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Welcome back,

Not much to say about this particular part, it has almost everything, some passion, some twist and turns and obviously some pure moments of love. I hope you love this part as the story also starts to reveal.

For all the new readers, I request you to read the previous two parts first, because all these are interconnected.

Last but not the least I really want to thank my story editor Old Naked Dad for his ultimate support.

Thanks and happy reading

Chapter 47

I’m not expecting her to be here because it’s already past midnight but…there she is! The secret behind Mark serving us all of my favorite foods is now crystal clear to me. There’s no one better than her, who knows which dishes I love the most.

Mark moves to the corner of the room to provide her enough space and walks into the booth, none other than the lady herself, Mrs. Elizabeth Graham!

She’s wearing black because, according to the news I heard on the television, her husband died a couple of weeks ago. Her hair has turned completely white but, except that; she looks quite the same, still holding onto the same grace and elegance she is known for.

I start to panic and lower my head as she comes closer to the table and stands beside me but I’m finding it difficult to look up. I have a mixed bag-full of emotions. I’m angry, panicking and also a bit ashamed while sitting in front of her with Tina.

I know her opinion about me or Tina hardly matters nowadays but I can’t deny that she used to be one of the closest people to our family and I don’t want to lose the reputation.

I concentrate on keeping my eyes rooted to the floor, waiting for her to say something. After a while, I feel her palms on my cheeks as she lifts my head to look into my eyes. I can see the turmoil in her eyes, there’s so much to say. She must be trying to say she loves me and she’s sorry for what she has done but words are really hard to come by.

Instead, she leans forward, kisses my forehead and after letting my face go, turns to leave without saying a single word. Now I’m feeling like the ass I’ve always been. I need to stop her somehow.

“I’m really sorry for your loss.”

That’s all I can manage to say and she turns on her heels.

“It’s okay. I know you mean well. It’s a part of life that you have to accept and move on. I wish I’d realized this, years ago, but I didn’t. I tried to run away from the truth, tried to hide from the fact and I wasted a lot of time in the process. I did horrible things, which I can’t change. I can only hope that my son finds some way to forgive his old mother. I came here, tonight; to tell you I’m sorry. I know it’s too late to say it but it’s better to be late than never. Tell Rosa that I’ll visit her someday when I can gather enough courage to face her,” she says, nearly choking at the end. I think she’s about to cry.

Rosa! Other than my father, she is the only one to call mom Rosa instead of Rose or Rosalind. I don’t know how mom might react if Mrs. Graham does decide to visit her someday but I don’t think mom is still angry with her, it’s been so long. Mom must have been hurt although it’s nothing compared to my father, I’d guess.


Lt. John Philip Graham and my grandfather were best friends and when my grandmother died, during the birth of my father, this lady raised my father as her own son. I know she loved him and my father always respected her as if she were his biological mother.

Mrs. Graham always loves to be busy. She’s an amazing cook and she enjoys making food for others. She loves it when people say how delicious her food is. That’s the reason she opened the restaurant, which soon turned into the most renowned hotel of the city, with a little help from her husband.

Since childhood, whenever I was here, she always made sure that we had the best seats, the best service and the best food and wine.

It changed suddenly one morning when her daughter and son-in-law were gunned down in their own house. Police claimed there were drugs involved in their murders and she detached herself from everyone. The news must have hurt her pride, too much. My father tried his best to console her but she shut herself down.

Years later, when my father had been hospitalized and I was engaged to Peter, she didn’t show up. When my father died, we still expected her at the funeral, to see her ‘son’ for the last time, and the cemetery but she did neither. We were hurt but that was more than eight years ago.


“I’m not angry with you, not anymore. It’s been too long. I’ve been moving on with my life and today, I’m really happy to see that you’re moving on with your life as well,” I reply with a slight smile, which seems to break the ice.

“I can see you’re moving on with your life and I’m also happy for you, too,” she says, smiling back at me.

I feel as though a big weight is being lifted from my chest. She accepts canlı bahis us. I’m so happy that I walk to her and we hug for a while, tears flowing from both of our eyes and finally, when we separate, we rub the tears off and smile.

“Mark, make an announcement that tonight is a very special night as we have a very special couple with us. I want to share my happiness by providing free drinks for everyone in honor of my granddaughter’s” she says.

Tina chokes, badly, on the drink she’s having when she hears the word ‘granddaughter’s’ Poor Tina, she doesn’t know anything about my past. What she heard must give her some idea that the Grahams, one of the most reputable and richest families in the city, are very much known to us, but when she calls me ‘granddaughter’, it must be too much for Tina to take.

I thank Mrs. Graham before she leaves. She also instructed Mark to make sure we get the best of everything. Mark follows her to make the announcement, providing us with privacy, once again. Tina looks completely amazed by all of these incidents. I take a large sip from the glass; I know it’s time to tell Tina about my past.


“If you don’t want to talk about it right now, it’s completely fine with me. You can tell me anytime when you feel comfortable enough,” she says.

“I’m okay, and I think it’s about time I tell you about my past. If I don’t tell you today, I’m not sure when I’ll get another chance. I’m not very fond of remembering my past,” I reply.

I take another long sip before I start telling her about me and my family.


I’m the only child of Mrs. Rosalind Jones and Lt. Allister Jones, my father, who used to be the joint owner of ‘Jones and Long Shipping Corporation’ alongside his friend Mr. David Long. We used to live on Palm Avenue, beside the Graham’s, the owners of this establishment.

I was my father’s princess and he fulfilled my every wish as soon as possible. I wasn’t one of the most demanding children but, every now and then, there was a surprise for me, in fact, he loved to spoil me as much as possible. I had the costliest dresses and shoes, most fancy toys and everything a child could ask for and most importantly, the undying love of my parents.

I tell her about the incidents about playing hide and seek with my father and how he saved me, every time, from mom when she was angry at me for some reason and how often he made a fool out of himself to make me laugh and cherished me all of the time.

During my first year of college, we came to know my father was suffering from stomach cancer. He was hospitalized for better care and treatment because his condition kept deteriorating day by day. When my father said his only wish was to see me happily married before he died, Mr. Long proposed his own son, Peter. Though we had never dated or fallen in love, but he is not a stranger at least. So, I didn’t object and we got engaged soon.

After engagement, we had sex a few times. I thought, as my husband-to-be; it was his right to have sex with me. We delayed the marriage, waiting for my father to stabilize enough to attend it, but he never did stabilize.

Two days after of my father’s funeral, we received a notice to leave our house. Mr. Long had made my father sign everything over to him and his son, in a fake contract. My father believed him, so much, that he didn’t even read the papers before signing them.

The next day, they literally threw us out of the house, in the single dress we were wearing. We had lost our company, our house, all of our bank accounts were seized and our cars, clothes and jewelry were gone. By that time, I knew I was pregnant but I had never found the perfect moment to tell Peter.

My mom had a small bank account from her college days and we were wearing some gold and platinum jewelry, which helped us buy the moderate, two bedrooms flat and some second hand furniture and we both started working.

After Meghan’s birth, mom had to leave her job to babysit Meg so I could continue working. Most of the people who knew us, suggested me to ask for child support from Peter but neither my mom nor I had any interest to see him, or his money, again, after what he and his father had done to us.

In fact, we were scared. We didn’t want him to know about Meg. They had taken everything away from us and Meg was the only reason for our happiness. She was the only thing we were left with and I couldn’t take a chance of losing her too, so I worked as hard as possible, including double shifts, to cover the expenses.

I had no money saved so I couldn’t think about buying a car and I hadn’t completed college so I couldn’t get a good job with higher pay.


I don’t know how long I keep on babbling but I saw changes of expressions in Tina’s eyes. Sometimes she looked happy and laughed with me when I shared incidents of my childhood then she became gloomy and I thought she may cry with me when I told her about my father’s bahis siteleri death and her jaws became tight and her eyes were filled with anger as she heard about Peter and his betrayals. She looks so angry that I’m sure, if Peter had been here, he’d be six feet under already. I feel an urge to calm her down so I take her hand and continue.

“All of that was my past and I don’t want you to be sympathetic about my losses. If I tell you I don’t wish to bring mom here, so she can enjoy her favorite live jazz again, or raise Meg the way I was raised, I’ll be lying to you, but I accept things as they are. I don’t need expensive clothes or jewelry or a lavish life to be happy. Meg and mom has been the key to my happiness through the years and now you also. Promise me, you’ll never try to do anything stupid to avenge me. I don’t want the riches of the world, if there’s a threat of losing you.”

I know she’s crazy and I want to make sure she doesn’t try anything stupid.

“You still love him don’t you? Is he that good in bed?” Tina asks as I see a devilish grin coming back on her face.

I’m so shocked at her reply, I can’t think of anything to say. Am I trying to have a serious conversation with this girl, really? And how can she think of this out of nowhere? Doesn’t she have a single, serious bone in her body? I doubt it very much, now. I hate her and I nearly start pulling my hair out from frustration. Then I think it’s better to pull her hair, instead of mine. I pounce on her pinning her in the corner of the sofa before I look into her eyes.

“That’s all you get from my words? You need some punishment for being so ridiculous and this time you’re not going to get away with it.”

Tina smiles at me, she looks so happy and excited about the idea of being punished. She claps her hands and makes a puppy face.

“Oh, yes. I’m such a bad girl, you should punish me for this. So what are you going to do with me now? I really want to get my ass spanked! Or do you want to finger me again? I won’t pull back, no matter if Mark dies, knocking on the door, I promise!”

Nope. There’s no hope for her but the way she says the words and the way she looks now fills my heart and I smile before pressing my lips on hers for a soft kiss. She knows I’m serious and stressed and she changes it all together, with her craziness, to make me smile. I know she’s very concerned about me but she doesn’t show it. She’s so very like my father, always wanting me to be happy and smiling and that’s the reason I love her so much! So I won’t push her again. I know one thing for sure…under the shell of her crazy and insane behavior, she always hides her emotions and thoughts. I can only try but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to read her completely.

I look at the table and, to my surprise; I find two bottles of wine there. One of them is already empty and the second one has only a glass or two left. Tina is still sipping the same drink served by Mark and I don’t remember consuming all of these. I must have been so engrossed, talking about my past; I don’t even remember Mark bringing the second bottle for us. I fill both of the glasses and after finishing them, we call Mark before leaving. I know I can’t ask for the bill, because that will insult Mrs. Graham, so I decide to pay Mark for his service, but he denies saying

“If you think I’m no good, tell me directly and I will resign, but I don’t want Mrs. Graham to kick my ass out of here should she come to know I had taken a tip from you.”

All I can do now is thank him for the service and follow him as he leads us out. I’m feeling the effects of all of the wine I have consumed. I’m drowsy and I keep stumbling on the stairs. Tina has to hold me by my waist, to stop me from tripping, as we walk towards the exit. We say goodbye and good night to Mark and wait for a cab. I feel my eyes getting heavier with every passing moment and soon it’s dark.



Tina continue cursing Mark until the cab arrives. She is totally furious with him, everything was going according to her plans when she entered the restaurant, expecting nothing more than a nice, romantic dinner. She had no clue that Mrs. Graham would walk in and then, the wine! Now there’s no way she can drop Olivia off at her flat. She don’t want to disturb mom or Meg, but she can’t take Olivia to her own place as well.

She can try to get a room at the hotel but she’s not sure about it, there’s too much risk involved, now. She needs to think about a different place that she hadn’t planned for. Suddenly, she remembers a place, open her purse and a smile appears on her face.



It’s still dark when I open my eyes. I’m still feeling drowsy but I need to go to the washroom. My bladder is full of the wine I consumed last night and I try to get up. I find a body pressing against me and I know it must be Meg.

I try to pull my hand, which is trapped underneath her, bahis şirketleri and that’s when I feel them…boobs! This can’t be Meg! The last thing I remember is leaving the restaurant with Tina, but then what? I think I’m still with Tina, but where am I? If I were at home, I’d be sleeping with Meg. Are we at Tina’s place?

I reach out with my free hand, searching for my purse and find it just beside me. Pulling out my mobile, I switch on the light with my trembling hands and find Tina pressed against me but this is not my home, that’s for sure. I need to go to the washroom but Tina is sleeping and I don’t want to wake her up.

I’m not sure what to do. I’ve never been here but I think I better go searching for it by myself. My thoughts get interrupted by a very low moan coming from Tina and it doesn’t take me long to find the reason. My other hand is caressing her boob so very gently. I try pull my hand back but my body refuses what my brain suggests.

My hand is glued to her beautiful breast. It’s so soft, I want more of it. I start rubbing my thumb on her nipple, which is hard and poking out due to my caresses. I feel like a pervert, assaulting her while she sleeps, but the moans coming out of her mouth also confirm she’s liking it as much as I like doing this to her.

I start squeezing it, pressing hard, pinching and pulling her nipple, making her moan, loudly. She starts grinding her ass on my hips, reflecting her needs for more. She’s completely naked and I only have my thong on. She presses her body back towards me and my exposed boobs get pressed against her back.

My urge to go to the washroom shifts to secondary as I can only think about making love to her now. I want to give her the pleasure she is seeking for. Tina keeps grinding against me but my bladder is bursting. I feel a few drops escape the barrier, wetting my thong. I need to rush or I’m not far from wetting the bed and myself too.

The temptation to please her is so strong that, for a moment, I think about wetting myself, instead of leaving her, but I think better of it and accumulating all of my self-control, I pull my hand back as I get up. I switch on the light and start searching for the washroom in a hurry.

I find it but I don’t have enough time to pull down my thong and I only manage to pull it aside, before the flow begins. I’m not sure how long it continues but I’m sure it’s enough to give a shame to The Niagara. I’m thankful my mind decided against my heart or, by now, I would have drenched the bed, myself and Tina, too.

As I come out of the washroom, I leave the door open. The light coming out of it helps me have a look around. It doesn’t take me long to realize where I am and I’m surprised, once again. I know this place; I’ve been here so many times. I know she has the keys. I must have been too drunk and this is the nearest place where we could spend the night, safely.

She must have stretched the sofa-bed to make space for us and the cushions work fine as pillows. I’m not sure about the blanket, it’s another piece from the junk, I guess.

I never thought about spending my first night with Tina here but I can’t deny we have some connection with this boutique. This place is not at all unknown to me and I feel more relaxed. I smile, returning to the temporary bed and take my place beside Tina.

As soon as I take my place, Tina rolls over, facing the ceiling. She looks so beautiful that I’m finding it difficult keeping my eyes off of her as I continue watching her sleep. Her loose curls fall over her shoulders and a few stray hairs are laying against her lips so I tuck them behind her ear.

I see her chest rise and fall with every breath and I feel an urge to see her breasts. The idea is so alluring that I’m finding it difficult to keep my libido down. She turns once again, now facing me and she puts her leg and arm over me, pulling me into her embrace. Her boobs are now pressing against mine and her nipples are still hard from the attention I gave those only minutes ago.

To make it worse, she rubs her pussy a few times over my thigh. She must be trying to make her sleeping arrangements comfortable. Now, as I feel her naked flesh on me, it’s too much for me to take. Though I kissed and fingered her previously and even played with her boobs a few minutes ago, I didn’t see her completely naked and the thought is too tempting.

My mind shouts at me, calling me perverts and I shouldn’t assault her during her sleep, but I find no excuse not to do so. If she really does mind me seeing her naked, then she must not sleep naked beside me. Right?

So I turn her over, facing the ceiling once again, and sit beside her as my hands start slowly pulling down the blanket. I don’t want to wake her up from her sleep, I only want to see her naked. As the blanket continues sliding down, revealing more and more of her naked body, it’s becoming harder for me to breathe!

Finally, when I get off the blanket of her completely, I sit there and ogle her. My eyes travel over every single inch of her, trying to memorize every single detail. Her skin is flawless and pale without any hint of a tan. She isn’t tall…four feet-eleven or five feet to be max, without heels.

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