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He and I have planned this. To meet at a local park. The only intention is for me to give him a blowjob.

He texts me directions to the park and I leave my house. When I arrive, I let him know. Soon, I see his headlights behind my car. He parks in front of me and climbs out of his car.

I can’t believe how tall he is and all I can do is stare as he walks to my passenger door. He slides into the seat.

“Hi,” he says.

“Hey,” I reply. Quick and simple, I remind myself as I adjust in my seat and lean forward. I have my hand at the front of his pants. He’s already rock hard and he sighs.

I fumble with his zipper, my hand is shaking. I slowly unzip his pants and slide my hand through. I only find boxers.

At this point, I’m glad that he can’t see the frustration on my face. My fingers linger on him. I can feel his heat through the thin cotton fabric. I sigh; I’m getting wet by this. Finally, my fingertips find the opening of his boxers. I graze the soft flesh of him; it sends shivers down my spine.

Slowly, carefully, my fingers work their way through his boxers. I wrap my hand around his shaft and gently pull it outward.

With the light of the moon shining through my windshield, I can see the full size of him. A healthy eight inches, and he’s thick too! I trace my fingers over him, starting from his tip, down his smooth head. I can’t help but smile to myself. I look up to his face; his eyes are on my hand, his lips slightly parted. I move my fingers gently over his shaft. I can feel the soft veins under his silky skin. I do this to the underside of his cock as well.

He moves his hand and places it over mine, I look at him. His breath has quickened, he lays my palm on his shaft, folding my fingers over him. He moves my hand up and down. He looks at me, his eyes pleading.

I gradually stroke his length, my eyes never leaving his. I bring my hand all the way up, my palm grazing his tip, my fingers stroking his shafts. I twist my hand, my fingers are underneath, my palm on top; I slowly bring my hand down. I work my way back up again twisting my hand at his hot tip and slide down.

I watch his eyes close, his head resting against the headrest, his lips in a pouty O shape. I wrap my fingers more firmly around him and my pace is quicker. Up and down my hand runs over his hot flesh. Soon he’s thrusting his hips forward, pushing his cock through my fingers. A loan moan escapes his lips and I place my mouth over the smooth flesh of his head. My tongue flicks escort izmit at the tiny hole. He sucks in a breath, I sigh against him. I run circles around his tip with my tongue. Lower and lower I go, still making circles until his cock touches my lips.

His fingers twist into my hair and I keep lowering my mouth on him. I come back up to his tip and slide him past my lips again. My hand pulls his flesh down towards the base of his cock, my mouth follows. I can feel him touch the back of my throat. This makes me cum, soaking through my panties. I don’t come back up, I only go further down. My tongue brushes against his hard shaft. The taste of his skin is bitter sweet and I moan.

I bring my mouth up and off of him, I suck in some air. His hands are still wrapped in my hair. His eyes lock on mine.

“Please,” he begs. “I need more.”

I just smile. I begin to stroke him with more intensity, my hand brushing against his the soft curls above his cock. I hear him plead, “I need your mouth on me.”

I put him back into my mouth, my hand still stroking. Up and down, my lips press against him, my fingers tighten around. The grip in my hair becomes tighter; he pushes my mouth further down on him. The tip of his cock touches the back of my throat again and again. I start to moan, my pussy convulses. He releases a primitive sound, his hand heavy on my head; his cock is as far as it can go.

I can feel him twitch as his hot thick cum is unloaded. I swallow as much as I can. Some spilling from the corners of my mouth.

His hand falls from my hair to my neck. I slowly bring my mouth off of him. My hand casually stroking his shaft. Even after his release, he’s still rock hard. My hand never leaves his sticky cock.

My head lies on his shoulder, his arm around my lower back; we’re both breathing heavy. My body shakes and he chuckles. I’ve cum again and I think he knows this.

He twists his body towards me, my head falls onto his bicep. His hand covers my cheek and I hear him sigh against my ear. He lowers his hand, across my chest and stomach. He lifts the bottom of my shirt up just enough to get his hand under it. The heat of his hand is startling; I swear it gets hotter the further up he goes. I sigh and continue to play with his cock. His hand reaches my breasts. He traces the lace edge of my bra, his fingertips barely touching my skin. He makes me shiver again.

He slides his hand back down; so lightly, so hot. He unbuttons my jeans and palms my panty clad pussy. “Oh” izmit darıca escort is all that escapes from me.

He pushes me back against my door. His fingers curl over the top of my jeans, he pulls them down and off of me; my legs resting across his lap.

He traces lines over my leg, starting from my ankle, over my calf to the inside of my knee and thigh. He stops at the edge of my panties. I’m panting with anticipation. He looks at my face with shimmering eyes, his fingers glide over my mound and down my pussy.

“Wow.” He says, You’re soaked.”

I turn red, hoping that he can’t see it. He hands reach up to my shirt and he starts to undo the buttons. My chest heaves against his fingers. After he gets to the last button, his fingers push again the top of my breasts, he pulls my shirt over my shoulder to my elbows and slips it off. There’s a bright twinkle in his eyes, I blush even more; feeling like I’m making the inside of the car glow.

He pulls the straps of my bra down over my shoulders too and reaches for the front clasp, freeing my breasts. Barely touching the smooth flesh of my chest, he pulls the bra completely off of me and drops it to the floor boards.

My erect nipples stand out and are soon between his thumb and forefingers. He rubs them. He twists them. He pinches them. And he pulls on them. I’m moaning as I lay my head back against the window. A sigh passes through my lips.

My eyes are closed as I feel his soft warm lips on my nipple. His tongue circles around it, he pulls his mouth away and blows on it. I can feel my nipple grow more aroused. He does this to my other nipples as if not wanting to leave it out of the fun.

He sucks my nipple into his mouth, his teeth nipping at me. His hand travels to my panties and he begins to caress my pussy. I spread my legs for him, inviting him in for a closer feel. He presses harder against me, my hips push against his hand and I cum, again.

My body quivers, he chuckles. He begins to slide my panties off. He lowers his face to my pussy once its naked, his hands behind my knees. I feel his hot breath on my cum soaked lips. He blows short bursts of air on my pussy.

“That’s going to make me cum again,” I tell him.

“That’s my point,” he replies.

He blows a cool breath and a warm breath. Alternating between the two. I try to push my pussy to his mouth, he pulls away. I try again, nothing. I try some more and finally my lips meet his.

He places kisses all izmit rus escort over me. His tongue slides over my slit, bottom to top. My body jolts, he’s buried his tongue at the top of my slit, pressing it onto my clit. I feel his wet tongue circle over my clit. It sends a burning sensation through my pussy. My fingers comb through his hair. I can’t stand it, I feel like I’m on fire. My pussy twitches, it’s so unbelievable.

A hand travels along my inner thigh, sending goose bumps across my flesh. His fingers play with my wet lips, pulling gently and pinching firmly. A finger slips into me. A double sensation, my clit being flicked, my pussy fingered. My breath is heavy as moans come from my mouth. He slips another finger into me.

“Yes,” I whisper. “So good.”

His tongue flicks faster, and another finger enters me. I buck my hips against his hand, like I’m riding him.

“I’m going to cum,” I moan.

He keeps at it. The hot burning feeling builds inside of me. I explode. He thrusts his three fingers hard into my dripping pussy; his teeth find my clit and bite down. I scream. I cum. But he doesn’t stop. His fingers only go faster inside me, his teeth bite down harder. I cum again, bucking against him.

All of a sudden, everything stops. He sits up and pulls me with him.

“I want to be inside you,” he whispers to me. He pulls me atop his lap. His cock presses against me. He slides himself into my pussy. I slide down on his throbbing cock, his hand reaches for my chest. He plays with my tits, suckling on my nipples.

I slide back up his cock. His hands still on my breasts. His mouth biting my nipples.

I rock myself on his cock, sighing. His thickness amazes me. My moans are quiet, my breathing quickens. He starts to thrust harder into me.

“Cum on me,” he moans.

My hips meet his with each one of his hard thrusts. My pussy tightens around his cock, I cum hard. I can’t stop. He pushes into me harder and harder, my ass slaps against his lap. And I’m still cumming. I know he can feel it. My pussy refuses to release his cock.

“Oh, fuck.” He says, “Your pussy feels so good.”

He pounds harder into me, there’s a mixture of pain and pleasure.

“Oh, God,” he whispers. “I’m going to cum.”

He slams his cock in deep, pushes me down onto him. He twitches again and again. His eyes roll into the back of his head as my head falls back. He draws me to his chest, lays my head into the nook of his neck. As he wraps his arms around me, he moans. And I sigh. We cum together.

We sit like that for awhile, our bodies shaking. I feel him grow limp and slip out of me. I shiver, I love the way it feels.

“I can’t move,” I whisper against him.

“It’s okay,” he says. “I don’t want you to.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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