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As soon as he met Amanda, Brett knew that he had found the girl of his dreams. She was beautiful, sexy and clever. She could cook in seven languages, had a happy nature and was the most fun to be with, either in or out of bed. There was never any doubt in his mind, right from the outset, that this was the girl he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. Then she dumped him.

The only explanation she offered him was that he was boring, that he didn’t do anything but play golf. That was a tough pill for Brett to swallow, especially as he was a professional golfer. He tried hard to think of negatives to sling back at her, even if they were only to make him feel better about losing her… but he failed. She was, after all, the girl of his dreams, so it was hard to see any flaws in her.

For several weeks he was unable to find an antidote for the “Amanda blues”, and then things got worse when he took off alone for South Carolina, on the vacation they were supposed to take together. No matter what he did, all he could think about was how they should be doing this together.

For the entire first day he was there he was sure the vacation was a mistake. The cottage he’d rented for them was cozy, romantic and overlooked the beach, but as he wanly padded around it all he could think of was how much better it would be if she had been there to share it with him. The second morning he woke up, alone, and decided to find somewhere to play golf. “It might be boring,” he thought, “but it’s what I do.”


Shelly watched him practicing from her position at the pro shop window. He was a good player and, although he’d been distracted when he came in, he was pleasant to her when he asked if he could practice and play the course that day. Something about the handsome but sad figure gripped her attention and wouldn’t let go as she watched him pound ball after ball. It was mesmerizing, almost like he was working something from his system.

It was a strange feeling, the attraction she felt to this man she knew nothing about. It wasn’t like her to be impulsive in either her attraction, or her selection of men, but there was no denying the heat he was generating all around her body as she watched his graceful movements. Something about his tall frame, muscular shoulders and the melancholic demeanor pulled at her emotions and she started imagining her hands wandering over him. “Stop it Shelly.” She shook her head. “You’re supposed to be working.”

The vision stayed with her for the rest of the day, distracting her and raising her curiosity. She even stayed around after work, just waiting to see if the mystery man came in again when he finished his round. It was a wretched end to her wait when she saw him come off the course, put his things straight into his car and drive off.


The next day, fate paid Shelly back, and then some.

Brett was at the cottage entrance, struggling with the screen door as he tried to wrestle the previous night’s pizza box into the garbage. He didn’t notice the morning jogger deviate from her path and head towards him.

“You’re the golfer.” The red-faced, soaked shirt, girl with short, sweaty blonde hair bounced up to him. She wasn’t vaguely familiar.

Taken aback that his lack of fame still allowed such recognition, Brett nodded with a hollow expression. The bizarre meeting had him lost for words as he started to notice the rest of the girl’s features, happy indigo eyes, high cheekbones and a figure that even her sports bra couldn’t conceal.

“I’m sorry.” She stepped forward and offered him her hand. “I’m Shelly. I work at the golf course you played yesterday.”

Brett shook her hand, still struggling for a spark of recognition, but his mind had been closed to other women since the onset of the Amanda Blues. Shelly spoke to him in bubbling, short phrases as she asked him where he was from, how long he would be there, what his plans were. Brett fielded the questions with a growing confidence, as he started to recover from the surprise.

“Where are you playing today?” she asked him.

“No plans yet.” He shrugged. “I haven’t even had breakfast.”

Shelly almost jumped at him. “You want to go play somewhere? It’s my day off and I know a great new course, you’ll love it.”

Brett didn’t know what had hit him when she jogged off. He’d agreed to her picking him up in a couple of hours and playing that afternoon with her. As he poured himself his morning coffee he tried to work out what it was about Shelly that made him agree to something that he normally wouldn’t do. Sure, she was pretty, but that wasn’t enough for him to wilt so easily. He put it down to her enthusiasm. Thinking back to her giggly personality and more than pleasant looks, he smiled at the image. Maybe the afternoon wouldn’t be so bad after all.


Shelly kept surprising him. The first surprise was the squealing tires that announced the arrival of her open-topped Jeep. Then she jumped out in a golf shirt and shorts, looking even prettier than he remembered canlı bahis from two hours earlier. When they got to the golf course, it turned out she could play better than he expected also, good enough to halve their match on the 18th green.

“Playoff!” Shelly declared as Brett shook her hand. “We’ll have a putting competition to decide the winner.”

“Sure.” He smiled at her enthusiasm and followed her to the practice green, feeling the blues leaving him for the first time in days. “What’s the bet again? If we’re going to all this trouble, I guess I should know.”

“Hmmm,” she pretended to consider with an impish look, “we never did say. What about dinner? Loser buys dinner tonight.”

Brett nodded slowly, understanding the situation and wondering if his vacation hadn’t taken a wonderful turn for the better.


“You sure you didn’t let me win?” Shelly’s tone was accusing as she spoke between bites on a buffalo wing. “Just so you could do that outdated macho thing and pay for dinner?”

“I’ve never let anyone win, at anything. I’ve been beaten plenty of times, but never willingly.” Brett was smitten by the engaging Shelly. She’d arrived to pick him up in the same manner as earlier, but now she wore a white silky shirt and a long colorful summer skirt that flowed with her brisk movements. Her youthful features seemed to be stuck in a permanent smile and her wide blue eyes were never still, watching everything. She exuded life and had breathed some of it back into Brett.

He was looking at her differently now. The perfect curves of her slim, athletic, figure and the suggestive moves of her smiling lips were playing with his mind and body, making him want her and arousing him. Watching her sip at her wine and slip food into her mouth he started to squirm in his seat as his erection made itself felt.

When they left the restaurant, Shelly didn’t bother asking him where he wanted to go, she simply started driving. By then he didn’t care as long as he was with her. He watched as she drove swiftly along, the warm night air buffeting her short blonde hair and her features flashing like an old cartoon in the strobe effect of the streetlights.

Brett was familiar with the development they drove into, but not the entrance they used, nor the cottage they pulled up to. Shelly parked and got out of the Jeep without a word, or an invitation. He followed her, feeling the thrill of the adventure rising and the anticipation of their evening together growing. She slipped a key into the door, heaved at it with her shoulder and disappeared inside.

“Welcome to my humble abode.” Shelly giggled as Brett walked into her lounge. “That’s what they say in the movies, isn’t it?”

The cottage was dimly lit and moderately furnished with golf clubs propped against every corner and golf magazines overflowing the shelf under her coffee table. The most spectacular thing in the room was easily Shelly herself and she stood facing him, her arms resting on her hips and a mischievous smile on her lips.

“So,” she began, “as I see this, we have three choices. One, we can have a coffee and I can drive you around to your place… goodnight and thanks for a lovely day. Two, we can stay up all night talking about the golf swing and what the best courses we’ve ever played are. Or three, we can get into the bedroom and finish off this day the way it’s meant to be.”

Brett couldn’t help but smile broadly as she finished the options. With only the slightest pause for mock consideration he asked, “Which way is the bedroom?”

Shelley didn’t pause to savor the anticipation a moment longer than recognizing Brett’s answer and led him to her bedroom. She started to light several candles around the room. Brett watched as she hustled around with her lighter, and finally reached over to switch off the lamp that had been lighting the room. She sighed as she turned to face him in the flickering light and then walked slowly towards him.

Brett folded his arms around her as she looked up into his eyes and pulled gently at her bottom lip with her teeth, the first sign of nervousness he’d seen from her. He felt her body through the thin material of her clothes and started to move his hands over her back, pulling her in to him. Shelly’s eyes intensified their glare as she allowed one of her hands to run over the firm curves of his bottom and the other gently run up and down the front of his thigh. When he stooped to find her mouth with his, she slipped her hand a little more to the inside of his thigh. Her eyes remained open as their tongues twisted with each other.

Brett broke the kiss when her hand found the bulge at the front of his pants. He gasped at the feeling of her delicate, urgent, fingers as they explored his length.

“I don’t want you to think I’m easy.” Shelly continued to massage him as she looked up at him, slightly worried by his reaction. “But I’ve wanted you since the moment I saw you… you’re only here a few days, and I hate regrets.”

“I understand.” Brett allowed his bahis siteleri hand to wander up the front of her shirt. “I want you too. It just took a little longer for me to realize it. Anyway,” he watched her eyes close as he cupped her breast a little harder, “I don’t think you’re easy… just incredibly hot.”

Shelly regained her composure as Brett kissed her and started to pull the shirt over her head. “I am hot,” she breathed, lifting her arms up for him. “I’m heating up all over.”

“Good.” He smiled, gently easing her onto the bed. “I love a hot desert after dinner.”

When he had positioned her to lie on the bed for him, Brett found the catch at the side of her skirt and pulled it free. Shelly lifted her hips as he slipped the silky material away and threw it to the floor. He looked down at her body, wondrous in the flickering half-light, only clad in a white lacy bra and matching thong. Brett’s passion increased as he realized it was Shelly he was looking at, not just a woman to sleep with, not a substitute for Amanda. Shelly made his body react like he had seldom felt before, creating a powerful throb of an erection, but she was also making every one of his senses tingle.

He didn’t keep her in suspense any longer than needed though, taking a firm hold of the sides of her thong and pulling it swiftly down her legs. The nicely trimmed pussy with protruding dark lips that he revealed opened for him as Shelly kicked away the thong and spread her legs. “Oh my God, that feels good,” she gasped as Brett ran the palms of his hands along her inner thighs, almost letting his fingertips touch her before drawing back down her silky skin.

Shelly’s feet moved up the bed and opened her legs wider for him. The skin of her legs felt warm and smooth to his touch as he looked down and watched as her lips parted enough for him to see she was already damp. As wonderful as it was to be viewing her perfect pussy, he couldn’t wait to taste it and eased his face down towards her.

As his tongue started to savor the sweet taste of her excitement, so his hands held her hips and started to gently slide up her sides, all the time tantalizing her skin with his soft but firm touch. Shelly could do nothing but lie back and enjoy the sensations as his hands moved and his tongue lapped gently at her swelling pussy lips.

He drew the tip of his tongue along her folds and creases. She was hot, and beginning to swamp him in her juices. Brett brought his hands down to squeeze her buttocks, and then move under them so he could hook his thumbs up towards her pussy. This enabled him to ease her open, for his eyes to feast and his tongue to explore. Shelly was writhing under his touch while his hands held her ass firmly and his tongue probed deeper to explore her pink.

Shelly felt him pull her wide and push into her. The heat building inside was furious and growing quicker than she’d ever known. Brett knew what he was doing, but the pent-up desire for him was getting the better of her and a huge climax was already looming in her belly. Almost as though Brett sensed her urgency, he gripped her ass cheeks with his hands, pulled her wider with his thumbs and made some excruciatingly slow strokes around her with his tongue. Shelly’s hips rose an inch off the bed as her body tensed and readied itself for the release. When the tip of his tongue made contact with her swollen clit the bubble burst and her pussy gushed with the sensations and heat of a huge orgasm.

He kept his tongue working as she climaxed, feeling every powerful involuntary contraction as she gasped and panted. Shelly seemed to buck forever as she came, over and over gasping and pushing her pussy onto his tongue. Brett was smiling as he lapped at her shivering, soaking pussy one final time before easing himself up and over her body. He kissed her hungrily, watching her wide eyes as her tongue thanked him.

“That was incredible,” she panted as he undid the front catch of her bra and pulled it away to reveal her breasts and roll her dark, quarter-sized, nipples in his fingers. “Only one problem though.”

“What’s that?” Brett asked just before his mouth stooped to cover one of her nipples and start to suck firmly on her.

Shelly’s eyes closed again as the waves of pleasure started all over and her nipple grew under his touch. She managed to ease herself up and playfully push him off her. “Problem is… you have far too many clothes on.”

Her fingers worked swiftly on his shirt, unfastening the buttons and pulling it out of his waistband. Brett’s body started to enjoy her silky touch as she ran her hands over his bare chest and around to his back. As she offered her face up for him to kiss her mouth her nipples, still hard, rubbed against him and sent extra blood between his legs. When her hand started to rub him through his pants he sighed, his erection longing for the freedom that felt inevitable now.

Shelly ushered him to lie back as she began pulling at his belt and zipper. She was relentless in her quest to undress him and swiftly bahis şirketleri pulled his pants and underwear down his legs, initially ignoring the solid cock that she’d uncovered. It was only seconds before she came back to kneel next to him to tend to his erection though.

He watched her smile as she took a firm hold of his meaty shaft. While she pulled on him for a few slow initial strokes her other hand slipped down and caressed his balls. She loved his shape and how comfortable he felt in her hands. His cock felt powerful and strong, her hand only just able to wrap around his girth and his length a decent seven inches. The head was red and swollen, creating a noticeable bump for her hand at the rim as she eased up and down along his cock. Brett sighed as she worked him slowly, enjoying the firm but silky touch she put on him.

“God, you have a nice cock.” There was almost a giggle in Shelly’s voice as she allowed her fingers to tighten around the rim. “I’m so tempted to just get up on it and ride you.”

“Sounds good.” Brett managed to rasp out the words as her movements started to make his body swim.

“However,” she smiled up at him, “I really can’t pass up a little taste of you. Hope you don’t mind?”

She dipped her head and covered him with her mouth. At first she didn’t take him too deep into her mouth but concentrated on keeping up her movements on him, coating him liberally in her saliva and licking him repeatedly. As her tongue rubbed the underside of his shaft and her lips worked up and down over him, Shelly made some deliciously slow, twisting, strokes with her hand. Brett lay back and tried to relax as she started to cover him in a dense blanket of pleasure.

Shelly felt his balls pull up to the base of his shaft and took her cue to suck hard on the head, pulling her lips slowly over and off him as she sucked.

Each time she drew her lips over him, slowly down to the tip, sucking as hard as he’d ever felt on him, he though he was going to explode into her mouth. Then she would pull all the way off him, running her tongue across the tip of his cock, just in time to postpone his climax and allow her to repeat the movement. No one had ever paid his cock such attention. No one had ever sucked him so expertly, slowly and wonderfully.

“Oh fuck,” Brett breathed from his prone position.

He could hear the smile in her voice as she replied, “You like this then?”

All he could do was grunt as she enclosed him again and reapplied her suction. This time when she let him out of her mouth she held on with her hand and swiveled around to face him. From her kneeling position she straddled him and positioned herself over him. Brett looked down to see her hovering over him, her open pussy glinting in the candlelight, her hand holding him vertical and the head of his cock pointing straight into her.

Almost as if she had waited for him to be watching, Shelly lowered herself onto him while his eyes stared at his disappearing shaft. He felt the warm mink of her pussy cover him, as tight as her mouth had been and if possible, even wetter. He managed to reach down and run his hands along her thighs, caressing them and almost willing them to move and increase his pleasure again. She knew what he wanted, but was in no hurry, easing herself forwards to rest on her hands and look down into his face.

“You feel good in there.” She still had a giddy lilt to her voice, but Brett sensed that there was a new tone of her own pleasure present now that he filled her.

“You feel awesome. Your pussy feels so sweet wrapped around me.”

“Would you like me to make you come?” She smirked, tensing her pussy around him as she spoke.

“Yes,” Brett gasped.

“Just don’t move,” she advised. “I’ll do all the moving. You just lie there if you want to come. If I feel you move, I’ll stop.”

Shelly continued looking intensely at him as she began moving her hips up and down on him. He could see the light from the candles behind her reveal the shape of his cock each time she lifted off him. The image of her impaled on him was so strong he couldn’t fight the urges building inside and thrust his hips upwards to meet her. Shelly immediately stopped moving, sank down on him, smiled sweetly and reiterated her warning.

“Don’t you move now Brett, just like I said. I want to do this for you. Let me.” She briefly lifted her hand off the mattress and caressed his cheek. Brett’s breathing was deep and growing desperate as he caught her thumb with his mouth and sucked on it. Shelly smiled at his passion. Then she placed her hand back on the bed and eased herself off him again.

Each time she pulled herself up and over him Brett felt his cock slide along her pussy walls, almost to where he might pop out, then Shelly would slowly push back and allow him to sink into her depths once more. Her face was never more than a foot from his and the intensity of her look was mesmerizing as he fought to let her make all of their movement. Shelly was also finding restraint difficult as the head of his cock moved along her insides and worked her every nerve. She concentrated on pulling her pussy muscles tight as she drew off him, and relaxing as he came back into her but the urge to ride him harder was growing.

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