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It has been several years since I have written about my life. Not that I haven’t had some great new experiences to write about – I’ve just been busy with living life and haven’t taken any time to write. Lately I’ve been wanting to get back into sharing my experiences with our dear readers and my husband is always wanting me to recant past experiences so I decided to begin a series about my adventures throughout the years that have led me to where I am now in my life.

I guess by most standards, many people would call me a slut. I don’t worry much with what other people think of me so if that makes them feel better, I really don’t care. Maybe I am a slut, but I like to think my self simply as someone who is very comfortable with their sexuality and I am fortunate enough to have a loving husband who encourages me to express my sexuality openly. Trust me, it wasn’t always that way. My first husband, the father of my kids, was always controlling and pretty uptight about all things sexual. I have always been a very sexual being, so once our kids were grown, we divorced and I have since moved on.

I want to share with you, dear reader, how I came to be a “sexual being”. It’s much better these days, but at the time when I grew up, everyone was pretty uptight at things and it was especially taboo for a young girl to open about her desires, so like most girls my age, I kept my desires quiet, for the most part. That’s not to say that I was a puritan by any means, I just didn’t really know how to deal with my desires and when I did have experiences, I did my best to keep things, as they say today, on the down low.

I think I had a pretty normal childhood, all in all, even though I lost my virginity at a fairly early age. That happened one night at a sleepover at a friend’s house one summer when her older male cousin was there for a few weeks. He was 3 years older than me – a jock with a “bad boy” reputation, so when he made advances towards me, I gave in. Up to that point, I had only kissed a few boys, had my breasts felt a couple of time and had only been fingered by one other boy, so it was a typical teenage experience I guess. Nothing to write home about. We had sex 4 times while he was there and it never got much better, but I was infatuated with it anyway considering an older boy was interested in me.

Over the next 3 years, I only sex with two other boys, and they were both my age and had no clue what they were doing, and one older man. My best friend (the same one whose cousin I slept with) worked part time at her mother’s hamburger stand and I even got to work there on occasion to make a few extra bucks, but mostly I just hung out there when she had to work. There was this guy – to me he was an old man but I guess at the time he was only in his thirties – who delivered to the drive in. He was flirting with Pam and me and she finally told me once that she had sex with him and he was the best she had ever had. She also told me she thought maybe he and her mother had a thing going on.

So one Saturday morning Pam had to go in early because they needed something delivered for the weekend and Pam’s mother had something else to do that day. I had spent the night and Pam’s mother dropped up off at the drive in so we would be there to accept the delivery. When he got there and found just the two of us there, he really started flirting with me. Eventually he started making comments about how he would love to show me what a real man was like. Pam kept egging it on – kind of daring me, so when he finally stepped up behind me and grabbed my young breasts, I just let it happen. He was much better than any of the boys I had been with before and certainly much bigger, but that is another story that I will save for another time.

Right now, I just want to talk about what – as I look back on things – was really the first time I ever had what would be called a “passionate” experience. Just after school let out for the summer, my mother encouraged me to start babysitting to earn some spending money. Earlier that year, a young couple named Mark and Corey moved in across the street and a few houses down. They bought the house because the apartment they had been living in was too small for their new family. Their baby was almost two and needed his own room. Well, that summer, I got my first babysitting job with them. Being a young couple in their twenties, they still liked to go out partying on a regular basis, so it became a steady job for me almost every weekend that summer.

Let me describe Mark and Corey. As I said, both in their mid-twenties, Mark was very handsome. He was about 6′ tall and probably close to 200 pounds, very stocky built and had those oh so sexy sideburns guys wore back then. I don’t remember what he did for a living, but I know it was a good paying job and they could afford to live a good life. Corey had auburn canlı bahis hair, was medium height and weight and had a really nice figure with large, probably D cup breasts. At the time, there was an actress some of you may remember named Mary Kay Place. Corey could have been her sister. She was not some hot knock out, but certainly very attractive. Me, I was stretching it to make it 5′ tall and weighed about 100 pounds, blond hair down to the middle of my back. I was a B cup at that time, later grew into a C.

On a few occasions, Corey and I had a few girl-girl conversations. She was really easy to talk to and I really felt like I could tell her anything. She knew I had been with a few boys and had given probably more than my share of blowjobs. I even broke down one time and told her about the older guy I had been with in the back room at Pam’s mother’s drive-in. She also knew I was pretty frustrated with the young boys that were showing an interest in me and that I craved something better.

When Mark and Corey would go out on a Friday or Saturday night, they would always try to be home by midnight and I would simply walk home, but Corey had told my mom that if for any reason they were home any later than that, they didn’t want me walking home (even though it was only 3 houses down) that late at night and that I would just stay on their sofa. My mom was fine with that. So, I had babysat for the them twice that summer and things had gone fine, so they finally felt comfortable going out one Friday night and really tying one on. Corey told me to bring clean underwear and pajamas as I would be staying overnight. I didn’t want either of them, but especially Mark, seeing me wearing my little girl pajamas, so I just took one of my step dads old T-shirts that I sometimes slept in. Again, I wasn’t even 5′ tall at the time, so it came almost to my knees.

Mark and Corey actually made it home a little after midnight, which was earlier than I expected, but they were both so drunk I don’t know how they made it home. They were practically carrying each other through the door. Corey looked sexy as hell and Mark just had a debonair glow about him that looked so manly and confident.

Once they were in the house and I updated them on the baby, I told Corey that since it really wasn’t that late, I would just put my clothes back on and go walk home, but she wasn’t hearing of it.

“No sweet Kim, you’re staying here tonight. If they baby wakes up I am way too drunk to tend to him.” Then she did something that really caught me off guard. She took my face in her hands and said, “Thank you so much for being such a sweet girl”, then bent forward and kissed me, hard. No tongue or anything like that, but a long, firm kiss. I heard Mark, who could see us from the bedroom, say, “Hey, I want some of that!”

Corey broke away and headed to their bedroom and I stood there on shaky legs. Their house was nice, but like most of the houses in the neighborhood, very small. The way the sofa was positioned, if you laid to where you could see the TV, you could also see right into the bedroom and see the bottom two-thirds of the bed. There was also a mirror on the closet door and if you set up on the sofa just a little, you could see the rest of the bed. When Corey walked into the bedroom, I was surprised that she didn’t even close the door. My mom and stepdad always closed their door.

I made my way to the sofa and got comfortable. They had both walked past the doorway to go to the restroom before going to bed. Mark came out of the bathroom first and when he did, I was shocked that he was totally nude! I didn’t see much at first, just his gorgeous butt as he turned into the bedroom. I really couldn’t believe it when he didn’t get under the covers, just plopped down on the near side of the bed on top of the bedspread. I tried not to stare at his cock, which was the biggest I had seen at that age. Not huge, but bigger than even the old guy at the drive-in.

As I kept steeling glances of his flaccid cock as it lay across his lower stomach, I was torn. I could feel myself getting moist and even though I wanted this view to last all night, I also wanted Corey to hurry up and go to bed so I could rub myself.

After about five minutes, Corey came out of the restroom wearing just a white robe that she was sort of holding together. She walked into the kitchen and checked to make sure the door was locked, then walked by the back of the sofa, bent over the arm and kissed my forehead telling me, “Goodnight”. She stood there for just a minute or two telling me if I needed anything to help myself. From where she was standing, she had to know of the view I had into their bedroom as I noticed that she looked clearly at her husband laying on their bed through the doorway. Finally, she walked away and again, to my surprise, did not close the bedroom door.

She bahis siteleri stood at the foot of the bed and allowed her robe to fall to the floor, knowing full well that her gorgeous butt was in my plain view, she crawled up on top of Mark, not even bothering to turn of the light on the nightstand. Even though I couldn’t see their heads from this angle, for the next several minutes I watched as she lay on top of him, grinding against him as they kissed. I lay there on the sofa, wide-eyed as her butt was grinding on his body. I even saw a glistening of moisture on the folds of her sex. It was about this time that I realized I was rubbing my tender young clit.

After several minutes of kissing, Corey slid the rest of the way over to her side of the bed and moved her head down to Mark’s stomach. She took his now hard cock in her hands and I could really see how gorgeous it was. Much bigger than anything I had seen before, probably 8″ and very thick. I lost sight of it when she began licking at his balls but after a couple of minutes it came back into view as she licked her way up the shaft to the head, then took him in her mouth. She had to know I was watching but in my mind, maybe they were just too drunk to think about it.

Eventually, she moved her body over him and they got into a 69. It was the first time I had seen anything like this. It was obvious that they both enjoyed it immensely. Out of nowhere, my first orgasm came bursting through my body and I am certain I let out a loud moan. My body shuddered for an eternity as I fingered my clit before finally calming back down. When I became somewhat coherent again, I saw Corey looking straight at me as she continued to suck Mark’s big cock. It was then, she let the cock plop from her mouth to proclaim, “Fuck me, now!”

Mark moved from underneath and got behind her as she stayed on all fours. I could no longer see Mark, but had a perfect view of Corey’s face. She peered into my eyes as he penetrated her and for the next ten minutes or so, I watched as her first massive orgasm built. Finally, she lunged forward off his cock and turned onto her back and scooted to the edge of the bed. Mark came off the bed and was now standing directly in my line of sight. He pulled her ass to the edge and slammed his cock into her. I was mesmerized by watching him fuck his big cock into her. I was so engrossed watching them, I didn’t even realize Mark was watching me finger my young pussy through the doorway. We made eye contact and I know I must have turned beet red. It took a minute to overcome my shyness at being caught by Mark, but eventually I looked back into his eyes and resumed rubbing myself. We were staring into each other’s eyes as he pumped his load into his wife.

It probably wasn’t two minutes later, they were both sound asleep on top of their bed. I wouldn’t be so lucky. As you would expect from a curious teenage girl who had just witnessed something far beyond the intensity of anything I ever witnessed before, sleep was the last thing on my mind. I lay on the sofa for probably the next hour, gently caressing my tender young breasts and pinching my pert nipples, reliving what I had witnessed.

Sometime later, I got up to go to the bathroom. On my way back to the sofa, I couldn’t stop myself from standing at their bedroom door, admiring the grown up bodies lying on the bed. With the nightstand light still on, I had free access to viewing every inch of their bodies. I was drawn like a moth to the light and found myself standing at the foot of their bed, once again my fingers instinctively inside my panties. Being a mother and a light sleeper, I had no idea when I flushed the toilet it had woke Corey up. As I stood there at the foot of their bed, gently rubbing my pussy as I looked at Mark’s now flaccid cock as it lay upon his thigh, I heard her gently whisper, “You can touch it if you want. He won’t mind”. When I jumped back, started by her voice, she simply said, “Shhhhh, it’s okay. I know you’re curious and I’m pretty sure you enjoyed watching us earlier. Go ahead and touch it.”

So I did.

On very shaky legs, I started to move towards the bed when Corey whispered, “No, over here”, patting her side of the bed. So I walked around the bed and gently took my place by her feet. She turned slightly on the bed as well so were both curled sideways on her side of the bed, her head by Mark’s stomach and mine by his thighs. I was mesmerized by his cock and she could tell all I was probably ever going to do was stare at it, so she gently took it into her fingers, lifting it off his thigh. She whispered, “I want you to touch it so you can feel it as it grows”, so I pensively reached for his manhood.

It was so warm on my tiny fingers, almost hot. I let it just lay in my hand when Corey reach over and gently stroked her fingernails up the underside of it. Immediately, bahis şirketleri I felt it start to stir. Corey move her head closer and said, “Now, lick it, like this”, and flicked her tongue across what I now know is called the frenulum on the underside of the head. As she did this, Mark’s cock twitched in my hand. I did as she had shown me and soon heard him moan softly. I felt her move on the bed and saw that she repositioned herself so they could kiss. As their tongues toyed with each other, I took his cock into my mouth.

I enjoyed sucking cocks, even as a young girl. I loved the feeling it gave me that I was in control of things and could give so much pleasure. But this was different. Much different. This wasn’t one of the little teenage cocks I have given blow jobs to before. This was a real man’s cock. It filled my mouth and when it throbbed in my mouth, I knew, even at my age, I was in control of this gorgeous man.

After several minutes of their kissing, Corey moved back to his cock and together, we took turns sucking him and licking his balls. With my inhibitions, somewhat relaxed now, I determined it was time for me to push my boundaries. My friend Pam and I had fingered each other during sleepovers and had even experimented with cunnilingus (although we had no idea that’s what it was called) a time or two. As Corey was sucking her husband’s cock, I moved around behind her and began kissing the backs of her legs. As I kissed my way up, instinctively, her legs parted and I could access her adult vagina. It tasted much different than Pam’s, but then, only an hour earlier it had a giant load of cum pumped into it. I loved how it tasted and loved even more how her mature labia protruded and how her clit was so much bigger than Pam’s tiny bud.

Her hips soon began to buck on my tongue and fingers. I couldn’t believe how wet she was. Pam’s pussy never was that wet. I deduced it must have been all of Mark’s cum inside of her. Suddenly I heard her scream out, “Fuck me NOW!” and Mark quickly moved into place as I moved to the side. I held two fingers inside of her and took his throbbing wet cock into my other hand. It was an incredible feeling as I felt his manhood enter her against the backs of my fingers, into her wetness. It was also mesmerizing watching him spreading her labia open to accommodate him, then disappear inside of her body.

Corey instructed me to get under her. The view was simply magnificent, watching Mark’s beautiful big cock slowly moving in and out of her. Then I felt Corey take my tiny clit into her mouth and it sent shockwaves through my body. Only two other people had ever gone down on me before – Pam and a guy that I had been with a few times, and I now realized that neither one of them had a clue what they were doing. Corey knew exactly what she was doing.

For several minutes she did a tongue dance on my clit as I thrashed about – all the while watching Mark’s magnificent cock working magic on her wet pussy. It finally dawned on me that I should reciprocate. I nuzzled my nose up against Mark’s cum filled balls and darted my tongue up to Corey’s clit. She immediately convulsed and pressed her clit against my lips and screamed to Mark, “Fuck my ASS!” I watched in innocent disbelief as his wet cock parted her and entered. Once the head was it, in one long, slow stroke, he buried his cock deep inside her ass and began stroking her. She pressed the lips of her wet pussy down over my mouth and my tongue began darting into her just fucked hole. Her hips were bucking wildly against my tongue and her husband’s cock and I could hear her moans becoming more and more frantic as she continued to pleasure my vagina. I could feel my own orgasm building rapidly and could also see Mark’s quickening his pace as he pounded into her.

Just as I was about to explode into the most mind blowing orgasm I had ever experienced, Mark was pounding at full blast when he accidently came out too far and on the forward thrust drove his hard cock past my tongue straight into her wet pussy. Simultaneously, the three of us exploded into orgasm and Corey squirted her wet juice into my mouth. I had no idea that could even happen to a woman. It was the most incredible experience of my life! At first, it shocked me, and even scared me a bit. Then I realized that it tasted delicious and I just lapped it up as my body quivered from its own explosion.

After a few moments, Mark fell back onto the bed, exhausted. When his cock plopped out of her, a flood of his hot cum gushed from her loins and right down onto my waiting tongue. I had no other option than to swallow and lick as quickly as I possibly could. Their juices tasted so wonderful and I felt so powerful feeling her quivering body over me as her womanhood leaked its juice and convulsed on my tongue.

I had not had intercourse that night, but it was still, unequivocally the most erotic night of my life up to that point. I learned more about passion and losing inhibitions than at any time prior to that. We soon all fell into a deep sleep on their bed with me in the middle.

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