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I looked at my watch after I pulled into the parking spot, 10 to 2:00, right on time. Although I wasn’t at all looking forward to this Doctor appointment, I was always on time. First time with a new gyno, which they were never fun anyway, but this was a new Dr. since my lifetime one had moved out of town. He highly recommended Dr. Hughes though, so I just went with it.

I went into the office and let the receptionist know I was there. I sat and waited until they called my name. “Renatta Lewis” Let’s just get this over with I thought. I went in and got on the scale. 140. Shit, 5 more pounds since last year. Who gives a shit, I still looked good. At 30 I am 5’6″, have a full ass, small waist, and nice tits, 34 D. They go good with my long auburn hair and baby blue eyes. I have no complaints on my looks.

I went in the room where I was handed the paper gown meant to cover a small child and was told to strip and sit on the table. After a few minutes in came Dr. Hughes. Holy Shit. Was this guy even out of med school? And fuck, is he hot. I started to feel a heat in my crotch right away. He asked the regular questions and told me to call him Dr. Jack. He told me that they usually have a nurse in the office during these types of exams, but they were short staffed today. If it bothered me, we could reschedule when someone else could be present, otherwise we could just get it done. Well I was already naked in the room with this man, might as well go on.

He told me to lay back and we would get started. First is the breast exam. I started to think that he was anticipating being able to touch my large breasts. They are super sensitive, and the nipples were already hard just thinking about this hot doctor zeytinburnu escort touching them. He started rubbing, the deep massage, all the while explaining how self breast exams were important, especially with breasts such as mine, large and firm. He worked his way all around the huge globes, at first not touching the nipples at all which were pointing straight up at him. Then he started brushing the nipples with his finger tips, saying he had to watch for a change in reaction in response to different touches. He began squeezing the tips of my nipples. I couldn’t even look at him, I was getting very turned on. God I wanted him to start sucking on them. The more I thought about it the hotter my pussy was getting. What the fuck was I going to do when he got down there and there was a fucking puddle waiting for him??? There wasn’t much I could do… he kept squeezing and pinching my nipples until I thought I might cum from that alone. I started squeezing my pussy muscles, giving myself that hot feeling, when he stopped.

Dr. Jack walked around to the end of the table and sat on his chair. He wheeled over in between my legs placing his hands on my knees and slowly separating them, deliberately ran his hands up my thighs as he did. He then grabbed a foot and placed it in the stirrup on his left, grabbed my other foot and placed it in the stirrup on his right. I could smell the juices between my legs already and I knew not only could he, but he could probably see them too! He then stood up and said “Renatta, I need to slide you all the way down to the end of the table”. I only said “of course”. I still couldn’t look at him. I was afraid if I did, I would end up begging aksaray escort him to fuck me right then and there. My pussy was on fire and I could feel the wetness! He placed two hands under my ass, lifted it up and pulled me down, all the way to the edge of the table. In fact I could swear that part of my ass was hanging off, but there is no way I was going to say anything or even try to move. He sat back down and started his exam. He did the usual swab and pap. Then said he had to check for changes from my chart. Since this was his first time seeing me the exam would be quite extensive.

I closed my eyes, partly because I was embarrassed to be getting off on a medical exam, and honestly partly to kind of enjoy this. I felt two fingers separate my pussy lips. His other hand began a tour, feeling all around my crotch. Up one pussy lip, above my clit, and down the other pussy lip. He then ran his finger in circles around the opening to my cunt. I could feel my pussy reacting to his touch, feel the juices dripping down onto my ass. He was slowly massaging the entrance. Easily slipping his fingers in and rubbing them in circles. He then ran his finger up the center of my pussy until he hit my clit. Still holding my lips open he started circling my clit with his finger. At least I thought it was his finger. It wasn’t until I felt two fingers enter my cunt, that I started to think about it. He can’t have two fingers separating my pussy lips, one circling my clit, and the two fingers entering my pussy at the angle they were. I thought, that has to be his tongue on my clit. I still wouldn’t look, but I just knew it. Then he started softly sucking on that hot wet clit. I looked down ataköy escort and saw the top of his head buried in my crotch and I lost it, I grabbed his head, pushed it into my cunt and started rotating my hips around, smearing my juices all over his face. That’s it, I was cuming, God was I cuming. After the spasms in my pussy started to die down I grabbed his head with both hands and pulled him up.

Dr. Jack needed no further encouragement. He pulled the string on his scrubs and pulled them down. His rock hard cock stood straight out, it was beautiful. About 7 inches and thick, just like I love them. He pressed it up against the opening to my cunt and began to tease it. Pressing against it, but not going in. I was aching for it. I finally looked him in the eyes and told him “time to finish your exam, Dr. Jack” He thrust his hips forward, burring his cock into me. I LOVE that first thrust, just like that, nice and hard. I reached forward and grabbed his ass, pulling him into me. “Harder, Dr. Jack, fuck that pussy harder” he then grabbed my feet, lifted them up out of the stirrups, and placed the on his shoulders. He grabbed my hips lifted my ass slightly and began thrusting his hard cock deep into me. Soon I was rocking my pussy against him, I had never felt this angle before and he was hitting my G-spot just right. Fuck, I was going to cum again. I was gripping the sides of the table and squeezing my pussy as hard as I could. That was it for him, he started shooting his hot cum deep into me. I could feel it and that’s when the spasms started, I was fucking cuming so hard all over his fucking rock hard cock.

When he was done, he pulled his cock soaked with our cum out of my pussy. Began wiping it off with paper towels, then started wiping up my pussy, just like he was finishing an actual exam. He looked at me and said Ms. Lewis, I think everything appears to be normal, but I might suggest a follow up visit to make sure. Maybe next week? I smiled and said I think I can fit it in Thursday at 2.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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