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For several months now I had been fixated by the woman on the bus, always the same bus, there was only one every half hour. I had first noticed her smart business-like appearance, she always had a very expensive looking suit on. By now, I had counted somewhere around fifteen different suits, or combinations. She always had tights or stockings with gorgeous high heel shoes. I knew she sometimes wore stockings because I saw the top of one when she was in the middle of rising from her seat and the bus gave a sudden lurch, she had been thrown back to the seat, a little untidily, and there was that glimpse.

Her bearing seemed to radiate disdain for her fellow travellers, or maybe, it was just total indifference.

I had studied her so closely, I couldn’t believe at times that she hadn’t been aware of my scrutiny, but she never showed any sign that she had.

I guessed her to be, probably, eight to ten years older than my twenty. I was a fairly confident person, but I reckoned that she left me standing. At times she almost looked haughty, although, I felt that was a bit unfair of me.

I envied her beauty, her sense of style, her bearing, well, everything really.

To this point, I hadn’t had, not even the vaguest, sexual thought about her, it’s not what it was about, it was simply fascination.

Then came a day, when I was stood right next to her, with the bus filled to capacity. The first thing I became aware of, was her perfume, not powerful, just subtly beautiful and obviously very expensive. I wished I knew what it was.

Several times, I was pushed against her, not much more than a touch, but enough to give me a false sense of intimacy with her. She, however, showed not the slightest sign of noticing.

A few days later, I found myself stood next to where she was seated. She was reading some brochure or other held in one hand, the other hand holding the side of the seat in front, steadying herself.

A rather large guy wanted to squeeze passed me, so I inched forward a little but still, he pushed me further, the bus was as usual, packed. Suddenly, I became aware that the front of my skirt was pressed against the knuckles of her hand. My natural reaction was to try and move back but I found that I couldn’t, the guy doing the squeezing by, was simply too big. I fact, my crotch was now pressed quite hard to the hand, with no immediate escape.

Then he was passed and I could move away from the touch. I glanced at her, but just, as usual, there was no indication that she’d even noticed.

I, however, felt myself flush, the contact had been electric and I realised that it had excited me. I felt disgusted with myself for such feelings.

The woman’s voice, shook me from my thoughts, “Excuse me, would you mind, I need to get out,” a hand lightly touched my arm. It was her.

I tried to make enough space for her as I could but it hadn’t really been enough, her arm was pressing on my breasts as she manoeuvred by, then she was gone.

My nipples tingled in response to the touch, I could feel them stiffening and I was horrified, feeling them clearly pressing at my front. I quickly sat in the now vacant seat, as I pulled my cardigan across my front. I self consciously looked to see whether anyone else had been aware of my frontal display. No one was, but had I seen the woman glance back at me as she got to the front of the bus? There was now a definite tingle between my legs, I felt close to tears with embarrassment.

Further journeys followed with her invariably some distance from me. She showed not the slightest awareness of me. Until one day, I had taken a vacated seat. The driver had shouted for people to, “Move along the bus please”, as they do, and there she was, stood beside me, our positions reversed from the previous similar encounter.

On the same stretch of twisty road where she’d had to hang on, I had to do the same. Her backside bumped against my hand, then was gone. It was repeated once or twice more. I was staring at her ass, thinking what a beautiful shape it was. As I looked, her body turned around, and exactly as had happened to me, someone wanted by.

My eyes were glued to my hand, strange thoughts going through my mind. Would her front touch me? I realised with a shock that it was what I was waiting for. Then it did, again just a brief bump, seconds later though, it was repeated but seemed to press against my knuckles for longer. This happened several more times until the bus hit a bad bump and I felt her crotch grinding on my hand.

I dragged my eyes away, trying to sneak a look at her face. She was looking toward the front of the bus. Then I saw her as she reached for the ‘stop’ button. My hand went between her legs as she stretched, I could actually feel the heat. Then she was gone.

I found that day a struggle, my thoughts simply kept returning to the bus ride, how close her pussy had been to my hand, only separated by the material of her clothes. Each time my thoughts dwelt on it, I would feel my face get hot and my panties were definitely getting casino siteleri wet, I found myself pressing my fingers down between my legs.

Finally, I gave in, I rushed to the washroom, thank God it was empty, then I was sat with my panties around my ankles, furiously rubbing my clit. It must have been the quickest orgasm that I’ve ever had, my body had needed the release but it didn’t take away the tension within me.

My thoughts for this woman had now changed. I craved for her touch. I sat there for ages with my eyes closed, dreaming of her body against mine, even of her undressing me and then to touch me. All this time, I had been unconsciously playing with my clit again. I felt another orgasm building up, I squeezed my eyes tight, trying to imagine it was her wanking me, and I reached my other hand under, to force my fingers up my pussy. I almost fell off the toilet seat, as I climaxed, it was shattering this time, mind-blowingly intense.

Some days later I was waiting for the bus, I now carried my coat, the rain had cleared and it was now quite warm.

When I had got on, I saw her standing further along the bus but she didn’t look my way.

There was a vacant window seat, I excused myself to the guy sat next to it and squeezed in. It was a couple of stops later when he stood to leave. Suddenly, she was there beside me. My heart skipped and I knew I was flushing deep red, I just couldn’t help it.

It was barely a moment later when I felt her hand press against the outside of my thigh. I went rigid with shock, I couldn’t move, even had I wanted to.

Her hand was hidden by the coat laid over my lap. Her eyes gazed down the bus as if everything were normal. But they weren’t!

Her fingers caressed along my leg, sometimes gently squeezing. My hands were clenched together on top of my coat, I could see the knuckles turning white.

The hand was on top of my leg, I felt her grip my skirt and then it was sliding up my legs. Her hand went beneath the hem and she was pushing my legs apart before her hand was gliding between my thighs. The touch of her on my bare skin sent shivers through my body, her hand continued until I felt her fingers at the front of my panties. They pressed, hard into my pussy.

I heard her voice, just a whisper, “You’ve been waiting for this, haven’t you?”

I didn’t want to, but I croaked a soft sigh of, “Yes.”

She was rubbing hard at my clit, as I tried desperately to sit still in my seat.

“My stops coming in a minute, I won’t be able to finish you, but I’m going to give you my card, will you ring me?”

“Yes, I will, as soon as I get to work.”

She took a card from a wallet she’d had in her suit jacket, “You will ring?”

“Yes, I promise.” I looked at the card and saw that her name was Angelica Davis, her job title astonished me, but then again, it did fit her image, she was Operations Director.

When I got to my work desk, I was the only one there. There are normally only three of us in my room. Of course, I thought, Beth was away on a course for a couple of days and Tim was on holiday. An ideal opportunity to phone Angelica right away.

I waited nervously while the phone rang, then a strange voice answered, “Good morning, Ms Davis’ office, how may I help?”

Of course, I was thrown, I didn’t know what to answer as I hadn’t told Angelica my name. “Oh, er, she’s expecting a call from me, Jenny Peters.”

“Ah, are you her travelling companion?”

That was easy, “Yes, that’s me.”

Seconds later, a more familiar voice came on, “You called then, your name’s Jenny, my secretary tells me. I did hope you would, I was a little worried that I might have pushed you a little too quickly on the bus, did I?”

“No, you didn’t. I know I was nervous, but I’ve been dreaming about you for ages.”

“And what do you dream about me, Jenny, please don’t be shy with me, I think we can say that we’ve passed that point, don’t you?”

But I did feel shy, I’ve never spoken to anyone about this sort of thing, and I really didn’t expect it to be a woman if I did. “I, well, I think about you touching me.”

“How do you mean, touching you, Jenny? And do you do anything about it when you think of me?”

“After you rubbed against my hand that day, I had a terrible day at work, I kept thinking of your front rubbing my hand and I got very hot and bothered, I had to go to the washroom.”

“Yes, that was a nice feeling your knuckles rubbing into my pussy. So come on, finish telling me what you did.”

“I was so wet and tingly, I had to go and play with myself and while I did, I pretended it was you doing it to me.”


“I had two orgasms in a few minutes. And then today when you touched me, I was so close again, if there had been one more stop I would have cum.”

“Do you want to know what I’m doing now, Jenny, just listening to your voice and your little story? I have my skirt pulled up and my panties are around my ankles, my fingers are in my pussy and I’m wanking myself. Are canlı casino you alone, can you join me?”

I hitched my skirt, then pushed the crotch of my soaking wet panties aside. My fingers dived on my clit, “I’m playing with my clit now, Angelica, I do so love your name.”

“I wish that was me playing with you right now, Jenny, can I kiss your little clit for you?”

“Oh, yes please, I wish you would, and will you put some fingers inside my pussy and wank me?” So, I pushed three fingers as deep as I could inside myself, “Angelica, you’ve got three fingers inside me now, it feels so nice.”

“Fuck!” Jenny, I’m going to cum, are you ready to cum for me yet?” Her words shocked me, they didn’t fit her image at all.

I couldn’t answer properly, I was already there, my climax was building fast, “Ohhhhhh, I, oh shiiiiiiit!” I stammered as it hit me

I could hear Angelica moaning and saying, “That’s it, cum for me baby.”

Then I was soaked, “Oh fuck!”

“What’s the matter, baby? Tell me.”

“I think I just peed myself, the floors soaked. You made me cum so hard, I’ve got to clean up before someone comes,” then I giggled, realising what I had said.

“Jenny, can you get an afternoon off, or maybe an extended lunch break?”

“I’ll see what I can do and then ring you, is that okay?”

“Yes, I want to see you today, in fact, I must see you today. Do your best, my little lover. Thanks for making me cum by the way. Oh, and keep thinking about my pussy that’s waiting just for you.”

I could have swooned, I was over the moon, all my dreams were coming true.

I couldn’t wait for lunch time to come around, the clock hands didn’t seem to move. My boss had been quite happy for me to take the afternoon off, there was nothing very much going on.

I rang Angelica’s work, the secretary said she was in a meeting but had been expecting me to call. She asked me what time I would be available and what my work address was, explaining that a car would pick me up out front. It seemed an afterthought when she asked what I liked to drink

Wow! I thought, little me being picked up by a company car, that’ll give them something to talk about around the office.

My chauffeur driven car dropped me outside the facade of the huge building, the driver opened my door for me before I had time to do it myself, he pointed the main entrance, “The desk will be expecting you, Miss Peters.”

The lift took me to the eleventh floor, I’d never been so high before. The door open to an incredibly expensive looking reception area, A smart older lady sat at a desk. “You must be Jenny,” she said, “Angelica wasn’t wrong, you are very pretty,” she continued, giving me an appreciative look. There was a twinkle in her eye when I blushed. She beckoned me to follow her and led me into an office, the like of which I’ve never seen. A huge antique desk dominated one part of the room, various folders neatly stacked on it.

The other half of the room had two massive brown leather sofas, a beautiful large glass low table between them. There were a few other pieces of furniture dotted about.

Two glasses and a bottle of white wine in an ice bucket were on the table, next to them was a tray of chocolates.

“Angelica asked me to apologise, she won’t be very long. Help yourself to some wine and make yourself comfortable, you won’t be disturbed by anyone.”

I poured myself a glass, it was absolutely delicious, never have I tasted anything like it, I bet it was expensive. I studied the label, I’d never heard of it, quickly I jotted it down in my notebook, ‘Pernand Vergelesses Premier Cru 2015’. I knew it was a Burgundy, it said so on the back, but other than that, it meant nothing, except I loved it.

I had only just sat on the sofa, when Angelica walked in, “Hello, Jenny, my love, sorry I kept you, something came up I needed to deal with, but now I’m free, there’ll be no calls for at least the next couple of hours. Oh, I see you have some wine, I hope you like it?”

“It’s incredible, you’re spoiling me, it must cost a bomb.”

“It’s what I have for special visitors and you’re certainly that,” Angelica told me.

I knew I was blushing again, she seemed to make me do that a lot, but I did feel pleased.

She poured herself a glass then came and sat beside me, she chinked her glass to mine and said, “Here’s to us,” then she took a sip.

She took my glass from me and placed them both on the table. Her hands took hold of my own, her knee touching mine, as she studied my face. “You’re beautiful you know, now, will you kiss me please?” As she pulled me towards her.

Now remember that I’ve never been kissed by a woman, I didn’t know what to expect and I felt extremely nervous, but I watched her lips as they came close to mine.

Her lips were so soft, so gentle as they feathered mine, I looked up at her eyes, she was still watching me. She whispered to me, “Let yourself go, my love, don’t be afraid, you want to love me, I can see it in your eyes, and I so want to kaçak casino love you.”

Then she kissed me properly, I felt myself sink into her arms. The kiss seemed to last forever, I was in Heaven, at last, this woman was touching me, I never wanted the kiss to end. Her tongue teased my lips, I opened to her and her tongue came into my mouth, searching for my own, they danced together, round and round they twirled, I felt myself shiver, even though the room was warm.

She pressed me back, to lay on the sofa, as her hand cupped my breast. I heard myself moaning softly from deep in my throat as she caressed and squeezed my breast, I stroked along her arm to her hand and then pressed it harder to me. “Angelica, please love me, I’ve been yearning for this moment, I’m not afraid anymore, tell me what to do, what you want.”

She broke from our kiss, pushing up a little, “I want to see you, may I?” As she reached for the buttons of my blouse. Slowly she undid them from the top first, she spread the blouse wider as she went, gradually exposing my bra. The thought crossed my mind, thank God I had one of my really pretty ones on today.

“Beautiful!” Was all she said. Then she pulled me up so she could pull my blouse off, “A front fastener, how convenient,” she said and snapped my bra apart.

Her head dropped to my breasts, I felt her hot breath before her lips fastened around a nipple. It didn’t get bigger, it couldn’t, my nipples were both, already larger and harder than I had known before.

Her tongue circled around and then I felt her teeth nip and pull, I gasped aloud, then I heard her say, “You like that, mmm, so do I.”

She came back up to kiss me, as I felt her hands at my waist, they were unfastening my skirt. She sat up and slid away from me, as her hands took hold of my skirt and panties at the same time, then she eased them down, with her eyes fastened on my body as more and more was uncovered.

I lifted my hips to ease the way, then they were off. I lay still as her gaze feasted, she was smiling. A hand came to caress my stomach, her fingers tracing in circles as she teased. “No hair,” I just heard her whisper.

Her face leaned down to my mound and her lips kissed, her fingers now very lightly tracing over the lips to my pussy, I could barely feel them, but it was enough to make me clench.

Her lips followed her fingers down, “You smell divine, my love, I knew you would.”

Her tongue probed, and I jerked hard, as she then delved between my lips, it was bliss.

My hands were at my breasts and I tweaked and pulled on my nipples.

Fingers were now easing inside me, feeling me, caressing my inside, it was so gentle and loving.

I almost shouted when her lips enfolded my clit. She had pulled one of my legs off the sofa and now knelt between my thighs. Her mouth continued to work at my clit, sucking, nibbling, and kissing. I could feel my body responding, it was reaching for a climax.

She felt my urgency, “Cum for me baby, let it go.”

I convulsed violently, my hips thrusting to meet her, then I was on a wave, the orgasm driving me wild, I could hear the strange noises I was making, I didn’t care, this woman was taking me somewhere I’d never been before.

She was stroking my face, gentle kisses on my lips, “Did you like that little one?”

I grabbed her face and pulled her lips hard to mine, and I kissed her harder than I knew I could. A kiss built of passion and the love I knew I felt for her.

“Wow,” she said, “that was some kiss.”

She reached for our wine and passed me mine, I gulped a mouthful even though I knew it was wrong. I needed it.

“Will you undress for me now please, Angelica?”

She stood, pulling me up with her, “No, you undress me.”

I smiled and ran my hands over her, feeling her shape, her shoulder, the bulge of her breasts and her hips. I pressed a little between her legs as she spread them wider.

I unbuttoned her jacket, folding it carefully, to place on the table. Then I felt the outline of her breasts, squeezing through the material. I leaned and kissed her throat, as my fingers worked on her blouse. then I was kissing the top of her breasts, I was now desperate to see them. I lost my will to go slowly and snatched her blouse off her shoulders to let it fall behind. She saw my need, so she reached behind to undo her bra, easing the straps from her shoulders until it fell away.

I gazed in awe at the beauty of her breasts, I hadn’t seen another woman’s before, I was dumbstruck, I just stared. Finally, she reached and pulled my head to her, I opened my mouth to take a nipple between my lips, it felt so good, I could’ve sucked forever.

Her hands took hold of mine, guiding them to her skirt top, I found the button and then the zipper, and eased it down over her ass. I pushed the back of her skirt down as she gave a wiggle, then it was in a heap at her ankles. She stepped out from it, then pulling me with her, she walked backwards to her desk. Her bum rested against it as she spread her legs wider. Her hands guided my head to her stomach, I took the hint, planting kisses everywhere. My fingers lowered the top of her panties, my mouth following. I came to a tiny triangle of hair and I paused for my tongue to trickle through it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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