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Chrissie had just turned twenty one a week ago and already she was making the best of her newfound freedom by driving from Albuquerque, New Mexico all the way to L.A. She had bought herself a 1967 convertible Camaro and was now rolling down the highway, enjoying the sun on her face and the wind in her hair, an oldies radio station blaring out Highway to Hell. She was so caught up in the moment that at first she didn’t notice the cruiser that was behind her and it wasn’t until the lights came on that she realized she was being pulled over.

“Shit.” she cursed, looking at the odometer. She was doing 95 mph in a 70 mph zone.

As she pulled over, she checked herself in the rear view mirror. Her sparkling green eyes were staring back at her as she fluffed her wavy brown hair and she quickly applied lip gloss before the patroller walked up to her car. She knew she couldn’t afford a speeding ticket and prepared to play her seductress card, bat her eyelashes and make indecent proposal to get out of it.

The man was wearing a green shirt with a star badge pinned to it and the trademark sheriff hat and sunglasses. He was fairly tall and seemed to have soft brown hair and a very muscular frame.

“Good morning Miss.” the patroller addressed her calmly, with a husky voice. “License and registration please.”

“Good morning, officer.” she gave him her sweetest smile and looked up. “Is there something wrong?” she asked innocently, batting her eyelashes.

The rugged man looked down without so much as an acknowledgement and took out his ticket pad. This was going to be tougher than she had first anticipated.

“Are you aware that you were going 25 miles faster than the speed limit, miss?”

“Oh, was I?” she asked seductively. “You know the odometer on this old car doesn’t seem to be working properly; I could have sworn I was going 70 mph.”

“Well you weren’t.” he dropped dryly. “Licence and registration please.”

She reached over to the passenger side and grabbed her purse. She put the bag over her thighs, making sure to hike up her skirt as high as it would go while she was sitting. She pulled out knick-knacks to try and stall and even made sure to pull out the string of condoms that were in her bag. She looked up and smiled at the officer, as though apologizing for the delay and when she saw his stoned-face expression, pulled out her wallet and took out her licence. She then reached for the glove compartment and fished out her registration.

“Just wait here a moment.” the officer said as he took her things and walked back to his car.
While he was away, she undid the three topmost buttons of her blouse and made sure her bra was showing. Looking in her rear view mirror, she made sure the patroller wasn’t watching and started pinching her nipples to make them erect and hiked up her skirt some more, until her panties started to show. Then she waited for the officer to come back.

“Ok, so I’ll have to write you a ticket, Miss Johnson.” the officer started when he got back to her car. He put his left hand on the window frame and looked at her.

“Oh please, call me Chrissie.” she interrupted, laying her hand over his and softly caressing it. “You know, I’ve always wondered about the life of a Sheriff. It must get so lonely,” she said, dragging the sound of the ‘o’. “I mean, you’re by yourself all the time, don’t you wish someone could keep you company sometimes? Like at night? Nights must be so long!”

“Miss Johnson,” the officer started, “I’m going to write you a ticket now.”

“Oh isn’t there anything I could do to change your mind about that?” she asked, caressing his hand again. “Anything at all?” she insisted.

“Are you trying to bribe me, Miss Johnson?” the officer asked indignantly.

“Bribe you? Never!” she cried out and paused. Then, “I’m merely suggesting an exchange of services… I spend a little time with you, doing whatever you’d like, you don’t give me a ticket and everybody walks away happy.”

Then, for the first time, she saw him looking at her. She felt his eyes roaming over her body, stopping first on her breast while he undoubtedly noticed her perked nipples, then down to her crotch, where he surely enjoyed the view of her panties which were, by the way, starting to get pretty wet. For good measure, she opened and closed her thighs a couple of times, glad to hear the squishy sound coming from her wet pussy.

“Ok, get out of the car.” the officer said harshly.

“Whatever you say, officer.” she replied huskily.

He pointed to his patrol car and she walked over to it and put her hands on the hood as he ordered her to. This was really turning her own, as she had always had fantasies about being told what to do during sex. She spread her feet apart as he instructed her and waited for what was to come next. She closed her eyes, imagining him to be unzipping his pants and releasing a huge and erect cock, already dripping with precum and her breath caught in her throat as she heard him step closer.

“I’m taking you to the station,” he suddenly bursa escort said and she jerked and opened her eyes as she felt handcuffs being clasped over her right wrist.

“What?!” she asked, totally surprised. “What for?!”

“Oh I don’t know, how about speeding for starters then bribing an officer and why not throw some indecent exposure for good measure.”

“What?!” she tried arguing herself out of her now very sticky situation but the officer wouldn’t hear anything.

As she sat at the back of the Sheriff patrol car, she felt humiliated. She tried talking to him but he was clearly ignoring her and soon she stopped all communications. With her hands behind her back, she tried to pull her skirt down some more and wished she could close her blouse before getting to the sheriff station to avoid any further embarrassment.

After what seemed like an eternity but was actually only thirty minutes, they finally pulled to a small building with a deserted parking lot and bars over the windows. The patroller got out of the car and helped her out then walked her to the inside of the station.

Harsh neon lights were hanging over the main room where four desks were crammed and hidden under mounds of paperwork and the officer walked her past all of that to the back of the room, where a door separated the main room from the rest of the station. He swiped a magnetic key card and the door buzzed and they walked through, entering what seemed to be the holding room of the station. There were actually four cells in the room in which were identical sinks, benches and toilets.

The officer pushed her in one of the cells and undid her handcuff without saying a word to Chrissie and then he went back to the main room. Chrissie was left all alone in her cell, not knowing how long she’d be there for and what the procedures were. She could hear the officer talking either on the phone or the radio and started pacing her cage.
Eventually, she got tired of pacing so she walked to the bench, crossed her arms over her chest and sighed.

Her thoughts were running wild in her head as she was trying to think of something that might get her out of her unfortunate situation. Finally, it hit her like a ton of bricks and she stood up so fast that her head started spinning a little. None the less, she crossed her cell and tried to see out of the 6″ x 6″ security glass of the door but her captor was nowhere to be seen.

“HEY!!” she called out suddenly. “HEY!!!” but nothing could be heard from the other side. “DON’T I GET A PHONE CALL?!?!” She knew watching all those cop shows on TV would come in handy one day. “I WANT MY FUCKING PHONE CALL, YOU HEAR ME?!”

Chrissie waited a few seconds and was about to scream again when the officer’s face appeared in the door’s small window. When he came in through the door, he seemed more annoyed than anything else. He put one of his hands on the gun that hung on his belt, the other against the doorframe.

“Are you done shouting?” he asked irritably.

“Not unless I make my phone call.” she replied defiantly.

“Your phone call, uh?” he asked, and Chrissie couldn’t tell whether he was amused or aggravated.

“Yeah my phone call. I know my rights.” actually Chrissie was now wondering whether TV shows were accurate concerning your rights to a phone call. “Actually, I want a lawyer.” she corrected.

“A lawyer, uh? ” and this time Chrissie definitely discerned amusement in his tone. “And what good would a lawyer be to you? I haven’t charged you with anything yet. Maybe you’ve got something to hide?” now he was flat out making fun of her.

“Listen officer… Smartass. I have the right to an attorney and if I can’t afford one, one will be appointed to me by the court.”

“Again, I haven’t charged you with anything, Miss Johnson.” he walked closer to the cell. “And actually, it’s deputy sheriff Biggerstaff.”

She really tried not to laugh but she couldn’t help herself. She also tried covering her laughter with a cough but failed miserably and obviously officer – deputy sheriff Biggerstaff caught it.

“Oh you think that’s funny, uh?” he walked closer still. The closer he got, the angrier he seemed. “Turn around, Miss Johnson.” he said harshly when he was only a couple of inches from the bars.

“I’m sorry, I’m just tired, I didn’t mean to laugh.” she tried explaining.

“Put your hands behind you back.” he ignored her.

For the second time that day, handcuffs were slapped over her wrists and Chrissie mentally chastised herself for laughing. She always got into trouble for laughing at inappropriate times. She was pulled out of her thoughts when she heard the door of her cell squeaking. Deputy sheriff Biggerstaff was now in her cell with her.

“So you think my name’s funny, uh?” he asked somewhat menacingly.

“No, of course not.” she stammered nervously.

Here she was, handcuffed to a jail cell in a remote sheriff’s office, alone with an officer she had just offended. His hand suddenly moved and she closed her eyes in fear.

That’s bursa escort bayan it, he’s gonna hit me or reach for his gun and shoot me! she thought, panicked.

Heart pounding, she waited for the blow, or the shot or something to happen.

“So, about what you said earlier…” Biggerstaff trailed off.


She opened her eyes and found the deputy sheriff mere inches from her. He was actually so close that she could feel heat radiating from his body. His hands were now resting on her sides, caressing her softly and she closed her eyes as she felt his hot breath on her face. She reopened her eyes but he was still right in front of her.

“About this exchange of services…”

She cleared her throat. “Yeah, what about that?”

“How about you find out how big my staff really is and I don’t give you any trouble?” saying this, he gently thrust his pelvis forward and she felt a hard poke on her lower stomach.

Chrissie bit her lip as her pussy painfully throbbed and a shiver ran through her body. A million thoughts raced through her head: what if he didn’t keep his promise and still arrested her after they fucked? Or what if another officer walked in while they were having fun? Suddenly, she realized she really didn’t care and found herself nodding her accord.

Biggerstaff’s grip tightened around her and his lips collided onto hers. She could now perfectly feel his erection pressing against her body and her juices drip for her pussy.
She moaned as her lips parted and his tongue probed her mouth. Chrissie leaned forward into the kiss, deepening it while Biggerstaff’s hands started going up over her chest and finally closed on her breast. He gave a tight squeeze and she moaned more loudly and thrust her pelvis forward. She desperately needed to make contact with him, especially with that huge hard cock of his.

Biggerstaff suddenly pulled away from her and she could feel her already kiss swollen lips ache for contact. The deputy sheriff pulled off his belt and threw it on the bench at the other end of the cell. Then he tugged at his shirt and pulled it over his head without undoing the buttons to reveal a white wife beater. Under the thin and clingy material, she could definitely see a flat stomach and well defined pecks.

“Now, how about showing me those panties of yours one more time.” he said huskily, pulling her skirt up, revealing white lace panties.

“Only if you show me your underwear, officer.” she replied, her words dripping with lust.

The deputy sheriff took one step back and undid his pants, pulling them down slowly to reveal black boxer-briefs in which was pitched a tent. A big one at that.

“Well, well. Biggerstaff indeed.” she teased.

Biggerstaff took off his wife beater and walked back to her, pulled her skirt down quickly and started undoing her shirt while she stepped out of her skirt and kicked it away.
The deputy sheriff kneeled down, eyes locked with hers and hooked his fingers in the waist of her panties. The anticipation was making Chrissie even wetter and she wondered whether he could smell her pussy juices yet. As though reading her mind, he leant forward and inhaled through his nose, smiling seductively at her.

“God, I love the smell of wet pussy in the morning.” he said, then pulled down her panties. “Well hello, Miss Johnson.” he ran his hand over her mound and admired the strip of neatly trimmed hairs that lead to her pussy.

“Babe, you’re about to fuck me so why don’t you start calling me Chrissie.” he looked up at her and nodded. “But you I’ll keep calling Biggerstaff.” she smirked.

Biggerstaff’s hands were now around her ankle and he ran them up her legs, all the way to the apex of her thigh then switched legs and ran his hands back down. He repeated this action two or three times and each time his hands got close to her pussy, she could feel more juice dripping down. He was now massaging the inside of her thighs and soon his thumbs were mere inches from the entrance of her love tunnel. She closed her eyes waiting for the moment he would make contact with her pussy and moaned loudly.

“You want me to put my fingers in your cunt Chrissie?” he asked teasingly. She opened her eyes and glared at him. “Is that what you want?” he flicked his index finger lightly over her clit then watched for her reaction. “Or do you want me to lick your love button?” he plunged between her thighs and his tongue darted out quickly, barely making contact with the sensitive area.

Chrissie lifted her left leg and put it over his right shoulder. Grabbing hold of the cell’s bars behind her back, she steadied herself and licked her lips.

“I want you to put that finger of yours in my wet, hot pussy.” she ordered. When he didn’t comply right away, she added forcefully “Now, Biggerstaff!”

And just like that, he slipped his index finger in her waiting cunt and slicked it up with her pussy juices. Then he ran it over her clit lightly, making a strong shiver run up Chrissie’s spine. Without any encouragement, he escort bursa then plunged and started licking her pussy lips while his finger went back in her tight hole.

“Lick my cunt, Biggerstaff.” she moaned. “Fucking lick it! Oh yeah, that’s it! You like eating pussy, don’t you Biggerstaff?” she was really enjoying the feel of his tongue on her clit and his finger pounding her pussy. “Oh God!” she cried out when he started doing a ‘come hither’ motion with his finger.

Chrissie thrust her pelvis forward and Birggerstaff responded by moving his face lower, his tongue now licking her lips around his finger. Soon, he pulled out his index and with his thumbs, spread out her pussy lips and shoved his tongue in her dripping hole. He swirled it around and did the ‘come-hither’ motion with his muscle and even though it didn’t go as deep as his finger had, the sensation was still earth-shattering. Chrissie pulled him closer with her leg that was over his shoulder but he resisted her.

“You like that you little slut?” he asked as her pulled back from her pussy.

“Fuck Biggerstaff, don’t you fucking dare stop.” she was really turned on and missed the contact on her cunt. “Just keep eating my fucking pussy.” she ordered.

But instead of listening to her, he unhooked her leg from his shoulder and stood up. She really wished that she wasn’t cuffed and could force him back down but she was at his mercy. The thought that Biggerstaff could do anything to her somehow turned her on even more. She looked down and stared at his boxer-briefs and longed for his hard cock to be ramming in her pussy.

“Take off your shorts.” she almost begged.

He rubbed himself through his shorts in silence while defiantly staring at her. Biggerstaff started moaning and then plunged his hand in his boxers.

“Don’t you fucking dare jerk off!” she barked, feeling frustrated from the lack of attention to her body and wanting to touch him so bad.

But he just kept on going, obviously enjoying himself. Eventually, after a few minutes of tormenting her and playing with himself, he pulled down his shorts and revealed his dick in all its glory. It was at least nine inches long and very, very thick. It pointed proudly up and precum was glistening all over his meat stick as a result of his pumping.

Chrissie absentmindedly licked her lips and wished she could suck on that hard rock erection. Biggerstaff just started playing with himself again, taunting her. He was pumping slow, long strokes and closed his eyes and tilted his head back. His slow movement was hypnotizing and Chrissie couldn’t look away. When he moaned again, she couldn’t help whimpering, wishing that thick shaft was ploughing through her throbbing pussy or at least in her mouth.

Biggerstaff opened his eyes and locked gazes with Chrissie. Then he walked closer to her and reached up to her face. She could smell his precum on his hand and her mouth watered. Then he slipped one finger in her open mouth and she sucked on it, relishing in the taste of his juice. She watched, now sucking on his thumb as he let go of his hard on and licked the fingers of his other hand.

Once both hands were clean, he reached to her throat and caressed her hot and damp skin. His hands wandered to her front clasped bra and unhooked it while he started kissing her throat and collar bones, then went back up her throat and nibbled on her ears.

Chrissie loved to hear him pant in her ears and liked it even more when he started grinding against her. She could feel his dick rubbing against her lower belly and coating her with precum. His hands were now pinching and twisting her nipples and she threw her head back and moaned. Biggerstaff was now squeezing her tits and biting her earlobes and she moaned out louder.

“Holy fuck Biggerstaff! I want your hard cock inside of me.” she panted out, grinding harder against him. “Just ram that meat stick up my tight pussy and fuck me hard.” she continued between kisses. “I want you in me.”

“You’re a real slut, aren’t you Chrissie?” he asked, smiling.

She nodded.

“I want you to say it, Chrissie. If you don’t no dick for your tight pussy.”

To show he meant business, he pulled back, breaking all physical contact with her. Biggerstaff’s hands went back to his hard on and he started pumping his dick again. Chrissie was incredibly frustrated but also exceedingly turned on.

“Fuck you Biggerstaff.” she stubbornly said.

“Oh you’d like that, wouldn’t you, you little slut.”

She smiled and shook her head no. But she licked her lips and enjoyed watching him as he pumped his dick faster and faster. Now, she was egging him on and she was breathing hard as she saw him start to shake. She noticed his balls twitching and knew he was about to cum.

“Cum over me!” she yelled out and his eyes, which had been closed since she had shook her head no, shot open and he walked closer to her.

Seconds later, a first string of cum shot out unconvincingly and she anticipated the feel of the hot jizz on her body. Soon, she felt it as long sprouts of gooey white spunk burst out from his hard dick and landed on her belly. He leaned back a bit and the next shots landed on her tits as he continued to empty his ball sack of their contents onto her body.

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