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There’s no easy way to say this, but I’m not who you think I am. I belong to a secret organization that protects people from Unnaturals. Unnaturals are like us, but they have gone to the dark side. I work for a company owned by rich private investors that even governments don’t know about. In our little sector, in the mass web of others, there are seven including me. Each one of us has a supernatural ability, so unique that there’s only one of us. Our DNA cannot be duplicated, and when we died our powers die with us. Lucky for Nathan, he’s an immortal. Maybe if he’s blown to bits he’ll die, but I don’t want to find out. Anyways, where are my manners? I’m Rosemary, but I hate my name. So Rose is just fine. Fire is my specialty. Period. I can produce and control fire. Once I was so pissed off I went up in flames. Nothing like wrath from a woman scorned, uh? I have fire red-brown long hair (it’s really a weird color), dark brown eyes that turns into a crimson red-orange color, a nice curvy and toned figure, and standing at a whopping height of five feet. I am so short! It’s just not fair! When compared to Nathan, I’m a midget. It sucks.

Well, I’m seeing one of my teammates secretly, and we’ve been together for some time. Annabelle, the perfect specimen of an extraordinary woman of unquestionable power. She has shoulder length, wavy dark blonde hair, the brightest blue eyes like the ocean, flawless creamy skin, and has the smile that would make people smile on their worst days. She is the one and only that fully completes and fills my emptiness. Yet to each other we are what kryptonite is to Superman when we get into heated arguments. Annabelle has the ability of ice and water. Ironic. I believe our love for one another can conquer our weaknesses. I am just sick and tired of hiding our relationship, but a relationship with the same sex is strictly forbidden within our company. Love is love; the gender of your partner doesn’t matter, in my opinion. The consequences of Annabelle and I having a relationship would be so severe, I wouldn’t be able to live to see another day. I don’t even want to think about what they would do to her. I would give up my life any day for her to live, even if it’s just one more day.

Our next assignment was ridiculous. There was a rapid wild fire spreading across the western United States. That’s why there are people who are firefighters. I was obligated to help anyway; better the environment, even though wild fires help enrich the soil and what not. I had a major plus side to working this case, I finally got to team up with Annabelle, just me and her. Our plan was simple, she would make the clouds heavy with rain, and I would simmer the uncontrollable spreading flames. Perfect, it would take us no time at all, and then we could enjoy the rest of the day to ourselves. Sadly, the entire task took longer than I had expected. It took more than a few hours because the fire was fucking huge! Sorry, forgive my little outburst. Annabelle’s the much calmer and casino siteleri soothing one. After we finished battling the flames with the firefighters, by the way we were dressed like them for camouflage, we headed back to our sector. It was pretty funny when we strode down the hallway, smelling like a horrible barbeque, to report to Nathan, who is also our team leader. Thankfully, we both could go home, especially to shower. Annabelle and I have our work routine pretense to a “t”. No eye contact, or any contact for that matter. From an outsider’s point of view, he/she would think that we were only co-workers, and that everything was strictly just business. It’s great. Anna, her nickname, and I agreed to meet at my cozy apartment in a little while. Anna already has the keys so I don’t have to worry about letting her in. My most prized possession is a beautiful red rose entrapped in crystal clear ice, of course, a present from Annabelle. I keep it in the freezer, funny were I keep one of my deepest treasures. I shredded my work attire and took an icy cold shower. Did I mention that I was always burning up?

While still in the shower, I heard Anna walk in and then toss her things onto the couch. Suddenly, the shower head was blasting powerful jet-streams of water onto my body. Ouch! I opened the shower door to see Annabelle laughing close to tears.

“Hey lady, you better stop that or I’ll turn you into steam!” I shouted at her laughter.

“Oooo such big talk from a small little fireball,” she teased.

“Watch it, babe. I may be small, but I’m mighty,” I said right back.

I was shocked; Anna turned the water blasts into sharp flesh-cutting ice. She was so asking for it. The ice melted before it reached my burning chest, arms, and stomach. Thank goodness it didn’t go any lower.

“Baby, don’t fuck with fire…cause eventually you’ll get burned!” I said sternly.

“Umm…not since the last time,” she said to no one in particular. Shit! The last time we were in bed, I accidentally burned her because she was teasing the fuck out of me. Key word: accidentally. Her stinging sensation was over before I could say, “I’m sorry.” It was funny after the fact.

I finally got out of shower, clean and fresh. I went to the living room to find Annabelle shivering on the couch. I’m always burning up, and she’s always freezing her ass off. I picked up the movie blanket, warmed it up for her, and wrapped her up in it. She thanked me with an icy kiss. When I broke the kiss, I let out an icy stream of air; I loved it when she did that.

“Are you hungry? I’m making a little snack. Grilled cheese?” I called out to her from the kitchen.

“That would be wonderful. That stupid wild fire kicked me in the ass.”

“Yup you said it. It was stupid alright.”

Four slices of bread with butter and two slices of cheddar in each. Just a little heat; mmm…nice and toasty. I rarely use the stove or oven. I don’t even have a microwave. Fire’s so convenient. I placed canlı casino the delicious sandwiches on plates, grabbed two Pepsis, and into the living room I went.

I looked at Annabelle’s icy blank stare. It was unusual for her eyes to have a glossy gleam to them.

“Are you ok? Is everything alright?” I said gently.

“Uh…yeah. I’m alright. Everything’s just fine now.”

Well, ok then, I thought. We devoured the sandwiches within minutes, and washed it all down with Pepsi. We sat in silence for a while. I guess it was nice to hear absolutely nothing, but the rhythmic tick of the clock. Out of the blue, Anna said huskily, “Well, since we’re both nice, clean, and smoke-free…Do you wanna get dirty?” All I could do was laugh, and give her an oh-really-now look. With her eyebrows doing a little dance, she nodded enthusiastically. She looked like a kid eager to open a surprise present; it was hilarious. I stopped laughing instantly as she forced me down on the couch like a wave. Umm…sex on the living room couch, we haven’t done that yet, I thought. Let’s see on the kitchen counter, in the shower, on the floor, and in the bedroom of course.

Our bodies molded perfectly together; together we were also the perfect temperature. Her body cooled mine as I melted her coldness. Our tongues danced in between our wanting mouths as my hands roamed over her back and sexy bottom. Since she was in between my legs, every now and then, I would grind my mound into hers. I was rewarded with little moans of pleasure. We undressed each other slowly one piece of clothing at a time. Our love making progressed from wild hot passionate animal sex, when we first started, to tender, sweet, and loving sex. Yet the sparks of ultimate pleasure were still there.

I cupped her creamy breasts, and kissed and licked her delicious neck. Moans and quicken breaths escaped her savory mouth. I began kissing my way down towards a hard, erect nipple. I licked and sucked on each of her little knobs sending goose bumps all over her priceless body. She pulled me up for a harder and more urgent kiss, and lay me down again. She nibbled my earlobe which sent electric like currents throughout my body. My ears and neck are my most sensitive spots, they drive me crazy. While caressing my 36Cs, she made love to my ear with her tongue. I was squirming beneath her holding on, with my eyes rolling back, I almost came with her skilled tongue probing deep into my ear. The waves of sensation were absolutely blissful. After her assault on my ear, she kissed her way down my chest and navel, and ended up at my dripping sex. With only light licks and kisses she sent shivers up my spine. I was growing wetter by the second. As soon as her tongue came into contact with my throbbing hard clit, I came. She quickly lapped up the juices flowing from my pussy. It was so sexy to see her in between my legs. I came again as she slid fingers easily into me, and licked me into oblivion. Lust took control of me, as my hands entangled kaçak casino in her gorgeous blonde locks, pulled her harder into me. The pleasure was unbelievable; we could do this all day and night, I thought. After another mind blowing orgasm subsided, I pulled her up for a kiss.

After what seemed like minutes, I broke the kiss and mumbled, “That was completely wonderful. Now it’s your turn.” I gave her my best I’m-going-to-make-you-scream sexy look.

I asked her to get on her knees and bend over onto the back of the couch. I stood up off the couch and started to kiss her neck while slipping fingers into her hot wet sex. Her raspy breaths and moans made me go faster in and out of her. Just when I felt she was about to explode, I removed my fingers. I got a little whimper and plea. Sorry, but I’m not going to let her come so soon. I kissed my way down her slender back and ass. I stopped at her entrance feeling warmth rise from her dripping and awaiting pussy. I pulled her lips apart and began licking up and down each and every crevasse. Her beautiful moans of pleasure were music to my ears. My tongue drove deeper into her wanting pussy while my fingers made tiny circles on her pulsing clit. I stopped when she was about to come again. I’m such a teaser. How bad of me. I could sense that she was about to drown me in ten feet of water, so I started sucking on her clit and caressing her breast and ass at the same time. Within seconds she was screaming and coming like Niagara Falls. I happily lick her clean; she tasted wonderful. I was in a different state of being, and then my knees brought me back into reality. They hurt from kneeling on the floor.

“Why don’t we go to bed?” I suggested. As I started to turn towards my bedroom, she spun me around and kissed me. With my hands locked around her neck, and hers on my waist we kissed for what seemed like forever. When we both started walking toward my bed, little pin like sensations attacked my feet. My feet probably fell asleep as I was kneeling. “Ouch, ouch, ouch!” I said with each step. Anna gave me a questionable look. “My feet fell asleep,” I replied. She just started to laugh. Go figure she would. I sent a little fireball toward her. She saw it coming and extinguished it, and drenched me from head to toe. I should’ve seen that coming, but no worries. Within seconds, the water droplets evaporated into air. Next, I just tackled her onto my comfy queen sized bed. We both ended up laughing in each others arms.

We got comfortable in the silky sheets waiting for sleep to overcome us. I sensed that we would be interrupted somehow later.

I awoke to the ringing of my cell phone. I knew it as I glanced at the caller ID. Nathan probably wanted me on an emergency case. Great, just great, there goes my nap. Anna woke up to the ringing also, I signaled a shhh.

“Hello,” I answered.

“Thank God, you picked up Rose!” Nathan sounded urgent.

“This better be good, Nathan. You woke me up from a wonderful dream,” I said.

“It’s not good, not good at all. I need you to get down here as soon as you can, Rose.”

“Why? What’s the big rush?” I replied, still annoyed.

“It’s your brother, Kilyk. He’s been murdered.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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