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It was Halloween again and Linda was without a man for a change, but she wasn’t sure about going to a party by herself this year. Last year she went to a party where she didn’t know anyone and was bored to tears, but she swore that this year would be different. Her roommate from college was in town and said that she knew of several parties that were going to take place. Linda wasn’t too sure if she even felt like celebrating this year, which is until her friend showed up with a costume for her. The costume was a maids uniform, but was much different than Linda was expecting. Her friend, Julie, was wearing a cat suit that had the crotch cut out and her tits were barely being constrained in her top. Julie told her that she could make Linda look different and that she would not be recognized by anyone if she went to this party that she going to. Linda told her that she would go to this party as long as they could leave before 1am; Julie said that was okay with her, but that they probably would not have to worry about that.

So after Linda got dressed in her maid uniform, she asked Julie if the outfit was missing the back piece or if it even had one to begin with. Julie told her she looked great and not to worry about it. They climbed into the car and Julie drove Linda to the party, Linda remarked how different the costume made her look and what a good job Julie did on her makeup and hair. Julie just smiled and said that she would be the hit of the night.

They arrived just past nine o’clock at night; a gentleman in a rat’s costume showed them into the grand house that the party was in. He showed them to the grand room in which several people were sitting along the walls while music played and everyone had a glass in hand as they chatted quietly to each other. Linda noticed that everyone was wearing costumes that looked too small on them, she felt somewhat better, but little did she know what the party was truly about. Julie introduced Linda to the host of the party as her best friend and the host just nodded, he didn’t speak a word to anyone, as far as Linda could tell. Julie and Linda took a seat on one of the couches near the fireplace, as a servant brought over two glasses of dark liquid. Julie began to sip on hers as Linda’s was dumped on her cleavage. Linda got up to go and try to wash the strange drink from her chest. However she was unsure of where she was supposed to go. The rat took her to the closest bathroom. As Linda was washing the stuff off of herself she heard voices in the next room talking about “Halloween Treats” and how they will ever be able to choose among them.

After Linda left the bathroom, her top soaked through and her nipples erect from the exposure, she noticed that the rat was rubbing his middle. escort izmit She joined Julie again on the couch, by this time, Julie’s voluptuous tits had fallen out of her top and she didn’t seem to notice or care about them being shown off to everyone in the room. After about an hour it seemed to Linda that everyone’s costumes were falling apart, including hers. Then the host of the party stood up in the center of the room and spun around, then pointed right at Julie, who stood up and walked up to him. They began a strange hypnotic type dance that everyone else seemed to follow. That is everyone except Linda.

The host spun Julie to another guest and walked over to Linda where he picked her up by her hair and began to caress her ass. Linda felt aroused by his touch, and yet confused about what she should do. The host finally spoke and he said for everyone to look at Linda and so everyone did. Then in a booming voice he twirled her around to so that everyone could see her. He stopped her, with her back to him; he reached down and ripped her panties right off of her ass. Then he moved closer to her and she felt his hard rod in the small of her back. She thought wow he is big, but still didn’t know what to do, she felt like screaming for help, but her voice would not let her.

Then he waved his hand and there in front of her was a chair, he then pushed her over the chair which made her spread her legs. He proceeded to penetrate her ass with his hard rod fast and hard before she could think about what was happening to her. He ass fucked her for awhile, then pulled out and offered her ass to all of the men in the room. Before Linda could protest another hard cock was shoved deeply into her swollen asshole. This went on for about an hour until she had been ass fucked by every man in the room, including the man in the rat suit. The host then asked her to sit on the chair; Linda finally found her voice and told him that she didn’t want to sit down. So, the host grabbed her by her hair turned her around to face him and was shoved down on the chair. Now this was not an ordinary chair, in the middle of this chair was a dildo that was glued to it and when he shoved her down on the chair it went strait up her ass with ease, but scared her to tears. This caused the host great delight as he held her in place by her head.

He then instructed the rat to bind her to the chair so that he didn’t have to hold there any longer, the rat obeyed by placing a leather strap over Linda’s legs and around the chair and then with another leather strap he bound her under her tits to the back of the chair. Linda felt helpless as the dildo began to move up and down inside her ass. The host then put a ball into her mouth and tied it around her head. izmit darıca escort He made sure that she could see everyone in front of her having one big orgy without her. He stripped naked and joined in the orgy fun. The first woman he fucked was Julie, he had her on her knees and while she was sucking another mans hard cock, the host ass fucked her wildly and then sprayed his cum all over her back. The next person he fucked was the guy that had been in the rat suit. He was bent over sucking cum off of Julie’s back as the host slammed his rod into his ass, almost causing the rat guy to fall on top of Julie. Julie was not sucking and finger fucking a woman, who Linda thought was about 45 years old.

All that Linda saw and felt was getting her so turned on that she began to play with her clit and tits, this seemed to anger the host however. He walked over to the wall and pressed a button, then walked over to Linda. He took each of her wrists and tied them to a bar that had come out of the ceiling, then he walked back to the wall and he pushed another button that pulled Linda and her chair slightly off the floor. Then he went back to fucking everyone in the room. Linda was sure that her arms were going to be pulled right out of their sockets, but they never did. However Linda did pass out at some point in the midst of the orgy time.

When Linda woke up she was the only person in the grand room, still tied to the chair with her arms above her head and above the floor. She began to panic as she searched the room for Julie. Then she noticed that part of the floor was opened up and she strained to hear the voices that seemed to float up from that hole. One of them she could make out as being the host, but the other one she could not tell who it was. Finally a woman dressed all in black leather stepped out of the hole and approached Linda. She was holding a long whip in one hand and a glass of the dark liquid in the other hand. She placed the whip across Linda’s legs and took the ball-gag out of Linda’s mouth. Then she tilted Linda’s head back and poured the liquid straight down her throat. Then she walked over to the wall and pushed a button to lower Linda to the floor. She unstrapped her from the chair long enough to roughly help her to stand up, then she went back to the wall and pushed the button to lift her again. This woman walked back over to Linda and stripped her completely naked. Linda was not sure if she could take much more of this abuse on her senses, but she did not seem to have any control in the matter, and what was stranger still, she was enjoying it.

The woman then walked behind Linda and seemed to be waiting for something or someone. Linda heard heavy footsteps and raised her eyes izmit rus escort up in time to see the host approaching her from the hole in the floor. He was now dressed in leather as well, although his cock was outside of the costume and hard as a rock. He began to speak softly to Linda, he told her that he knew that she was a bad little girl and how her punishment had only begun for the night. Linda tried to tell him that she had no idea what he was talking about, but nothing would come out of her mouth. The host took the whip from the woman behind Linda and began to lightly whip her titties with it. Her titties stood up to attention and strained for more, this made the smile disappear from the host’s face. He handed the whip back to the woman and nodded to her. He stepped back as the woman began to whip Linda’s ass. When it was a nice shade of pink, the woman stopped her whipping. Linda thought it was over, but of course she was wrong.

The host bent down and strapped Linda’s ankles to another bar; so far apart that she swore that she was going to rip in half. He then tied the bar to two chains that hung from the ceiling and this stretched Linda some more. Then he began to have her washed with extremely hot water and soap from neck to ankles with a rough sponge. He laughed at her predicament. Linda was crying from the pain she felt all over her body by now. The host took the whip and began to whip Linda’s pussy lips until she screamed from the pain and pleasure she was feeling. He then took his fist and with only water to lubricate it he pushed it in and out of her pussy, causing waves of orgasms to go over her body one after another. Then he stopped abruptly, turned and walked away.

Next thing Linda noticed was that she was on a cold metal board, on her stomach with her titties poking through two holes in the board and on each nipple was a heavy weight that pulled downward. She also noticed that her ass was in a hot pain as was her pussy. Her hands were cuffed above her head and her ankles were still spread out, but only tied to the board, not a bar. Then she began to feel sick to her stomach as the hot liquid in her ass began to hit her stomach. Inside of her pussy was a very large vibrator that was on full power and was heating up from being on too long. This made her pussy hairs begin to singe from the heat. Then she realized that the board she was on was beginning to heat up as well. She screamed from the intense heat of everything.

Suddenly Julie was under her, sucking her clit and finger fucking her pussy, then she felt a rather fat and rather long hard cock ass fucking the hell out of her. She could not stand it any longer and began to cum in Julie’s mouth and all over the board she was still on. She passed out again from the sheer pain and pleasure only to wake up in the grand room again. Only this time she was dressed back in her maid uniform and sipping hot chocolate from Julie’s belly button. This was her “Halloween Treat” for being such a good sexual play toy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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