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When she came home from the gym, she immediately logged into Twitter. She had an anon (an anonymous account where none of her followers knew who she is) on it where she could be herself, talk about the USWNT (United States women’s national soccer team), and how they were all her wives in her mind. She could be open about the fact that she found other studs attractive and let out all her basic frustrations.

Nothing really interested her, so she considered doing homework but thought better of it. She’d already seen the packet, and it wasn’t especially difficult. It was mostly reviews and busy work she could do in her sleep. She logged on to this mmorpg game. She’d been playing since she was 13 and was now level 547.

She spent an hour or two playing not really concentrating, dying multiple times because she kept staring at her phone waiting for it to tell her the friend request was accepted in the middle of fights. After a while she quit the game and searched “how to get a nerdy jock to like you?” on google.

The search didn’t reveal much; the only thing that popped up were personality quizzes or questions about why girls were attracted to jocks, which she thought was pretty obvious. She was looking for a sure fire way to get Emma and google wasn’t very helpful. She checked her phone; still nothing.

She played Temple Run for a bit trying to beat her high score, but that got boring quickly. She quit and laid on her bed for a few minutes before grabbing her backpack. She started on her chemistry homework.An hour later she was done.

Bored again, she decided to check her phone, but there was still nada. Thinking there must be a problem with the app, she logged on to FB on her computer. Her friend request had been accepted hours ago.

She casino oyna went to Emma’s profile and planned to send her a message until she realized it was 2 am. She figured it’d be less stalker like if she sent the message in the morning.

She debated about what to put in the message. The message needed to apologize for kissing Emma, explain why she did it, open the way for friendship, and still be bad ass. After awhile she found the perfect combination of sentences to explain some of the things and keep Emma intrigued.


Emma was lying in her bed trying to figure out how to feel. She loved kissing Katherine and knew she wanted to do it again. , She also knew if anyone found out the whole school would know within a few days. She wasn’t like Katherine; she couldn’t intimidate people to leave her alone. She wasn’t strong enough to deal with the looks she knew she’d get if they found out. She needed to find out a way to end things before they really started.

She decided to message Katherine in the morning. She’d explain that even though she liked the kiss and found Katherine attractive, they couldn’t be anything more than friends right now.Having made her decision, she figured sleep would come easier for her. Boy was she wrong. Her body and heart didn’t agree with her brain. She spent the whole night trying to get her heart to see reason from telling there was no way they last, to saying her dad would probably kill Katherine for ruining his precious little girl,which we all know never works. She knew the chances of a romance working things out with Katherine were slim. She didn’t want to go through the trouble of coming out for a relationship that she doubted would even last a month. And she knew if Katherine and her decided to date, Katherine canlı casino would never be content with being Emma’s dirty little secret. It was an all or nothing deal with her, either she came out or they don’t work. Whether it lasted or not was irrelevant and she simply couldn’t give her all to Katherine yet.


Kathy woke up the next morning feeling excited about the prospect of talking to Emma today. She knew that even if they didn’t go out, Emma would be a great friend to have.

She logged onto Twitter, check her mentions and direct messages, not finding anything interesting there. She logged onto FB, found Emma’s profile and started typing her message. It read:

Heyy, I wanted to apologize for yesterday. I had no right to kiss you no matter how I felt. We’re not together, and for all I know you have a girlfriend. , I put you in a difficult position. The thing is I find you interesting. We were just having so much fun, and had so much more in common than I expected. I couldn’t help myself. I promise, I usually have better self control than that. Anyway I’d love to be able to make it up to you. I have three tickets to Chely Wright,and Sam hates country music. I’d like it if you’d come with me, and Jess. the concert is this Wednesday.



Emma woke up feeling a bit tired and sad. She understood why she was tired but didn’t understand why she was sad. Katherine and she had never actually really talked until yesterday.Sure they had classes but besides that no other form of interaction. She had to admit she had admired Kathy from a far quite a few times. Kathy was incredibly sexy. She fantasized quite a few time about undoing Kathy’s ponytail and running her hand through Kathy’s long beautiful black kaçak casino hair and tangling her hands there. Using her beautiful hair to bring Kathy’s face to hers to kiss her. She had envisioned Kathy pushing her against the wall and taking control. Kathy licking and sucking on her neck with her hands down her pants – slipping first one finger then another into her folds, teasing and caressing her. Making her back arch against the wall until Emma couldn’t take it anymore and began cumming.

Slowly coming down from the rush those thoughts brought on, Emma had no idea how she went from being sad to cumming so quickly but it felt good.Then she realized that her feelings for Kathy weren’t going anywhere and felt utterly screwed. Giving up all hope on getting her heart and body to reason they both seemed hell bent on getting hurt; she got up to take a shower. While in the shower she was tempted quite a few times to touch herself again but thought better of it one masturbation session a day was enough.

Emma then got on her phone and watched episodes vampire diaries. Until she got hungry and decided to raid the fridge not finding anything worth eating. She debated between: cooking, and ordering Chinese with her dads debit card, but realized it was lunch, and it’d take too long and got started cooking.

An hour she had cooked enough spaghetti for everyone in the house. She took some back to her room, logged into FB, and saw a message from Katherine. It made her smile…until she saw the invitation. She knew if she accepted it, the night would be pure hell being so close to Katherine and not touching her, but she loved Chely. She’d been planning to buy tickets. After making a list of the reasons why she should and shouldn’t go, she realized how ridiculous that was. She sent Kathy a message saying:

“Thank you. I’d love to go, but there’s no reason for you to be apologizing. You’re not the one who acted like a total psycho by running away. I am sorry for that. Thank you for the invite.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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