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Alyssa stretched sensuously and slowly as she awakened to the early morning sunlight peeking in through her bedroom window. She had been having a very erotic dream, and she was aware of the wetness of her waxed pussy, and slowly slid her hand under the waistband of her black lace bottoms; gently kneading her soft moist lips, while running one finger over her swollen clit, enjoying the sensations and wet remnants of the passionate scenes still flashing through her mind.

Her nipples were standing at attention, pressing promiscuously against the black lace of the little cami top, and she started kneading one between her thumb and forefinger, as she worked on her now swollen lips and clit. Her body tensed as she felt her orgasm building, and moaned with the pleasurable fiery darts spreading throughout her body; and as her full blown orgasm exploded, she cried out with the intensity of the feelings, her body arching and convulsing, as the muscles of her vagina contracted rhythmically, squeezing the ‘phantom cock’ she so desired to feel inside her at that moment.

She got up after releasing her sexual tensions, made coffee, and prepared to shower and get ready for the new day. The racy scenes of her dreams kept playing in her head like movie clips. It had been a long time since dvd porno she had felt a stiff cock inside of her. She toweled dry and lotioned her body, slipping into a teal blue jersey dress, that clung to her every curve in all the right places. The spaghetti straps and low cut ‘V’ neck, exposed her soft shoulders and the creamy valley between her breasts.

She applied her make-up and brushed her soft golden curls, and then proceeded to her computer, booting it up. She had met Paul on a dating site, and as she opened her IM program, she found a note waiting for her….from Paul. They had not yet met in person, and were planning on meeting today. Alyssa was excited….Paul had rented a hotel room, and after their almost 5 months online love affair….At Last! They would consummate what had grown into a very warm, loving, deeply sensual and sexual love affair!

Paul was there! Waiting for her to Cum to, for, and with him….She felt breathless as she slid onto the seat of her Beamer and drove to the hotel. They had talked about all the fantasies each wanted, and found they matched in so many of their desires. Alyssa knew Paul was married, but her attraction to him, and the lust and love that had grown steadily between them, only made her desire grow more with ensest porno every passing day, week, month….

Alyssa felt her pussy getting moist again, and tingling with anticipation, as she parked the Beamer in the hotel parking lot. Paul had been watching for her arrival, and she did not see him as she entered the lobby and headed for the elevators. As the doors opened and she stepped inside, Paul quickly slipped in with her. He wanted to fulfill one of her fantasies they had talked about….Sex with a ‘stranger’ in an elevator. She turned, surprised to see Paul, and as the doors shut, he scooped her into his arms as lips mashed and tongues tasted of one another for the first time. Passions flared quickly and grew in intensity, as Paul pushed the ‘stop’ button with one hand, while rolling one nipple between his thumb and forefinger with the other; and Alyssa instinctively reached for Paul’s already engorged member.

He kissed her neck, moving to the creamy soft valley between her breasts, sliding the spaghetti straps off her shoulders and pushing the top of her dress down to her waist, exposing her lovely tits and rosy pink nipples to his touch, and sampling first one and then the other with his lips, twirling his tongue around the hardened nubs, sucking czech amateurs porno them deeply into his mouth. Alyssa had freed Paul’s throbbing cock from it’s imprisonment, massaging it with her soft hand, moaning with the spreading sensations and burning need building to a fevered pitch in response to Paul’s ministrations. They both knew their first meeting would be one of unbridled, raw sex, after months of pent up desires….passions….dreams….

Paul slipped his hand under her dress, and Alyssa spread her legs to allow him entry to her wet, swollen, waiting lips, as he pushed 2 fingers into that moist valley, and kneaded her clit with his thumb. He could see she was nearing her orgasm, and pushed her against the wall, grabbing the rail behind her for leverage, and thrust his stiff manhood deep inside her warm velvet walls in a fury of pent up lust; as she gasped with the sudden fullness and pleasure, grabbing his ass in her hands as they joined in a frenzied unison, and consummation of their first ‘fulfilled’ fantasy….

Alyssa cried out for Paul to fuck her, as she orgasmed, and her body shuddered in ecstasy. Paul pistoned his cock hard and fast into her depths, as he felt his Hot creamy Cum making it’s way down his shaft, exploding against the walls of her spasming pussy, and he moaned loudly at the release….thrusting violently, emptying every last drop of his cum into her. As their juices mingled, they clung to one another, gasping in deep breaths….both knowing this was the start of many yet to be fulfilled fantasies….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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