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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


First Times & Heat Rhymes

Part Two

Three months later.

Halloween was Bethany’s favourite day of the year, not simply because it was her birthday. What was better than presents mixed with the spookiest, goriest celebration of the year? Nothing, of course!

“Happy Birthday, Beth!”

“You look gorgeous, Beth!”

Pirouetting through her party, Bethany glowed from attention and praise. Held at her mother’s favourite home, which was as close to a countryside mansion as one could get without belonging to the gentry, they had dressed it for the occasion. The liking for horror and wicked celebration had leaked over from the US predominantly and Beth utilised all that she had learned upon her travels. Cobwebs draped from the rafters with spiders crafted from dyed twine, twisted into grotesque bodies and spindly legs, while ghoulish figures hung in the hallways, mouths agape in a silent scream. She had carved pumpkins with her mother until she became bored and had the servants complete the task, planting them around the grounds and lantern-lit party areas. No expense was spared: she was her mother’s sweetheart and her father’s special girl. The style and design was new, it was innovative and it was hers.

She faltered mid-skip across the courtyard, party in mid swing, eyes scanning the crowd that did not merely consist of her friends and family. A party was a party, after all, and everyone had been invited, with friends and more. There was only one, however, that Beth wanted to see and he was far away, across the ocean on another continent. Hans was beyond her reach.

The wolf moped over the buffet table, ears flipping back sulkily. The food was delicious, the company divine and the night was young, yet she half wished it was over already. When would she see her Hans again? She picked at finger food, pushing it around the plates with a scowl.


Her ears perked and her muzzle brightened into a grin. Her mother padded across the courtyard, moving so lightly upon her paws that she appeared to ghost along. Her father always said she should have been a dancer. And that Beth was the spitting image of her. Smiling, Ruth brushed back her daughter’s hair, tucking a wayward strand behind her ear.

“Are you not enjoying the celebration, Bethany? A frown does not become you.”

“I am well, mother,” Beth answered flatly, smile disappearing. “Do not have concern for me – I adore the party.”

Ruth tilted her head to one side, contemplative. Beth could not help but notice how her mother drew male attention even with Beth standing right there. A male that she knew in passing, a tall, handsome feline with jet black fur, stood and stared, whiskers twitching, until her mother flipped her hair and the trance was broken. He shook his head and looked about as if guilty that he had been caught looking and, in typical feline fashion, streaked off into the party.

All eyes should be upon me, Beth grumbled, tail twitching against her leg. She is too old for them. And she is with father already. What do they have to gain by looking? Why does no one look at me?

Alas, Beth was too close to see the sidelong glances directed her way, though she really yearned for her sweet bat and the circle of his arms.

Ruth cleared her throat, eyes twinkling.

“Whilst I am sure you are truly enjoying yourself,” she began, “perhaps there is something I may do to make things better?”

“You cannot this time, mother, but thank you.” Beth tried to smile. “It is very kind of you, but everything will be okay. Have you seen Dorothy?”

Ruth shook her head, hair shimmering in the low light.

“No, not recently. Perhaps she is dancing? A group meandered in that direction not long ago. I am confident you could catch up with them if you are swift.”

“That would be lovely, thank you. Thank you for organising the party, mother, I love it, truly.”

Giving her mother a brief hug, Beth hid her sigh and turned, only to stop dead in her tracks, eyes wide.

It had to be a trick, an illusion. Someone was playing a cruel joke, it just had to be. For not ten paces away stood her Hans, that all-knowing, lazy grin that she loved so well splashed across his muzzle as if painted in by an artist’s brush. Clad in smart trousers, dress shoes and a shirt with more than two creases, the bat opened his arms for her. Wonderingly, Beth took a step forward, afraid that the apparition would fade if she demonstrated too much eagerness. Her mother giggled, paws clasped to her chest.

No… Her Hans was real! He was actually there!


She launched herself at him and tumbled into the bat’s arms, knocking him to the ground kocaeli escort in one fell swoop. Ruth clapped her paws together in delight and jumped in the air, girlish delight shining through despite her age.

“Surprise!” She cheered. “You could not have a birthday without your closest friend now, could you, darling?”

Too busy squeezing the life out of Hans, Beth hardly heard her. Her tail wagged furiously and she dropped a shy kiss on the bat’s cheek, pushing herself off him, colour in her cheeks.

“Hans, how did you come to be here?”

“Your mother invited me,” he replied easily, rising and offering a paw to Beth. “We thought that it would be a nice surprise to you.”

His forehead creased and he licked his lips anxiously, suddenly unable to look directly at the wolfess.

“Was it a nice surprise, Beth?” He asked, words coming too quickly with a heavier accent than normal. “We did not mean to make you think that I did not want to be here, only that it would be a surprise.”

She held up her paws, tail wagging, though her grin told the tale more than words.

“It was a wonderful surprise, thank you,” she addressed both her mother and Hans. “Thank you so much!”

“I will leave you two to become reacquainted,” Ruth beamed. “Enjoy the party! It is your day, Beth!”

“It is my day,” she repeated quietly, watching her mother disappear into the crowd. “And I shall make the most of it.”

“What was that?” Hans rested his paw on her shoulder, leaning in close.

Aware of his breath upon her shoulder, ruffling the fabric of her dress, the wolfess froze. Every memory of their last night together came rushing back in vivid detail, moaned words and quivering muscles, the delight of climax. She remembered his arms holding her close as she shuddered, the way he twisted when spilling thick ropes of seed into her cunny. The tips of Beth’s ears turned bright pink and she looked away, taking his paw in the hope that he would not notice her sudden loss for words.

“What do you want to do?” Beth asked, intertwining her fingers with Hans’.

The bat cocked his head and considered the question. His cuteness made her young heart skip a beat and Beth swallowed hard, striving to fight the lust rising in the pit of her stomach. He turned her on as much as ever and stoked the fires of her heart. Love? Not quite yet. A crush burning deeper? The wolfess bit her lip. Maybe, just maybe.

The bat squeezed her paw tightly.

“We could go for a walk?” He suggested. “I would quite enjoy meeting some of your friends. I have met so few of them.”

“We will bump into some,” Beth said, drawing up her natural confidence; what need was there to act coy? She was no shy flower. “Come. Come with me.”

Tugging him by the paw, the wolf led him through the crowd with one goal in mind. As they went, she waved, paused and introduced the young bat to every friend she ran into, her pride at showing off her ‘boyfriend’ swelling with every encounter. She had never had a boyfriend to talk about before. Her friends had not even believed her when she told them about Hans. She smirked inwardly at the surprise on their muzzles, that grudging acceptance that, yes, she had been right. Again. Beth was always right – not only on intelligent matters.

Liquor was a delicacy for younglings and Beth’s mother supplied plenty of it for the party, flitting through the throng with a watchful eye. If others accepted that Beth was always right, they understood the absolute authority Ruth held over them. A treat was there to be taken gratefully and no more than that without explicit permission. Anyone who abused would soon find themselves outside the estate on their tails wondering what on earth had happened. Beth sipped a fruity concoction, the buzz swiftly entering her head, fingers trembling from the mix of sugar and alcohol, a shock to her system. Hans’ paw was warm in hers and the wolf grew bold, dropping sly kisses on his cheek and neck whenever she thought they were suitably subtle and hidden within the crowd.

She towed him indoors and resolutely started for the stairs, her footfalls heavy. Hans tugged back and shook his head, drawing her attention.

“Beth,” he chuckled. “Where are we going? What are you doing? Should you have drunk that?”

“It is my party,” she stated. “Who is going to stop me? We are all of an age where we can drink under supervision… My mother is here. So is my father. There is no problem.”

She swayed, words coming with difficulty. Hans slipped an arm around her waist and drew her in close to his body, matching her steps as they wove their way up the stairs, drunken giggles making light of their inebriation. Arm in arm, they stumbled on to the landing, making a mess of the rug as they went. It did not matter: they were too happy to care. Beth nuzzled in close to her bat. It was simply right to be in his arms.

Beth had one goal in mind. Pushing open the door to her bedroom, she tackled Hans on to the bed with a girlish giggle, kocaeli escort bayan tongue lolling happily from her mouth. The bat gasped, breath thrust from his lungs, and wriggled beneath her, paws coming up to caress her waist, looking about with startled eyes. Realising exactly where they were, his lips formed a small ‘o’ of comprehension and the inside of his large ears flushed with heat. Beth wasted no time, whimpering softly as wanton lusts rose, unbuttoning Hans’ blue shirt with shaking fingers.

The bat welcomed her efforts more than the first time, paws slipping beneath the hem of her dress to feel the curve of her body, her hips and rump. He knew the intricacies of her form now and drew his confidence from that, short tail wriggling beneath his backside. Pinned on his back, Hans arched up into his partner, easing her dress up over her head with all the finesse he could muster in a liquor induced state. Pulling her down to him, Hans caressed her bare body, startled to find that she was only wearing her brassiere in form of undergarments. It only made his loins ache for her, cock throbbing and swelling.

“Beth…” He breathed, nibbling her neck. “I’ve missed you so much.”

“I have missed you too, my dear Hans.”

She kissed his lips deeply, cutting off further conversation. Their tongues danced playfully between their muzzles, ‘battling’ for the upper paw in the situation, though neither of was dominant in their experience. Beth had a natural paw in taking the lead and rolled them over on the bed, letting Hans fumble with her bra until it fell to the floor. Whether it was unfastened or ripped off, neither of them knew, but it did not matter. It was only a piece of clothing. She tore his shirt from his shoulders and squirmed beneath the bat, thrusting her hips up as she groped his hardening cock, trousers shoved down low enough to free his shaft. They whimpered, needing one another more than their ability to undress allowed.

The door swung open a crack. Neither noticed, their panting covering the creak it made.

“Please, Hans,” Beth groaned, prostrating herself upon the bed, legs spread. “Please…mate me, fuck me.”

He trembled at the illicit word, ears flicking back shyly: he could not imagine using the word in the presence of a lady but the dirty, wrong nature of it made him want her all the more. Not even pausing to kick off his trousers, he moved his body over hers, cock bumping into her thighs. Sticky trails of pre cum drooled in its wake and his muzzle wrinkled in concentration, struggling to push in after the drink he had consumed, senses heightened while his coordination was dulled.

“Please, Hans…” Beth would never beg in any other situation, but begging here felt like a route to getting what she wanted, what they both wanted. “Please, I need to feel you inside me so badly.”

He obliged gladly, body moving over hers in sinuous time. Lips pressing together, he teased over her lips with his tongue and dipped inside, cock seeking entry with gentle thrusts of his hips. Beth groaned into the kiss, assisting her lover by raising her hips, hind paws planted flat on the bed, taking Hans’ weight upon her.

The bat sunk into her with a low hiss, eyes closed and lips parted as he savoured the moment. Would he ever get used to the sensation of sliding into his sweet wolfess? Panting softly, he shared breath with Beth, lips just barely touching, and eased in to the hilt, hips gyrating in a remembered dance. Rolling his head back, the bat groaned loudly, uncaring of the other occupants of the house, partygoers and guests celebrating somewhere beneath their locked bodies. They no longer mattered: the party was no longer the highlight of the night for Beth. Only her lover and the bond they shared was of any importance now.

Who knew how much time they had together? Beth bit her lip, wrapping her legs around Hans to draw him in closer, forcing him to ram inside her, an edge of pain colouring the pleasure. She wanted him now and forever. Was this what love felt like? She twisted and grasped his arms, fingers pressing the leathery flap of his wings in to the limb. Thrusting gently, Hans rocked his hips into her, lips laying adoring kisses over the quivering curve of her neck, her body leading him where his liquor bubbled mind could not.

He pushed one paw beneath her buttocks, cradling her, and nuzzled down to her breasts, back arching to complete the motion. Demonstrating impressive flexibility for a bat, he nipped and licked playfully over her nipples, teasing the sensitive nub of flesh while his wolfess trembled in his paws, wings folded about her like a protective cloak. Beth cried out as his tongue flicked over a nipple, a paw caressing the other with light massages and squeezes, lusts rising. His thrusts kept no such pace or rhythm, speeding up or slowing down depending on how much attention he focused upon her breasts, eyes clouded by drink.

Beth licked her lips and straightened her back, juices squelching kocaeli escort out around the bat’s cock.

“Sweet Hans,” she breathed, heartbeat fluttering in the hollow at the base of her throat. “Please… Allow me to do one thing for you.”

“Something for me?” Hans’ large ears twitched, searching for sound before it was there to catch. “Whatever could you mean, Beth?”

His eyes were so wide and innocent that Beth could have melted right there and then, entranced by his inexperience. She had talked in their separation, yet it seemed that the bat was just as quiet in the realm of sexuality as he had been before. A wicked thrill rippled through her. The bat had not been with anyone but her. Not that Bethany had taken another male to bed either, of course, but it confirmed in her heart that Hans was hers and hers alone.

Pushing back on his shoulders, she eased the bat off her and sat up, whimpering as his cock was prematurely removed from her pussy: he should not have to pull away until she was good and done with him, filled with his cum. Blinking, he stood and swayed by the edge of the bed, a goofy grin upon his muzzle as he looked over the wolfess, his shaft throbbing lightly with increased blood flow. Grinning in turn, Beth dropped sensually to her knees, folding her long limbs beneath her. Her body was young yet fully developed with a pair of large, heavy breasts. In every way, she was the spitting image of her mother and it did not take a stranger more than a few moments to understand why her father had fallen so hard and so swiftly for her mother.

Looking up at her Hans, Beth rested her paws on his thighs, fingers curling around the side of his quads as her tail wagged. He swayed, the grin never leaving his muzzle.

“Do you not think I should do something for you too, Hans?” She murmured, stroking his balls with a feather light touch. “Perhaps I have learned something in your absence.”

“Learned? What do you mean?”

Hans shook his head, misunderstanding the direction of the topic. It was best to show him. Brushing her lips over the head of his cock, Beth kissed it softly, parting her lips to envelop it in the warmth of her maw.

Hans groaned, short tail wriggling in the imitation of a wag. He placed his paws on her head as if unsure where he was supposed to put them, fingers tentatively winding through her hair and stroking down the length, moaning as her muzzle sank lower and lower down his shaft. His whole body shuddered as if wracked by a greater force than he and the bat bucked lightly, working his cock within Beth’s throat as if he was making love to her.

“Oh, Bethany…” He groaned, muzzle twisting with the effort it took to restrain his body and corral instinct. “How do you…ah…know this? How?”

He gasped, tongue hanging out of his muzzle like that of an overheating canine. Beth’s tail wagged and she peered down the length of Hans’ shaft, easing her muzzle down until the tip pressed into the back of her throat, making her body jerk in an automatic convulsion. Gagging lightly, she withdrew and more carefully repeated the motion, suppressing her gag reflex the best she could in order to give her lover the most pleasure possible. He stroked her hair and moaned loudly, stimulated by the ripples of her throat, muscles moving in a way that he could never have imagined would be erotic.

She caressed his orbs with a bold paw, rolling them between her fingers and palm. It was amazing that so much cum could be contained within them! How much had he spilled into her that first night together? It had dripped out of her for two days afterwards. Having no concept of size or what was normal for a male, Beth marvelled at the shape and feel of his balls, withdrawing her lips slowly from his cock for a different taste. Licking her lips hungrily, the wolfess lowered her muzzle to his balls and played her tongue over them.

The reaction was quite extraordinary to her untrained eye. The bat lifted and lowered a hind paw, struggling to stay still as his trousers slid down his legs, tangling about his paws. His muscles twitched, the sensation unfamiliar, and Beth smirked inwardly as she lapped over both balls, paw simultaneously stroking his cock. Coupling one stimulation with another, Beth drew her bat as taut as a violin string, teasing along his responses and most sensitive spots as she came upon them. The learning experience was her forte and, although her caresses held an edge of awkwardness, Beth grew in confidence with every passing minute, Hans’ chest heaving with huge breaths. The deepest of them did not seem to deliver enough oxygen into his lungs and his eyes grew wide, muzzle agape.

“Beth!” He groaned.

Other words escaped him and he did nothing but repeat her name as she pumped her paw along the length of his cock. Her name became the melody by which she set her rhythm, eyes half-lidded as she lost herself in the moment. The liquor made her bold and set her toes curling against the carpet, lips kissing up the underside of her lover’s shaft. She languidly made her way back to the tip and traced her tongue around the sensitive glands, pussy clenching at the pitch of his moans. The bat’s hips gyrated and he moaned even louder, loud enough to wake the dead on such a hallowed night.

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