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Keeping my promise to my husband of answering any of his questions about my sex life, I am answering his question, “How did I learn how to ejaculate?”

It was my first year of college, and I was taking my first women’s studies course. We were reading novels and poems by women about being women. I loved the class. The professor gave us too much homework, but we all thought that she was great. She even encouraged us to call her by her first name, Emily.

Emily was in her late thirties and beautiful in a nontraditional way. She had medium-length auburn hair that barely reached her shoulders. Her skin was pale and covered with faint freckles. She always wore mascara that brought attention to her light blue eyes. She had slightly large teeth, a big smile, and wore less formal clothes than most professors. Sometimes she even would walk into class wearing sweats if she had just been working out. She was thin, medium height, and had long legs.

At the end of the semester, Emily suggested that for the final class period we all meet in the evening. We would have dinner at her house off campus and talk about our final papers.

When I went to her house, I noticed house nice it was and how she didn’t seem to have a husband or kids. We had dinner, and all sat around talking. What made the dinner extra special was that Emily served wine. As young college students, any alcohol was a treat.

The evening wound down, and I offered to help clean up. A few of us helped clean up, but I was the last student there. It was difficult to leave Emily was telling me incredible stories and asking me about my life. I somehow let it out that I was annoyed at some drunk senior who was hitting on me at a recent party. Emily commiserated, and we agreed that guys are sometimes more trouble than they are worth.

It was nearing midnight, and we were sitting in her living room. I was scoping out what books she had in a bookcase when she confided in me that she was leaving my college to take a new position in California. I was surprised and saddened. She told me more about the new job, and I agreed not to tell anyone.

At that point I started noticed a whole shelf of books about sex. Some were illegal bahis about masturbation, others were erotica for women, and a few concerned g-spots and anal sex. I didn’t know how to react. I guess that I was feeling tipsy so I grabbed a book and started flipped through it.

Emily stood up, walked next to me, and looked over my shoulder. I was reading about g-spots. She quietly asked, “Tina, have you found your g-spot?” Feeling no worse for wear, I answered, “I don’t think so.” We delicately entered a conversation in which I told her how I found my clitoris. She told me how I could not only have clitoral orgasms but also vaginal orgasms. I was interested.

Emily told me in great detail how she found her g-spot and has wonderful vaginal orgasms. I was feeling bold, so I asked her if she could show me how to find mine.

There was a swollen silence.

She slowly took my hand, walked me to her bedroom, and sat me on her bed. Emily sat next to me and told me to lie back on the pillow. She took off my shoes and socks and massaged my feet. She soon ran her finger up my pants leg. I sat up. Our eyes met. And we kissed.

She had such thin lips, and pretty large teeth, but I was so excited to kiss her. Our tongues explored each other. I felt warm and tingly all over.

Emily got off the bed, lit a few candles around her room, and turned out the lights. She stood there looking at me with this wide smile and a warm stare. She took off her shoes and unbuttoned then unzipped her tight jeans. She pealed her jeans off, and then calmly eased her gray cotton undies off her hips and down her legs.

My professor was beautiful. She was wearing only a black v-neck sweater and nothing else. The sweater was long enough to barely cover her vagina before her long, white legs led to the floor.

I started to take off my burgundy pants. It is more difficult to strip when you are lying down, but I could wait to take off my clothes. I then sat up, pulled my white sweater over my head, and unclasped my bra. After taking my bra off, I laid back on the bed, wearing only my purple victoria’s secret panties.

Emily was looking at me, her eyes were getting wide, and her mouth parted.

I illegal bahis siteleri liked the fact that I was giving my professor a show, so I started rubbing my pussy over my panties. Emily kept staring, this time with a wide smile again.

I then pulled off my panties, spread my legs open a bit, and stared back at Emily.

It must have been quite a view. There I was, a freshman, lying naked on my professor’s bed, and waiting for her to show me a new way to reach orgasm. I had a little bit of a tan, natural blonde hair, and a fairly hairy, light brown muff. My breasts had almost grown to their full size, and my nipples must have been erect.

Emily lay down next to me in bed. She gave me a long kiss. I enthusiastically kissed back but did not move the rest of me body.

She lay back so that we were shoulder to shoulder. She bent her legs and spread them open. Our legs were touching as she began to touch herself. She reached under her sweater and caressed her breasts and torso while her other hand reach down for her pussy. I leaned up to see her rubbing all over her pussy. Her fingers searched within her auburn-haired muff for her clit which she rubbed in slow circles. Emily’s back arched and she became more aroused.

I leaned on my side and asked, “Can I touch?”

She gave me a quick kiss, took my left hand, and guided it under her sweater. Emily’s body was warm to the touch. He stomach was tight, and then I reached her right breast. She had small breast, almost flat against her chest, with a thick, hard nipple. Somehow that was so sexy. This woman who was twice my age had the loveliest little girl breasts, and she loved to have me pinch her nipples. She kept guiding my fingers to pinch her nipples as her other hand rubbed her clit. I thought that I was squeezing the nipple too tightly, but it was driving her wild.

Soon I got the opportunity to touch her hot, soaking vagina. She led me to her clit which made her moan in pleasure. As I was rubbing her clit, her two fingers were in her vagina.

Emily said, “Try this.”

She told me to put my forefinger and middle finger together, and then slide them in her pussy. She then instructed me canlı bahis siteleri to feel for the textured area and moaned, “Yeah, that’s it,” when I found it. I massaged her g-spot as she pinched her nipple and rubbed her clit. Her face was flushed. Soon I heard, “Yes, yes, yes, yes, yeessss!” I felt her pussy contract as she reached a long orgasm.

In time, Emily asked me to lay back. She took off her sweater to reveal her a-cup breasts with bright pink nipples, and moved close to me. She asked me if I was exited and if I was wet. I was so excited and ready for her touch.

She kissed me on the lips as her hand roamed over my torso. She seemed to relish my breasts and then eased her hand down to my hairy mound. My hips rose to her touch.

She said, “You have a wet little pussy don’t you, young lady?” I could only nod. I was breathless.

She asked for me hand, as we both massaged my pussy and clit. Emily then stopped messaging my clit but began kissing my breasts. “Now these do not belong to some little girl,” she said. “You are beautiful woman.” She then began quickly licking my hard nipples. I could barely catch my breath.

Emily then moved down to the end of the bed, positioned her head between my bent legs, and began lightly licking my wet pussy. I eased down the bed so that her whole tongue would touch my pussy. I thought that I was about to reach orgasm, but then she stopped.

She inserted one then two fingers into my vagina searching for my g-spot. In a little time she found it. I quickly yelped, “Awwwww! That’s it!” She positioned herself closer to me. She began licking and nibbling my clit as her fingertips massaged my g-spot. My hips lost control. She had to lean down hard on me to keep me from moving too much. I thought my clit was about to reach orgasm when my vagina started convulsing. I screamed as it felt almost like I was peeing. Emily kept rubbing inside of me and licking my clit, as I soaked her comforter. I couldn’t stop spasming or yelling, “Ohhhhh!” over and over again. It was the biggest orgasm of my life.

Emily dried off her hand, slid up my body, and kissed me. I felt like jello. Her body tight body was pressed against me.

The rest of winter vacation was incredible. She taught me about female ejaculation, we read erotica to each other, and she helped me reach incredible orgasms. Soon she left for California, but Emily will always remain my favorite teacher.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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