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*Enjoy the second chapter of the series!*


The voices. They were calling him.

Tremoring, hallowing, out from the darkness, like the call of a faraway mystic.

Why do you want to be a Rebel, Ashwin?

…What do you fight for?

She placed her hands around his manhood. She worked her throat, swallowing, working the saliva around her mouth, wetting her lips, flicking the tip of her tongue against the insides of her front-teeth. Getting herself ready.

Are you aware of the many dangers that come with it?

She spat. Once, twice, three times, on his cockhead, shaft and balls. Her hands stroked where she spat, spreading the lubricant all over him until their skin almost became frictionless.

Do you know what we fight for?


She stroked. Harder. Quicker. Louder. Pulling, fondling at his balls. Watching his closed eyes with her open ones. Curious. Marvelling at his manhood. Awed. Never seen anyone, anything thing, like him, like this.

It’s an elusive thing, freedom. It’s a hard concept to understand. Sometimes, freedom means when you have nothing but know you can have everything.

Her mouth opened. She was trembling with excitement. She was ready to taste him. She was still horny from before, with the lesser men. She wanted to the real deal now. She opened her lips wide. She closed them around him. Her eyes rolled at the taste of his flesh. Healthy flesh. Tongue licking, tasting. Salty, but good. Delicious. She sucked. Harder. Deeper. Her head bobbed. Her hair swayed. Her throat gagged. But she did not stop or hesitate. This was what she was born for.

And she fucking loved it.

You will be tempted by pleasures. You will be seduced by infinite beauty and unlimited money. But you will not give in. You will keep fighting. You will look ahead. You must not turn into stone.

You must not look back.

She wanted more of him. This was not enough. She pushed further. Her hands on his hips now. She looked up. Stared at his handsome face. She loved him. He was her prize. He was chosen for her. He was hers.

Deeper. Faster. Her eardrums vibrated with the sound of her own sucking. Her own choking. Her chin, her breasts, her knees, the floor tainted with her sticky, plentiful saliva. But she would not stop. Not before she got what she wanted.

So are you ready? Do you want to follow this path? Do you want to venture into the sinful darkness and emerge into the innocent light?

NUK! NUK! NUK! NUK! Grunting, now. Impatient. Humming in her throat. Her entire body working. Her toes pushing into the floor, underneath her thighs, aiding her gyrations. Her hands grabbing at his sides, pulling him in and out. Crazed with lust. A demonic succubus, draining her victim. Sucking. Fucking her own mind out. A sudden, deep groan urged from his throat. She looked up at him in triumph. She tasted the salt of her own tears and the sweet of his pre-cum. His muscles flexing, his breathing getting faster. His hips began to buckle. Her own genitalia twitched, decorating the floor with specks of her own shiny ejaculate.

It was coming. It was coming any second.

So what will it be, Ashwin?

Any moment now. It was coming.

What do you fight for?

A roar emitted from his throat and his whole body woke. It was as if he emerged from a deep sleep, surfacing from the depths of a black ocean, gasping and shaking. Every thread of muscle was shaking as he came to his senses. His hands were balled and toes digging into his own feet. He could feel the strength leave him. He could feel all energy seeping away in involuntary thrusts of his hips. They left in packets, and he could almost count them. He eyes rolling, he managed to look down. He could see a face, a beautiful face, and long black hair. A set of eyes, a red mouth. She was…crying? Tears streaming down her face. He wondered why. Her chin was pressed hard against his testicles. Her hands clawing at his sides, shredding a few layers of skin.


His eyes dropped and he slept again.


The Judge bowed in the darkness, his bald head gleaming under the only lamp on the desk before him, the only light source in the room. His partner, though much larger in size, looked even more anxious. His head was bowed as well, if not lower. Before them sat a figure far more intimidating and powerful. His face was shrouded in the darkness, unseen, yet his outline was menacing enough. If there was anything that could keep a thin line between Judic men’s sexual lust and the Cupids, it was him. They called him the Lord, and little was known about him. All they knew was that he tolerated nothing, cruel and decisive, a man that even the Judic King respected and feared. The two pathetic Judic judges went without saying: they were terrified under the Lord’s presence.

“My Lord, I have good news.”

“What is it?” His voice was soft bursa escort yet firm.

“Report from our department matches the identification from the frontline. The boy is indeed who they thought it was.”

The Lord’s smile was seen even in the darkness. “His status?”

“Unscathed, my Lord,” the Judge replied. “He is in fit condition.”

“Very good. Who has been assigned to his service?”

“Elena De Viar, my Lord. She is the seventh Cupid in service, Made just yesterday.”

“I trust you two have examined her well?” the Judge’s tone was of amusement now.

The short Judge giggled like a little girl. His friend gave him a frown which shut him up. “Yes my Lord, she is without doubt, one of, if not the best.”

“Excellent. Make sure she is under exclusive service to our newly acquired asset.”

The short Judge gave a small squeal of jealousy. The Lord’s head snapped toward him and the Judge immediately bowed his head in terror. “You have an objection?” he muttered darkly.

“No, my Lord!” whimpered the Judge pathetically.

“Then keep silent,” the Lord said cruelly. The Judge bowed his head even lower. “We must lower his defences. The Chosen One must trust her. Their relationship must be genuine. Only then can we harvest the prime genetics that we need.”

“Yes, my Lord,” said the Judges in unison.

The Lord smiled. “Let him have his fun. When the time comes, we will have our turn.”


“Heyyyyy!” came a drawn out, sweet voice.

Ash reeled, his eyelids fluttering open. They felt heavy as lid.

“Hey you! Wakie wakie!” came the sweet voice again.

Ash’s eyes slowly opened. The room was perfectly white and he was in the centre of it. He was dressed in white shirt and pants and lying on a large bed. He felt exhausted yet clean and somewhat refreshed. As his head rolled to one side, his eyes bulged and felt the fatigue leave him very quickly. There was a woman bending over above him, smiling and waving her hands jovially.

At first he thought he’d seen an angel. He figured he must have died and went to heaven for the women bending over him was quite literally the most beautiful woman he had ever laid his eyes on. She looked to be in her late twenties or early thirties, with wavy blonde hair that reached to the small of her back and a pair of huge blue eyes that any man would kill for. There was a mature, sexy hint to the way her eyebrows were tilted, and her fleshy, slightly-pouted lips only added to her luscious demeanour. Her confident smile told Ashwin that she was well experienced with men. His suspicions were confirmed when he looked down at the rest of her body, his heart skipping several beats. There was no way to avoid “fucking” with a body like that. It was practically made for it.

The only word at the top of Ash’s head to describe her would be “perfect”. A set of huge, milky, generous tits were spilling out of her white top, which had the V shaped opening around her collarbone which shamelessly exposed nearly the entirety of her cleavage. Her nipples were practically poking out of the fabric, forming two sharp bulges, stretching the rest of the top in a seemingly uncomfortable way. It gave Ashwin the impression that she had chosen a top too small for her size in order to emphasis the abundance of her womanly assets but he wasn’t complaining. At all. He had sudden urge to reach forward and rip her top off in order to free them from their confinement.

Past the pair of fleshy hills, the woman had the tightest, slimmest waist below. Her shirt ended just above her belly button, so Ash could see her tummy-hole, the colour of tender pink, as if she had been rubbing at it with a finger. The curves of her body immediately expanded further downwards to create a broad set of hips that could only mean a pair of round, ample buttocks. It was a disappointment that from this angle Ash couldn’t see much of her buttocks, but that wasn’t what concerned him now. The woman had begun to talk, her voice sweet, soft, but deep at the same time, with a metallic touch to it that reminded Ash of the female broadcasters he heard on the radios back home. He recognized she must have been the one calling him earlier.

“Hello!” she said cheerily, putting her hands on her knees. Ash blinked rapidly at her chest, for her arms were squeezing at both sides of her tits, causing them to jut out towards Ash’s face more than ever. “Glad to see you finally…coming around!” She then put a hand to her mouth, giggling heartedly at her own joke. Ash, who was still trying to cope with what he was seeing, didn’t get the pun, as much as he would have liked to.

“Who…who are you?” Ash asked.

“I’m Helen,” she replied, still tittering at her own wit. “People call me a lot of things actually. The Bee Queen, Queen of Sex and all that. But I’d prefer you call me Helen. Don’t worry! You’re in safe hands now!” She winked and laughed again, not bothering bursa escort bayan to hide her mouth this time, showing a set of sparkling white teeth. Ash got the joke this time and was stunned by the blonde’s light-heartedness. He, Ashwin, the youngest leader of the Rebellion, was captured by the War Machines and now he was lying on a king-sized bed with a beautiful girl bending over him, making high school level sex puns?

“Where…where is this place?” Ash asked.

“This, sir,’ Helen replied, in high spirits, “is Cornocupia! It is the wonderful home of the loveliest girls on the planet! And you, sir, is one of the lucky few boys to be graced with the chance of living among us!”

Ash stared. “But…I was captured…I was taken by the Machines…”

“Oh, were you?” Helen asked, her eyes growing wide, but her smile never changing. “You can tell me all of that later, but first…” she reached over to the nightstand and held up a glass of water. “Drink up!” she said, still in the best of moods. “It’ll help!”

As much as he was still suspicious about everything that was happening, he silently agreed. He tried to sit up but his body felt lifeless as if all his tendrils had been cut. The running, the fighting he had done the past few hours really took a toll. He managed to slump himself against the headboard and drank deeply, aware that Helen was watching him intently. His eyes closed and felt the water surging down his throat, its coldness awaking the vital parts of his mind. There was the capture…he was taken by the Machines…he remembered a helicopter…then…he can’t remember anything…he must have blacked out till now…but no, there was something…there was a woman, a young woman…did she save him? She was beside him…and…she was touching him…but what was she doing? He remembered he was excited…and he felt good…she was…

Ashwin’s eyes bulged and spat out a mouthful of water with such force that it came out in a thick spray. It caught Helen on the side of her face and she squealed in surprise, bringing her hands up. Spluttering hastily and cheeks flaming with embarrassment, Ash placed the glass down on the stand and immediately began to apologise. “I’m so sorry!” he said. “I didn’t mean to do that!”

“My!” Helen squealed, blinking through her wet lashes. “You must have thought of something unpleasant!” It surprised Ash that she seemed to have no intention of wiping her face dry and he instinctively reached out to the stand to find some tissues. Again, he felt a tint of surprise that there was a huge box tissues just waiting for him and he took a few, then proceeded to dab at her face, while muttering “sorry” awkwardly. It was perhaps because Ash was too embarrassed, that he didn’t notice that they weren’t tissues at all, but high quality damp mini-towels that were designed to not remove water but much stickier of fluids.

“Thanks!” Helen said after he managed to wipe her dry. Laying the tissues (towels) down, Ash’s mind began to race again, getting redder by the second.

“There was a woman…” he said to her, “Was there…someone here before?”

Helen’s constant smile grew larger. She nodded enigmatically.

Ash had his hands on his head now. “I can’t remember…she was…young…she had…she had black hair?”

“That doesn’t narrow it down, but she sure was a young brunette!” Helen responded, laughing.

A wave of nausea went through Ash. “What happened?” he asked. “I remember she was…she was…” he turned even redder. “She had my…”

Helen giggled furiously, thoroughly enjoying his embarrassment. “I’m sorry, it was my idea, you know! You didn’t feel like waking up after almost a day, so I felt that something special would wake you up!” Then she rolled her eyes theatrically and shrugged. “Guess you aren’t that sensitive! Even she couldn’t rouse you, the best of the best, so I doubt even if I could!” She winked at him again. “Guess I just have a more commanding voice! She’s too young, her voice is a still a bit high and soft, you know!”

“Who…who are you people?” Ash asked, thunderstruck. “And why did she…”

“This is the Cornocupia,” Helen said, as if that could explain everything. “We are all here at your service!”

“Service?” Ash wondered aloud. “What kind of service?” He flushed again. “That kind?”

“Oh, cutie pie,” Helen purred. “That is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s much more to what we offer, don’t you worry about that.”

“But I was captured! By the Machines! Why am I here, not in a prison? Or dead?”

“Because you are very special, Ash,” said Helen and the way she said his nickname felt so familiar as if she had known him for many years. “We’ve been keeping an eye on you ever since you were born. We’ve followed all your battles, all your travels, wishing we could finally meet you one day! And viola! You’re finally here!”

“You wanted me? Why?”

“The only reason escort bursa you aren’t seeing hideous, ugly – ugh – guards,” Helen stuck out her tongue in a cute display of disgust, “and seeing beautiful girls, and well, me,” she added, touching her shoulders with her hands proudly, “is because you are chosen to carry the huge responsibility of creating the future of the Empire.”

Ash blinked, his mind racing. “Future? How?”

“Well…” Helen’s voice suddenly dropped and she laid a hand on his chest. She wasn’t looking at his eyes now…she was looking at a place that made Ash’s head throb. “You have something…very valuable that is very important to us. You see, you are one of the Alphas. What are the Alphas, Helen?” she asked to herself, mimicking a deep, masculine voice. “Well, the Alphas, are men that we, the Cupids, your lovely Cupids, love, and I mean,” Helen’s voice was barely a whisper now, her hand smoothing over his abs then to his pelvis, “absolutely relish…” her hand stopped around the bulge of his pants, causing Ash’s hips to shiver. “To fuck,” she finished, the word no more than rasp in her throat.

The word came so suddenly and abruptly Ash felt a jolt. The way Helen said it, the way it came out as a purr between her sexy lips turned him on more than anything else. His first instinct in his young, youthful mind was to say fuck yes but all his trainings, all his teachings came pouring in. He shook his head firmly, looking away.

“No,” he said, looking up at the ceiling.

“I was just kidding,” Helen laughed, her voice immediately light and high again, letting go of his crotch. “No, I wasn’t kidding. I wasn’t kidding that I was kidding.” Helen put on a comical display of thoughtfulness, a finger at her chin, looking up at the ceiling as well. “I was kidding that I was kidding that I was kidding. I mean…” She burst into a fit of giggles again, “…uh, I’m not actually kidding.”

“Is this a joke to you?!” Ashwin demanded at her, his eyes ablaze. He was angry, all of a sudden, in the insanity and bewilderment of it all. “I know what you people do. You force our men to lie with your women, and then you call their children your people! Well, that’s not happening, not with me anyway.”

Helen raised a hand as if she was in a classroom. “Uh, excuse me, sir!” she said, mimicking the voice of a student. “Um, did you mention that this was an involuntary program?”

Ashwin looked away, suddenly hit with the urge to laugh, and it took a lot to suppress it. Helen certainly didn’t and burst into giggles again. “Oh cmon!” She slapped at his chest. “That was pretty funny!”

“You’ve got me captured!” Ash spluttered at her. “You’re with them! How can you do this? You’re young and beautiful, you could be doing anything in the world! Why this?”

“Because it’s the best job in the world!” Helen said seriously. “You get to have sex with the most handsome, strongest men we can ever dream of.” Her eyes rolled, and Ash wondered if she was faking it. “Do you know how many women dream of having a child with a healthy man?” Helen began counting on her fingers then dropped her hands. “Oops, can’t count them, because it’s every single woman in Judic. Especially the Cupids.”

“Cupids? Is that what you call yourselves?”

Helen closed one eye and pulled her arms as if she was drawing a bow. “I’ve got you in my sights,” she said to him, in a low, deadly voice.

Ashwin rolled his eyes. The situation was just so ridiculous. He, Ashwin, star Rebel a day ago, was now trapped in a bedroom with this lunatic, who admittedly, was both funny and sexy but clearly out of her mind. However, he felt safe, and he felt that his body was relaxing, even though he didn’t want it to. He knew he was with the enemy, but he sure wasn’t going to be harmed. Well, not in the conventional sense anyway.

“Oh yeah,” Helen said, dropping her imaginary bow, “thanks for calling me young and beautiful by the way.” When Ash didn’t say anything, she added, “You forgot kind.”

“If you were so kind you’d let me go,” Ash said, refusing to look at her.

Helen straightened herself and waved at the door. “You can leave anytime you want!”

Ash snorted. “And to be gunned down as soon as I leave the building? I’m not stupid.”

“Oh good,” Helen said, dropping her hands. “You passed the intelligence test! The Alphas are all freaking hot, but some can be quite dumb, you know.”

Ash spluttered. “You’ve had more people before?”

Helen nodded. “I’m sure they were before the time of most Cupids here, but yes.”

Ash reeled. “When did this even begin?” He thought of all the Rebel soldiers being captured…perhaps they were never killed at all…but tortured, in this way. He shook his head in disbelief. Something told him that this was perhaps not as bad as death, but the incredible sense of betrayal was overwhelming. Instead of serving the cause, men were brought here to create more soldiers for the enemy line.

“Many years ago,” she said. “I think even when the Civil War just began. It was a large operation that was kept secret.” She winked at him. “I trust you will keep this secret for us, now.”

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