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The end of the school day was imminent.

I looked nervously at the clock, sweat rolling down my temple as the hands moved towards 2:50. My best friend, Christina, gently nudged at me. “What are you so nervous for?” she whispered into my ear. “Detention with Mr. Holmberg can’t be that bad. I know today is your birthday and all but… just look at him.”

As if in perfect synchronization, we both turned our attention to our English teacher.

Mr. Holmberg certainly was gorgeous. His strong jaw line, blue eyes, and brunette hair set him apart from all the other mundane teachers at Cranston Academy. He was the youngest teacher the Academy had ever hired and the girls (as well as the older female staff) were more than grateful for his presence.

Except for me. He fucking gave me a detention! All because he caught me texting during one of his lectures. Now I have to spend the afternoon of my 18th birthday in this dull classroom. The mere thought of it made me too angry to even look at him. I looked back over at Christina who was making a weird dick-in-mouth hand motion to me. I rolled my eyes and tried to hold back a chuckle.

Christina was really something else. Despite her really obscene personality, she was stunningly beautiful. Her deep set eyes and button nose made all the other girls in our class envy her. She literally looked like an angel. Yet, I knew she was anything but.

I was startled out of my thoughts by the sound of the bell. Everyone hurriedly packed up their things as Mr. Holmberg tried to talk over the noise. “Make sure you guys read Act 5, Scene 2 of Othello. A modern-translation of it will be due at start of tomorrow’s class!” The whole class let out a “ughhh” in unison. Christina kissed my forehead quickly and wished me luck with a little wink.

I could feel Mr. Holmberg’s eyes on me but I just didn’t want to look up. The sounds of Mary Jane’s scurrying across the floor finally faded until it was silent. I slowly looked up to see Mr. Holmberg sitting at his big mahogany desk.

“Do you know why you bağdat caddesi escort are here, Sheri?”

My throat grew dry as I responded, “be-be-be… because I was not paying attention to your lecture.”

He got up to close the door and pulled a shade over it.

“And why weren’t you paying attention to it?”

I felt really embarrassed but this whole interrogation was starting to irritate me. Clearly I did not listen to his lecture because it was boring. What did he expect me to say? That I was sorry for not letting the torture be prolonged? The thought of me even saying something like that to him made me want to laugh. I surprised myself when a giggle erupted from my mouth.

Mr. Holmberg walked right over to my desk and pulled a chair up. I covered my mouth to keep from laughing more but his face remained completely serious. “You know… I don’t understand you Sheri.” He shook his head and licked at his lips. I watched and gazed at how full and pink they were. Something within me stirred. I knew this feeling and I knew where it would take me. I just wasn’t sure if I was ready for that.

He ran his fingers through his hair and then placed them onto my desk. “You are one of my best students. I was willing to even write a college recommendation for you. But at the rate you’re going, I don’t think I can do that anymore.”

I felt terrible. Here I was, laughing at him, while he genuinely believed I could do something with my life. I gently grabbed his hand and peered into his eyes. I hoped that he would see that I was sorry. I hoped that he could see that I needed him. I needed his touch, his compassion. I needed to feel him. He looked back into mine and placed his other hand on my cheek.

The moral thing to do was to stop but I couldn’t. My longing for him was diminishing every bit of logic I was clinging to. I got up from my desk and moved to his lap. He almost sat back up but I eased him back down into the chair.

“There’s no turning back now. I know you want me, Mr. Holmberg.” bahçelievler escort

I took his hand and moved it up my thigh.

“And if you move higher, you’ll see I want you too.”

He kissed down my neck and let me place his hand higher. The feeling felt so good that my clit started to swell. I quietly moaned and released his hand. Seeing an opportunity, he picked me up and began to walk me over to his desk. “You’re right. I have wanted you for quite a while now.” His erection pressed against the fabric of my panties. “Oh, and it’s Erik. Don’t call me Mr. Holmberg anymore or I’ll spank you til you scream.”

This sudden assertion of dominance made me quite aroused. He bent me over his knee and pulled up my skirt.

“Who am I?”

I stayed quiet. He gripped the back of my hair gently and asked again.

“What is my NAME, Sheri?”

I bit my lip and moaned out the single word:


I thought this saved me from punishment but it didn’t. His hand cracked down onto my ass like a whip. A stinging sensation crept all over my cheeks but I loved it. I suppressed a scream and prepared myself for another spank. Instead, Erik placed his fingers between my thighs. He tenderly rubbed my caramel mound before letting his fingers slip deep into my wetness. My eyes rolled back while he shoved his fingers in and out, only taking them out occasionally so I could clean his fingers with my mouth.

“Mmmm Sheri… you’re being so good for me. Maybe you’ll get that college recommendation after all.” I grinned up at him and let his ring finger go down my throat. He moaned out as he saw how easily I could take it. Not having a gag reflex surely has its perks.

He unzipped his dress pants to reveal a huge cock poking out to greet me.

“Sit on it, NOW.”

I hungrily reached for his cock and stroked it. I wanted to get him as hard as possible before I rode him. He moaned and took my hands off of his dick.

“Stop. I want your little cunt to be filled up with bahçeşehir escort me.”

I stood over him and looked down at his dick. It was just… so big. The head looked like it’d be okay to fit in but the shaft was very thick. Erik took a hold of my ass and grabbed his dick with his free hand. “Here, I’ll help you.” I felt a slight *pop* as he slowly eased the tip in. I lowered myself down onto his dick inch by inch. As I took each inch in, my eyes widened. He grabbed onto my ass and shoved that last inch into me. Waves of pain and pleasure rippled through my body.

“I’m going to thrust into you so hard that you’ll be sorry for EVER ending up in my detention.” Erik furiously began pumping into me. I wanted to scream out how good it felt but that would attract attention. I scratched down his back and listened to the sound of his balls slapping against my pussy. He went faster until I was bobbing up and down rapidly. We continued on as our bodies produced so much heat that all the glass surfaces were fogging up.

“Erik…” I whispered to him. He slowed down the pace and held me a bit closer. The atmosphere in the room had shifted so quickly. It had went from crazed fucking to something else. Something more sentimental. I wondered if he had felt the shift as well.

“Sheri, I have to tell you something.”

I looked at him with big curious eyes.

“I fell in love with you from the moment you walked into my class. You are everything I want and I feel blessed to be doing this with you now.” I closed my eyes and smiled at what he was saying to me. The way that he so freely expressed his emotions to me was refreshing. I was more used to guys my age who rarely allowed themselves to be this vulnerable. Yet here we were, both stripped of our clothes and apprehensiveness.

I opened my eyes back up and wrapped my arms around his neck. “Hmmmm. Will you love me forever?”

He held my face in his hands and stopped thrusting.

“Yes, I promise.”

“Even if I ignore you while you lecture?”

Erik laughed to himself and pulled a wet curl behind my ear.

“I will still love you… but I can’t guarantee you won’t have another detention.”

I slowly connected his moles into little constellations before we prepared ourselves for another round. If detentions are like this all the time, then I certainly don’t mind getting them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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