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The flight from Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur was running late, no problem training had been successful and the flight was only two hours. At least the flight did not look busy, if I am lucky maybe get one or two spare seats, to have a stretch. Then suddenly 50 maybe 60 what appeared to be migrant workers all showed up at once, maybe Bangladeshi.

Fat chance of a free seat now! Funny I travel a lot but rarely do I get sat next to women, must be the way the airlines allocate seats.

Finally, one hour late, the call comes to board the plane. I wait, no point getting on early.

As the final passengers boarded I joined the queue, seat 15c an isle seat.

Past the near empty business class to about the 5th row of economy, hmm looks like a couple of spare seats maybe I will be lucky after all. 13, 14 ah 15 yes a spare seat in the middle but better still a young woman maybe 25 by the window. A little difficult to see as she is wearing a cap with her hair pulled through the back in a ponytail, falling a couple of inches past her shoulders. Its getting better she is wearing a tee shirt low enough at the front to show the v between her breasts,slim in blue jeans.

Now god I am calling on you — PLEASE don’t sit anyone between us!

Then the call came over the sound system “Flight attendants please secure the doors.”

Thank you god! Interesting she turned her head toward me and smiled at the same time as I did. Pretty thing, nice smile, cute nose, wavy black hair tucked tightly in her cap, brown eyes. I smiled back and said “hi” she replied “hi.”

Then it was back to the magazine she was reading.

Why couldn’t I think of something more interesting to say, never really been comfortable with girls until I know them well.

But then why would this attractive young lady want to chat to some stranger on a plane twice her age that was hardly god’s gift to women.

Still, better to sit next to her rather than anyone else I had seen as I continued to glance sideways at her as subtly as I could.

As she continued to read I plugged into my ipod, talk about dumb! What better way to stop any possible conversation. Occasionally she would shift her position in her seat and reveal just a little more of what appeared to be lovely firm young breasts, I may have been in Thailand for two weeks but they had been barren from a sexual perspective. Just the mandatory masturbation every night, even the local massage was ruined by the site of my co-trainer lying on the next bed. Even if there was anadolu yakası escort a chance of “service” I could not take it. The class itself included Tina, an attractive tall slim girl with a nice figure, but she never left the side of her French friend Michel, although he was apparently gay. What a waste!

Back to the plane — the point is I was horny and I was sitting beside this sexy young thing. How could I get to know her better?

Then came the opportunity, she had put away her magazine and was now intently looking at a map of Bangkok.

“In Bangkok for business or leisure?”

“Business.” she replied smiling,

“What sort of business?”

“interior design, I am working on a hotel.”

Perfect — here I was a horny hotel man and she is working for a hotel.

“Really which hotel?”

“Holiday Inn,” she replied.

“Okay its just I work for the Sheraton and Westin chains, hey if you ever want to stay in a nice room let me know, here is my card.”

“Sorry, my name is Graeme, nice to meet you.”

“Amanda.” she replied, hmmm nice hands, I wouldn’t mind those stroking my cock right now.

“Thanks, but I stay at the Holiday Inn because of its location”

“I am not familiar with the hotel, where is it?”

She then started looking at the map, “I am not quite sure where it is on this map, it was quite close to a night market”.

For five minutes we searched the map together, looking for the market, then it occurred to me “was it Pattpong?”

Amanda smiled, “Yes that was it,here it is.”

“Do you enjoy looking around Pattpong?” she asked “some nice bodies, a bit of fun”

“Yes” I said, “but I don’t enjoy the live sex, not sure live is the right word, pretty sad!”

“Can’t be much fun either for them” ha-ha we both laughed.

Amanda was now side on in her chair looking at me, “I have to admit I was happy when you sat next to me, I feel more comfortable than sitting next to you than the migrant workers.”

Ha-ha I agreed she was far better company for me also!!

Then we started talking about sex.

I could not believe it we were talking about our sex lives, less than 30 minutes after meeting.

While looking at the map I had moved into the seat next to Amanda, she seemed ok with this. We continued to talk about our sex lives, “how often do you have sex?” she asked.

“4 or 5 times a week,”

“wow” she said “you are healthy!”

“What ataşehir escort about you” I said.

“Sometimes that often, it depends” she replied. Fuck they were nice breasts, I just wanted lick my finger and run it around the top of her breasts, in the crease between them.

By now I had a better idea of Amanda’s figure, I had caught a glimpse of her belly as her tee shirt rode up a little as she turned to talk to me, nice and flat, hmmm what next?

As the flight continued we grew more and more comfortable with each other, we shared our likes and dislikes sexually, still hard to believe we had only just met.

Why oh why couldn’t we be flying to Sydney — I was beginning to think of where we might get too if we had more time. This had become the type of flight men dream of — but too short.

At this point the lights in the cabin were turned off, being dark outside suddenly everything was very dim.

As I continued to chat to Amanda our eyes met, she smiled, s special smile that said this could be fun! Was this the imagination of a horny guy? Only one way to find out!

As I looked at Amanda again, she lightly moistened her lips with the tip of her tongue, I leant forward, slowly moving my lips closer to hers, they met, lightly we kissed, the tips of our tongues playing with each other.

We separated, still looking into each others eyes, I signaled with a nod towards the isle. Amanda nodded back.

I stood up,and made my way down the aisle to the back of the plane, before I had gone far she too was standing up and making her way towards the back.

As I got to the back there was no one waiting, but, the flight attendant was standing by the door, he was one of the older attendants, looked like he had seen most things during a long career. I took a risk, reaching into my pocket I took out the MYR300 I had and whispered to the attendant could he help me out as I signaled toward the approaching Amanda, “10 minutes” he said.

I opened the door keeping it open as Amanda approached, she slipped through in front of me, and at that point the attendant stepped between the toilet and the seating effectively shielding me as I entered after Amanda.

Even before locking the door Amanda was loosening her jeans, the belt then zip, wriggling as they fell to the floor. With one hand undoing my jeans I pulled Amanda toward me with the other, roughly our lips met, my tongue driving deep into her mouth, she responded by pushing me back and ümraniye escort pulling my tee shirt up towards my head.

Quickly I ripped it over my head, my jeans around my ankles; the breathing was heavy as we both struggled to remove clothes in the confined space while both hungry to continue.

It was now Amanda’s turn she was sucking my nipple, her hand stroking my cock through my pants. My hands were holding the cheeks of her ass pulling her closer to me, my fingers exploring both her wet pussy and her arse, easily my fingers slipped into her pussy, her wetness allowing my to also finger her tight little arse.

Again we kissed deep and hard, breathing hard, the passion, restricted space and location all making it all the more explosive. Our tongues went deeper; my cock was now out, 7 inches of throbbing muscle waiting to explode, to feel the warmth of that wet pussy.

Then suddenly Amanda pushed me on to the toilet seat and then facing me positioned her pussy in my face, hmmm beautiful, the scent of her perfume mixed with the smell of her juices, hungrily I licked her, my tongue now playing with her pussy lips, then her clit, first with my tongue then nibbling it with my teeth until it was hard.

She moaned long and loud, juices were running down by chin, as I tried to eat everything.

It was time, I pulled her down onto my cock, it slipped in easily, the warmth, the wet tightness, we moaned simultaneously, as I moved my hips up and down she took control and began to move up and down, At first slowly, then faster taking all of my cock into her she was enjoying almost taking it out and then taking it all back in.

With this she through her head back giving me the opportunity to take those pert breasts into my mouth, there were perfect, my size, firm with delicious nipples, hard just waiting to be sucked. I ran my tongue around before taking them into my mouth, then I bite her “Fuck” she shouted “fuck.”

“I am cumming, ohhhhh.”

“Wait, wait!” I lips met again, wet, everywhere was wet!

Then she forced herself hard against me, still moving fast, it was amazing, then I feel her shiver long and hard, “arghhh, fuck me fuck me” and I stood up her legs hitting the sides as she wrapped them around me, I pushed her against the door and continued to drive harder and harder, then we came together me exploding into her, she cumming at the same time, not once but twice, smacking her head against the door — seemingly not feeling it as we flopped back onto the seat.

A knock on the door, and again.

Amanda stood up, folding tissue between her legs, pulling her jeans up and straightening her tee shirt. She leant down and kissed me, then unlocked the door and returned to her seat. Two minutes later I followed, the attendant given me a smile, the old lady in the isle giving me a disgusted look!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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