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It was bowling night for Jeff Tailor and his friends from the football team, and the crew was making the most of their first week of freedom as high school graduates. There was so much whooping and high-fiving going on that Jeff didn’t notice the girl in the lane beside him until they were halfway through the first game. It was Melody Spincer, his next door neighbor and long-time nemesis. They caught eyes before he could look away and both gave the usual mutual sneer of disrespect.

Jeff and Melody had grown up together, their houses right across the street. They had been best friends from the early years to the early teen years, playing together from dawn to dusk most every chance they got. They were both good athletes and shared a competitive spirit, which sometimes lead to knock down drag out fights, though they were always friends again within a few days.

As they became teenagers they began to drift apart, and by the time they were in high school they had become like night and day. Jeff hit a growth spurt and was 6’4 and over 200 pounds by his freshman year, and became a big time football player. He liked to fish and hunt and was a man’s man. Melody was a 5’8, 120 pound spitfire, a top notch gymnast and environmental activist. During the high school years it seemed liked they were constantly on opposing sides of everything, so they were in constant confrontation mode. In fact, everybody in school was well aware of the ongoing, they called it the Tail-Spin feud. Now that they were both 18 and graduated from high school, they had little chance for future interaction.

As fate would have it, they both ended up in position to bowl right beside each other at the same time. They couldn’t help but acknowledge each other.

“Hello Melody,” he mumbled.

“Hello Jeff,” she answered.

They both started forward at the same time and then stopped. Jeff stepped back and gave a gentlemanly sweep of the hand.

“Ladies first,” he said with a grim smile.

Melody nodded politely and set up to bowl again. Just as she was getting ready for the first step forward she stopped and got a mischievous look on her face. She looked sideways at Jeff.

“Best ball wins a turtle ride,” she challenged.

Jeff looked blankly at her for a second, and then gradually an image formed in his head and a smile came slowly to his face. A turtle ride was something they used to do when they were kids – the rider would get on the other one’s back to carry them across the creek. Jeff was smiling at both the memory and the ridiculous image of Melody carrying him on her back.

“You’re on,” he grinned.

Melody lined up and rolled her ball smoothly down the lane like a pro, curving it in from the side. Though the ball was in perfect position, somehow one pin remained standing. Still, when she walked back she looked pretty confident.

“Nine pins,” she said. “I’ve been watching you bowl, you’d be lucky to get five.”

Jeff feigned seriousness. “But that was before I knew the stakes,” he said. “A turtle ride is no laughing matter.”

He stumbled down the lane with all the finesse of a blind rhino, let the ball loose too late and sent it crashing down in the middle of the lane. In an act of random stupid luck, the ball somehow found a way to take out all ten pins, making Jeff the winner.

He was grinning from ear to ear as he sauntered back towards Melody, who stood with her hands on her hips and her mouth hanging wide open.

“It’s all in the wrist,” he said smugly. He pointed to her shirt and added, “too bad you only eat vegetables, with a little more protein you may have gotten that last pin down.”

Melody looked down at the shirt she was wearing and blushed. Vegetarians Do It Better, it read. She had been a dedicated vegetarian since she turned 15. She felt her blood boil as she recalled a rather spirited debate she had with Jeff over the subject in debate class. Melody had argued that vegetarians were better for the environment, while Jeff argued that meat eating was necessary for human survival.

A few frames later they both ended up beside each other ready to bowl again. Jeff was looking the other way to hide a smug grin, but as he was standing there he felt a determined tap on his shoulder. He turned to see Melody looking at him sweetly.

“How ’bout double or nothing?” she asked.

Jeff had another flashback to youth. Back when they were kids, Jeff and Melody had a standing agreement on bets that allowed the loser to request double or nothing. If the loser lost the new bet, they would have to pay double, but if they won, they owed nothing.

“I’ll take that bet,” he said. “But I get to set the stakes.”

“Fine,” she answered.

Jeff thought for a moment before answering. “Okay, if I win this, you have to wear my favorite shirt around for a day.”

“What does your favorite shirt say?” she asked.

“Meat lovers have more fun,” he grinned.

Melody grimaced. “Whatever, there is no way I’m losing again.”

Unfortunately, the pressure got the better bursa escort of her and she threw a weak ball that only knocked down seven pins. Jeff stepped up with nothing to lose and threw a horrible looking ball that somehow managed to knock down eight pins, leaving the two in opposite corners. Melody had lost again, but she was already planning ahead.

“Double or nothing you can’t finish that spare,” she challenged.

“Hmm, the seven-ten split is practically impossible, so the stakes will have to be high,” he said. “I’ll tell you what, if I win, you have to change into my shirt in front of me.”

Without thinking of the implications of that, Melody just shrugged. “Go for it, you’re never going to make that shot.”

She knew it was a safe bet. He also knew he didn’t have a chance, he expected to lose. But they were both wrong. Somehow Jeff’s ball caught the seven pin at just the right angle to send it sliding over to nick the ten pin. They both watched the ten pin slowly teeter back and forth and then fall down. Jeff’s pals and everyone who saw it roared with approval—and they didn’t even know about the bet he’d won.

Melody turned three shades of red as she realized what she’d done.

“Let’s see,” said Jeff. “A turtle ride, you have to wear my shirt for a day, and I get to see you topless…I’m not such a lousy bowler after all.”

Melody seethed all the way back to her chair. It was several frames before she recovered enough to think straight. Jeff was trying not to be smug, but everytime he looked at her he couldn’t help laughing. He had finished bowling and was packing up to leave when Melody walked up and stuck a little finger into his chest.

“Ping pong,” she said. Tomorrow noon. My house.” Then she stomped off.

Jeff’s friends, who knew they didn’t get along, asked what that was all about, but Jeff didn’t even hear them. He was remembering another childhood rule they had—no matter what the bet was, the loser could bail out of it by winning at Ping Pong. He couldn’t help smiling thinking about some of the epic games that had taken place in her playroom. Most, he remembered, she had won.

The next day at noon Jeff showed up at the appointed time at Melody’s house. Melody answered the door herself, and Jeff immediately recognized an early strategy — distraction. She was wearing short silky shorts and a cutoff shirt that showed off her toned abs, and she smelled deliciously of a light fresh perfume. Her summer tan looked awesome, and she smiled sweetly at him.

“How very nice to see you Jeffrey,” she said, using the name he hadn’t heard in 10 years. “I’m looking forward to playing some ping pong.” She turned and led the way in, giving Jeff an eyeful of eye candy.

He had not been in Melody’s house in many years, but he remembered the way to the game room, so he could watch her instead of watching where he was going. As Jeff watched her walking in front of him it struck him that he had never really noticed what a hot little body she had. Usually when he looked at her he was too irritated to notice.

“Wow, I remember this place being a lot bigger,” Jeff said as they walked into the playroom.

“Would you like a cold one?” Melody asked, pointing to a bucket filled with ice and beer.

“Ah… are your folks home?” Jeff asked nervously.

“Out of town for two weeks,” she said. “Please have one.”

“That’s ok,” Jeff winked. “I want to be at my best for this.”

“Okay then, let’s play,” Melody said, tossing him a paddle.

“Wait, first we have to establish what the stakes are, you have to double up,” Jeff said. “Last time I checked, you owe me a turtle ride, you have to wear my shirt for a day, and you.. uh, you have to take your shirt off in front of me.”

“Hmm, so I would have to really raise the stakes from there wouldn’t I,” Melody said. She walked over to him and stood right in front of him. “I’ll tell you what, double or nothing, if you win you get to see me … completely naked.”

Jeff felt the blood leave his head as he heard the words. He stood in stunned, cold sweat silence as Melody turned and walked slowly away from him. “Maybe I will have that beer,” he said.

Melody smiled. Her plan was working perfectly.

So perfectly, in fact, that she was ahead 7 – 1 by the time Jeff had finished his second beer and realized they were playing. She was wearing him out—not from the ping pong, but from sauntering around the table, bending over, even blowing on the balls before serving. He was putty in her hands. All he could think about was her being naked, and that wasn’t helping his game.

He did make up a little ground, but she was up 15-9 when there was a dramatic, long point. She was sending him running back and forth and finally hit a huge slam, which he somehow managed to dive and hit, sending a long, high shot, that by some miracle came down and glanced off the very corner of the table.

From that point on, she froze up, and he could do no wrong. When the final point ended with him winning 21-19, she hurled her bursa escort bayan paddle across the room and screamed. So much for the sex kitten ploy.

Jeff could hardly believe he won, he had fully expected to lose. He stood with a stupid grin and watched her jumping around in a fury, and couldn’t help noticing how sexy she looked. He decided to be a gentleman about it.

“Melody, you don’t have to pay off that bet, it was just a joke,” he said.

She looked at him with eyes or irrational fury. “No way,” she hollered, coming over to stand right in front of him again. “We are going double or nothing again.”

Jeff was starting to feel a little uncomfortable. He felt bad about winning the bet, but he was also becoming very aroused by this angry little vixen standing in front of him, especially when he envisioned her getting naked for him. So aroused that his gym shorts began to show it, and for a second he thought she noticed. Her head was about chest high on him when they were both standing.

She reached up to put a finger into his chest. “Double or nothing, here’s the bet,” she said. “If you go 100% vegetarian for one week, don’t eat any meat, then I’ll let you…”

Her voice trailed off in a mixture of anger and confusion as she looked for the right words. Then she looked down at the bulge in his shorts.

“I’ll let you put it anywhere,” she said.

“It?” Jeff said.

Melody looked down again, so there would be no doubt. “It,” she answered.

“Anywhere?” Jeff asked.

“Anywhere,” she answered.

A few hours later, Jeff was still sitting on the curb in front of his house, looking toward Melody’s house. His shock came on multiple levels. He had been offered the chance to screw the neighbor that he had hated for many years, any way he saw fit. But he had to go without meat for a week. He had no sooner started the clock on the deal before his mind became dominated by two thoughts. One thought had him pounding Melody with a merciless grudge fuck. The other thought was sitting in front of a dripping cheeseburger.

Over the course of the next week, his mind was preoccupied with variations of those two thoughts. One night he even dreamed about screwing her while eating a chicken biscuit.

Melody didn’t make it any easier for him. One night she sent over a pepperoni pizza. Another night she had a bunch of friends over and cooked hot dogs on the grill—in the front yard. She even followed him to a restaurant, hoping to catch him cheating, and she paid the waitress $20 to bring him a juicy ribeye instead of the salad he had ordered.

But Jeff was resolute, and stayed the course for a full week. In fact, he was rather surprised at how much better he felt going vegetarian, he had expected it would make him weak and tired.

So exactly one week after making the fateful double or nothing bet, at 5 pm on a rainy summer day, the doorbell rang on Melody’s house, and there stood Jeff, looking like a kid on Christmas morning, albeit without turkey for dinner.

Melody answered the door in a silky short robe, and Jeff was impressed that she hadn’t tried to uglify herself in an effort to get him to opt out of the bet. She looked very cute, though she had a somewhat ill, resigned look on her face.

“I have not eaten meat for a week,” he said.

“Let’s just get this over with,” she said, turning to walk into the house.

She led him upstairs to her room, which looked only vaguely familiar to him. She stopped in the middle of the room and turned to face him.

“Okay, well, I guess…” she started. “Where do you want to put it?”

Jeff was nervous and uncomfortable, but he couldn’t help chuckling. “You sure know how to sweet talk a guy,” he smiled.

He took a deep breath. “Look Melody, you’ve proved your point, I know you are good for paying off the bet, but I’m not going to ask you to do this, it was all in fun.”

She interrupted him almost before he was finished. “No way Jeff, I honor my bets,” she stammered, fire in her eyes.

Damn, she was still as stubborn and hard-headed as she was ten years ago, he thought. “I don’t want you to do something you don’t want to do,” he said.

“I don’t want to do it, I have to do it,” she glared. “Now take off your clothes.”

It wasn’t a request, and Jeff suddenly decided he didn’t have a choice. He stripped down to his boxers and stood in front of her.

Melody may have been angry about losing the bet, but seeing Jeff in front of her in his boxers practically took her breath away. He was tall, tan and perfectly toned and muscular. She couldn’t help but let her eyes move up and down, slowly taking him in. At some point during the past week, as it had become apparent that she was going to lose, she had decided she might as well go ahead and enjoy it. She was already enjoying just looking at him.

After a few moments of standing in silence, she reached in front of her and loosened the tie on her robe, moved it slowly open, and then shrugged it off her shoulders, letting it slide escort bursa away to the floor. She stood in front of him, completely nude.

Jeff was totally stunned. He was stunned first by the sudden realization that this was really happening, and secondly by the awareness that Melody had an absolutely amazing body. Her breasts were fabulous, bigger than he expected and beautifully shaped. Her tone stomach led down to athletic hips and legs. Her whole body was completely perfect. His eyes moved slowly over every inch of her. The erotic moment was multiplied by the fact that he knew that the fabulous little body in front of him was at his full beck and call.

“Well?” her voice broke the long silence.

“Melody, you are absolutely stunning,” he stammered, after closing his gaping mouth.

“I know that,” she said. “I mean, where do you want….to put…it?”

Jeff was still too stunned to say anything, as his mind ran through all the different options available to him.

After a few moments of mouth gaping, Melody walked over to him smiling. “It looks like I’m going to need to help you out,” she said.

She slipped her fingers inside his boxers and pulled them down for him. Halfway down, she caught a full glimpse of Jeff’s fully erect package and she gasped.

Melody had not seen a lot of cocks in her lifetime. A few live, quite a few of all sizes on the internet. But she was not prepared for this.

Jeff was big. Even for a 6’4, 250 pound man, his cock was bigger than her wildest imagination. She felt her knees go weak, and she knelt down in front of him and looked with awe upon him. Her eyes glazed over, and as her eyes traced over his nude body, she became fully aware of the fact that the perfect male specimen was standing naked in her room. And he had a very big, very nice cock, and she couldn’t take her eyes off of it.

Jeff broke the silence. “I think I’d like to put it in your hand,” he said.

It took Melody a few seconds to snap out of her trance and obey his simple command. Still on her knees, she reached forward with her little hand. Her mouth hung open and her eyes were huge as her thin, delicate fingers came into contact with the rock hard monster. Her touch caused his cock to twitch, which made her jump and then giggle. Mesmerized, she reached out again, and she took him into her hand, maintaining a light grip as she moved her hand up to the top of the shaft, and then all the way back down to the base.

Watching her little hand lightly stroking him, Jeff had completely forgotten to breathe. The lightness of her touch was almost ticklish, and he fought the urge to twitch again.

Melody could feel him throbbing, and she gradually increased the pressure on her grip each time she moved her hand up and down the shaft. He may have won the bet, but she was currently in full control. She slid forward a bit, moving her face to within a few inches of him, and put her other hand on his cock, and then both hands were working up and down, and when she looked up at him he moaned his satisfaction.

Being a horny young teen he knew he wouldn’t last long, and when she quickened her pace jerking him off he could feel his orgasm coming. He tried to warn her with a groan, but it was too late.

He exploded, shooting off into the air, into her hands, all over her. He was too caught up in the moment to control it at all, he nearly passed out and was unable to see for a few seconds. When he gained some control of his faculties and looked down, there was Melody on her knees in front of him, her hands, her chest, part of her face covered. Her mouth was open and she looked like she was both stunned and furious.

“Melody, I’m sorry, I lost control,” he stammered, waiting for the inevitable tirade.

She looked up at him for a few seconds, and then the furious angry look melted into an almost satisfied grin. “That’s ok,” she said. “It happens.”

To his stunned surprise, Melody then rubbed the fluid from her hands over her chest, and then reclined back in front of him. Completely caught up in the moment, she put on a sexy show, rubbing his cum all over her torso, and even making a show of licking it off her fingers.

Now it was Jeff’s turn to be mesmerized. His former arch nemesis, suddenly turned into a sexual vixen, laying in front of him covering herself in his cum. He pinched himself to make sure it wasn’t a dream.

“I’m kinda enjoying this whole sexual slave thing,” Melody said softly. “Tell me where you want to put it next.”

As she said it, she put a finger in her mouth and let it slide out very, very slowly, her eyes on him the whole time. Jeff gasped, and realized quickly that he had already become aroused again. It didn’t take him long to answer. “I want it in your mouth,” he said.

Some kind of switch had gone off in Melody, and she had gone from hating Jeff’s guts to being incredibly aroused at being his pleasure toy. She rose to her knees again and brought her little mouth down onto his cock. Despite her best effort, she could only take about half of him in, but what she lacked in depth she made up for in enthusiasm. Jeff was stunned and shocked watching how hungrily she sucked on him, moaning and cooing as she licked his head and then plunged him deep into her mouth.

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