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Even before the kiss ended, as those unknown hands kneaded and caressed her body, as power, need, and hunger raced like fire across the dry plains through her body and mind, Cathy felt something hard and cold pressed into her hand. She lost all sense of time, moments, hours, days, and eternity melded into a single heartbeat. She knew that it defied all logic, but the universe itself seemed lodged between her thighs. Thighs that were wet in a way they had never been, that cried out with a need Cathy had never known before.

The woman gave her tingling lips a final lingering lick as she drew back. Her hand covered Cathy’s own pressing whatever it was into her hand almost painfully. Cathy turned her to look but was not certain what it was that she held.

It was purple, differing shades from almost opaque to deep violet, about five inches long, hexagonal with a diameter of an inch or so. It was smooth at one end but came to a gently rounded point at the other.

Cathy shook her head, confused and uncertain about not only what the amethyst object was but what she was supposed to do with it. She had never been the incense, crystals, and meditation type any more than she had been the church-going.

The woman nodded her head as she moved Cathy’s hand down her body, “Your innocence, your virginity, is yours and the Goddess alone. It belongs to no man or woman.”

Her words shocked Cathy as their meaning began to coalesce in her mind that still floated somewhere between perfect peace, raging lust, confusion, and fear. Could she possibly be reading this woman right? Did she really mean that Cathy should…? In front of all these people?

She shook her violently head, “I can’t.”

“Yes, my daughter, you can. You need to. You feel Her power thrumming through every single cell and atom of your body. You are alive in a way that you have never been before. You must unlock that power. Her power in you and through you. It is your destiny. Her blessing to you. And to this world. izmit escort bayan Take the crystal.”

Cathy knew to the bottom of her soul that everything she said was right. Her body was aflame as it never before. She was consumed by a need she had never even imagined. And yes, she yearned for release, for that dam to break, and the power to flow forth.

But she was reminded of those other times. The handful of times that she had felt those urges when reading one of her trashy alien romance novels. Or the time in high school when her health education teacher had challenged them to place a mirror between their legs and explore, of course, that teacher had not lasted long once news of her ‘homework’ got out to the parents.

Tears welled in her eyes as she shook her head. Her voice broke, “You don’t understand. I can’t. I’m not…”

The woman chuckled, “Oh, my glorious novice, you have no idea the blessing that awaits.”

She leaned closer and whispered, her lips almost touching Cathy’s own again, and she ached for that. “Have no fear. This will not be like those other times.”

Her lips brushed tenderly along Cathy’s, or she thought they did. The kiss was so light and brief it held the illusion of butterfly wings against your flesh.

“But you know that already, my child. You feel it, too. You know that your body is ready. Ready at long last for its transformation. Its rebirth.”

Her next words were forever etched into Cathy’s mind and soul, “But that choice must be yours. No one will or can ever take from you the blessing that is yours alone to give. That is the ultimate power of the divinely feminine.”

“The Goddess is, above all things, a loving mother, who even when forced to chastise her children does so fairly and as gently as possible. She never forces us down paths but only gently nudges and encourages us to step into our destinies.”

The woman brushed a stray strand of her red hair back from her cheek, “Not even in this most important izmit eve gelen escort of things will She force Her will upon you. If you say so, this all stops. We go home.”

A chill passed over Cathy’s soul as if the cold, darkness of space engulfed her whole being. Her heart shuttered to a stop in her chest as she found the courage to force words from her frozen lips, “What happens then?” Though she feared she did not really want to hear the answer, she knew she must.

“Then, they win. The forces of darkness that rule this world stand unimpeded.”

“There can be no other. You and you alone are Her choice. No one else can stand into a destiny that is not hers to fill.”

Once more, that secretive smile glimmered in the depths of those warm brown eyes. It made Cathy wonder just how much this woman knew of her, her thoughts, her doubts, her fears.

“This is no misogynistic beauty contest, my child. There are no second runners up to stand in if you should fail.”

Those tears flowed freely down Cathy’s cheeks as she uttered her deepest fear, “But what if I do? What if I fail?”

She brushed the tears away as she spoke, “Oh, you will most definitely fail. I certainly have. We all do. And that will be incredibly hard. Times when you doubt your purpose and your sanity. Times when it seems that the Goddess Herself has turned Her back on you. She has not, I promise. But She mourns those failures, too. “

“But you will succeed, too. And those times will give you the courage to continue, as I have. They will validate you and refill you with Her power.”

The woman pressed Cathy’s hand lower so that it hovered over her womb. She could feel the surge. If the need had been more profound than she ever knew before, it jumped exponentially. She moaned and shuttered, her body arching and aching with unimaginable desire.

“Take the crystal, accept the Goddess’s healing so that you may share Her power with others. Step into izmit otele gelen escort your destiny, Cathy.”

It was not until the days and months to come that she realized the woman had called her by name. She would have then to ponder the imponderables. Like what would have become of her had she chosen differently. Then again, she did not need even to ask that question. She knew: death. Whether physical or not, Cathy knew deep inside that the worst thing a person could do was fail to embrace her destiny.

This night, though, she had time only for action as she embraced hers. Her fingers trembled, especially when the woman drew her hand away. Cathy paused for a moment, the crystal poised over her Venus mons, so aptly named the temple of the Goddess. Once more fear assailed her, what if…what if she didn’t? What if she could not? Like before.

“You can only do your part, my beloved daughter. The rest is for Her to do Hers.”

Cathy looked into her eyes as she nodded and brought the object between her legs. She knew that she did not worry about lubrication. Though those hands had retreated somewhat as the women spoke, they had continued more coaxing touches on her legs, feet, and arms. Her vagina was wetter than if she had stepped from the shower.

“Cunt. Your cunt. Quna, my queen. Kunta, woman. Kundalini, life force itself. Own your power. Take back that word.” The woman’s voice rose as the crowd took up the chant, “Kunta, Kunta, Kunta…”

But rather than frightening or elicit feelings of shame, its mantra became an incantation that fueled Cathy’s fingers.

Hands on her ankles tenderly spread her legs even further apart as the crystal perched at the gates, the fountain of her power and soul. Cathy closed her eyes, drew in a breath deeper than any since that first one she took as a babe.

Yes, her soul recognized that and knew that this moment she was reborn. Cathy was no more. She drove the crystal inside her body.

She need not have feared. The power of her orgasm was more than the strongest earthquake. Fluid gushed from between her legs like a tsunami generated in its aftermath. If there were pain, she never felt it. Her soul soared towards the sun itself, bursting into flames, and spreading outwards to radiate its warmth over all.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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