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The days seem to get longer with each and every one that passes. I feel like I am in a daze and can’t snap out of it. But sometimes great thoughts float in to my mind and it puts me into a trance of sexual fantasies. I’d like to share one of these thoughts with you. It all started the other day………………



“Huh…WH…What?” I said as I snapped out of my delusion.

“I have been calling your name for like 10 minutes man, what ya thinkin bout over there?” said my friend Denzel

“Shit nothing, just zoning out.” I said, wondering if he believed me but couldn’t care if he did.

“Yo, I’m tired let’s just go do this shit tomorrow.” Truth is I wasn’t tired I just wanted to be alone with my thoughts. Once he left I went back into my living room and sat back down on the couch and started to drift off to that amazing sweet though I was having before……………

I’m standing at the door to a house I have never been to before and I knock then wait for someone to answer the door.

“I’m coming hold on!” comes from behind the door.

The door open slowly and what appears from behind it is an angel who must have came directly from heaven itself. Beautiful slightly curly hair that falls perfectly around her angelic face. With the most amazing brown eyes I have ever seen in my entire life! The body of a goddess perfect curves an amazing ass and the perfect chest size. I stood there speechless for what felt like hours. I finally snapped out of it and realized I was at Rachel’s house. My Cousin Sam’s wife. They weren’t together anymore but were still married.

“Oh, hey Rachel I was just stopping by to see how you were doing and how everything has been I hope you don’t mind!?” I was so nervous and could barely get the words out, never had I seen such beauty in a person. I also felt like I was violating an unwritten law of family code by going to her house alone. But we are both adults and I can control myself to keep from making a move. Or so I thought.

“Hi Jamie, Nah I don’t mind come on in.” she moved to let me through the door and then closed it behind us.

“Can I get you anything to drink?” she asked in a voice that sounded like angels singing a song.

“Um, I’m ok but thanks anyways.” I looked around taking in my surroundings as it was all new to me. I was wondering where the kids were and how come she was home alone. She came walking across the room and started to answer the questions that were running through my mind like she was a mind reader.

“You just missed the kids. They all went out for the day and since I haven’t really had time away from them being a single mom and all I decided to stay behind and just relax.” she sat down next to me not to close but close enough to send what felt like electricity through my entire body. It was an amazing feeling, one of the best if I do say so myself. As I turned to say something to her our eyes made contact and I was at a loss for words they were so beautiful like stars that belonged in the sky and were shinning just for me. Just by looking into her eyes I could see how great of a person she was and how she has gone through a lot of tough times through her life but it only made her soul and spirit shine brighter than ever.

“Jamie, are you ok?” her voice cut through the silence in the room and brought me back to reality.

“Me yeah, kadıköy escort I just got lost in your eyes. I feel like I could stare into them for days. They are incredible!”

She smiled a bright loving warm smile and thanked me.

We sat there talking about our lives going back and forth telling stories of when we were growing up. We talked about everything from best childhood memory to favorite foods, colors, movies, and activities. I couldn’t keep in the questions I wanted to ask anymore and finally asked what I really wanted to know.

“If you don’t mind me asking what happened between you and Sam? He must be crazy to have let you get away! You a beautiful woman with a great personality. If you don’t wanna talk about it I unde…..”

“Yeah know what to be honest I just wasn’t happy and I tried to make it work but I just couldn’t get him to understand that I wasn’t happy. He just didn’t’ get it.”

“I tried dropping hints giving him clues all the way to flat out saying it and he still wasn’t willing to change anything not even a little” after she was done she seemed to be a little upset not about what she said but about the fact that she wished it could have worked out but realized it was time to move past that and start her life over.

“I’m sorry if I upset you or brang up painful memories. I didn’t mean to, the last thing I want to do is to see you in any kind of pain.” While looking into her eyes those feelings seemed to wash away and that bright warm loving personality began to shine trough again.

“Eh, it wasn’t your fault you were just curious. No harm done!” “I do how ever have a couple questions for you.” As she said that I seen a smile come across her face. Not a smile that would be from something funny but a smile that was meant for I really would love the answers to these questions.

“I am an open book ask away, there isn’t any question I won’t answer get as personal as you would like.”

“Ok, my first question is on my facebook you wrote that you were the asshole of the family. But the man in front of me seems anything but that. You seem like a very sweet kind person. So which is the real you?”

I laughed a little and explained what I meant on her page was that I love with my whole heart and speak my mind so there are no misconceptions on what I mean. I tell her I am completely honest to the point people say I am too blunt.

“you see I am a sweet loving kind guy, it’s just that I don’t hold nothing back I say what needs to be said no sugar coating no fluffing it up, just honesty and people seem to think I am an asshole for that. So it’s just like a forewarning to those who don’t know me.”

“Alright, my next question is how often do you think of me, it seems like you’re always on my facebook page. Not that I mind it’s just I was wondering why you’re interested in what’s going on with me and in my life?”

“I want to answer that question with this “if I had a rose for every thought I thought of you I would be walking through a garden forever!” you’re an amazing person and again your beautiful there seems to be something drawing me closer to you. I don’t think there has been a day that you haven’t been on my mind.”

She sat in silence for moment thinking about what I had just told her and then asked

“What about Sam?”

I üsküdar escort laughed and said “I am not interested in Sam, I am interested in you!”

“But aren’t you worried about what he would say and how h…..”

I cut her off mid sentence and said “look I’m an adult and so are you and as long as you are ok with this so am I, I can handle Sam being mad at me. But what I can’t handle is not telling you how I feel about you and taking this chance. I don’t want to live with doubts and what ifs!”

“And how do you feel about me?”

I sat there thinking and all I could say is…”I think about you constantly. If I could write your name on every grain of sand in this world it wouldn’t even come close to how many thoughts I have about you. I like you a lot. I think you’re a wonderful woman. Strong, smart, beautiful, funny…..To be honest it’s more than a like, but that’s just how I feel. Hell if I could be anything I would want to be one of your tears!”

She looks at me confused and asks “Why?”

“Cause I can think of nothing better than to have been born in your heart, to have lived and seen the world through your eyes and to have died on your lips!”

She looks deep into my eyes for a moment grabs me and starts kissing me. Her kiss is so filled with passion that I don’t ever want it to end it feels like I am flying on the wings of an angel. She pulls away and smiles then says “I hope your ok that I just did that!?”

“I am fine with it I have thought about this moment for a long time and it is more perfect that I could have ever imagined!!”

I pull her in for another kiss and run my fingers through her hair. I softly run my finger tips down her soft cheek and place my hand behind her neck. Her hands run down my back and then to my chest. She stops for a moment and asks “are you sure your ok with this?”

I say nothing instead I lay her back while kissing her soft sweet lips. I slowly kiss her check and work my way down to her neck kissing softly and passionately. I slowly unbutton her shirt while kissing down her chest to her belly button. Once her shirt is completely undone I kiss my way to her sides and up to her tits. I unbuckle her bra and let her tits come free from their restraints. I slowly lick her one tit working my way to her nipple. I lightly flick her nipple with my tongue and pull it in to my mouth. I suck on it gently and lightly increase pressure and graze her nipple with my teeth while I pull it from my mouth. I make my way over to the other side and repeat what I did to her other nipple.

She is moaning and lifting her back to get closer to me. I kiss her lips while beginning to unbutton her pants. Her eyes are begging me to rip her clothes off but I take my time I want her to feel all the passion I have for her. I unzip her pants and slowly pull them off. I can’t believe how gorgeous she is, her body is a masterpiece. I lower myself to kiss her inner thighs while rubbing her clit. She lets out a soft light moan. I kiss towards per pussy and find it to be so wet. I can’t help but to pull her panties off and lick her sweet wet slit. The taste is indescribable. I slide my tongue into her pussy and back out then up to her clit. I insert a finger into her pussy while licking and sucking on her clit. My other hand is busy rubbing up and down her body and feeling her tits. I replace my finger tuzla escort with my tongue again and begin to fuck her pussy with my tongue. Instead of just moving it in and out or up and down I use my tongue to spell out words and sentences to make sure I hit all her hot spots. She wraps her legs around my head and buries my face deep into her. Her body begins to shudder as she has an orgasm, it wash over her like waves crashing against a row of rocks during high tide. I continue to lick her pussy and begin to rub her clit again to bring her to another orgasm. She screams out in pleasure as her second orgasm comes. I make sure to lick her wet dripping pussy clean.

She pushes me off her and on to my back and with the most devilish grin says “Now it’s my turn!”

She takes my belt off and pulls my pants and boxers down with one swift fluid movement. My cock springs straight up and almost hits her right in the face. She looks up at me and smiles then looks down and takes my cock in her mouth and works her way down my shaft. She comes back up to the tip licks it and works her way back down. One of her hands is wrapped around the base of my cock while the other rubs my balls. She is working my cock with her mouth trying to take the whole length. Her movements become more rapid, I can feel her tongue swirl around the tip of my cock as she works her way up and down. I am lost in the feeling of pleasure all I can do is moan and tell her how great it feels. She sucks harder and deeper, faster and faster till she feels my balls tighten up. She knows I’m about to cum so she buries my cock deep down her throat and I explode spilling my cum into her mouth.

I stand up and take lead her to her own bed. I lay her down and position myself between her legs. Slowly I slide my cock into her pussy which is wetter than it was before. The feeling of having my cock in her was heaven it was so hot tight and wet it seemed to fit around my cock like a glove. I pulled it out almost all the way and put it back in. I can hear her moaning softly. After doing this three or four times she says…”Jamie, Just fuck this pussy baby! Please don’t tease!” so I slammed my cock into her till I felt my balls slamming off her ass. She screamed out in pleasure begging me to keep fucking her like that. Needing no more encouragement I work my cock in and out of at a vigorous pace. All while sucking her tits kissing her sweet sensuous lips, and grabbing her perfectly sculpted ass. We stay in this position for about ten minutes or so till I pull out and tell her to get on her hands and knees. She does as instructed and I am greeted by the sight of her sweet ass. I slide my cock back in to her pussy and start fucking her again. I begin to drive my cock deep and hard into her while putting my hands on her hips to help slam her back onto my cock. I can feel her body tense up as she begins to have another orgasm. She screams out “oh yes Jamie fuck me, make me cum on that dick!” I do as requested and fuck her through another orgasm. I begin slapping her round ass while shoving my cock into her, after a few minutes I can feel the pressure in my balls building up and I know I am almost to the point I have been waiting for. With a few more strokes my cock spews out streams and streams of cum deep into her pussy. She feels my cum slashing deep inside her so she slams back to make sure I get it even deeper. After my cock is done, I pull it out of her and we both collapse onto the bed and stare at each other. We both smile.

All of a sudden my phone rings and I come back down from the clouds to find that this was all in my mind. Just a wondrous, magnificent day dream. It felt so real, it felt so right. I ignore the phone and think about how to make this day dream a reality…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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