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This is a story about Doctor J _ _ _ _ _. We’ll call her simply Doc J.

Doc J is a prominent Internist residing in southern California. She is middle aged, but strikingly attractive. She is single, not by choice, and never been married. She is definitely heterosexual and has many male friends in her profession. She always dresses more than conservatively with long sleeved blouses, ankle length full skirts and two inch heels. She is amply endowed, but only slightly overweight with a firm, but appealingly soft, abdomen. She has always been careful of her appearance and demeanor, especially around patients. Additionally, she is shy at nearly every social event except her medicine. Obviously her height means she has long legs, and they are leanly proportioned. She works long hours and is eminently successful. She is on the staff of five different hospitals. Her problem is related to both her beauty and her height. She is imposing at over six feet three inches, and men have always been reticent to approach her.

Doc J’s only real extravagances are her home and her automobile. The automobile was carefully selected and modified for her height. It is a sports car with convertible top, and includes only two seats. The driver’s seat has been moved back by remounting the seat tracks more than six inches behind their normal position. The seats are separated by a forward mounted gearshift console with recessed two container cup holders where coffee or soft drink containers can be safely stored while driving. This recession also contains a hand operated emergency brake, that when released, allows two people to effectively sit closely together and to feel that closeness.

The doctor washes and maintains the car by herself. Since she is not a surgeon, bruising her hands and knuckles are not normally a hindrance in her job. She’s purchased several owner manuals for her car and even attended evening classes for car maintenance when they did not interfere with her hospital rounds.

Her office is located on the ninth floor of a large office building. None of the medical offices in the building have a competing internist. However there are several types of business and several other doctors with offices in the building. Her office has a large reception area, five examining rooms, a private and personal office adjoining one of the examining rooms, a private restroom off the private office, one restroom for employees and another available to patients. The reception area includes a wall of lockable vertical files for medical records, even though everything is also contained and backed up on the office computer system. Her personal office includes a larger rosewood desk, several lounge chairs and a large sofa that can be turned into a bed. She occasionally uses it for short naps. She keeps several complete and similar sets of clothing in the private washroom for emergencies.

One night, as a result of severe medical problems with a particular diabetic patient, the doctor had spent the entire evening and night at one of the hospitals. She finally managed to get clear at five that morning, showered at the hospital and noticed her clothing was soiled. She kept a change of clothing in a locker at the hospital, but hadn’t thought to include a change in underclothing. She dressed in the blouse and long skirt and placed the soiled underclothes in a bag. She felt self conscious without the under garments but concluded that she would only be noticed by hospital staff as she left and headed to the office instead of home. She could pick up garments at the office. Her intention was to nap for a few hours before seeing her first patient at nine o’clock.

The doctor had a reserved parking stall located in a private, parking structure beneath the building. From this structure there was a key operated private elevator for use of occupants. Visitors used a separate set of elevators located in the first floor lobby of the building, and were required to park in a separate structure across from the building. Security was provided by private guards hired for that purpose. Most of the underground occupant parking was in a large unrestricted space. However, her personal parking was located around the corner of a building pillar, behind the elevator, and it only allowed a single parking space. She had selected it for its proximity to the elevator, and except for another space on the opposite side of the elevator, the remaining spaces required a long journey across the floor to enter the elevator.

She had noticed a strange sound, while driving from the hospital, which seemed to originate from under the dashboard on the passenger’s side of the car. The noise seemed to increase as she entered the structure and headed for the stall. She resolved that she’d better check it out personally in case she was required to call the dealer for service. She couldn’t allow herself to be without the car, even if she had to rent.

When she’d parked, she put down the convertible top, opened the driver’s side door, and then turned with her back to the halkalı escort passenger’s seat. She reclined and turned so that she could see under the glove box. Unable to see the cause of her problem, she raised and bent her right leg, placed her heel on the door frame, pushed herself further under the glove box and reached beneath it with both hands to check for anything unusual. Because of her height, her hips were still extended slightly outside the driver’s seat.

To her surprise, she heard a deep male voice say “Hi”. As she tried to put her leg down, she found the heel of her shoe caught in the rear hem of her silk skirt. When she’d slid across the seat her skirt had climbed her leg and when she raised the knee it had fallen and bunched at her hips exposing long legs and much above. She couldn’t put the leg down, it was caught securely and the silk was so strong she couldn’t tear or release it. She couldn’t step out of the shoe.

She replied that she was stuck and asked if the voice could help her. She could hear him coming closer and then stop. Then she felt the skirt being raised and she’d started to say something when she felt strong hands on her thighs. Her voice was muffled in the close space under the glove box. She’d completely forgotten the undergarments now. Her face became red with embarrassment, even though it could not be seen from above. Next, she thought she felt a breeze before realizing it was a warm breath. The stranger’s hand and arm went under her hips and raised them and the other hand went to the raised knee and forced it open further. What was he doing? She started to scream when she felt him force his face down and in between her thighs. She tried to close them, but he was too strong. Then she felt his kiss and his tongue. Her body responded contradictory her will and the knees spread wider. Her hands reached out and she was going to scratch his face. Instead she held his head and pulled it deeper between her thighs. The feeling was exquisite. She’d never felt anything like this before, but her mind could identify it. She started trembling, closed her mouth without screaming, and then let her body take over. She thrust her hips again and again, demanding more from his lips and tongue. She moaned softly and then with increased intensity. She new that to feel this good was obscene. She hadn’t experienced a climax in many months, but now she experienced a continuous rolling series of them. Each climax was more severe than the previous one. She could think of nothing else and it seemed to go on forever, and she didn’t want it to ever stop. She couldn’t concentrate, and would later believe that this was a perfect dream incident from a perfect lover. She was sweating profusely and the blood had rushed to her head when he finally paused, withdrew and released her heel from the skirt hem. Then he lowered the skirt to return her modesty.

It took minutes for her to catch her breath and regain the strength to extract herself. She’d expected him to remain, but he was gone. Now she asked herself if she’d heard his voice before. It seemed familiar. If he’d used the elevator, he’d pressed the button and returned it to the basement floor. She looked around the area for any other cars. She didn’t see the car that was discretely parked in a spot similar to her own, behind the elevator, but on the opposite side of a retaining wall.

Still trembling, she recovered the elevator key from her purse and then used it to get to her office. She showered and redressed, with her unmentionables this time, then lay down on the sofa and was instantly asleep. She was awakened when her nurse came in. The nurse always came in early to open a small outside window and let a soft breeze blow through, otherwise the office grew musty. The nurse usually paused to enjoy the view from that height. The view was of boats in a private marina at one side and of forested and undeveloped hillside to the other. It was breathtaking.

This morning she noticed that the Doctor was asleep on the sofa. As she approached to awaken her, she noticed a large smile on her sleeping face. For several days after, the Doctor was in a sweet mood and her skin seemed to glow. The nurse asked, teasingly, if the Doctor had a new boyfriend. Doc J only smiled and responded with a “Sort of …”

John was a successful, between personal commitments, businessman. He leased office space on the second floor and had nine employees. His business was quite profitable as a very capable financial advisor to very wealthy clients. He’d been wanting to expand by moving files and his networked computer system into an adjoining space. He’d talked to the building manager several times and knew the room to be empty, but had been unable to get a commitment. He intended to keep trying.

That morning he’d arrived early to complete preparation for a client scheduled to arrive at eight that morning. He wanted to order breakfast rolls, make coffee, set up the computer controlled display taksim escort and Xerox the presentation. He’d had a secretary stay late to finish the original presentation, but didn’t have the heart to keep her later than ten o’clock to make the necessary copies.

He’d pulled into his parking space and as he arrived at the elevator he’d heard a noise from around the corner. He walked over to investigate, and recognized Doctor J’s car with the driver’s side door open and feet sticking out. He was six foot one inch tall and had only met her once, but was impressed. When he’d found out she was a Doctor he called and made an appointment. At that appointment she’d ran tests and later had the nurse call and tell him he was very healthy. She didn’t even notice him, and that was over six months ago.

When he saw the skirt slide up, her knee come up and the skirt fall, he gawked. She was wearing nothing under that skirt and it was even more intoxicating than he’d imagined. He was enchanted and something pulled him closer. Then, when she started to move, he noticed that her foot was caught in the hem. It was impossible for him to concentrate on that hem. He managed to say “Hi” and when she answered he moved even closer. From that moment on, he only wanted to touch her, to explore and taste her. He wanted more, but also wanted to please her more than he wanted to otherwise please himself. He found himself with his face close to her and used his lips and lungs to form a breath and blow apart the fine hair to expose those delicate lips between her thighs. She was magnificent, but he didn’t know if she was married or engaged or committed, and couldn’t believe otherwise. Then he found himself touching her and burying his face, as he lifted her hips. She seemed to respond and then he lost track of time while pleasuring her. He’d continued the experience as long as he could, before withdrawing. He’d been at it for more than thirty minutes and her hips and thighs seemed to throb in unison with his own yearning. He quietly unhooked her heel from the skirt, listened to her breathing hard and knew she was okay. He quickly walked to the elevator, took it to his floor, stepped out and then pushed the basement destination button as the door was closing.

He went to his office, opened the door, stepped in and closed it behind him. He leaned against the door and slowly regained his own composure. His mind maintained the vision of her caught that way. He wanted her even more, now, after leaving her. He wanted to see her again, but how? He decided, finally, to wait a week and then call for an appointment and feign a health problem.

It was almost impossible to concentrate on anything else, but he finally managed to complete the task before him that morning. His presentation was not up to its usual quality, but the client didn’t seem to notice.

More than a week passed and he’d been impatient the entire time. He growled at employees and daydreamed of her. Finally, it was Friday and he managed the courage to call for an appointment. He gave the receptionist some vague symptoms and waited.

The receptionist told him that the doctor was booked solid for the next six weeks. He implied that it was very important that he consult a doctor immediately, and she’d responded that if it was an emergency he should visit an emergency care center. Then, as he was about to hang up in frustration the receptionist asked him to wait.

When she came back on the line she passed the phone to a nurse. The nurse said that the doctor was indeed booked solid, but had overheard the receptionist and just informed her that the office would be closing early today. She’d told the nurse to cancel all scheduled appointments after her ‘one thirty’ that afternoon. The doctor was leaving town to attend a forgotten meeting. However, the doctor would agree to see him at two if it was important.

He told her that it was, and the appointment was made.

At one forty five he left the office and took the elevator to the seventeenth floor. He was kept in the waiting room for almost an hour before the nurse showed him into an examining room. The nurse took his temperature and blood pressure. She had him stand on a scale and recorded his weight. She told him to remove all clothing and put on a gown as she left. He did as he was told. The gown was far too short, and the rearward opening gown provided excessive exposure. He waited for another thirty minutes before the door opened and Dr J came in carrying his records.

She was very formal and asked him to lie on his stomach on the examining table. She washed her hands and pulled on gloves. Then, she listened to his heart and breathing. She explored his neck, back and legs with her hands. She scratched his feet and watched the response. Finally, she told him to turn over. She repeated the procedure after examining his eyes, ears and throat. She felt his neck and thumped his chest before listening again to heart and breathing. She lifted each leg at the knee and used şişli escort a small rubber hammer to check his knee reflexes. She grabbed the bottom of the gown and in a single motion through it up and over his head. She started to inspect his genitals and placed a hand around the shaft. To his embarrassment it sprang to life. She used her right hand and grabbed her middle finger with the corresponding thumb and used it to snap the head of his penis. The sudden pain caused the member to instantly lose interest. She apologized for the pain and told him that it must be flaccid to allow the examination. Next she cupped the testes in one hand and explored each of them with her other hand. Finally she explored his thighs, knees and shins before leaving without speaking another word.

The doctor asked her nurse of seventeen years to stop off at the lab downstairs, retrieve some x-rays of a patient, and drop the pictures at the hospital on her way home. The nurse reminded her of the patient still in the waiting room. She seemed to finally remember him and asked the nurse to send the receptionist home and show the patient into her office. He was to keep the gown on. The nurse asked if she shouldn’t remain while the patient was still there. The doctor replied that his office was in the same building and that she had to discuss his health status. She also thanked the nurse for her concern and told her that she was certain everything would be alright.

The nurse released the receptionist and then went into the examining room. She went to a side door in the room, opened it and showed him into the doctor’s private office. The doctor was behind her desk, still in her white office coat, examining the content of a medical file. She thanked the nurse without looking up and told him to take a seat on the sofa. He sat down and noticed as he sank into it that the plush cushions caused his knees to be higher than his waist. He looked around and then at her.

She kept her head down and continued to read for another twenty minutes. Finally, she pushed the folder away and looked at him. She said that she’d just finished studying his previous lab work and that everything was quite normal. She saw no reason for additional lab work, and again asked him for symptoms.

He vaguely described a feeling of uneasiness, difficulty sleeping and concentrating with general malaise. She asked him if he’d recently experienced problems with his business, his social life or if he was feeling guilty about anything in particular. He caught his breath but managed to say no. As she was observing him, the top button of her lab coat opened and he caught a glimpse of cleavage. Instantly he was aroused.

She looked at him, and then down between his legs and asked if he responded this way with all of his doctors. He was embarrassed but replied no and tried to push it down and cover it with the edge of his gown. When he couldn’t completely cover it he placed his hands over it in his lap. She asked if he felt oversexed because that was the second time it had happened. Again he responded by saying that he didn’t know but didn’t think so.

She changed the subject and surprised him by asking if he’d seen anyone or anything strange in the underground garage recently. He said no, and she said that she was going to confide something to him. He leaned forward in a further effort to cover himself and to listen to her.

She told him that she’d been accosted by a stranger in the garage early one morning a few days earlier. When he asked if anything serious happened or if she was hurt by the stranger, she replied no but that her propriety had been thoroughly challenged. He said that he would watch out for anything unusual from now on and that maybe security should escort her to her car. She explained that she’d just arrived and hadn’t had a chance or reason to call security before then.

Again, she changed the subject. She asked him about the success of his business and then asked him if he knew who owned the building. He replied no, but said that it might be the building manager. Then she asked him if he read the lease to his offices before signing it. He said certainly. She asked if he knew the name of the person offering the lease. He said no, but that he seemed to remember it as J Incorporated. She said that was right and asked him if he hadn’t wondered about their identity. Suddenly it hit him and he asked “You?” She replied yes and proceeded to tell him that her father had left this building, seven other office buildings and additional personal property to her upon his death. Two of the buildings were more than twice this size. She said she paid an advisor to run things.

He thought he understood. She wanted him to manage the properties and advise her. When he offered, she declined, but said she was would think about it. She said that the current advisor had been very competent.

Now he felt dejected. She then told him that she knew he’d wanted to lease the adjoining area. But there were actually two adjacent areas. The first had three doors. One of these doors opened into his office space, a second open to the outer hallway and the third opened into the second adjoined area. The adjoined area also had a door to the outer hallway. Now, she said, she was ready to lease the adjoining area to him, but she had a stipulation that she would discuss later. He was grateful.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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