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For days all those hours had been filled with the wetness of the seemingly eternal rain. I watched as if mesmerized as the crystal drops ran over the window and gradually merged with one another to form fluid paths. United with each other. Hmh! I lick my lips. That awakened a wonderful association in me, a reminiscence of last summer. On a very special day that was also dominated by rain.

That day in summer. My thoughts took wings and went back to that damp day. My memory opened the album of recollection. We were in the park. I was dancing barefoot in the rain. I’m already soaked through. My boyfriend is keeping a very close eye on how my body is acting. A glitter flashes in his eyes, his lips are slightly parted, his breathing is a little faster, because he cannot fail to see that my contours are more than clearly visible thanks to the dress that is stuck to me. I could clearly feel that interacting with the fabric of the dress made my nipples hard, erect, and very tender.

Suddenly Matthew’s hands grabbed me, led me into his strong arms. We danced tight and even tighter, his lustful tongue slipping into my hungry mouth. Our looks expressed an unparalleled greed. We trusted our intuition. We came to a halt behind a mighty oak. We braced ourselves against the ancient istanbul escort tree and Matthew gently and devotedly massaged my buds through my clothing. I sighed deeply. Matthew pressed me against the oak and took my face in his long fingers. Not the only ones who are long with him. He kissed me again. His tongue ensnared mine and sent delicious little electric shocks through my more than ready body. The sensation of cold before was definitely absent. I wanted my boyfriend right next to me, and felt his erection, which caused a huge bulge in his jeans. I licked my lips when he paused, then he invaded my mouth again. The rain covered my deep moans. Encouraged, my hand went deeper and farther and freed Matthew’s throbbing, very hard boner. I grabbed it bravely, but not too hard. Now he groaned throatily. He let go of my face and went under my dress like a treasure hunter. He took care of my most sensitive area, which was already pucking heavily and was swelling. His tongue tugged gently on my clit. It slid then rhythmically into my opening. He aroused me over and over again. The level of adrenaline rose enormously and I got intoxicated because we could be caught at any time.


“Would you like me to avcılar escort ride you with all my hardness?” he whispered in my ear. I said yes wordlessly, careful not to let go of him. So hot and vital in my hand. I couldn’t wait for him to fuck me, penetrate me hard. Matthew pushed the dress higher over my hips and my panties out of the way. He pushed my legs apart. He admired my soaking wet pussy with lust. A violent pulsation and pulling in my abdomen wanted to finally suck in his cock. We slid into each other effortlessly, I was so wet. I demanded merciless, reckless thrusts once he was absorbed in me and filled me absolutely. I pulled him as close as possible to me by his muscular bottom. He met my wish by nailing me wildly.

“I’m about to climax and cum inside you,” Matthew murmured, his veiled gaze caught in mine. Then the immediate detonation of his apparently glowing semen occurred in me. I was almost out of breath while he twitched again briefly and gasped deeply.

Then he said, with a wild gaze, after pulling his tail out of me, “Come on, let yourself go now.” I felt his cum start pouring out of me with absolute pleasure.

The summit. I did what he said, leaned against the rough bark of the oak and opened my legs even more. I şirinevler escort hoped he was doing what I loved so much and couldn’t get enough of it.

“You will get your satisfaction too,” said Matthew in a hushed tone, kneeling down and burying his face in my wet grotto. My thighs were trembling. First he kissed me around my pulsating pearl of pleasure. He gave me hot waves of lust with his tongue, the cool tip of which drove me an incredibly intense shiver over my entire body.

Now Matthew was no longer in a hurry, tormenting me with relish in order to propel me to the height of pleasure. He paused every now and then, but then he intensified his uninhibited dance of the tongue on my pussy, whipped by lewdness. It was an elevated feeling that he tasted himself on my vulva. My breathing rate increased exponentially, my moans became increasingly louder — then my orgasm flooded me with violent contractions. Now the rain populated to rest and we got ourselves into presentable order. We heard speaking strangers approaching. We ran away giggling and exuberantly. I mentally apologized to the oak for having abused it so shamelessly. What would it say if it could? I loved being sticky and very wet, as well as feeling his cum on the inside of my thighs.

We lived through a very sweaty evening and an ecstatic night in which his cock was the absolute star.

Now it had stopped raining in my presence. But the wetness and all the many drops inspired me, because I longed for Matthew’s special libidinal drops. On my tongue and more. I grinned expectantly and took the cell phone …

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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