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This is a quick excerpt from a novel I am working on. I hope it is not confusing. Enjoy!

* * * * *

“Hello?” Lily said into the receiver.

“Hey, this is Raine.”

“What’s up girl?” Lily greeted, the smile evident in her voice. She was pleased Palmer’s girlfriend had called. She wanted the opportunity to get to know her so she could see if her brother had found a good woman in a young woman’s body, or if he had lost his mind and was now into near pedophilia.

“Not much. I heard you make a great enchilada and I wanted to surprise Palmer with it. I was hoping you’d lend me your expertise.” Raine said genuinely wanting Lily’s help. If her ulterior motive happened to be satisfied at the same time she’d consider it icing and not as being devious. She needed the opportunity to feel the woman out before she set things in motion to hook her up with Erica. She wanted to be sure Lily Gonzalez was worthy of her friend first.

“Sure. Do you have the ingredients or do we need to go shopping?” Lily inquired doubly pleased with the turn of events.

“Shopping.” Raine answered immediately. Lily moved up the stairs to her bedroom as she spoke.

“Be here in half an hour.” She instructed. Raine grabbed a pen and paper and took down the directions.

They hung up and each raced to get ready to leave the house. Raine arrived promptly thirty minutes later. She rang the bell and tugged the bottom of her shirt down a notch. She had the white Gucci t-shirt tied up in the back leaving her stomach exposed, showing off her navel ring and emphasizing her breasts. Her jeans were fitted Gucci low-riders and showed off her round bottom to perfection. She wore a Gucci belt around her waist and carried a black Gucci backpack purse.

Lily opened the door and grinned widely at Raine. They had dressed nearly identically. Lily wore a sleeveless blue Hilfiger t-shirt which ended two inches above her navel. Her jeans were also Hilfiger and low-riders. They both wore white Reebok Classics. “Well I’d say there’s no arguing great minds think alike here.” She commented and Raine returned her smile with one of her own. The full wattage of it was devastating and Lily could easily see how she had caught Palmer’s attention.

“You ready?”

“Just let me grab my purse. Have you met Daisy?”

“Yeah. Hey Daisy!” Raine called stepping into the foyer.

Daisy came racing down the stairs putting in her earrings.

“Take me with you please. I’m going stir crazy here!” She said giving Raine’s cheek a kiss.

“Sure, of course. I’m sorry I didn’t think to invite you to begin with.” Raine apologized horrified by her poor manners.

“Don’t worry about it kid. Where are we going?”

“Lily is going to teach me how to make enchiladas. We’re going to the grocery store first. We can take a trip to the mall after we drop the groceries off before we start cooking if you want. I want some more CD’s and there are a couple of movies I’ve been meaning to get.” Raine offered still feeling guilty over her inconsideration.

“Sounds good to me but let’s run it by Lily. She might have a hot date tonight. It’s like they’re lined up around the block for her. I’ve never noticed how many gay women there are in this city. Almost makes me wish I was bi. There seem to be a lot more attractive women running around than men.” Daisy said. Raine surprised her by laughing throatily. Lily joined them and grinned before asking what was so funny. Raine recapped and Lily tsked at her sister for exaggerating the truth. She was unable to hold her reproachful look and eventually gave into the giggles.

“They can only handle one gay Gonzalez sister. Two would be far too devastating.” Lily said sassily and Raine and Daisy cracked up.

They entered Raine’s car and she drove confidently to the Albertson’s nearest her apartment. Lily had agreed readily to the mall excursion and they moved through the store quickly. After they had dropped off the produce they left Raine’s apartment and headed to the mall.

“Can I ask you a personal question?” Raine said after a small silence. Lily turned slightly in her seat to face the young woman.

“Certainly, as long as I can ask one in return.” Lily replied. Raine hesitated only a fraction of a second before agreeing. Lily would know the worst already. If Palmer hadn’t told her Daisy definitely would have.

“I’ve done a lot of research over the last few years on the shit, pardon me, the things females in my situation go through and a lot of what I’ve read lists molestation and rape as a reason for lesbianism. I’ve thought about it on many occasions, have found myself attracted to females before but have never acted on it.” Raine lied telling herself not to feel guilty about it. She and Erica had agreed they would keep what they had shared between them and not even Brandi or Shalom, their respective best friends, knew. “Do you think that sexual abuse is an accurate reasoning to explain homosexuality being so…abundant?” Raine inquired choosing her words carefully. She had already decided she wanted to write a story involving a lesbian. Between Lily casino siteleri and Erica she could gain some valuable insight into the lifestyle. She was also interested in Lily’s method of expressing herself. Erica was a very intellectual woman and would need someone who could hold her own in conversation.

Lily was momentarily speechless. Of all the things she had thought Raine might ask her that was not one of them. She opened her mouth to speak then closed it again when she realized she had no words. Raine waited patiently and there was a definite air of anticipation in the car. “I believe that there are a surprising number of gays out there who choose the lifestyle because to their way of thinking it’s much easier than dealing with the alternative which is having to face the pain of whatever they went through with a member of the opposite sex. I also believe there are situations where a person is hurt by someone of the same sex at a young age and uses it as an excuse for what they desire. In both instances it is just an excuse. No amount of pain can cause a person to want to be with a person of the same sex if it is not something they are…preprogrammed for, for lack of a better term. The predilection has to be there already. They use it, whether consciously or not, as a means of giving themselves a justification. I also know there are those of us, a large majority of us, who simply recognize a preference for someone like them. I have never been raped or molested by anyone of any sex. I simply recognized at a young age that I was not into boys. To answer your question though; yes it’s accurate to a degree. It’s accurate in that there are those who fall into that category. But it is inaccurate in portraying it as though that is the majority or the whole of the gay community.” She finally replied. “I hope I don’t offend you by saying this Raine, but that was a surprisingly insightful question.” Lily admitted. Raine smiled softly.

“I know you’re trying to feel me out.” She said simply as she came to a stop at a red light. She glanced over at Lily and was pleased to see the woman did not feign ignorance. She merely waited for Raine to continue. “I know you’re probably thinking either I’m a gold digger after Palmer’s money, or he’s gone crazy and is now robbing the cradle unthinkably. I don’t blame you for those thoughts, I’d have them too if our roles were reversed. I’m certain, nevertheless, that you’ll grow to love me and see how much I love Palmer. However, I do need to make this statement, not because I really believe you are the type to be close-minded, but because it’ll make me feel better knowing I’ve put it out there just in case.” Raine began.

“Go ahead.” Lily encouraged fascinated with the way the young woman put her words together, the fact that she took time to think about what she was going to say and the fact that she wasn’t afraid to speak her mind despite Lily being older than her. From what she’d heard about the way this girl was six months ago, Raine’s progress was commendable.

“I’m young in all the ways that draw attention, speculation and judgment but not in the ways that matter. I’m sure you know of my past. I don’t know if you were given the gory details or a sugar-coated version but Bernard Butler forced me into adulthood early. I love my friends to death but there are times when I can’t even fathom what they are talking about. It’s so trivial to me. Palmer is never trivial. Palmer…excites me mentally, I don’t feel like I need to prove I’m not a child to him, he never talks to me as though I’m not on the level, yet at the same time he’s showing me how to have fun. I love him like I never thought I would be able to love anyone and no matter what happens I’m for him until the day he says he doesn’t want me anymore. So whether you approve of me or not, I don’t care. I’m confident we’ll get along great. Daisy loves me, don’t you?” Raine added playfully to Lily’s twin.

“Sure do. Relax big sister. Raine is the genuine article and frankly Palmer’s lucky to have her.” Daisy praised and Lily nodded slowly. She would, of course, ask again when they were alone but she didn’t sense any deceit in her sister.

“I like you already. I can see why Palmer is gone over you. Now, it’s my turn for a question.” Lily stated. Raine nodded and waited.

Lily took a minute to think about what she really wanted to know most. She decided to not hold back. “Are you sleeping with him?” She requested. Daisy inhaled sharply but Raine merely smiled that soft smile of hers.

“I could say a lady doesn’t kiss and tell but I don’t really think I’m a lady, plus it wouldn’t be fair since you were so candid with your answer. No, Palmer and I are not sleeping together as far as engaging in sexual intercourse. He’s very respectful of my needs and wants, and my comfort level. We’re working on a slow sexual…courting if you will. A step by step thing. First it was just kissing. His hands never went lower than my waist, never to my chest or anything. It was nice. It was a physical display of the fact that I could trust him. He doesn’t ask for more than I can give. We moved on from there, a few canlı casino touches, then more in depth exploration. He helped me become more comfortable in my own skin, let me learn his body at my own pace. I don’t know how much you want to know.” Raine warned. Lily waved her on.

“We’re not squeamish Daisy and I. Give us the goods.”

“Well last month we graduated to oral sex. He won’t let me do him and sometimes I worry that it’s because of how I learned. I wonder if he’s afraid he’ll be…disgusted by me when I do it. I haven’t gotten up the courage to ask him. I’d hate to put the thought in his head if it wasn’t there. I get nervous sometimes when he asks if he can do me. I guess I’m not completely comfortable with my body yet, but it always feels good. Jesus, does it feel good.” She said the last mostly to herself. Lily looked back at her twin and barely kept her grin in check.

“You know, there are a lot of women who would happily let their man give them head and not worry about the fact that they can’t do him in return. Hell a lot of them wouldn’t even think to return the favor. Is it important to you?” Lily inquired.

“Yeah, it is. I realized not long after I started seeing him that it was vital to me. I didn’t necessarily think of it in terms of sex. Just the knowledge that his happiness, his pleasure was a top priority to me. I really don’t believe there could ever be anyone else for me so part of it is fear of losing him. I want to make sure that whatever he wants he gets so he never has a reason to stray. I argue with myself constantly about things that fall into that category. I’ve started to develop self-respect and I don’t want to put myself in a position where I am not getting the appreciation that I deserve. It’s hard, finding a happy medium, but I’m working on it. I don’t think he has cause for complaint to date.” Raine responded.

Lily merely nodded her understanding. Conversation turned to lighter topics and Raine decided Lily would be perfect for Erica.

They arrived at the mall and Raine found a parking spot close to the door. The women exited the car and headed in, ready to dedicate a couple of hours to the cause. An hour after they arrived they were pursuing the lingerie section of Macy’s when Raine noticed Lily checking out a female by the make-up counter. The woman was openly staring back at Lily and Raine was torn between watching what Lily would do and interrupting so that Lily wouldn’t be snatched up before she could introduce her to Erica. She was saved the trouble of having to make a decision by Erica herself. “Hey ladies.” she said coming up behind Raine and placing a kiss on her cheek. She turned to do the same to Lily mistaking her for Daisy but stopped short when she got close to her. “I’m terribly sorry. I thought you were Daisy.” She said with a sheepish grin as she straightened. Lily had completely forgotten the make-up counter chick. The woman before her was captivating. She had a weakness for studs like this one.

“It’s okay sweetie. We get that all the time.”

“I’m Erica.” She said extending her hand.

“Lily.” The smaller woman returned accepting the shake. As soon as their flesh touched a vision slammed into Erica.

She moans loud and long as her hips rock gently back and forth, teasing herself against full lips and a firm tongue. Lily’s body is taut with her need. She shudders as smooth, strong arms wrap around her thighs bringing her to a stop. Lips encase her clit and she moans again as they begin to suck.

Lily is near her finish. It will be her turn then. She will be able to explore her lovers’ body at her leisure, taking time to lavish attention on breasts, stomach, thighs…her thoughts trail off as a finger finds its way deep inside of her. The finger strokes in and out, coating itself with what they affectionately call her ‘love juice’. A second finger joins the first and each time they slide inside her, they press against the spot that makes her muscles spasm. Lily’s fingers slide into her lover’s hair and press the lips and tongue working her into a fever pitch, closer. Finally, after three last, fast, hard thrusts in tandem with the movement of tongue against enflamed clitoris, Lily closes her eyes and surrenders to the powerful explosions wracking her body. Her back arches as she screams the only thing she can, the only thought in her head, her lovers’ name. “Erica! Oh, my God!”

Lily watched breathlessly as Erica came back to herself. Her violet eyes were nearly eclipsed by her pupils. Her grip had gone tense and there was a vibrating shiver that ran through the young woman’s body. “Are you alright?” Lily whispered.

“Yeah boo. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to get weird on you right there. Um, I have to go. I’m actually headed out to Palmer to help him install his ceramic tiles and to tune-up his truck. I’ll be sure to tell him I saw you.” Erica said her eyes still locked onto Lily’s.

“Thanks. Tell him I’ve got a surprise for him for dinner. You should come too Erica. All that work you’re going to be doing; you’ll more than deserve a good home cooked meal.” Raine offered noting the sparks that kaçak casino flew between her friend and her future sister-in-law. Things could not have fallen into place better.

“That sounds great.” Erica said finally breaking eye contact with Lily and releasing her hand. Lily’s palm tingled with the absence. “I might be running a little late. I have to go home and change. I’m going to be all grimy, which is why I’m dressed like a bum.” Erica said.

“Whatever girl. You know you look good no matter what. As far as going home, don’t be ridiculous. I have two showers and you have to pass me up to go to your house. Go buy yourself an out-fit from Nouveau and you can get cleaned up at my place.” Raine instructed. Erica started to protest but several things made themselves clear to her at once. First, she felt excitement radiating off her friend and understood that she was excited for Erica. Second, she admitted to herself that she wanted to be in Lily’s presence as long as possible. And third, she really didn’t want to go home and risk running into Liz before she passed out for the night.

“Alright, that makes sense. We’ll see you around seven.” Erica replied and Raine smiled beatifically. Erica departed with one last look at Lily. As soon as she was out of earshot Lily turned to Raine.

“That is what I call scrumptious. I don’t know why I need to ask, it’s written all over her, but, is your friend gay?”

“Yeah, she is. Single too. Hard to find a good woman she tells me, one who will appreciate her for her and not for her bankroll. I’ll tell you a secret: if I were going to be with a woman, I would call Erica first.” Raine admitted deciding to stoke the fires.

“Really? Interesting. I can see you have good taste in women. I hope you don’t mind but I’ve just invited myself to dinner.” Lily said hoping Raine wouldn’t protest. She was surprised by the wicked grin Raine gave her.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Raine replied.

Raine followed Lily’s instructions to the letter. By the time Erica and Palmer arrived Daisy and Lily were already blitzed off champagne and, Raine suspected, marijuana. “Hey ladies.” Erica called before dashing up the stairs. Palmer entered and immediately pulled Raine to him for a searing kiss that left her breathless and ready for him. In that instant she made up her mind that she would get him to let her please him. They separated slowly and Palmer grinned at her. “Hey baby. You look good enough to eat.” He whispered. She flushed and grew wetter. She was not going to be able to wait until their guests left.

“Meet me upstairs in five minutes. I need to talk to you.” She whispered back. He nodded and stepped back from her. “Lily will you get those out for me when the timer goes off? I have a small headache and I’m going to lie down for a few minutes before dinner. If I can catch them early like this I can usually get rid of them in about fifteen minutes.”

“Sure honey.” Lily giggled and Raine was sure she knew it was bullshit. She grinned at the snickering twins then headed upstairs feeling Palmer’s gaze on her swaying hips and ass as she walked.

“Don’t keep her waiting long Palmer.”

“Just long enough for hugs and kisses. And to find out who’s rolling the next blunt.”

“I’ll do it.” Erica said coming into the kitchen. Lily was immediately riveted once again. Erica wore her long hair down past her shoulders spilling down her back in amazing dark brown waves. Her skin glowed with health, her smile was radiant when she turned it onto Lily. She had indeed gone shopping when she left them. Her out fit was a pair of RocaWear jeans with a matching RocaWear belt, and a red and white RocaWear t-shirt tucked into the front of the pants. The boots she wore were black Timberlands’. Her ears were pierced and she wore small white gold hoops, along with two ¼ karat diamond studs in the tops of her ears. She looked very hot and Lily had to make the conscious effort not to gape and drool.

“You smoke?”

“Yes ma’am. I can refrain if it makes you uncomfortable. You know delinquency of a minor and all.” She replied and Daisy broke into a fit of giggles. Lily soon joined her and Erica grinned.

“Now that that’s settled I have to go check on my lady. I shall return.” He said dashing out the kitchen and up the stairs.

Palmer opened the bedroom door and froze at the sight before him. Raine lay on the bed naked save for the g-string she wore. He had bought the panties for her telling her if ever she felt a special occasion might warrant them she could surprise him but he would never ask her to wear it. She had surprised him alright.

“Come here.” She said seductively. Palmer closed the door with his foot as he moved forward. He stepped out of his shoes while unbuttoning his pants. He pushed them down leaving only his boxer briefs. He lifted his shirt over his head and tossed it away before climbing onto the bed with her. She moved onto her back and spread her legs for him. Palmer growled low in his throat before slowly peeling the thong off of her. When it was gone he lay between her splayed thighs and slowly began to lick her. She moaned throatily as he slipped his tongue inside of her. He moved the muscle expertly within her until her breathing became short and choppy with her arousal. Her thighs began to tremble gently. It felt so good when he did that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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