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She lay in bed, her body still, but her mind racing. It was almost too much to process, as if her mind was searching for a way out of a corn maze. Her face felt flushed from the adrenaline and anxiety and she could still feel a burning sensation from her labia from the evenings activities. She wanted to be reveling in the afterglow of passionate sex, but instead she was nauseous with regret.

How could she be so stupid, so weak, so thirsty for attention that she would risk sacrificing a life she had worked so hard to build. She imagined breaking the news of her dismissal to her brother, to her father, her colleagues and friends. How would she explain the circumstances, how could she make them understand? What would Lynn of thought, a tear streamed down Stephanie’s face, as she felt a rising tide of despair threatening to take her under. No, a resolute voice of defiance called out from inside her. It was not going to end like this, she was not going to be remembered for this. This was like any other crisis, it had to be accepted and then managed.

She could feel her strength coming back and she jumped up from the bed and walked over to the window. Stephanie gazed out onto the moonlit street and thought once again on the conditions of the Dare Chain letter.

“Please read below for your next link experience.

You love pizza don’t you, of course you do, who doesn’t? Isn’t it time to show a little gratitude to the people that bring you such joy? You will order a Meat Lovers from any of our fine local establishments and in return you will love their meat. The only condition is vaginal penetration until your server is satisfied. You will record the transaction on your phone and text it to us. You will also leave a new link letter with your server so that they can pay the love forward.

Text the number below to confirm your participation and receive the next link letter.

We dare you not to have fun!”

Stephanie’s mind scanned all the possible courses of action. She felt a seething anger towards whoever was behind this elaborate game. The idea of toying with peoples lives for the sake of amusement, the level of sociopathic detachment it must of taken to hatch this scheme made her feel a deep sense of sorrow mixed with indignant rage. In this moment she briefly imagined what exposing this dare society would look like, the steps she would have to take, the professional damage and personal shame she would have to absorb. She realized the thoughts welling inside were fruits of self pity and quickly shoved them to the back of her mind.

She needed the cold, rational elements of her nature now. These traits were most responsible for her achievements in life, fortifying her on her journey through the male dominated arena of academia. She took pride in her skilled use of soft power, the ability to lay her ego aside and scout the cleanest, most direct route to her goals. She also paused to consider the moral implications of her predicament, even if she could muster the courage to barter her body and sexuality to free herself, would she be willing to assist in ensnaring another? If she did lay herself down on the altar of consequence to expose the dare chain she would also be implicating Alyssa and countless others, all of which would have their poor choices dredged up in full sight after paying a dear price to bury them. This was the thought that allowed Stephanie to close the circuit of her own rationalization. She would honor their choice for privacy and allow the universe to execute sentence on those acting with malice.

Professor Myers felt a sense of clarity now. She was buoyed by the resolution of choice and felt a deep desire to put this episode behind her. Her thoughts begin to consider a window in her schedule to execute the sorted deed, but suddenly a jolt of inspiration sprouted from within. Why not now? Why not tonight? Her body coursing with adrenaline, she would not be able to sleep anyway. The thought of preparing her lesson plans this weekend with this weighing on her mind seemed completely unpalatable.

“I need to shower” she softly uttered to herself, recalling the bounty of sexual excretions still lingering between her legs from her evening’s episode.

A counter thought quickly emerged.

“Why bother?” she spoke to herself in an inner dialog. “This is not a date, this is not a first impression, this is a free fuck handed out to a stranger.” as she continued to frame her next steps.

As she lingered on her last thought, she felt a surge of blood flowing into her loins. It was unexpected, but Stephanie was self aware enough to understand what had happened. She was aroused at the primal rawness of what she was planning on doing. This night had taken many of her choices from her and she was finding the sexual subjugation of her situation increasingly intoxicating. She had not been with a man since she was 16, but that wasn’t the point. The attraction was not to the gender and certainly not to the individual that would be ringing her halkalı bdsm escort doorbell later that night. The appetite was for the relinquishment of power, the exhibitionist desire to hand over your sex to a complete and undeserving stranger. Her hand drifted down underneath her panties, feeling a stiffness in her pubic hair from the dried cum, she let her fingers bathe in the heat of her blooming cunt.

She picked up her phone and awkwardly texted the Dare Chain number, smearing the screen with her fluids in an ironic and almost laughable episode.

“I accept.” She pressed send, her heart pounding with anticipation.

The next twenty minutes were spent with Stephanie neurotically massaging her pussy as she sat splayed on the couch, her peripheral vision locked on her phone as it lay next to her. It was more of an act of tension release than self love, but she was floating in a pleasurable state of pulsing arousal. She studied her hand in the dim light, as it formed an oscillating bulge that jutted out from her body. It’s form induced her thoughts to consider that in all likelihood a man’s cock would be moving inside her in a similar way that same night. That thought seemed beyond surreal, a live, warm, hard organ of sex from a man she had never met would be rutting her like a wild stag. She had always considered the act of breeding somewhat inelegant, but at this moment the unabashed carnality of the fantasy was making her lips part open as if wishing for union.

Her phone lit up with an incoming message breaking her erotic trance. She quickly scanned over the message, there were a few additional logistical instructions and an attached link letter for her to print. She read it over and felt a lump in her throat. For the first time since she had become decisive on her course of action, she flinched with hesitation. It was real now, she was actively participating in their plans. The illusions of victimhood were evaporating, she was complicit and the trickle of feminine cum that was running down her inner cheeks and coating her rosebud were corroborating evidence that she was not as reluctant as she would of hoped to have been.

She was breathing heavy now, holding her phone tightly, she watched her ample breasts heave and recede as her body involuntarily prepared for perceived risk. She selected the pizza joint saved in her contact list and pressed dial, she quickly hit end, realizing she did not want to see a familiar face. It was tough to imagine the life after tonight, so many unknowns, loose ends that could expose her choices. She tried to quite her mind and dialed another number.

“Yes, one Meat Lovers, please.” The words hung in the air ripe with connotation.

Stephanie closed her silken night gown fastening it with a light knot and turned to the wall mirror hanging next to the front door. She was still a strikingly attractive woman, while age had soften her face and lightened her hair, her beauty could not be tempered by time. In fact there was now a sophisticated maturity that perfectly accented her sexual competence. The face that looked back tonight was flushed and tense, taught muscles straining along the lines of her cheekbones revealing her inner conflict, eyes wide with anticipation and readiness.

She took a deep breath to calm her nerves and while doing so, registered an unmistakable scent of arousal drifting seductively upwards. She moved her hand downwards to survey her condition and was somewhat startled by the soaked condition of her under garment. The doorbell rang and her eyes darted back up to the mirror, eyes locked with the woman gazing back. A warm smile unexpectedly rose over her face like a sunrise dawning on a summer morning. She had positioned her phone in a concealed location, along with the link letter which she had printed before she had called to make her appointment with degradation. Stephanie turned to the door and opened it confidently as if she was preparing to meet an old friend.

The figure standing at her doorstep was not quite what she expected. While still holding to some of his boyish features, he had a maturity around his eyes and a slightly receding hairline that betrayed his age. He was thin and fairly tall with broad shoulders and curly brown hair with accents of grey around his temples. She felt the tension in her shoulders relax a bit and a reflexive sensation of relief wash over her. She knew that anybody could of knocked on her door this night and felt fortunate to be looking out an attractive man of a mature age. One of the dozens of thoughts buzzing around her head at the moment was the he was probably a manager filling in for one of his young drivers on a night their staff got caught short.

“I’m sorry, but I’m still gathering your tip, would you mind coming in for a bit?” Stephanie said, composing herself.

The man hesitated for a brief moment, but when a reason for refusal failed to formulate on his tongue he stepped forward and entered the Professor’s halkalı elit escort foyer. She closed the door behind him, mumbling something about crime in the neighborhood and asked him to follow her into the living room. She put on a spirited search for the purse she didn’t need to find, buying herself a few additional seconds to gather the courage to move forward with her plans.

Stephanie took a few controlled breaths and slowly turned to the man, loosening her night gown letting it gradually slip open.

“I have your tip, but I need something else from you.” Stephanie uttered in her most seductive voice.

She tensed at hearing her own words, embarrassed at how manufactured they sounded to her ear.

“I can’t go to sleep without a good fucking and my husband is out of town.” Moving closer, hoping to close the sale.

The man’s expression remained constant. His eyes drifting ever so slightly downward attempting to fully capture Stephanie’s near naked body.

Still holding the pizza he appeared to suddenly realize how silly this made him look. The man took a step forward and placed both hands on her soft, full tits. Hands still warm from the pizza box, she was jarred by the sudden physicality, but encouraged that the bait had been taken. His large firm hands felt very different than the delicate caress of her past lovers, but not unpleasant. She took a deep, cleansing breath, looked up towards the ceiling and arched her back offering her chest to his explorations. She bucked her shoulders, letting the night gown fall to the floor as if a flag of carnal surrender. She reached around and unclasped her bra and allowed the man to remove it from her. Her nipples were hard with arousal and she begin to wish he had the skill to fully manipulate them. Her pussy began to ache deeply as if crying out for it’s fair share of attention.

She look deeply into his eyes for the first time, expressive pale blue orbs floating in a reddish white sea, glaring with unexpected excitement, but somewhat dimmed by the fatigue of a long night working a thankless job. She took hold of one of his arms, liking the feel of the soft, blondish hair that encased a muscled forearm. She led it down to her lower stomach and with unsaid understanding he flattened his hand and dove it down forcefully into her swelled, pooling sex. She could hear the sounds of her sensual sap being displaced as his fingers parted her and she almost felt embarrassed by her condition. As her panties opened under his flexing arm, the air in the corner of the room in which they now stood immediately took on a thick, earthy scent of prolonged feminine arousal.

She could of let him plunge her wanting depths with his hand for hours, but she felt an adventurous curiosity blossoming within her that compelled her knees to buckle and landed her in a kneeling position in front of the man’s crotch. She deftly unfastened his pants with giddy anticipation and snaked them down his hairy legs. She looked up at a nylon cradled mass of meat that looked completely foreign to her. She paused for a moment, as you would at an intersection in a part of town that you’re unfamiliar with. Stephanie ordered the conscious parts of her brain to stand down, allowing her primal instincts of lust, hunger and exploration to guide her forward.

Professor Myers buried her face in the man’s bulge, feeling the weight of his sex pressing down on her nose and cheeks. She liked the sensation of substance, thick with purpose and sexual intent. She turned her head and took the fabric covered shaft in her mouth biting it with unabashed hunger. She was locked in now on her target of lust, the almost disembodied individual that hovered above was of no concern to her at the moment. While unfamiliar with the masculine landscapes she now explored, Stephanie was very at home swimming in the free flowing current of sexual hunger that now rushed over her being, giving her abundant confidence and refreshing her spirit with a well spring of vitality.

Stephanie playfully chewed on the mass of material and blood filled flesh, liking the feelings of power and dominance it evoked. She was like a wild lioness, having trapped it’s prey and taking pride in her conquest and not wanting to rush through her upcoming meal. She now needed the flavors of humanity, the briny taste of aroused skin and the rich pungent cloud of musk that radiates from both genders in the heat of passion.

She curled her fingers under his waistband and slowly lowered the garment downward, keeping her eyes fixed to the floor wanting to take in the picture of this masculine obscenity all at once and not piecemeal. As the man stepped out of his briefs, she looked upwards and reveled at the sight of carnality that stretched out before her.

A large slightly bent cock pointed out at her as if accusing her of her now exposed perversions. The tip was moist with a clear, enticing film of man fluid that gradually gave way to gravity and swung downwards halkalı escort in a hypnotic dangling thread. She could make out a large jutting vein on the side of his member that would have perhaps been unappetizing if she were not so completely intoxicated by her demanding biological impulses.

His ball sack was also larger than she imagined would be typical and hung ominously as if giving warning to the potency of their payload. His angry masculine flesh was contrasted by a neatly trimmed nest of light brown pubic hair that softened the visual somewhat and provided her with a feeling of gender uniformity that she found reassuring.

As she leaned in, she could feel the heat from his flesh on her face, she could feel the canopy of his masculine scent drape over her like a shroud. Stephanie’s eyes lit up with anticipation as if she was finally embracing an exotic cuisine that until now she had not been ready to experience.

She nuzzled her nose and chin between his hairy thigh and the upper portion of his sack. She found it warm and safe, effervescent with the natural perfumes of adulthood and reminiscent of the comforts she always took when she buried her face in a lover’s pliant outer labia. She begin to slowly lap the hairy flesh, like a mother dog cleaning a pup before lifting her head up, trailing her extended tongue along the entire shaft of his jutting cock. She could hear a groan dispense from the atmosphere above, a shutter and twitch from his torso as the man’s legs begin to subtly shake. She repeated the lapping on each side of his dick, taking satisfaction in how red and stretched the skin had become.

His cockhead now looked large and menacing and she silently wondered if she would be able to fit it in her now eager mouth. She caught the end of the swinging strand of pre-cum and followed it up to the end of his cock like a Great White shark making it’s move on a baby seal. She rolled her eyes back in her head and took the embodiment of masculine power into her waiting mouth with a confident zeal that should could of never expected from herself before tonight.

The silky mushroom head of his hot dick filled her mouth and she felt her stomach spasm with contentment. She formed a relaxed seal with her lips around the raging flesh and felt an instinctive knowledge on how to please him without that benefit of past experiences. Perhaps the phenomenon was like a migratory instinct, cellular memory informing her mouth as it spoiled the man’s sex with moisture, warmth and enthusiasm.

She had never felt so powerful, on her knees with a cock buried deep within her face, she was in total control of everything. She was consuming his will, his freedom of choice, his very identity at that moment with her succulent mouth. Just as she took pride in delving into the inner core of a drenched, pulsing cunt, she was now enamored with the feeling of sucking the soul out of this strange man.

The quiet room was filled by the lewd sounds of slurping and as she wrapped her small hand around the base of the mans wide dick root. She relaxed her back, falling into a satisfying rhythm of pleasure as her tongue and soft inner cheeks worshiped the dick flesh as her head bounced up and down. Her own saliva was now running down her chin and neck in torrents as if in synchronization with the pussy juices that were flowing down her thighs.

The sensation of her weeping sex reminded her of her original purpose as she let the heavy tool fall from her hungry mouth, she rose off the floor, feeling the stiffness in her legs and aching in the caps of her knees. She didn’t even look at the man’s face as she pivoted around, wiggling out of her utterly soaked panties, bending down with her hand still wrapped around his slick cock. She moved backwards toward him and guided his glassy dickhead into her starving femininity. She almost collapsed at the sensation of fullness, rewarding the thousands of nerve endings that coated the inner lining of her sex with smooth, hard stimulus.

She felt two strong hands grip her now sweaty hips in what was a prelude to an onslaught of long, purposeful fuck strokes. Stephanie let out a series of low pitched moans of contentment as her neglected pussy was pounded again and again by a piping hot rod of stretched flesh that almost felt as if it was acting out of vengeance for it’s earlier oral captivity. Professor Myer’s cum soaked pussy walls formed a perfect, loving seal around the man’s stabbing manhood as she surrendered herself to it’s ferocity.

Just as she felt as if her mind and body were melting away, forming a pool of bliss soaking the carpet below, she felt his hands move up to her shoulders pulling her backwards. She felt him slow his strokes and finally hold his dick deep inside her quivering cunt. Stephanie could feel the meat twitching inside her love canal and the raspy, incoherent mumblings from the man confirmed to her that he was planting his tribute deep inside her grateful sexual core.

The next few seconds they both drifted in a haze of gratification, but the sensation of the sudden emptiness brought Stephanie out of her trance. As she straighten up and took her first wobbly step forward, she could feel a warm, heavy stream of fluid roll down her leg. She turned towards the man, who was now making a clumsy attempt to put his pants back on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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