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Gwylan came home, slammed the door and tossed her purse, keys and coat across the room. Muttering to herself, she went off to the kitchen, intent on making herself a cup of tea and lacing it with a whiskey.

Cautiously, Jack peered around the corner, understanding that talking with Gwylan while in this state was often like baiting a bear standing only three feet away. When she had finally settled onto the bar stool along the counter, he crept into the room.

“Bad day, baby?” Jack asked, sympathetic, yet still intelligent enough to keep his distance when her glare focussed on him.

“You could say that. Men are so stupid! Chauvinistic, egotistical, know-it-all men! I’m going to murder them all!”

Jack figured retreat was the best plan at this point in time. He started toward the door, but turned toward her as she spoke. “Sure! Run off now! Typical man, can’t handle it when the going gets tough. Leave it to the woman to fend alone.”

“Oh, no, dear. I’m not leaving you. I’m… Going to go run the bath so you can relax and not worry about anything after such a bad day. I’ll cook a quick dinner, and bring it to you while you soak. Then I’ll… Have a surprise waiting for you when you come out. Sound okay?” Not waiting for her reply, or giving her a chance to veto the idea, Jack left the kitchen and made his way to the bathroom. He started the water running hot, the way he knew she liked it, then added some bubbles. Hearing her coming down the hall, he slipped from the room and into the study in time to avoid another confrontation he was sure he would lose.

Hearing her close the door to the bathroom, Jack went back to the kitchen and quickly put together some spaghetti and poured Gwylan a glass of her favourite wine. Just to be on the safe side, he also added a small vase with a daisy to the tray. He left the tray on the inside of the bathroom door. Close enough she could reach it, not so close as to reach him.

Now, what about the surprise? Jack suddenly remembered a conversation that he and Gwylan had held a few weeks ago, when Jack had asked her about her sexual fantasies. A grin came to his face. What better way to relieve stress than sex?

Gwylan felt more relaxed after her bath, but even with the wine, the day’s events were still making her tense. Placing the tray which had contained dinner on the counter by the sink, Gwylan noticed a note attached to the fridge door.

‘Go to the bed room, take off your clothes, and lay down under the bed sheet. I’ll come see you in a minute.’ Gwylan smiled. Trust Jack to use his skills as a massage therapist to try and calm her down. She moved toward the bedroom at the end of the hall, and heard music float through the door. Mozart. One of her favourites.

Gwylan quickly stripped down and climbed beneath the sheet on the bed. Briefly she wondered why Jack wouldn’t use his table for the massage, but figured he just didn’t want to have to move her if she fell asleep. Lazy man. She lay on her stomach for a few minutes, then heard the door open and shut quietly, signaling the entrance güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri of her personal masseuse.

“Feeling better, baby?” Jack’s voice floated over her, the deep tone soothing her nerves even more.

“Yes, thank-you, Jack. I’m sorry I yelled at you.”

“It’s okay, baby. Turn over. I’ll start at the front tonight. That way you can tell me all about your day.”

Gwylan turned over, letting the bed sheet slip as she went. Gwylan only used the sheet to stay warm during the massage, not for any attempts at modesty. What was the point, when Gwylan and Jack had seen each other naked in more intimate scenes than this one?

“So, what happened at work?” Jack prompted as he began to massage the front of Gwylan’s arms.

“My boss decided that it was my job to do his secretary’s work since she was out with the flu. Never mind that I have a Masters in data management and could run rings around his computer skills. No, all I got to do was answer his phone all day and run this to there and back again. I honestly don’t know how Tracy does it. After one day I’m ready to stab him the back with a blunted table knife, and she has to deal with him almost 325 days a year. In that amount of time I could murder him, be charged, sentenced and already served three months of my time. Don’t laugh at me. I’m serious!”

During Gwylan’s monologue, Jack had finished her arms, legs and began her abdomen. She must’ve felt his soundless laughter through the hands on her stomach, because she silently gave him a mild glare.

“I’m sorry, baby. I couldn’t help it. Just the thought of you silently creeping up behind his back with a butter knife makes me laugh. You’re too soft hearted to do such a thing.”

“Stop sucking up. You’re already doing enough.” Gwylan’s voice broke no nonsense, but the grin that seemed to pull at the corners of her mouth told Jack that she was pleased with the compliment, and didn’t blame him for laughing at her comments.

For a while, Jack worked in silence. He quickly finished Gwylan’s abdomen and asked her to turn over.

“Let’s get to work on these knots in your back. Oh, baby. You really need to relax. Your muscles are so tense I could use them for a wash board. And the knots are the size of golf balls. There…. Now, how does that feel?”

Gwylan moaned. “Oh, shit, yeah. That feels fantastic. Did I tell you how much I love you lately?”

Jack laughed softly. “Just relax, baby. But stay awake. I need you to tell me if I’m hurting you.”

Gwylan drifted into a hazy state, content to let Jack have his way with her body. She felt him finish her shoulders, arms, legs and lower back. Then she felt her lover begin working on her posterior.

“Baby, can you spread your legs a little? It’ll help me work deeper into your muscles.”

Jack’s voice seemed to come from far away, but Gwylan obediently spread her legs further apart. Deep within the haze of her mind, Gwylan felt Jack dip into the cleft of her cheeks, but didn’t quite register the importance of the movement.

“God, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri baby, that feels sooooo good!” Gwylan groaned again as Jack worked her gluteus muscles into the same pliable state as the rest of her body, occasionally running his fingers between her buttocks. He would sometimes linger at the ring of muscle behind her cunt, but not so long as to make Gwylan suspicious.

When Jack suspected Gwylan at the point of almost falling asleep, he leaned over her body and whispered in her ear, “Baby, would you trust me to try something a little different right now?”

Gwylan’s response made Jack smile in satisfaction. “I don’t care what you do, just don’t stop making me feel good.”

Jack reached for a special tube he’d left near at hand. Squeezing some KY jelly onto his palm, he warmed the lube before applying it to Gwylan’s skin. No need to wake her from her state of semi-consciousness by something as small as cold gel.

He started at her pussy, which was pleasantly wet from the previous stimulation, by rubbing lightly, creating a mild friction, intent on allowing Gwylan to begin the switch from hazily stimulated to wildly turned on. Avoiding her clit, Jack rubbed her cunt lips with varying degrees of pressure, occasionally dipping into her hole, periodically rubbing her anal ring, until the majority of dampness was Gwylan’s personal juice and no longer the KY.

By this point, Gwylan was moaning deep in her throat from the stimulation, and lifting

her pleasure centres towards Jack’s touch. Jack took his hand away for just a minute, causing Gwylan to groan in annoyance at the disturbance, and squeezed some more KY into his hand.

Gwylan made a sound of appreciation as Jack’s hand returned to its former tasks, and he smiled at her responsiveness. Leaning down, he kissed her shoulder blades, and at that moment his smallest finger dipped into Gwylan’s rear. Gwylan tensed, but didn’t try to move away from Jack’s finger, which he left where it was. Already close to her ear, he whispered, “Baby? Remember that fantasy you told me about a few weeks ago? Would you like try it out? Would you like me to fuck you in the ass?”

At Jack’s last question, Gwylan let out a “yes” that was more of a moan and relaxed once again. Jack began working his finger in and out, occasionally adding more of Gwylan’s liquids to the mix. When he thought she was loose enough, he added another finger. After three fingers, the angle was beginning to put stress on his hand and he lifted Gwylan onto a pillow, thrusting her bottom into the air and spreading her legs wider.

Throughout his attentions Gwylan continued to moan, but Jack wanted more. He whispered, “Baby, do you like what I’m doing?”

Gwylan gasped, “Oh God YES!”, and arched her back to allow Jack greater access.

“Tell me, baby. Tell me what you’re feeling.”

“Oh, yes, baby! That feels so good. Deeper… Yeah, like that! You’re stretching my ass. I feel so full! Its like you’re giving me a massage from the inside out. GOD! Please do me, fuck me, fuck güvenilir bahis şirketleri my ass, baby please! I want it. I want you in me! FUCK ME!”

Jack grinned. He’d expected a similar response after a while, but it was still fun to hear it. He shucked his clothes in rapid time, then took the condom from beside the conveniently located KY jelly, placed it on his rock hard cock, and added a little more KY just to be safe. Climbing up behind Gwylan, Jack fucked Gwylan’s ass a few more minute with his fingers, just to make sure she was ready, then lined up his dick with her opening for the moment of truth.

Jack slowly slid home deep in Gwylan’s ass. Both he and Gwylan moaned long and deep. Jack felt like he was being swallowed by a really warm, tight set of pillows. Gwylan squeaked went he hit bottom. She felt full, so very full, but she wanted more. “Baby, fuck me! Do me. YES! Hhhhhhaaaaaaaarrrrrdddddddeeeeerrrrrr! That’s it. Fuck me!”

Jack began to fuck Gwylan hard, rapid movements that buried him completely with every stroke. Gwylan began to make more squeaking noises, and then startled Jack completely when she began to talk.

“Oh, baby. That’s it. Fuck me hard. Screw your dirty girl. Fuck my ass. Shove your cock deep in my ass. Fuck me. Give it to me. Make me take it. Do me. Harder. Harder. HARDER!” Gwylan came. Hard. She screamed, and for a moment Jack thought he might me hurting her. Then he felt the pulsating of her walls, which quickly sent him over the edge. With one thrust he buried himself in the soft pillows of her ass and came, giving up his own scream at the same time.

For a moment, he held still, content where he was, but Gwylan’s movement made him pull out. Gwylan felt his cock leave its new found home, then flipped over to look at the man above her. She watched as he disposed of the condom, then crawled into bed beside her.

“And how was that?” Jack pulled her against him, bringing her flush against his body in an embrace that was more comforting than sexual.

“Mmm, so good. Thank-you. I feel… fantastic! Question. Did you have that completely planned out from the start?”

“Almost. I didn’t really expect some of your responses.” Gwylan blushed, and turned her head away as Jack continued, “Give it to me? Make me take it? Where was that coming from, baby? No, look at me. I want to know. Do you have some latent fantasies that I haven’t heard about? Tell me.”

“Maybe…” Gwylan hesitated, but one look at her lover’s face seemed to convince her to continue. “I’ve had fantasies of you spanking me before. You know, kind of punishing me. But I didn’t want to bring it up. You might’ve guessed I’m a little submissive, and I want you to dominate me a little, and…” Gwylan seemed to run out of words, and once again turned her face away.

“Baby…” Jack’s tone was both comforting and amused. “Don’t think I’m laughing at you. You know you can tell me anything. Maybe we’ll try that some other time. Now look at me. I love you. Go to sleep. You’ll need you’re rest for tomorrow, Tracy might still be sick.”

Gwylan smiled up at Jack. “I hate you for mentioning that, but I love you too. Goodnight, baby.” Gwylan turned over and quickly dropped off to sleep. Jack smiled. Trust Gwylan to come up with something a little different to try. Flipping off the light, Jack wrapped his arms around his lover and drifted to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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