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Author’s note: Thank you to all those who have e-mailed me with their comments after reading Deepest Darkest Secret. Sorry it’s taken so long for a sequel. Keep sending me your comments.

After that first night, when Zoe had fucked me as I laid handcuffed to my bed in my ex-girlfriend’s lingerie, we did indeed go out on a first date. Zoe had been right when she had said that we both fancied each other. Back then it certainly seemed a little strange, and it still seems that way now. I don’t think many people can say that they slept with someone even before they went out on a date together, or chatted them up for that matter. Believe it or not we did a regular thing, a simple meal in a trendy restaurant and a few drinks afterwards. We didn’t even fuck that night when we got back to the house that we shared. We got on so well that we kept on seeing each other, and living with each other. Zoe was true to her word and never told any of our housemates what had happened between us. When they enquired as to why we began going out with each other we simply said it had ‘just happened’.

We had been dating for around a month before we slept together again and although it was completely different to the first time it was simply fantastic. Zoe and I were in bed together afterwards when I approached something that had been running through my mind ever since that first night.

“Zoe,” I began as we laid awake in bed, “Can I ask you something?”

“Yeah, sure”, she replied.

“That night when……..” I found it difficult how to describe that night and I think Zoe sensed this.

“You mean when I found out about your dirty little secret and you found out how horny it made me?” teased Zoe.

“Yeah. Well you said something about us all having our fantasies and….”

Zoe cut me off. “And you wondered what I meant when I said this?”


“What was it that gave me away?”

“It was the look on your face as you said it,” I replied, recalling what I had first thought as Zoe held my cock at the entrance of her pussy and now it seemed as though I was right – she did have a fantasy or fantasies!

“I have a few, but should I tell you them now or make you wait to discover them for yourself?” She was teasing me and we both knew it.

“Please,” I begged.

“Well, I do tend to talk about them when I’m horny, so canlı bahis I guess you’ll have to figure out a way of making me horny!”

I think I knew what I needed to do. I rolled Zoe over onto her back and began kissing her softly, letting the tip of my tongue run across her lips. I could feel me cock becoming hard again already.

From Zoe’s lips I traced my kisses down her neck and towards her breasts. They were a size 34C and simply perfect, something that I had noticed when I first saw her naked. Her nipples were already erect, a sign that my kisses were turning her on already. I let my tongue run around the underside of her right breast, refusing to go near her nipple, which seemed to make it become even more erect. I repeated my movements with her left breast. I could tell that Zoe’s breathing was a little quickened so I gave her the pleasure I’m sure she was craving. I took her left nipple into my warm mouth, letting my tongue rest on the hardened skin. A few seconds later I returned to her right nipple.

I had lit the fires within Zoe and I was determined to make them burn brightly. I again began kissing her breasts, and with one final kiss I moved further down her lithe body, across her naval and ever nearer to her pussy. Instead of making contact with Zoe’s labia my mind decided to play the tease and my kiss began again on the insides of her thighs. I felt her body squirm under me, trying to manoeuvre so that I was kissing her pussy.

When I refused I felt her hands in my hair, pulling my upwards, then pushing me towards her sex. I made contact with her clit and she responded by grinding her hips against my willing tongue. I had started out wanting to tease Zoe but she had now taken control as she began fucking my face.

“Fingers,” she gasped, “Put your fingers inside me.”

I did as she commanded. I brought my hand up to her pussy entrance and decided to thrust a single finger inside her. As I withdrew I added a second, and then a third. This only made Zoe grind her pussy harder, eager for another orgasm. I could feel her muscles clamping around my fingers, almost refusing to let go of my slippery digits.

Just as I expected her to begin to reach her climax Zoe released my head, and moved from underneath me. I looked up to see her eyes full of lust.

Zoe turned round on the bed, getting on all fours. bahis siteleri “You’ve got to fuck me now, I need you inside me!”

Who was I to refuse such a request? I moved behind Zoe and positioned my cock up against her pussy. I felt Zoe reach back and grab my cock, holding it in place whilst she inched herself backwards onto my prick. Zoe seemed to hum as I slid effortlessly inside her up to the hilt. I grabbed hold of her hips, ready to begin fucking her hard.

“No, not yet,” she moaned.

Zoe began to make a few movements back and forth, causing me to hear just how wet she really was. She then moved a little further forward, letting my cock fall out of her pussy.

“Okay, you just earned yourself fantasy number one,” she whispered, looking back at me with a smile on her face.

I looked back at her excitedly, although slightly puzzled.

Zoe turned away and I felt her reach between her legs and grab hold of my cock again. Only this time she lined my cock up with her ass.

“Really?” I questioned.

“Yes, really. I’ve wanted something bigger up my ass for years. My hairbrush simply isn’t big enough! Now I want you and your cum up there!”

“Wow,” I thought to myself.

“Stop thinking and start fucking me!” She begged.

So I did. As Zoe lined up my cock I began to move forward as she began to move backwards. There was some resistance as my cock began to fight its way inside Zoe’s tightest hole. Zoe turned round and looked me in the eyes. She had her mouth closed and I could hear her groans deep inside her throat and her deep breathing through her nose.

I began to feel her hole opening up against the tip of my hard cock. Zoe’s slick pussy juices that were shimmering on my prick ensured that I began to inch my way inside her ass. After a little more resistance I had an inch of my cock inside. I wasn’t too sure if I would hurt Zoe so I began to make little thrusting motions, each time going further inside her. By the time that I was fully inside Zoe had her eyes screwed tightly shut.

“Does this hurt?” I asked.

“No,” she replied, “I guess we have my hairbrush to thank for that! Now, now it’s time to fuck me.”

I looked down to see Zoe and I together as one, Zoe’s ass fully impaled on my prick. I moved slowly backwards, becoming more exited at the thought of fucking my girlfriend bahis şirketleri up her ass.

I made my first thrust into Zoe, and settled into a smooth rhythm of almost withdrawing before plunging back inside. Immediately I noticed the tightness around my cock, so different from the pussies that I had fucked.

“Ooooh, yes, this is what I fantasised about, you fucking my ass,” moaned Zoe.

This spurred me on to fuck her a little harder and I noticed that with each thrust I made a stifled groan escaped Zoe’s lips. I was determined to make her groan harder and reached under and began to tease her clit with my fingers. “Oh fuck yes,” she screamed, “that’s it, finger my clit, make me cum with your prick in my ass.”

That was it, I knew that I had to make us both cum. As I continued rubbing Zoe’s clit I could feel her juices streaming out of her pussy and I knew that me fucking her ass was sending her wild. I picked up my pace and also felt Zoe meeting my thrusts, trying to force my cock further inside.

All this was beginning to overwhelm me and I could feel the initial stirrings of my orgasm inside me. I could hear Zoe panting slightly, a sure sign that she was feeling the same. This only made me more determined to fuck Zoe through both of our orgasms.

“Cum with me,” she screamed, “Shoot your cum in my ass!”

“Okay baby,” I replied, somewhat breathlessly.

It was one particularly deep thrust that pushed me beyond the point of no return. I could feel my balls beginning to contract and my orgasm start deep inside me. The next that I knew my body began to shudder and my cum was shooting inside Zoe’s ass.

Zoe must have felt my cum welling up in her ass and she clamped her hand over my finger that was rubbing her clit. She stifled a few of her deep moans before her orgasm hit and one long moan signalled her release.

My cock remained hard and still buried in Zoe’s ass, pumping any remaining cum inside her. Zoe kept rubbing her clit, enjoying her entire orgasm. After a few seconds she moved forward and I watched as my cock left her ass. I was amazed to see her once tight ass remain spread wide by our fucking, my cum already beginning to trickle out and down towards Zoe’s pussy.

I moved up the bed and kissed my girlfriend.

“Thank you for fulfilling one of my fantasies,” she whispered, severely out of breath.

“I can’t wait to fulfil more?”

“One at a time, baby, one at a time,” she smiled back at her. I couldn’t wait until the next time.

Let me know if you’d like to hear about more of Zoe’s fantasies!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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