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Episode Two: Carmen’s Candle Power Electra-fies Kimmy

DISCLAIMER: The following story is a work of fiction. It features a public person as a character, but strictly in a fictional setting that in no way implies the private interests or personal behavior of the public person in fact parallels the scenes depicted below. This article has not been approved by or presented to the public person for endorsement or comment. Any similarity between the actual acquaintances and actions of the public person portrayed here, and the content of this story, is strictly coincidental.

* * * * *


Kimmy doesn’t remember her dreams. Sometimes she wakes up in the night, skin damp and clammy, her body flushed, and for a moment there’s a ghost of recall but it doesn’t last as long as it takes to press long slender fingers to her groin. The moist memory of something is still fresh, there, although the sleep images which made her so are gone.

Despite great beauty, Kimmy rarely sleeps with anyone. Her usual bedtime companion is a tattered, battered teddy bear who attended her every girlhood every tea party. So her night visitations can’t be clutched at when she wakes from a tossing rest, told to another before the ghost in her brain vanishes. To know what dances among the neurons when Kimmy sleeps, we must steal into her ear, make our way finally along the nerves and set exploring to find that region where her mind lives as her conscious body rests.

And yes, there is a party tonight in Kimmy’s brain.

Perhaps we should dress for the occasion first, with a little more knowledge of the woman whose very secret self we will invade. Kimmy is young, just a little older than the law requires to serve her a drink she would only sip from politeness. She was raised well, uses good table manners and doesn’t care to see feelings hurt, is kind to animals, watches her small budget and yearns to do something important in her life. Most families would be very proud indeed to welcome as a son’s bride this petite, slender blonde with the swan’s neck, defined jaw line and straight nose.

Perhaps. There’s another side to Kimmy that proves the old adage, “You gotta watch the quiet ones.”

She is a bisexual woman with an unquenchable sex drive. Her closet is filled with slutty clothes and rows of very high-heeled shoes. At the private strip club where she is the only dancer, she sometimes fucks the customers … on stage, on a table, or in the parking lot – and sometimes in groups of 20 to 40 at a time. Often she goes to work dripping cum, stoppered in her ass with a butt plug, gathered in a noonday cruise for cock among the businessmen’s bars in town. And when she’s not working, Kimmy’s at home with a huge assortment of toys she uses while chatting about sex on the Internet – or for fucking with one of her several bisexual girlfriends. Sometimes she has them tie her up and dominate the tiny girl with the very full, silicon-enhanced bosom.

Kimmy’s appetites are not the norm, perhaps, but she shares a habit with many people. She sees someone attractive, perhaps someone interesting in personal manners or even spiritual ways more than physically, and develops a crush on that stranger. And she’s shy about it, even as many of us are. But where the average young woman with a harmless crush on a handsome stranger might contrive ways to peek from the sides of her eyes at her new attraction, Kimmy wonders how she could ask him to fuck her senseless. Or how to get that foxy woman, rather than a hot guy, in bed. Kimmy is an equal opportunity lay.

Also, like many others, Kimmy is a bit star-struck. She has an open heart as well as open legs, so for her a crush on a famous actor, beautiful model, or popular singer is a brief imaginary love affair of great intensity. In fact, her response is a flood of fluids down her thighs. She often daydreams about being a star-fucker. She doesn’t remember them, but her night dreams are often filled with celebrity sex. And we, the dream invaders, are going to join her.

When we are wandering around Kimmy’s dreams, it might be best if we wear stainproof raincoats with hoods.

* * * * *

Hot weather makes Kimmy restless in her sleep, and she usually doesn’t even bother getting under the covers or top sheet when the evenings are especially warm casino oyna and muggy. Tonight it is worse than usual, so she has put on a favorite piece of music by the singer Carmen Electra and disdained the normal bed wear of a long T-shirt and thong.

Trying to find a way of lying on the big bed, Kimmy turns on her side, scissors her legs under a little cooling breeze from the fan pointed over her naked body and tucks one hand under her head. Behind her Kimmy’s hair spreads as a pale meadow on the dark covers. Long dark eyelashes don’t obscure the sight, through her sleep-slitted eyes, of the compact disk jewel box propped against the side of her stereo, the singer’s picture showing a long view of her legs dropping from hips wrapped in a pair of tiny shorts laced open along the sides. Kimmy drifts off thinking she looks like Carmen, but not as pretty.

A few hours later we dream invaders peek in on the nude sleeper. She has fallen partly over on her back now, so one breast lies firm and round upon her chest while the other softly falls to the side. Darting bulges track movement of her eyes beneath the closed lids. Kimmy is resting deeply, in that state the doctors call “rapid eye movement” or REM sleep. She is dreaming.

Music plays, a singer calls from some foggy place beyond our vision as we sidle to the edges of Kimmy’s mental vision. Her mind is echoing the songs she heard before, the songs that finally brought her to a state of peace beneath the humid night. She is there by herself, a beauty in blue. On her body she wears a near-transparent baby blue, one-piece teddy with a low cut neckline, a matching-colored pair of thigh high stockings, and a short robe that just covers the stocking tops. She is swirling, in a free form dance on feet shod in a pair of five inch tall blue high heels that cover the toes and have a thick strap on them.

A light oil glistens on her palms and finger tips. As she turns and moves her body in a sinuous dance of seduction, Kimmy begins to anoint her skin. She lifts her chin and spreads the oil using the fingertips of both hands from the top of her neck to her collar bone, then across her shapely shoulders. In the half light of her mind the hollows of her shoulders sparkle like small pools, winking and dipping into shadows as she moves.

There is always enough oil, this is a dream where things never run out, so she continues to lave her upper chest and the round tops of her breasts. Her fingertips slip into the top of the teddy and we see her nipples respond to the touch, rising beneath the sheer fabric. Now Kimmy’s hands are crossed over her bosom, each hand cupping the opposite breast as she luxuriates in the smooth oil and her increasingly-sensitive flesh rasping below the cloth of the teddy.

Golden hair brushes the floor between her legs when Kimmy stands and bends, shifting her weight from one foot to the other, hands grasping her ankles while she twists her torso from side to side in time to the music. She slides her hands slowly up her legs, over the burring slickness of the stockings as she sensuously raises her body back up. After her palms slide across the lace elastic band at the top of the stocking, Kimmy twists her hands across the bare skin of her outer thighs, then rotates her fingerpoints back toward her center and slides her hands around the inner slopes and to the backs of her legs. A faint sheen marks the oil her caresses leave on her legs.

Both hands come back and move up to the join of her thighs and groin. They reach the edges of the teddy. She slips her fingers underneath, applying oil just with the balls of her fingertips from her asshole to the top of her pubic mound. The light, sliding touch teases her sensitive parts, circles her openings, but does not pass into any of her bodily portals. The crotch of the teddy shows a darker area where Kimmy’s own moisture seeps into the cloth.

While we stare, fascinated, at Kimmy’s self adoration, a tall mirror appears behind her. We did not notice when it arrived, only that our hostess now spins to look at herself handling her splendid body. Her hands move under the bottom strap of the teddy, she is manipulating her clitoris and obviously fingering her vagina.

She takes one hand out, languidly licks the fingers, then pulls the top of the teddy below her breasts. The small canlı casino pink nipples are hard, the oil still shines on her womanly slopes, her hand passes deliberately in brief, firm circular tracings over, around, under one breast and the repeats the action on the other. Her lips part slightly and a tiny pink tongue tip appears between her teeth.

Kimmy dances faster, yet worshipping her body with her hands, she looms suddenly full in our vision, spins in a swirl of her blue robe before our eyes and then is prancing alongside a beautiful old-fashioned bed. It is in the center of some romantic imagining, tall posts at each corner, a small white lace canopy like a valence above the head, white eyelet spread falling in ruffles to the floor.

Everywhere there are candles, straining against a dream shadow about the scene, flickering. Tall candelabra rise on fluted pillars from the floor at either side of the bed, five fat white tapers in each socket.

She steps from her shoes – how did those straps get undone? – to lay on her back upon the bed. The robe has vanished. Both hands stretch down to her legs, she strokes the tops of her thighs and pulls them up over her flat stomach. Kimmy runs her hands up and down over the top of the teddy and her torso, cupping her mound, drawing her hands to her bare breasts, pushing the heels of her palms along her sides. She obviously enjoys the feel of the cloth beneath her hands.

Raising herself up slightly to extend her reach to the inner center of the space between her parted legs, Kimmy unsnaps the crotch band of the teddy. She tucks the back end up and beneath her bottom, pulls the top band up over her lower abdomen and tucks it underneath the lower body of the garment. Now her hips lie fully exposed from below her navel to the tops of the stockings. A narrow stripe of light brown-red hair, clipped close to her skin, marks the top of her pubis. Her cunt is smoothly shaved.

Some dreams are too pleasant to hurry. We, the secret watchers, and dream Kimmy are both enjoying this show. She has now inserted two fingers into herself and is slowly masturbating. Her palm lies atop her slit, undulating against her erect, pink clitoris. Her fingers shine with her moisture as the slip in and out of her hole, pressing against the tightness of her muscles to open her passage. Kimmy likes stretching her cunny.

From close behind us we hear more singing. Are we discovered? We look back to the source – it is Carmen Electra, calling out to the beautiful dreamer with words of erotic richness. She is dressed as in the album cover, a fuzzy halter top over the roundness of her bosom. We are not part of this dream, she strides directly past us without a glance.

On the bed Kimmy is marginally aware she has famous company. Her hand is flying atop her slit, her fingers urging her innards to respond. Her stomach ripples with her shallow, rapid breaths. She has extended one long middle finger below her sex to her anus, it presses slightly against the puckered closure.

Carmen arrives at the bed, takes one candle from the stand, and holds it carefully aside while she startles Kimmy with a kiss. Our golden goddess responds by wrapping her hands about the singer’s head to draw the woman into a passionate exchange between their parted lips. Carmen slips her head from beneath Kimmy’s clasped hands, places her own hand atop the splendid breasts below, and looks toward Kimmy’s exposed wonders.

She sidles down to stand beside Kimmy’s naked hips. Carmen leans over, with one hand’s fingers spreads the girl’s labial lips, then tilts the candle above the sensitized pink clitoral bud. A stream of creamy wax droplets fall onto it, mantle it with stinging heat. Kimmy’s hands clench against the delicious passage of agony, she arches her back and lifts her rib cage high. Her breasts slide toward her shoulders.

In our forgotten side room, we are startled, too. Our hand caress our lower parts and we wait to see what this dream brings next.

Carmen mounts the bed on her knees next to Kimmy. Her clothes are gone. In her hand, instead of a candle, she hold a long slender dildo. She sits astride Kimmy’s chest, so the nipples beneath her touch her thighs. She leans forward, presenting her pussy to Kimmy’s gaze and eager tongue. While the woman begins licking and sucking kaçak casino Carmen’s mound, slit and vagina, the singer extends one arm and points the dildo back at Kimmy like a knife. Kimmy curls her tongue into a stiff pointed tube and slides it into Carmen’s tunnel until Kimmy’s nose if nestled in the star’s asshole. Carmen reciprocates by slowly pushing the dildo deep into Kimmy’s ass.

Kimmy writhes, but keeps probing Carmen’s depths. Kimmy raises her hands to the small round cheeks splayed in her face, stroking from the curve of the buttocks to the shaft of the thighs. Her nipples slide back and forth against the other side of those slender pillars.

For a few slow, strong and long strokes, Carmen fucks Kimmy’s rear channel with the dildo. The singer lifts herself back up and braces her hands on Kimmy’s hip bones, enjoying the pleasant attention to her body. She reaches over and strokes Kimmy’s mounds, and tugs at the hardened wax on her clit. She peels it slowly off and flicks her fingernails against the hyper-sensitive organ. Kimmy raises her knees, lifts herself on her heels to show how much she likes this.

Carmen is enjoying herself now, too. Kimmy has taken one of the candles from next to the bed and began fucking Carmen’s Jade Gate with it. She pushes the long tick taper inside until it will not go any further, then with one hand withdraws and plunges it into the moist cavern. With the other hand, Kimmy reaches around Carmen’s legs to pinch, twirl, slide and rub her palm over the singer’s own erect clit.

Carmen lowers herself to her elbow to enable Kimmy’s attention. She pauses that way a while. Then she is holding a massive black latex dildo with huge balls. She grabs the balls like handles, and uses the grip to help her force the long, broad instrument into Kimmy’s pussy. It drives almost its entire length into the slid body. Kimmy’s ass involuntarily clenches against the dildo up her rear.

Both hands wrapped around the dildo’s balls, Carmen begins to savagely rape Kimmy. She yanks the cock out to its tip and powers it back inside, stroke after stroke in a rising and rapid tempo. Kimmy reflexively answers this pounding by also fucking Carmen at a quick pace with the candle, her other hand now grasping the woman’s labial lips and clit in a wide pincers. Kimmy clamps onto Carmen’s parts and moves her hand to and fro vigorously.

A small wax cap remains around the top of Kimmy’s clit. When the girl appears to be building toward orgasm, Carmen sustains the dildo reaming with one hand so she can use the other to suddenly peel the last clinging round of candle wax from Kimmy’s sex button. The stinging shock triggers a volcanic response. Kimmy squeezes her hand tight around Carmen’s mons veneris and slams the candle against her cervix, pushing hard.

As her body reacts to the joy of the release, Kimmy again arches her back, shoving her tits against Carmen’s spread legs above. Inside her overwhelmed vagina, the circular rings of muscles contract against the cruel breadth of the huge dildo, rolling in waves from the stretched mouth of her cunny to the center of her belly. Each wave of convulsive delight draws a surge of cum, her liquids nearly spurting from the pressed edges of her hole around the dildo.

Carmen likewise is beyond the threshold of pleasure. Kimmy’s final involuntary thrust of the candle into her belly, coupled with the nail-digging clench about her mound, trips her climax. She flings her hands over her head, bends her back and drops almost to her heels as the streaming waves of coming commandeer her physique. She sits back hard on Kimmy’s face, the small bit of candle protruding from her pussy dropping into the girl’s mouth like a short cock. Carmen’s cum runs down the wax poker and into Kimmy’s throat.

Oh! We make the mistake of letting a dream overtake our own sense of reality. We have been pleasuring ourselves at this amazing passage of star-fucking in Kimmy’s dream. The distraction of our own responses plucks us from the sleeper’s mind. Kimmy, sweating now in the hot night, shines with a pale glow from the little light there is. She won’t remember her dream. She doesn’t know, now, at rest naked and alone atop her bed, what an electrifying night she has had.

* * * * *

(c)Copyright, 2000 by Wil E. Harden, Bryn Mawr, CA 92318 • All Rights Reserved • Published by permission of the author on Literotica for non-commercial, individual private entertainment – not to be reproduced or copied in any fashion without written permission of the author

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