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There he stood. His strong jaw-line lightly stubbled.

The clothing set-off his natural ruggedness. Leather so creamy and soft, camel-color oiled and with that worn look associated with hard work; not the affectation so many men work to create.

His hands, callused from years of working the Erie Canal waterways, have that thick sausage texture adding to his strong appearance.

Shipping work flowed through his veins. His father and his male grandparents and brothers worked for many years for that same company until last year. That was when the ore tanker Griselda Mae sank, killing his two brothers and his father.

No one in the tavern knew this about Champ. All the men saw was a guy in a leather jacket looking around, surveying the room. All that the women saw was his physique, and wondered what thrills lay in store for them during a night with him.

Slowly, he walked over to a barstool and ordered a depth charge with a side shot. Removing his jacket revealed his well-contoured chest and slim waist. The muscles of his arms showed clearly through the thin layer of covering flesh. Along his right forearm, a thick vein bulged.

Jessica took note of all this with rapt interest as she sat in the corner booth sipping her drink.

He tossed down the one shot with no visible effect showing on his face. Then he dropped charge into the beer, and commenced to sip and think.

As one drink became three, and his deep thoughts took him to far-off places, he felt Jessica’s eyes on him from her seat. Champ didn’t turn to her, though. The only movement she noted was his apparently unconscious habit of making rings on the counter with the condensation from the beer mug.

Jessica waved to Fiona to bring her another shot of Wild Turkey. When Fiona delivered the drink Jessica whispered to her to bring the gentleman another of whatever he is drinking. Fiona whispered back how she had eyes on the new guy, too. Jessica playfully slapped Fiona’s arm, as she turned to make the drink order.

Champ mulled over what lay in his future as the waitress presented him with another depth charge.

“Compliments of Jessica over there, hon,” Fiona said smiling and indicating the corner booth.

“Thanks,” Champ said as he lifted his drink in Jessica’s direction. She waved and smiled at him sweetly, an unspoken invitation.

Champ remained in his seat, finishing his drink, still deep in thought. Emotions danced across his mind, though no one could tell from his stoic expression. So deep was his thought that he didn’t notice the disappointed look on Jessica’s face.

After a time Jessica let go thoughts of this handsome man and turned her attention to the miniature juke-box selector in her booth. After dropping coins in and choosing a series of ballads Jessica sipped her drink and spluttered as Champ sat opposite her.

“Again, thanks for the drink. Can I return the favor?” he said softly. Jessica felt a rush as his deep raspy voice touched a chord inside her chest making her inhale deeply.

“Sure. I’ll take a fruit punch special.”

He smiled and turned to find Fiona approaching. Champ placed the order, then turned back to Jessica, taking in her physique.

Her eyes were a dazzling shade of blue surrounded by too much make-up. Hair held back with rubber bands had that chestnut color so many women crave. Jessica’s lips were thin and pink with only one flaw: Her upper lip was scarred. Champ figured there was an interesting story behind that scar.

Jessica smiled, noticing the silence. Surprisingly, she felt very calm as his eyes roved her body. She knew she did not possess the body of a beauty pageant winner. As such she long-ago accepted this truth. She simply got over it and focused on other aspects of her life, such as finding a handsome man to share time with her.

Suddenly a thrill moved through her belly as his eyes settled on her breasts. Few men ogle her breasts, their diminutive size not an instant attraction. Most men, she found, wanted mommys girl porno a woman with cushion-like melons to fondle. Yet this guy was different. Besides, she was checking him out at the same time, filing away the details of his smile.

“You smile sweet. I like a man who can smile soft and easy. I guess you like what you see, huh?” she asked without the tone indicating she was fishing for a compliment. Merely pointing out that his eyes hadn’t left her bosom.

“As a matter of fact, Jessica, I do. Especially your. . . what did you think I was going to say, woman?” he smiled as her eyes grew wide for a moment.

“Well, dude, I could have sworn you were going to say something about my chest, to be honest,” Jessica said, her eyes not moving from his, even though his eyes kept staring at her breasts. It was then she looked down and saw what held his attention.

“OK, I’ll admit it, you turn me on. My titties cannot tell a lie!” she chuckled as she sat back, allowing her aroused nipples to jut out towards Champ. “By the way, do you want me to keep calling you dude, or what?”

“Damn, I forgot. Where’s my manners. I’m . . .”

“CHAMP PEARY! You sonofabitch! How the hell are you, boy?” Ned Beele shouted as he entered the tavern and saw Champ with Jessica.

“Hi Ned. Who let you loose from troll duty? Did the bridge burn down or something?” Champ said drolly.

“My feelings are hurt, Champ. Here you been holding out on me! You come into my usual place, find the best woman in here, and don’t even take the time to introduce your ol’ buddy to this lovely vision of feminine pulchritude! Being selfish ain’t your style, Champ,” hollered Ned as he came up to the two at the booth. Before Ned had a chance to swing into the booth next to Jessica, who all along smiled at the exchange, Champ stood up and whispered something to Ned.

Ned’s smile disappeared and he apologized to Jessica for his behavior, and walked quickly away.

“What did you tell that SWEET friend to drive him away, Mr. Champ Peary?” Jessica said sarcastically.

Champ smiled and said, “Told him to move his stupid ass out of my face, apologize to you for being a stupid ass, and take his stupid ass from here before I reminded him what it felt like to come shooting outta his mother. He defines the term, y’see.”

Acting the part of a rescued damsel Jessica says, “Oh, my knight in shining armor! Thank you.” Then she did something she never did before.

Her action caused Champ to rock back in shock for a moment. Shock moved quickly to pleasure as he leaned forward and peered more closely.

Jessica lifted up out of her chair, pulled down her blouse, flashed boobs at Champ, covered them back up, turned and walked towards the exit.

Still a bit stunned Champ didn’t move until she turned and while smiling mouthed the words softly, saying, “Come on, let’s go.” Then, he stood up, peeled off money to pay for the drinks, took his jacket, and followed Jessica’s swiveling rear out.

And a nice, plump, round rear it is!

Champ took this time to assess more of her contours. Jessica is not a slim woman. And, she’s not blessed with that classic waist-line on the models of all the fashion magazines. What she is, and what draws him to her, is how Jessica is full of energy. She is plump in all the right places, and even her small apple-boobs have those nipples shaped just like chocolate drops. Put it all together, thinks Champ, and she is what his daddy called a woman of substance. All woman.

Outside, Jessica watched him approach, and she noted his groin. His hips swiveled the way a man’s hips should: powerfully moving his body through the air towards her. She imagined the rounded cup of his package to be full. Jessica hoped he wanted her in “that way” because she felt the moistness building in her region of pleasure.

Champ walked right up to Jessica, leaned down, and tried lifting her into the air. She moved quickly to the side and ran toward the middle of the parking momsbangteens porno lot. He smiled, and gave a half-hearted chase after her until he noticed out of the corner of his eye she was leading them where he hoped. She came near to him, and followed his gaze. Champ reached a hand to cup her rear, lifted her, and carried her towards the edge of parking lot. She nuzzled his neck, her arms around him there, as he led her from the parking lot to the hotel just across the road. No need to check-in with the desk-clerk, he thought to himself, since I own the place.

Jessica felt safe in his embrace. She felt his warmth. She inhaled his musk, and felt her body respond. When he lowered her to the top of the bed, she once again shocked him.

“Champ, I know where we’re about to explore each other’s bodies, and damn I want to feel you against me real bad. But, I want you to do something for me.”

A puzzled look from Champ was the only response Jessica got. She pressed on with her request.

“I want you to turn out all the lights, and open the window shade to let in just a little light.

Can you do that for me, baby?”

Champ moved to the window, slightly hesitating, and opened the shades. Next to the bed was a row of electrical switches. He flicked one, and the room went dark save for the light from the moon.

“You don’t know just how sexy you look in this light, Champ. I feel buttery soft in that special place looking at you this way. I want to reach inside my pants and stroke it, but before that I want you to do something else for me,” Jessica smiled seductively as she dropped her voice an octave, her arousal becoming more apparent.

Slowly, Champ smiled knowingly. He nodded, and awaited her direction.

“Unbutton your pants. You know you’re the only man I’ve seen around here that does justice to button-fly jeans? Looks to me like your package is nicely tucked away. Let me tell you, it’ll be feeling a bit cramped in a minute unless you open those buttons right quick, hon. Go on now, show Jessica what’s happening with that package so nicely wrapped like a Christmas gift,” she purred in her sensuously throaty voice. Watching him with interest, her fingertips moved to her belly, rubbing tiny circles there while each button of his jeans flicked open.

Champ moved slowly. His fingers worked in-synch with the music coming from the tavern. As the pounding of his heart increased in tempo, his erection grew, filling his underwear more and more fully. The jeans were fully open now, and his covered package faced her.

He gazed into her face watching her reaction and was pleased to see her eyes widen as she noted his swelling manhood beneath his briefs. As he lowered his pants he saw Jessica open hers, slipping her fingertips inside the top of her panties. Champ further enjoyed how her nipples peaked slowly into their fabulous shape, begging for his lips to suckle them into firmness, her clothing hiding not a thing from his gaze.

“Take them off, love,” Jessica whispered, “and take a seat in front of me. Trust me, baby, this is gonna be good.”

Following her directions Champ sat before her, his manliness hidden from her. His heart pulsed, and each passing moment his staff hardened, making his manhood dance and wriggle. Jessica licked her lips, and he throbbed. She moaned as her fingers stroked. When he pulled his briefs to the floor, his member bounced, its fat, purple-tip drew circles in the air. She devoured his snake with her eyes, and as she licked her lips her fingers stroked her creamy crevice moistly.

He sat still, waiting for more commands. Then it hit him: Her scent assailed his senses, and his pole ached even more.

“Now, slide your hand on your cock, and squeeze it, pumping it up and down slowly, baby doll,” she purred.

Champ felt a trembling in his belly as this slow seduction made him more aroused than he’s been in a long time. He grabbed his maleness in his fist and began pumping, just as she directed. monsters of cock porno The experience of masturbating while a woman watched highly excited him. Her woman-scent sent him to a crest. He knew soon he’d be near the point where some action took place.

Jessica stood up and closed the distance between them. Kneeling before him she breathed deeply his musk and swooned as she saw the result of his stroking eking from the tip of his hardness. His eyes followed her hungry look to the pre-seminal fluid. He was hypnotized by this simple event, so much so that he didn’t realize she moved even closer.

Jessica, drawn to his throbbing member like a moth to flame, opened her mouth and flicked her tongue expertly snatching up that droplet.

Savoring the taste for a long moment, she sat back. She removed her clothing slowly, nodding at Champ in a signal he knew meant he should continue his stroking. The head of his manhood darkened with each stroke, each piece of clothing she dropped to the ground. When she reached back to unhook her brassiere, he spoke for the first time in a long while.

“No, leave it on.”

Jessica was taken aback by the sound of his voice, dripping with arousal and desire for her, she knew. She dropped her arms, one hand cupping her mons, stroking back and forth.

There they were, two lovers stroking their respective sexual apparatus.

“Lift and massage your left breast,” he said huskily.

Her hand moved to her belly and smoothed her rounded flesh. Fingernails raked across leaving red streaks in their wake. Slowly, agonizingly, she slid her hand up to just beneath her left breast. She watched his hand move faster, up and down his swollen staff, the pre-seminal fluid oozing down the side onto his fist. He watched her groin, moist and smooth, shining with her arousal as she stroked more furiously.

They moaned together as they watched each other, the pace of their stroking and massaging getting faster. Finally, she broke the spell with her final statement.

“Lean back and let that fat cock loose.”

He gave himself one last squeeze, and lay back. Jessica moved across and sat on his lap, his throbbing manliness gently bouncing against her moistness. She leaned her breasts towards his mouth, and he accommodated her, uncovering them, and suckling deeply first one then the other until he heard her groan in ecstasy. Followed by his groan of passion as she lifted her hands, slipped the condom over his pulsating rod, and then lowered her warm glove onto him.

Their connection smooth, her inner muscles controlled the pace of their lovemaking. Each time she squeezed those muscles he flicked his hips upward slightly. Again and again they teased each other this way. Until the alarm went off in the back of his mind. All men know this alarm. It signals the point of no return, the point where orgasm is not far-off.

She knew it, too. Felt the tell-tale pulse all men experience. And she was glad for it as her clitoris was tight and swollen, her insides ready to explode. She thought to herself, if he sucks my nipple once more when I’m sliding down his meat, that’s all she wrote.

As if reading her mind he timed his thrust to match his suckling mouth, and she moaned a long, sustained, volume-increasing moan that reverberated against the walls. One, two. . . no, THREE tiny orgasms slammed into her by the time his orgasm arrived.

He pumped up into her, sending waves of passion through them both, until his semen flowed, spraying up into the condom. His staff pulsing inside her channel, being gripped by her inner muscles, when the final orgasm struck her to her core. His groans joined hers as fulfillment met them head-on.

Jessica wailed and screeched as her orgasm racked her body, freezing her for a moment before she became a hurricane of motion. It was all Champ could do to keep his hands on her, his lips kissing whatever flesh came near him as his spewing member slowed and his hips rode out her grinding and slamming womanhood. At last, her motions slowed, her voice came under control, and she leaned her body down to lay atop him. Giggling, they kissed each other relishing the night’s beginning, its end not far off. Yet, they made the time to enjoy it all.

* * * * *

Copyright 1999, JazbosDream

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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