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Mary stood in front of the mirror and assessed her reflection. Not too bad she thought. Tonight she was going to a dinner party that her friend Adam was hosting, and of course Adam has insisted that everyone dress up. Mary loved dressing up, it gave her a reason to scour the shops for just that perfect outfit. She smiled at her reflection, turned and left her apartment and got into the cab waiting outside.

Climbing out of the cab, Mary paused to straighten her outfit and take a few calming breaths. Adam always had interesting people at his parties and Mary loved meeting new people, especially as Adam had such gorgeous friends. At his last party, Mary met this intriguing person who occupied most of her time. Mary hoped she would be there tonight.

Mary’s heels tapped on the pavement as walked up to the door and she straightened her hair while she waited for Adam to come to let her in. The door finally opened and Adam stood before her in a dapper vintage burgundy and black smoking jacket, beautiful black trousers and a thin moustache!

“Ah Mary! You look gorgeous! Do come in and let me take those bottles.”

Mary kissed Adam hello and handed over the bubbles and red wine. Stepping into the room, she cast her eyes around as Adam walked off.

Within moments of entering the house Mary had spotted Ann. Her back was to the door so Mary took the opportunity to look at her from the top of her glossy black head to her elegantly shod feet! A large portion of her back was exposed in a black evening dress that shimmered in the light. It came over her smooth milky shoulders with thin jewel straps and was cut away exposing the delicate bumps of her spine to the small of her back. Her glossy black hair was swept up on top of her head with a couple of wisps hanging down at the nape of her neck. Such a delicate nape which begged to be caressed and kissed. Mary glanced back down, drawn by a flickering movement, to find a strong tanned hand resting within the small of her back with the thumb gently caressing her spine.

Surprised at the presence of the hand, Mary looked up and blushed! She had been caught by the owner of the hand in her detailed exploration of Ann. The man smiled and winked, then leaned in and whispered into Ann’s ear. Her tinkling laugh rang out across the room as she turned and smiled at Mary and extended her hand in encouragement for her to join them. Unable to refuse the invitation Mary stepped into the room and thought to herself “Let the games begin!”

“Oh Mary, I was wondering when you were going to arrive” Ann began.

Mary leaned in to kiss Ann lightly on the cheek then stepped back to survey her gorgeous body! Ah a divine dress, which hung gently in folds over her firm unsupported breasts, falls gracefully casino oyna over her long curvaceous body.

“Finished darling? …. Yes, well this sexy boy is David” Ann said to draw back Mary’s attention.

Once again Mary blushed as she raised her eyes to the two smiling faces that had watched with amusement her perusal of Ann’s body.

“She’s gorgeous isn’t she” drawled David “but then so are you Mary”.

Now it was Mary’s turn to be assessed. She stood back momentarily as they both took in the red bustier with wide straps, black skirt with a red embroidered dragonfly, and impossibly high black sandals. Mary was gratified that her efforts were being appreciated.

Adam walked back over and handed Mary a glass of champagne.

“Well Mary, I see you’ve met David and Ann. Such a gorgeous couple aren’t they?” Adam stated.

“Ok, it’s off to the dining room with all of us now. Cook has advised that the starters are ready” Adam announced as he turned and moved on to the other guests encouraging them to move on into the dinning room.

“Ladies, will you join me” David asked offer an arm to each Ann and Mary.

Mary was seated next to David and across from Ann. It was an enjoyable meal. Mary got to gaze across at Ann while she delicately ate the tasty morsels on her plate and made conversation with the man seated next to her. David chatted lightly with Mary occasionally regaling her with interesting stories about their childhood escapades. Apparently they were all old friends from school.

As they came to dessert, David leaned over and whispered into Mary’s ear “I can’t but help but notice your attraction to Ann and I must say I am rather jealous!”

Mary turned towards her companion and said “Oh don’t be silly David! I’ve seen your lustful gazes to our host down the other end and I know where your interests lie!”

“Hmm quick evasion, but very astute of you to notice. Adam is a dear friend and companion but prefers to admire me from afar. Which is ok, since I like a little variety? Like you, for instance.” David suggested.

“Oh really! You are such sweet thing,” Mary replied and caressed his cheek and whispered “but yes you did notice correctly, it is Ann that holds my attention tonight.”

“Hmm, I thought so! Well then you’ll be interested to know she also warned me to leave you alone tonight and to concentrate on Adam for a change.” David whispered back into her ear.

“Hey you two, what are you whispering about?” interrupted Ann as she looked sternly at David.

“I think she’s jealous!” David whispered to Mary.

“Nothing Ann, David was just telling me about…” began Mary.

“David, you promised you wouldn’t tell any stories, now eat your dessert” admonished canlı casino Ann.

David and Mary returned their attention to their desserts, delicious mixed berries soaked in champagne with a rich creamy chocolate sauce. As they did so, Mary felt something brush her leg and looked up to see Ann watching her. Ann lifted a strawberry up to her mouth with her fork and gently sucked it into her mouth, she then slowly licked her lips and gently smiled. Mary noticed a smudge of chocolate in the corner of Ann’s mouth and desperately wanted to lean over the table and lick it off. Involuntarily her tongue darted out and licked the spot on her own mouth aching for a taste.

Once again Mary felt something brush her leg, finally realizing that it was Ann’s foot. Obviously those long legs were a distinct advantage for reaching under tables. Her foot nudged Mary’s knees apart, unfortunately her skirt restricted this movement so Ann could barely get her foot between her parted legs. Discretely Mary shifted so that her skirt bunched up higher around her thighs allowing Ann better access. Her big toe grazed the inside of her thigh and softly followed it up until she bumped into the warm junction covered in silk. Mary grew flushed as Ann’s toe gently moved against her lips. In reflex action Mary’s thighs fell open further, bumping against David’s thigh. He reached down and stroked Mary’s bare thigh drawing it further against his own unknowingly giving Ann greater access with her probing foot. David continued to hold her thigh against his and stoke the inside gently. Ann’s toe nudged aside the silk and ducked under to bury in closer to Mary’s clit and move minutely against it. Mary grew even more heated and flushed in her seat. Ann looked on knowingly yet continued to delicately eat the berries and chocolate sauce.

“Mary, are you OK? You looked flushed! I hope David is behaving himself?” Asked Adam from the other end of the table.

Mary started up in her seat, clamping her legs closed as Ann’s foot and David hand left her highs abruptly.

“Yes, thank you Adam, the meal was delicious. It must be all this good food and wine that is making me flushed!” Mary quickly responded.

“Marvelous! Glad you approve!” said Adam.

He looked around and noted that everyone had finished their desserts so suggested they all move into the lounge room for more beverages. Mary excused herself to go freshen up.

Reaching the old fashioned powder room, Mary splashed her face to cool down. She looked up from the basin to see what damage the water had done to her makeup but luckily her minimal make-up and waterproof mascara were safe. Noting a movement to her left Mary realized that she had an audience.

Ann was behind her, and remarked “Beautiful kaçak casino tattoo, it matches your skirt.”

As Mary had bent over the sink to splash her face her skirt and bodice had parted exposing the small of her back showing the black dragonfly.

Ann came right into the powder room, closed and locked the door. It was a big room with carpet and a couch in the corner. Mary was over and in Ann’s arms within two strides. First she kissed that chocolate smudge of the corner of her mouth, moaning with pleasure. Her hands roamed over the bare expanse of her back and sides, grazing the exposed sides her of breasts before slipping under the warm soft material to rub her thumbs over her nipples. Ann’s head fell back in pleasure and Mary took advantage nuzzling at her long exposed neck.

Mary lifted her head “I’ve been dying to do that all night, you vixen you, teasing me with those smoldering looks and wandering feet!”

Mary grabbed Ann’s hand and drew it down to her cunt “Just see how wet you’ve made me! And what are you going to do about it?”

Ann grabbed her hand away from Mary’s moist heat, using it to guide her over to the couch and push her down onto it while drawing up her skirt. Pushing aside the crotch of her silk undies Ann began to nuzzle, lick and nip around her wet lips, gently teasing. As Mary moaned and wriggled around, Ann grabbed hold of her hips and went in fast, hard and strong. Mary’s clit was swollen and wet and Ann’s buzzing mouth was pushing her close to the edge. Ann moved one hand down to slip a couple of fingers in Mary’s opening to pulse against her swollen cunt walls and drum against her engorged G.

Unbeknown to Mary, the inner door had opened and David had quietly walked in and briefly watched on with amazement before dropping down to the floor and diving below the folds of Ann’s black dress. So as Mary was writhing around in pleasure from Ann’s ministering touch, Ann was striving to maintain these ministrations while David began to drive her wild. His hands and mouth were hard at work, teasing her clit and plunging into her greedy cunt. Mary’s pleasure and her own were driving her into a fever pitch. She only hoped that she could maintain her concentration to bring Mary over the edge. Thankfully Ann could feel Mary’s climax coming as her cunt walls tightened around her fingers, Ann’s own began to spasm. Mary moaned with pleasure and waves ran through her body triggering a hard and fast rush through Ann. David groaned as he felt Ann’s cunt close around his hand. David quietly withdrew and went in hurried search of Adam. Ann joined Mary on the couch for a long kiss and to rest in her strong arms. Their pause together was brief as a knock was made at the door from other dinners in need!

Mary was definitely going to get Ann’s number this time to make sure she wouldn’t have to wait for Adam’s next parties so she could see this delightful vision again. Who knows she might even invite her home tonight!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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