the bed and noticed his laptop was sitting there, open, paused on a porn video he was likely watching while we were setting up our rendezvous. “Wanna watch?” he asked, sitting down next to me, setting the computer down on a small table at the end of his bed. I simply nodded, too nervous to really talk. He just kind of chuckled and hit play. He leaned back next to me, one hand behind his head, the other on his thigh.

I started off resting my hands on my hips, but the strain of my dick against my jeans was starting to get a little painful, so I undid the button, sliding a hand inside. He must have been waiting for me to do something like that, as if it was a signal he reached his hand into his shorts, creating an impressive tent as he slowly stroked. I wasn’t even watching the computer anymore, I just wanted more of him. I got bold, hooking my thumbs into my jeans and pulling them all the way off along with my underwear. After that it seemed like it was only a few seconds until we’d both stripped off everything.

There I was. Naked in bed with another man for the first time in my life. The thrill was incredible, my eyes were glued to his cock, if I had to guess I’d say it was 7 or 8 inches, and I knew I needed to feel it. I reached across, wrapping my right hand around his shaft, taking ahold of mine with my left. He held both his hands back, admiring me work, my hands getting both of us wet. Soon he gently pulled my hands away, replacing them with his own. The skin on his hands was a little rough, but I didn’t care, it actually felt amazing. Another man was touching my cock and it was somehow better than I had ever dreamed it would be.

I was lost in the sensation of him stroking me when I felt something else, his mouth at my ear. He bit down lightly on my earlobe before asking if he could “taste me” and I quickly nodded yes. He rolled on top of me, every inch of his body rubbing against mine as he slid down, keeping a firm grip on my shaft. We kept eye contact right up until the second his tongue first touched my head, forcing me to reflexively close my eyes. Soon I felt the warmth of his mouth wrapping around my cock. He was clearly experienced, canlı casino as it seemed like he instantly had me buried to the hilt in his throat. I felt his tongue slip out, sliding around me, fluttering it right at the base, making my whole body spasm. He chuckled at that reaction, the vibration traveling all the way down my shaft and into my body.

He took a few long, slow strokes with his mouth before he finally let me slip out with a pop. He looked up at me and asked if I “wanted to try.” I very quickly agreed and soon he was on his back and I was kneeling between his legs. I took him into both of my hands, admiring the thickness and the weight. I slowly leaned down, shifting one hand to gently hold his sack as I slid my other hand all the way down to the base of his dick. I decided to just dive in, sliding my tongue around the tip before I encircled it with my lips. I was officially in heaven, and any apprehensions I might have been holding onto vanished as I worked my tongue slowly around his cock head. I tried to mimic his efforts, but was only able to get him a few inches deep before I had to pull back. “Take it slow,” he reassured, running his hands through my hair, holding my head firmly but without applying any force. As much as I needed to taste every inch of him, I stuck to sucking the first few inches, working my hand along what I couldn’t reach with my tongue. After what felt like forever, but still not long enough for me, he pulled my head off and looked at me.

“Do you want to try fucking?”

I thought, looking down at the wet cock in my hand. It was manageable when I was just blowing him but the question itself almost made his tool feel even bigger. I’d never had anything inside me before, not even a finger. My head now had a tug-of-war between my nerves and my inner-slut that had just been awoken. As if hearing the apprehension in my head he said, “I’ll be gentle.”

The inner-slut won.


He got up, I reluctantly let go of him as he went to the nightstand for a condom and lube. He had me move to the end of the bed. I laid on my back as he stood over me. He slid the condom on and instructed me to lift my legs up. He gently applied some of the lube to my hole, pushing in slightly, before applying a generous amount to his cock. He rested my legs on his shoulders, guiding himself up against my virgin ass. “Are you ready?” I nodded. He leaned forward, holding me in place as he started to push into me, almost excruciatingly slowly. I knew enough to know to just relax as he filled me up. It still hurt, and he made sure to pause every few seconds, letting me adjust before pushing deeper. Soon enough the pain subsided and I started to feel an incredible amount of pleasure. The shift from wincing to moaning was his indication to slide a little more quickly. After what felt like an eternity I felt his hips resting against my ass.

I opened my eyes and looked up at him leaning over me, my legs spread wide in the air as every inch of his beautiful cock was buried inside me. I felt like such a slut and I loved every second of it. I reached down to touch myself, but he said “No, just lay back and enjoy it.” He wrapped his still lube-soaked fist around my throbbing cock, give it a gentle stroke, I closed my eyes, let my head fall back, and followed his orders. Soon he started to gently pull back and thrust, only about a half inch at a time, getting me used to the sensation of getting fucked. Soon he pulled back almost all the way out, applying more lube before slipping back in, in one smooth stroke that drove me crazy. He kept kaçak casino a firm grip on my cock as he started to fuck me a little more deeply, a little harder. Soon I was laying there in a haze, overwhelmed by all of my senses.

The feeling of him pounding me and stroking me.

The sound of his hips slapping against mine.

The image of my legs splayed out as he looked down at me.

The taste of his dick still on my lips.

And the raw smell of fucking.

Calling it sex would be a disservice to what was happening. He was fucking me, and I was loving every second of it. Soon I felt the tightening in my balls, I knew what was coming. Me. He knew it too, picking up his pace, my body shaking with every deep thrust. He didn’t even have to stroke me anymore, the power of his thrusts was doing all the work for him.

And then I exploded.

I’d had a lot of orgasms in my life at that point. I never knew that much could come out of me at once though, and it just kept coming. He took one last hard thrust into me, causing my whole body to shudder, when he groaned. I felt him swell inside me and I knew what was happening as he filled the condom up. He looked down at me, drenched in my own cum, too tired to move. I looked up at him as he ran his fingers through the streaks of semen on my belly, scooping it up and bringing his fingers to my mouth. I didn’t hesitate to wrap my lips around them, sucking off every drop of my own seed that he fed to me. I’d never done that before, but I loved it. I laid there, lazily cleaning myself off as he gently pulled out of me, which, in my post-orgasmic come down sent shivers through my body.

He disposed of the condom and laid down next to me. I was still too tired to move much, although I’d cleaned up most of my load at that point. He fed me the rest as we caught our breath. I rolled onto my side, resting against him. Lazily laying my hand across his cock. I absentmindedly played with it, amazed at how much pleasure that organ had given me over the last few hours. Surprisingly he already started getting hard again, causing him to chuckle “You’re gonna make me cum again.” I took it as a challenge and started stroking him more firmly. He slid up on the bed until I was eye level with his cock again. I knew what he wanted and I was happy to oblige. I took him into my mouth again, stroking him firmly and sucking him deeply, picking up the pace with every moan and grunt he let out. My inner slut took over one last time, giving me a second wind of energy as I bobbed my head up and down the length of his shaft until I got my reward. He moaned, held my head in place, and filled my mouth with his cum. I was proud of myself for not spilling a drop. I held it in, savoring the taste, before I swallowed it down.

We laid there for a little while longer. He flipped on his tv and we watched something. I honestly don’t remember what it was. Maybe the news? I didn’t care. My mind was still full of everything that had just transpired. Soon I told him I should probably head home. We got dressed, and he led me out, giving me a firm smack on the ass on the way out. I don’t even remember the walk home. I’m pretty sure I reeked of sex as I walked in the front door of my building. The RAs raising an eyebrow at me as I walked by, heading to my floor. I took the side stairs to my room, avoiding the common area as I grabbed a robe out of my room and headed for the showers. I stood there under the hot water, remembering the night. Everything still so vivid in my mind, I leaned back against the wall, slowly stroking myself back to hardness before cumming one more time right there standing up. I finished my shower and headed back to my room, collapsing into my bed. The last thing I thought before I drifted off to sleep was how happy I was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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