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It’s a true story. It really happened; even though it seems unlikely and even though most people never find themselves in such circumstances often; it happened all the same.

My neighbor Greg has this really sexy wife Samantha. She has these really nice breasts with pointy nipples and I’ve seen her in a skirt enough to say her legs are 9s. Her hair is medium length light-brown and straight. Samantha is 27 or 28, I’m not sure. She isn’t as skinny as most models in porn, but she has this sexed up look; the kind that silently begs you to fuck her, but you never dare ask.

Greg told me that he had been planning on building a fuck machine like one can see on the Internet. I never took him seriously and just laughed at him when he started going into details about how it would work and so on. Then just a month ago while I was washing the car, he invited me over to see this thing. After looking it over and getting the long-winded version of how hard it was to build, he offered to show me the unit in action. At first I was stunned; I didn’t know what he was getting at. He ducked into the closet and produced a videotape.

“Follow me,” he said.

I followed him into the living room and he quickly put the tape into a VCR player, flicked on the TV and invited me to sit and watch his demo tape of the new machine in action.

“Who’s on it?” I asked, still stunned silly by what was happening.

“You’ll see,” was all he said.

Just then the picture started; it was Greg introducing his wife on the tape, they must have used a tripod for most of the taping. She lay down onto the black leather bench and he went to work tuzla ukraynalı escort strapping her legs down and firmly back against the wide wooden legs. There was Sam, her shaved beaver fully revealed. Her legs were bent downward at the knees showing off skin you would love to rub your cock on.

I sat there watching the movie with Greg explaining how the system worked and all the while Sam is there spread eagle for me to see what I’ve only been able to fantasize about up to that moment. Once he finished strapping her in tightly, he then installed the fake penis on the end of the push rod. He placed just the head of it into the crease of her wet, fleshy cunt lips. Then he squirted some oil on her mound and the big rubber cock, then walked back to the camera.

The next scene began with the unit running at a very slow speed. The life like cock pushed into Sam’s pussy, pulling her clit down with the friction of the tight fit. Watching this rubbery cock being forced into and pulled out of Sam’s tight cunt had me starting to firm up. Sam moaned softly while the machine picked up momentum. I had to adjust the way I was sitting a few times as I watched Samantha but cheeks wiggle and her toes curl ever so slightly to the rhythmic in and out of the slick dildo. This went on for a little while, when suddenly Greg’s body obscured the shoot momentarily as he walked over to his moaning wife.

Greg then produced a blindfold and wrapped it around Samantha’s half-closed eyes. He then pulled a ball-gag and placed it in her mouth; tying it snuggly around her neck. She was moaning a little louder now and the machine tuzla rus escort continued to fuck her while Greg fished something else out of a bag just under the bench. It was one of those vibrating butterfly things and he placed it on Sam’s mound; making sure to expose her clitty to its motor. Then Greg came back towards the camera and I was so engrossed in what I was watching, I never noticed that he had left the room I was sitting in.

To ad shock to my flushed and stunned state, a hand suddenly landed on my crotch. I twisted around to see Samantha there beside me. Greg had vanished and hadn’t noticed. Samantha wasted no time in pulling my cock lose from my tight jeans and began stroking it slowly; small tugs that felt so good. I looked back at the screen, then at her.

“Enjoying the movie?” She asked.

“Er, yeah, I suppose I am,” I said, not knowing what the hell else I could say. I felt embarrassed, but the effect of seeing her writhe on the TV screen and feeling her warm hand tug at my cock; I really couldn’t help but go with the flow. On the TV she began moaning and whimpering as Greg had activated the vibrator on the butterfly. I didn’t know what to look at: her tugging my cock, or her getting a mechanical fucking on the TV.

“Just watch me cum on the TV,” she said.

Well, it was decided for me, and my eyes were now glued to the screen, while she worked a little faster on my rock-hard cock. The gag couldn’t hide the sounds of her rising arousal. I felt my own cum boil in my balls, a big load building up, getting ready to exploded.

“I’ve noticed you looking at me before,” she said. escort bayan “I’ve noticed the way you starred, at my legs fantasizing about pushing your meat into me; don’t think I didn’t know what you were thinking,” she added.

I said nothing, I was far too aroused, starting to sweat and breath harder with my building orgasm. She was dead right, she saw right through my effort to conceal the lust I had for her. Greg must have known too. I didn’t care anymore about anything, I was too far gone at that time to turn back.

“Well, imagine your cock is that wet, latex one attached to the machine; sliding in and out of my hot pussy. Feels good doesn’t it baby,” she purred. “Oh look, this is the best part honey,” she said.

She didn’t have to tell me, The TV volume told its own story. The butterfly had hit the gold and was pushing her over the top. She whined from behind the gag; raising her back; the only part of her that could move, except for her toes which had curled back and stayed that way as she obviously came suddenly and sharply in three or four very intense contractions. She let out deep guttural grunts as she came. Her stomach flexed hard with the rhythm of her orgasm. I almost fell off the sofa. The scene had done me in. My eyes fluttered as several intense waves of orgasmic bliss overwhelmed me.

“Oh my God,” she called out from beside me. “You’re an easy cum.”

Still tugging steadily at my cock, she was trying to catch the flying cum in her other hand. It landed everywhere; her thighs, the sofa, her hands and even all over my lap.

Later I stumbled home stunned by what had happened. Feeling embarrassed it was some time before I could venture out in the yard while she or Greg were home. But they invited me over a few more times and it wasn’t long before I was joining them in filming various mechanical pursuits, not to mention getting a great tug job with every visit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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