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As my husband pulled his car into the garage, he had to be very careful. Getting the car into the garage was always a tight fit. He was deliberate, but was able squeeze it in next to my SUV. He had been traveling on business for the last four days. Usually when he comes home from these long trips he is was very tired and just happy to be home.

As he came in the backdoor with his suitcase, I was standing in the kitchen.

“You didn’t take the garbage out before you left town,” I said.

He looked at me with a little surprise but also frustration. I didn’t plan to speak to him this way, but it just came out.

“Nice to see you too,” he said sarcastically.

He walked right past me and went to the bedroom to put his stuff up and unpack. He didn’t make any move to hug me or even speak to me further. For the last couple of days I had been uptight, but not really sure why. I just knew that I had been frustrated. Even I was a little surprised at the rude reception I gave him, but I was in a bad mood and really didn’t care. Since he could tell I was a little tense today, he chose to avoid me. I did not follow him to the bedroom which I could tell he was thankful for.

By the way, my name is Katie. I am 35 and attractive. My husband is 40 and looks great for his age. He has blue eyes and stays in shape. We have an average marriage, but of course we fight just like anybody else.

I continued to do the dishes in the kitchen. There was some chocolate syrup down inside a little cup that I could not get to. I had to really dig in there with my fingers to get it out and it was making me mad. Finally, since my husband had not come out of the bedroom, I went to check on him.

There were two piles of dirty clothes on the floor that had not been there 10 minutes ago.

“Shit!” I said with disgust. “You are such a pig!”

“What is the matter now?!!” He asked.

“You just come in here and throw your clothes on the floor. I am not your maid.” I fired back at him.

“I am going to pick them up. I am just dividing the laundry out for you into different piles. Damn, get off my ass.” He yelled back at me. You could tell he was getting frustrated with me now.

“What is your deal?” He begged. “I walk in the door, I haven’t seen you in four days, and you proceed to yell at me for every little thing. How about ‘hello honey’, or ‘I love you’ or simply a hug?”

I wasn’t going to back down from him now. Even if he did show me I was being unreasonable.

“I just get tired of your shit. You don’t help me around here and then you come home and make and even bigger mess for me to clean up. ” I fired back.

“You know what, fuck you!” He yelled back and stormed past me and back to the kitchen.

I followed him back to the kitchen. Thankfully the kids were at school for the next few hours and would not see us fighting. I stormed after him and went right up to get in his face.

“Listen, this is bullshit. I hate it when you make a mess around here.”

“Katie,” he said “I was just trying to help you. Don’t I always organize the laundry for you and help you do it?”

I canlı bahis could not argue with this. “Yeah,” I nodded.

“Well it is the same this time?” He said in a very stressed voice.

I looked up at him.

“You are right. I am sorry.” I said.

I tried to reach up to hug him, but he just pushed me away and walked off. He headed straight for the couch and turned on the TV.

“Honey, wait….” I said

“Whatever,” was all that he murmured and you could tell he was really pissed at me.

I went over to him and sat down beside him.

“Honey, I am really sorry. Can I make it up to you?” I asked coyly.

I smiled up at him and had a gleam in my eye. He knew that I was suggesting getting him off. By the way, I am 35 with long legs and great tits, even after 3 kids my tits are better that what you would see in Playboy. I love my husband, but I had very little sexual experience when we first started dating and frankly I have always been kind of uptight.

“Wanna fuck?” I said.

“Fuck you,” was all that he said.

My husband was really made at me, which I was secretly kind of happy about.

“Come on. How about we have sex before the kids get home.” I offered.

“No!” He said. “I am tired of your shit”.

“Please!” I begged. “I want to make you happy. What can I do?”

He sat there quietly for a minute. Then you could tell that he was thinking.

He looked at me and said, “Ok, you want to get me off? You want to make it up to me? Go get the anal lube”. This was not a request but rather a command.

He could tell I got a little anxious, but not for the reason he thought.

“Can’t we do something else, how about a blowjob instead?” I suggested.

But hubby would not listen.

“Hell no. You have been such a pain in the ass to me lately. If I fuck you, I am going to return the favor. I am going to fuck you in the ass.

I meekly replied to him, “Hun, I am really sorry. If that’s what you need, then I will do that.”

“That’s not what I need” he said. “That’s what you need.”

I didn’t move. I just at there, thinking about what he had just said.

“Why are you sitting there?” he said with anger in his voice. “Get your ass up and go get it. I am going to fuck you in the ass”.

His voice was strong, almost like a command, and I really liked this side of him. My husband is a man that takes charge and it turns me on when he does.

I stood up and walked to the bedroom to get the anal lube. I quickly returned and threw it in his lap. I took off my t-shirt and bra and my tits popped out. My nipples were already hard. I started to unbutton my jeans. I turned around and peeled my jeans down, along with my panties, so that my ass was in his face. My pussy was getting wet and tingly. Although, I knew what I had coming.

He leaned up, turned me back around and began to suck on my titties. First on one, then the other. He firmly held them in his hand and sucked hard. He turns me on so much when his mouth is on me. He rubbed on the outside of my pussy lips and then reached around and grabbed my ass cheeks.

“Yes…..,” bahis siteleri I sighed.

It felt good to have him hold me strong and firm.

He stood up and turned me around again.

“Get down on your knees and get your ass up in the air.”

I did as my husband commanded and was happy to do so. His hands rubbed on my ass and hips and up and down my ass crack. It felt so good and I purred a little. Then I felt one of his hands leave me, I heard and squirt, and then I felt cold lubricant on my asshole. As much as I resist, I have always loved when he rubbed my anus. He had prepared me and he could now take me any time he wanted to. This vulnerability turned me on even more. He took off his pants and shirt and knelt in front of my face. His cock was starting to get hard and I took it in my mouth gladly. He pumped his manhood in and out of my mouth as I sucked and licked.

“Yeah, suck my dick!” He said. “If you treat me like shit, then you will get what you deserve.”

I understood this cause-and-effect relationship all too well. His cock popped out of my mouth and I licked the head. A string of pre-cum went from his dick head to my bottom lip. This always turned him on……and made me feel like a dirty girl, which I love.

Then he moved around behind me. He took more of the lube and put it on his already hard, wet cock. While he was doing this I was already rubbing on my clit. He massaged the outside of my ass and it sent a shiver of pleasure through me. His finger finally entered my ass and I quickened my masturbation. It just felt so good! He began to slide his finger in and out of me. At first he was moving gently, then he was more firmly finger-fucking my ass. As much as I complained, this felt so good. My self-image is that of a good girl. The idea of anal sex grosses me out, and the thought of it seems painful. I don’t like to ask for it, and my husband is too much of a gentleman to force it on me, but I know that if he gets mad enough, he will take me and give me what I need, which is a good ass-fucking. The truth is that this good-girl never cums harder than when he is fucking me in my ass. I don’t know why, or understand it, but that is just the way I am.

“Oh baby” I moaned.

By now he was loosening me up with two fingers inside of my rectum. My cunt was wet in my hand and my clit was swollen as I played with myself and anticipated getting the butt-fuck that I have been craving for a week!

He took his now hard dick and rubbed the lubed-up head against the opening between my butt cheeks. Slowly he eased his cock into my ass.

I moaned. “Oh yeah baby. Stick your cock in me. I have been sooo bad. You know what I need”.

With that he let go of his dick with his hand. The head was in my ass now and he didn’t need to guide it anymore. My man grabbed my hips with his hand and continued to slowly slide his hard dick into my ass until he was all the way in. I can’t tell you how good it felt. By now I was so close to cumming and he wasn’t even fucking me yet. I stopped playing with myself for a little bit and just concentrated on my ass, tight around his dick. He bahis şirketleri pulled it out a bit and very slowly pushed it back into me. I can’t describe to you how good it felt. It is so tight, and hurts a little at first, but when he fucks me in the ass I just love it. And when I feel him cum in me, it makes me cum too.

“Fuck me. Please! Please fuck me in my ass.” I begged.

My man began to pick up his pace. He started really fucking now, a little hard and a little faster with each stroke. My ass is so sensitive and it was all I could do not to cum yet.

“Is this what you want? Huh?” He asked.

He was worked up and frustrated with me and was now taking it out on my tight back door, just as I had hoped he would. With his hands on my hips he fucked me harder. His balls were slapping against my wet cunt and my fingers as I continued to masturbate.

“Yeah that’s it. Fuck my ass.”

I was begging now, on my hands and knees, getting butt-fucked by my husband and loving it. I was pushing back into his thrusts. My hole was looser now, but I could feel his cock getting thicker.

“Yeah, you like that don’t you.” he said.

“Oh fuck yes.” I moaned. It felt so good. “Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck my ass honey” I almost screamed. “I am about to cum. Make me cum baby. Cum in my ass”

He was really into it and taking his frustration out on me. He was fucking me full force.

“I am going to cum. I am about to cum. ” I screamed.

I urged him on. “That’s it baby, dump your load.”

With that he could not hold back any longer. “I’m cumming! I’m cumming” He said.

I could feel his cock swell in my ass and begin to jerk. I furiously massaged my clit as he was putting me over the edge.

He grunted, “uuuhhhhhhg. That’s it. I’m cumming too. Cum with me baby.”

With that I came so hard. My ass began to clinch on his penis, which in made him jerk and spasm even more. With my anus clenching on the base of his cock, I milked his cum into me. He continued to steadily pump my asshole, and his some of his cum spilled out of me and ran down the crease of my pussy lips. What didn’t run out of me served as more lube for his dick.

By this time I was spent and Jay could tell. He slowly pulled out of me. After I cum, my ass gets so tight and this time was no exception. He pulled his still hard member from my asshole and I just collapsed on the carpet in our living room. I could feel his cum in my crack and it turned me on so much. I was fresh fucked in the ass and loved it.

“I am really sorry,” I said. “Do you forgive me?”

He curled up beside me and put his face right next to mine.

“Sure sweetheart, I forgive you. I just wish you didn’t have to be such a bitch. If you want to get fucked in the ass, just ask. I know you want it.”

“I know, baby. I just don’t know why I ask the way I do.” I said.

“Well” he replied “You need to grow up. I am tired of this. I was gentle this time. But if you act like this again, then next time I won’t be so gentle. Next time I will fuck your ass hard and rough. Do you understand me?”

“I understand” I said.

I thought to myself “hmm… that sounds great. The next time I want to get fucked in the ass hard, I will just have to be and even bigger bitch to him.”

I just lay there thinking about this time, and next time, and smiling.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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