Dog Day

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When Stephenie McPhee clipped Hansel’s leash to his collar, the Doberman’s stubby tail began to vibrate with excitement, she often wondered what Hansel would look like with a full tail. As a tiny puppy the Breeder had ‘docked’ his tail but had not ‘spitzed’ his ears. Her brother had bought the dog about three years ago but his long suffering wife had become allergic and the poor pooch had been unceremoniously dumped on Steph’s doorstep one Sunday morning because her house had a yard big enough for the ‘black and tan’ pup to play in.

“Come on Boy, we’re going for a car ride.” She told him. “I read in the paper today the Doggy Park is having an open day, and I can get you in for free. Maybe we’ll meet a cute girl Doberman, or is that Dobergirl, to play with.”

When Hansel had been her brother’s he had been taught and trained to do the basics; like walk on a leash or sit and stay, and of course lay down. But Steph didn’t have the knack or expertise to continue the training, and Hansel had become more than a little boisterous. She knew, being a working dog, Hansel needed exercise, and they had settled into a routine early morning run, where Steph valiantly tried to run with him but most mornings he merely dragged her along, and an evening walk, where again the dog dictated pace and direction. Although uncomfortable for Steph, they definitely got exercise.

Obedient for once Hansel sprawled across the back seat or sometimes stuck his head out the half open slobber encrusted back windows. She normally had to force him to stay in the back seat. The local Doggy Park was a good ten minutes drive from her house and before today she had never thought of taking him there, mainly because of her inability to really control him. The newspaper had advertised free admission and professional supervision. She had chosen to wear a comfortable shortish white skirt that showed off her long legs and a yellow T-shirt that proudly displayed her 34D-cup breasts. The ensemble was completed with comfortable strappy low heeled white sandals. She had tied her shoulder length blond hair back in a ponytail and her green eyes were masked by white framed plastic sunglasses. Hansel’s collar was new black leather with silver spikes, she had tied a yellow bandanna that matched her shirt under his collar and his leash although not spiked was shiny black leather made by the same manufacturer as the collar; all in all they made a handsome couple.

The parking lot was relatively full, but there was no line up to the entrance thankfully as Steph was half dragged and pulled off her feet by the boisterous dog. She was met at the gate by a plump middle aged woman with dark hair who was wearing comfortable ‘mom’ jeans and a tan coloured golf-shirt with the Doggy Park’s logo embroidered over her heart. Above the logo a nametag read; ‘Sharon’. “Hi there, welcome to The Doggy Park, is this your first time?” Sharon asked.

Steph smiled and yanked Hansel’s leash back hard, bringing him unceremoniously to a halt. “Sit!” She commanded. For once Hansel obliged, and plonked himself down on his haunches; he wagged his tail proudly for his mistress. “Yes, it’s our first time, is there anything to sign?” She asked almost out of breath.

“Just the usual waivers and non-liabilities. I guess everyone covers themselves now days.” Sharon explained. “Today the entrance is free, but if you decide to join its $60.00 per month for unlimited access and we also have a weekends pass for $40.00. In my opinion the unlimited is the best deal, a lot of our members treat the Park as a club, with training sessions and get-togethers, and oh yeah, their dogs enjoy it.”

While Steph filled in the document she asked Sharon’s advice, “It asks here, what level of training does my dog have? He was trained by my brother to walk on a leash to sit and stuff, but he hasn’t really had any official or formal training, as you can see, he kinda takes me for a walk, rather than the other way around.” Hansel looked up wagging his tail.

“I’d put ‘novice’ in that block then.” Sharon advised.

Steph followed her advice and signed where she was required. Sharon scanned her supplication and smiled. “Good, you two are all set to go. The park is in three sections: Supervised, free-running and training. I’d suggest you guys take the supervised park. I’ll introduce you to Hanna.”She said standing and walking off through a gate into a large fenced off flat surfaced area dotted with trees and flowerbeds. A sign demanded that, ‘No dog is to be let off a leash unless the Supervisor had granted permission’.

Hanna turned out to be a short slim woman about Steph’s age. Her red hair was long and loose and hung almost to the waist of her short khaki skirt. She wore a similar tan golf-shirt to the Sharon with the Doggy Park logo embroidered over her left breast, with the prerequisite nametag ‘Hanna’ above it. The breasts themselves were petite, briefly Steph wondered if Hanna needed a bra. Her feet were thrust into short brown cotton socks and comfortable looking brown leather casino siteleri hiking boots. A large German shepherd lay peacefully at her feet. Hansel had no inhibitions and tugged at his leash sniffing first the Shepherd thoroughly while he lay passively. The shepherd’s ears stood up and he growled however when he tried to sniff Hanna’s crotch. Steph blushed crimson, Hanna raised her knee, Hansel backed off, puzzled.

“We need to be formally introduced before we get intimate boy.” She chided, smiling and holding out her hand to Steph, “Hi I’m Hanna, who’s this?” She asked.

Steph shook Hanna’s hand. “The nosy guy is Hansel,” She gushed. “And I’m Steph.” She added, clearly embarrassed.

Hanna looked down at her dog. “Bismarck!” she commanded. “Where are your manners?” The dog perked immediately and sat up holding out his right paw.

Steph smiled in delight and bent down shaking the dogs offered paw. He looked at her with warm brown intelligent eyes, his head canted to one side. “Hello Bismarck, I’m pleased to meet you too.” She giggled while Hansel tugged impatiently at the leash. “Wow, so well behaved, I wish Hansel behaved like you.” She said.

“He needs to be trained.” Hanna commented. “Big dogs like him need discipline or they become unruly and difficult to handle, you should sign up, I have an opening in my beginner’s class, starting next weekend.”

“What does it entail?” Steph asked.

“Oh it’s four weekends long I teach the owners as much as I do the dogs. You both benefit, and there will be a much happier dog and owner at the end. I even give out graduate diplomas.” Hanna answered. “I charge $120.00 but you can pay week by week if that’s a hardship, no contracts no bullshit. Just show up on time and be prepared to learn.” She snickered. “And the Park gets $40.00 or $60.00, depending. So its $180.00 max.”

“Sounds good to me, Hansel definitely needs discipline.” She rummaged through her purse and pulled out a pen and chequebook. “Do I need to make out two cheques?” She asked.

“Up to you, since you are the last person, tell you what, make out the cheque for $150.00 and I’ll drop my price and cover your Park fees for a monthly pass.” Hanna offered. “Now that’s a deal!” Steph said while filling out and handing over the cheque.

“Since you are here I can check out and see how far Hansel has regressed.” She looked at Hansel still jumping about and straining at his leash. “Give me the leash.” She asked before commanding her dog. “Bismarck stay!” She ordered. The dog sank down and looked up at his mistress.

Hansel saw the leash change hands and lunged trying to pull Hanna off her feet. He was brought up short when the leash snapped tight. He strained but did not fight. Hanna stepped back, and Hansel was pulled back, he looked at the person at the other end of his leash. Bismarck’s tongue lolled out and seemed to mock Hansel’s attempts to pull Hanna off her feet.

“Hansel Heel!” Hanna commanded. Hansel slunk back to behind Hanna’s right leg. She stepped forward. “Hansel forward!” She ordered. The dog followed Hanna about a step behind her feet in perfect time with Hanna’s pace. “Good boy!” She praised. “You are a little rusty but I think we need to train your mistress, eh?” she looked at Hansel who followed her seemingly understanding every word she said.

“That’s amazing” Steph said almost clapping her hands.

“Oh he knows the rudiments, don’t you boy?” Hanna chuckled and patted his head. “Now you try, she handed Steph the leash. Immediately Hansel lunged.

Steph was pulled forward as her powerful dog leaped forward.

“Dig your heels in Steph, and tell him to heel.” Hanna advised hurriedly.

“Hansel heel!” Steph yelled tugging back harshly. Hansel stopped and looked back at his mistress clearly confused.

“Tell him again.” Hanna instructed.

“Hansel heel!” Steph commanded. Her dog looked up at her and shifted back to a position behind her right leg.

“Now praise him.” Hanna advised.

“Good boy Hansel.” Steph praised.

After that the day at the Doggy Park just got better and better. Steph seemed to monopolise Hanna’s attention, who didn’t seem to mind at all. Bismarck shadowed his mistress never needing a command. Hansel seemed happy to oblige and behaved himself with aplomb. The other dogs and owners that used the park seemed to almost disappear. People took Hanna from Steph’s side from time to time. A fight between a Terrier and Jack Russell seemed to be the only aggravation of the day and the chastened owners and dogs were separated with a judicious arm, tact and a disarming smile. The hours sped by and by the time a horn sounded signalling that the Park was closing Hanna and Steph were good friends, and had discussed just about every subject new friend’s cover. Both girls seemed a little sad that the afternoon had sped past so quickly. They traded phone numbers and Steph confirmed she and Hansel would meet Hanna before the classes started.

Hansel behaved himself all the way home and was still canlı casino doing his best imitation of a perfect dog after Steph had fed him and had just finished eating herself. The phone rang. “Hi Steph I was just wondering how Hansel was?” Hanna asked.

“He seems fine, thank you so much for the free lesson. We had a great time.” Steph replied pleased to hear her new friend’s voice.

“Oh Bismarck and I had a great time too, in fact, Bismarck was asking if Hansel can come over and play?” Bismark had not shown the least amount of interest in getting acquainted with Hansel. He had shadowed his mistress with slave like devotion the entire afternoon. Which had left Steph incredibly envious.

“When?” Steph asked.

“When’s it convenient?” Hanna asked.

“I do have Wednesday off, I was going grocery shopping but it’s not like we’ll starve if I bring Hansel over.” Steph answered.

“My address is 256 Alderman Crescent its off Shaw. Do you know it?” Hanna asked.

“I’m sure I can find it. You are near the library, aren’t you?” Steph replied.

“Yeah, the library is about a block from me.” Steph could visualise her friend smiling.

“Cool so we’ll see you on Wednesday.” Steph agreed. “Should Hansel bring anything?”

“Nah we’ll let them do their doggy thing.” Again Steph could visualise her friend smiling.

Tuesday seemed to go on forever. Hansel seemed to be more boisterous than normal and the evening walk left Steph sore.

Wednesday was one of those bleak April days, blustery with a leftover winter chill in the air. Dressed with extra care, she kept it simple but elegant in a pair of designer denims and Irish linen top, expensive Jimmy Choo’s snakeskin half-boots completed the outfit. She had brushed and re-brushed her hair till it shone. She bundled Hansel wearing a white linen bandanna under his collar in the back and drove to her new friend’s house with growing excitement.

Hanna and Bismarck met them at the front door. She too had taken great pains with her appearance she wore a short green skirt and matching top, which matched her eyes. Her hair was held back with silver combs and she wore a matching silver necklace and earrings. “You guys come on in; Bizzy has been waiting since our call.” The dog was in fact semi-comatose at his mistress’s feet, his normally bright eyes looked closed and he actually yawned. Hansel, of course went off sniffing at the doorframe and everything within sniffer range, including sticking his muzzle up Hanna’s skirt.

Steph blushed and yanked his leash, “Heel!” She directed. Hansel partially responded and withdrew his muzzle. “Bad boy!” she scolded.

“It’s ok, he just smells Bizzy.” Hanna replied offhand. “Let’s let the boys out in the back yard to fraternise and I have some coffee brewing, how do you take yours?” Hanna queried.

“With cream and sugar, but if its milk and sweetener, its fine.” Steph answered and was handed a mug of delicious smelling coffee.

She stood at the kitchen window and watched her dog. He was running around in circles and sniffing the bushes. Bismarck was seemed to enjoy having a playmate and was barking and running in circles too, the dogs were just being dogs, and whatever came naturally to them.

Hanna stood beside her and sipped her coffee, her arm brushed up against Steph’s. “Tell me about you?” She suggested.

Steph felt so apprehensive and she needed to pee. She drew in a breath. “I don’t have a current boyfriend, or a girlfriend, I think I’m bi but my best and most satisfying relationships have been with girls, being a nurse I get a lot of needy guys for some reason. I guess it’s made me a little wary of them, guys I mean.” It came out in a rush.

Steph drew breath there was an awkward silence before she spoke again, this time, slowly. “The girl I was seeing got promoted to detective and transferred, we talk on the phone and stuff, she used to drive down for a weekend occasionally but it’s been months since I last saw her.”

Steph gazed out the window at the same spot Hanna seemed to be focussing on. “The doctor I work for is a dish, but there’s no inter-office romance, he’s happily married to his wife, his practice and his golf clubs. Not in that particular order either. What about you?”

“I own four Doggy Parks here in the city and I’m franchising. I don’t have a ‘significant other’ and she would be female. I had boyfriends when I was younger but now I’m girls only girl. My ex- is in advertising and it doesn’t suite her image to be in a relationship with another girl. It wasn’t a nice break-up. I’ve been alone for the last year. When I met you, my heart flipped. All I knew is that I needed to get close to you. I had no idea if you were interested.” She turned to look at Steph, looking into her green eyes, and put her arms on Steph’s hips, drawing her closer. Steph moved closer they stood facing each other their hips touching.

Steph could feel Hanna’s warmth and the subtle fragrance of her scent and deodorant. There, was something else, earthier, kaçak casino musky and extremely intoxicating. She placed her hands over Hanna’s. She stood breathing and feeling Hanna, her legs trembled, and she stumbled. Hanna’s arms shot out steadying Steph. Steph gripped Hanna’s hand and held it, their bodies drew closer together, neither women spoke, words weren’t necessary.

Hanna folded her arms around Steph’s waist, their lips touched. The kiss was soft, warm and just the beginning. Their hips met and their embrace became more intense, their tongues danced and they moaned in each other’s mouths, their eyes tightly shut. To a casual observer they seemed to be dancing.

It wasn’t long before the dance moved from the kitchen to Hanna’s bedroom, their lips never parting. Hanna lay on top of Steph, who lay back passively as Hanna took the lead and began fumbling with Steph’s blouse, tugging it up and over her head. Next her hands slid behind her back and she fiddled with the bra clip, she finally slipped the clips free and lifted the loosened bra up around Steph’s neck. Her mouth slid from Steph’s lips and latched onto a stiffening nipple, she suckled noisily. Steph arched her back and with a free hand untangled herself from her bra. Hanna’s warm lips and tongue brought waves of sensual pleasure, her nipples stood out like organ stops.

Steph slid her hands between them and pulled Hanna’s top off, her breasts were tiny but exquisite. Exotic nipples seemingly too large for her breast size poked out proudly, and Steph’s original thoughts were right, Hanna was one of those girls lucky enough not to need a bra. Her fingers touched and petted Hanna’s nipples while Hanna continued to suckle her.

As the petting intensified, both girls pulled off their remaining clothing, Steph used her toes to prize off her boots and then thumbed down her jeans and panties together while Hanna unbuttoned her short green skirt and pulled it free. She hadn’t worn any underwear beneath the skirt and her pubic region was completely shaven and soft and smooth as a newborn babies.

Now that both girls were naked their movements became more urgent. Hanna released Steph’s nipple with a soft ‘plop’, she moved down to Steph’s superheated pussy. Her lips touched Steph’s vaginal lips with a soft almost virginal chaste kiss. Her lips brushed against Steph’s outer lips and trimmed pubic hair. Steph was so ready she had no control, she arched her back and her hands dug into Hanna’s thick red hair. She gasped as Hanna’s tongue pressed into her liquid filled folds. Hanna’s nose instinctively found Steph’s proud little clit, and she began to press her nose against her clit, effectively squishing it against her cervix. A warm tongue speared her vaginal lips and penetrated her core, driving her wild. She arched and pressed herself unashamedly against Hanna’s face. Hanna kept pace with Steph’s wild movements; she began to shake her head faster and faster, driving Steph wild.

Steph bucked and gasped, throwing her head back wildly and squealing as an electrical tickle which had begun in her belly threatened to explode. Her orgasm began with quick little jerks along her inner thighs which grew in intensity until she exploded and she rode Hanna’s face, straining until the last wave of pure pleasure rocked her, leaving her breathless, listening to her heart beating in time to every delicious twitch of her pussy.

Hanna moved up and over Steph’s thighs, she flopped down beside her. She smiled happily. “I wanted to do that from the moment I met you Sunday. Gods’ girl! You ‘re so sexy.” She giggled. “And you taste good too.”

Steph giggled in reply. “So you had this all planned eh?” She kissed Hanna’s neck. A soft loving kiss, tasting her skin.

“Hell no! I wasn’t even sure you’d come. I knew nothing about you, boyfriends or girlfriends, what relationships you are in. Frankly what happened is pure chemistry, unplanned but gods’ woman it was good, I love the way you taste and smell.” Hanna lay back on her pillow beside Steph, looking up at the ceiling. Her bedroom had the pungent odour of pussy. She breathed deep.

Steph stroked Hanna’s shoulder. Hanna’s hair was the colour of a bright new shiny penny; it was long and thick, and smelled of coconuts. From that moment on the smell of coconuts instantly brought Hanna to mind. Steph’s fingers strayed to Hanna’s breasts as she lay next to her. When Hanna lay on her back her chest was as flat as a boy’s but her nipples were anything but boyish they were at least two inches in diameter and wonderfully pink. As Steph’s fingertips traced the areola of Hanna’s left breast, it instantly burgeoned into a hot rubbery nubbin. Hanna drew in a breath as Steph got up on an elbow and leaned over, taking the wanton bud into her mouth. Her tongue probed the sensitive nipple, feeling it contract and become rubbery, Steph coated it with her saliva making it super slippery, and she sucked noisily, bringing a groan from Hanna.

Steph’s free hand moved down over Hanna’s belly to the junction of her thighs. Her fingers closed over Hanna’s shaven pussy. “Fibber!” She accused playfully. “You had this planned, you weren’t wearing any undies and this is freshly shaved.”Steph added, as she squeezed Hanna mischievously.

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