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Since my first encounter with Bob my mind is saturated with thoughts and fantasies of what is to come. I find myself daydreaming about all the possibilities that we can try. He travels a great deal so we communicate via internet and phone. I never imagined me being able to have sex via internet and phone but to my astonishment, anything is possible when one allows oneself to open up and let go of all inhibitions and just say yes. With a partner like Bob it becomes easier with each experience to do this because he just guides you where you need to go without pressure or intimidation. He has a way of showing me that I can trust him before we have ever done anything.

Last night we were having our usual phone conversation just catching up with each others day when he said he would like to see me. He said he would like to see all of me, naked and with the lights on. I knew he meant by video cam which I am very uncomfortable about. I thought it over and replied with enthusiasm that I would do this. I asked him to give me a few minutes to prepare and then to call me back.

I quickly undressed, brushed my hair, checked make up and added some lip-gloss. I hurried to the bureau and removed my vibrator grabbed a small bottle of body oil and placed everything within arms reach. I turned on the overhead lights, picked up my computer and had just gotten into a comfortable position on my bed when the call came in. I clicked accept and just that quickly I saw his beautiful smile and next to that I saw my own image staring right back at me. It took me by surprise to see myself naked on the camera. It was also very strange to know that Bob was seeing me at the same time I was seeing myself. Could he see the surprise on my face as I took in the sight of my own nudity? I had seen myself naked many times and visually explored every part of my body but on a video cam I felt so exposed. It felt exciting and it felt frightening at the same time. Even though he was there I was completely on my own. I was going to have to take something I considered very private and allow this other person to observe what I did to bring myself pleasure. It seemed like I was putting on a one actor play with no script or rehearsal. I definitely felt first night jitters.

He called me on the phone and he told me he could see me. I began to search for the right place to locate the laptop so the view would take in as much of my beşiktaş escort body as possible. Finally I decided to place it between my legs just below my knees with my legs spread wide apart. This allowed a perfect view of my open pussy, also my large full breasts with the darkened nipples perfectly erect. I was looking down my body at the view and seeing what he saw through the camera lens. It was so strange to have this multi angle view of me. Just as in our first encounter I wondered what was he seeing when he looked at me, what was he thinking of me? Without much more thought about this I found my hand lightly rubbing my clit. It was a simple gesture that felt nice to me and was somewhat stimulating but when Bob saw this he began to talk to me describing what he saw. This was incredibly stimulating. I could feel what had been a slight moistness begin to become wetness. I reached for the body oil, put some on both hands and began to rub it into my already wet pussy. The scent of the oil combined with my own scent was rich. It was delicious to my senses, before I realized it I could only feel my fingers first rubbing my clit, then my pussy and occasionally finding their way inside for a deeper thrill. All I could hear was Bob’s voice telling me how pleased he was to see me enjoying myself, how happy it made him that I would do this for him. These words just fueled the fire and the heat and ache between my legs became almost overwhelming.

As I felt the inexplicable feeling rising in my pussy and all between my legs I knew what was going to happen. I was just hoping that it wouldn’t happen to soon. I wanted to feel this feeling for as long as I could. I wanted to smell the scent, hear Bob’s voice in my ear and I wanted to watch myself on the camera as long as I could. I would steal a glance at Bob on the camera, his smile and the soft glow that shown over his face made him look so very pleased. That just added more intensity to the entire experience I was having.

I took my hand from my pussy, wet, sticky and fragrant with the oil and juices. I reached to pick up my vibrator. I placed it right over my clit and moaned so softly at it’s arrival. It was like the feeling you have when a roller coaster reaches it’s highest point and suddenly dives at an incredible speed leaving you gasping for air and trying to locate your stomach. This experience was gradually building beşiktaş eve gelen escort to that intensity, my mind could not even imagine what the end result would be like. There was something about being on a camera, exposed, having someone watch me masturbate while softly giving encouragement and instruction that was pleasurable beyond description. I was loving every minute of it.

I began to have thoughts through the waves of pleasure that were rippling through my body of what Bob was doing. With a quiet voice I asked him where his hands were. Instead of a reply to my question he asked me if I wanted his hand to be around his hard cock. Without any thought I replied to this with a very definite “yes”! That was exactly what I wanted. I wanted to think of him watching me massage my pussy with one hand and vibrations running through my clit from the vibrator with my other hand and him stroking his cock forcefully making it harder and harder. The thought of all of these things happening at once was so powerful I felt like I was outside myself watching it all unfold from a distant corner of the room. I didn’t want it to end just yet. I wanted more.

It would seem that there wouldn’t be anymore at this point. I mean how much can one do for oneself while mutually masturbating in different locations over a video cam but there is always the power of one’s own mind and imagination. My mind recalled what Bob had said he wanted to do to me the next time we were together. Just as quickly as these thoughts entered into my mind I exploded in an orgasm that left me breathless, weak and drenched in my own juices from a pussy that tingled from pure pleasure. My knees fell together, my arms dropped to my sides and just for a moment I was still and limp. I then thought of Bob, remembering that I had not heard him cum. I asked him about this and he instructed that he needed me to spread my legs wide open so he could see my wet pussy. I did this. Then he asked me to describe to him what I wanted him to do to me the next time we were together. I began to recall what he had told me earlier that he wanted to do to me and what had made me cum almost immediately upon thinking of it. I began to describe for him what was going to happen.

Bob had told me the next time we were together he would give me some champagne, that being a very erotic drink for me. beşiktaş grup yapan escort Then he would take me out into the night, into an area he knew with trees. He was going to blindfold me, something I have never done. He wanted to tie my hands behind me, something else new to me. He said after that he would slowly undress me. After this he would have surprises for me and when I was begging for him to fuck me he would bend me over a picnic table, enter me from the rear and fuck me until I had orgasm after orgasm. The thought of this makes me hot, wet and ache for his cock. As I thought about this I began to describe it to him. I watched him on the cam and listened to him moan in pleasure as I continued to talk. I was feeling my own pussy become aroused again and just when I thought I might cum right then for a second time, I heard a very loud moan from the other end of the phone. Bob had reached the point of no return, his body shook while his cock shot cum out of it leaving him completely and totally satisfied.

I listened for quiet some time to his breathing and was soothed by the sound of it. When I finally felt the strength back in my voice I had to ask him if he was alright. He assured me he was fine. He made me feel like the sexiest woman who ever lived as he complimented me on what had just taken place. I remember thinking when we first started how uncomfortable I thought this would be. I just felt amazed at this point at how easy it was for me to share this experience with him. I guess a great many people have partners that they can communicate their desires to and try out new and different experiences with. For me, it is all new, the experiences, the partner, and the freedom to own my own body, to allow myself the pleasure that it has to give me. I just keep thinking all I really want right now from my life is more. I want to find out what is next. I want to spend time thinking about it and anticipating it. I want to then experience whatever I can. I want to relive it over and over in my thoughts. I never thought of sex as being particularly detailed. Now, I think that great sex is all about the details. It is when anyone involved in the experience takes the time and the effort to concentrate on giving and receiving pleasure with each other. It does not seem that it is all about just trying to please the other person , but about allowing yourself to enjoy what your body has to offer whether aroused by your own initiative or by the participation of others and vise versa.

It will be nine more days until I am physically with Bob again. During those nine days I will be anticipating everything he has promised me and I will be thinking of how I can reciprocate. Until my next entry, let me just say, Thank you Bob.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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