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After a long day at work we decide to meet for dinner. We decide to eat casual and meet at our favorite pizza place. We sit next to each other. We are seated in one of those round booths in a dark corner. The only real light is from a small candle on the table.

We order some wine so we can relax. They bring us some bread- sticks and we order a pizza with all your favorite toppings.

You are wearing a skirt that comes to your knees when you are standing but rises pretty high when you are sitting. You have on pantyhose and a silk button-down top that is unbuttoned to your cleavage.

As we wait I move my hand to your stocking covered knee and begin rubbing it. I slowly move my hand up your leg lightly massaging your thigh. You spread your legs as I slide my hand to your inside thigh. I continue moving up and lightly brush my hand against your stocking covered pussy lips. I begin to move my finger up and down the lips of your pussy. I can feel the wetness begin to come through the pantyhose. I move my finger up and begin to rub your clit. I can feel it’s hardness through your pantyhose. I hear you moan lightly. Then the waiter comes back with our dinner. Damn.

I stop for a little while so we can eat. Although I continue to gently massage your thigh in between bites. You finish one slice and I reach to get you another. I decide to feed it to you. The pizza is still warm and the cheese is stringy. As I pull it otele gelen escort away from your lips, a slice of pepperoni drops to your chest. You reach to remove it but I tell you to stop. No one is around so I lean over and grab it with my teeth from your upper chest. I continue to kiss your beautiful cleavage. Then I reach up and un-button a couple more buttons. I reach into your top and gently remove one of your breasts from your bra. I lean down and gently suck your nipple into my mouth. I then bite it lightly with my teeth. You moan as I do.

I return your breast to it’s confinement telling you I want more later. We quickly finish our pizza and wine and pay the check. Unfortunately we are in separate cars because I don’t want to be away from you. I walk you to your car and we kiss goodbye deeply. Our tongues exploring each other’s mouths. My hands explore your body. I feel your breasts. I can feel your firm nipples through the light material. My hands continue down your body and move to your back. I move down farther and massage your lovely ass. I squeeze it in my hands. I love your ass. I can’t keep my hands off of you. We decide to take this home.

We move as quickly as possible to home. We arrive at the same time and quickly get out of our cars. We race to the apartment. Unfortunately it is on the second floor. You go first and I follow. I can’t keep my hands off of your lovely pendik escort ass, I keep grabbing it as we ascend the stairs. We reach the apartment and

I can’t stand it any longer I grab you and carry you in, to the couch. I quickly remove your top and dive into your chest. I can’t keep my hands off of your breasts. I massage them and then remove your bra. I begin to lick and suck each of your lovely nipples. I then move down kissing your tummy. I reach your skirt and pull it up to your waist. I then spread your legs and begin to suck your still wet pussy lips through the pantyhose. You look so sexy with them on. I continue licking and sucking on your hard clit and juicy pussy lips. I gently begin to push a finger inside you stretching the material.

I now want to taste the sweetness of your pussy without any hindrance. I pull your pantyhose off. I flip you over so you are kneeling on the floor and your chest and head are laying on the couch. I then spread your legs and get down on all fours. I begin to lick from you clit all the way up and down your sweet pussy lips. I continue licking up and down eventually licking all the way past your pussy and gently flicking my tongue against your pert asshole. You moan lightly telling me to lick it more. I spread your lovely ass cheeks and begin licking at your asshole. I can taste the pussy juice that has dripped down and found it’s way there. I then rus escort continue to lick up and down your pussy all the way from your hard clit to your pert asshole.

You feel my tongue disappear and begin to turn around to see where I went. Before you are able to you feel my cock thrust into your waiting pussy. I slam it in hard and you throw your head back and moan. I begin thrusting deeper and harder. You are now practically screaming. I can feel your pussy begin to contract around my cock. You are starting to cum. You begin moaning loudly and pushing your hips back to meet my thrusts. You can feel my balls slapping against your pussy lips. I can feel your pussy clenching my cock. I thrust deeper and you moan louder.

You collapse on the couch drained by your orgasm. I pull my cock out and lift you up. I turn you over and then proceed to clean you up by licking your juices off your pussy. That just gets you going again. You tell me you want to suck my cock. You lie down on the couch and I straddle your chest. My balls lie neatly between your breasts. You suck the head between your ripe red lips. I moan as you suck it like a lollipop. You continue to suck and lick the head, as you are unable to deep throat me in this position. I begin to moan as you continue to suck the head of my cock. I tell you I am going to cum. You keep sucking and I begin to cum. You catch the first spurt in your mouth but the second escapes and splashes across your cheek. You quickly grab the head with your mouth again and continue to suck the cum from my cock.

When I’m spent I move off of you and collapse at the other end of the couch. You lay on top of me and I wrap my arms around you. We fall asleep for a few minutes drained.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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