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Today was supposed to be a good day. It was today that I came home with dinner and flowers, waiting to spend a quiet night at home with my woman. What do I walk in on? A dude sitting in MY chair with MY woman’s mouth on his dick! Needless to say that is over. So that is why I am sitting here watching the dryers spin. Red, blue, black and white blobs going round and round. What a gyp. We were on page 82 of the Karma Sutra…and now what? I got my left hand.

The door opened and the bell rang, interrupting my thoughts. I turned, curious as to who would be out this late doing laundry as well. A girl walked in, clad in sweatpants rolled over her hips and a small white T-shirt. Her nipples poked through, making it obvious that she was braless. She carried a basket in her arms, loaded with clothes. She blew upward to get her dark bangs out of her hair. She set her basket down a few washers down from me, I could not help but notice the sweet curve of her ass as she bent to pick up a pair of panties that fell on the floor. She looked up at me sheepishly…and smiled. I do not know what came over me, but I had to say something. It was hard to speak, as I felt myself pressing stiffly against the zipper of my jean shorts. I had run out of underwear the day before and was bare beneath. My palms were sweating, I rubbed them against the legs of my shorts and stammered…

“Hello there, how are you doin’ today?” I smiled to her as she stuffed the pair of panties underneath some of the clothes in her basket. She smiled sheepishly and moved toward the washer next to mine. I watched those nice, big hips as she moved to set her basket down near the dryer and began to sort her clothes. Those big tits stretched hard against the tight T-shirt she was wearing, making my cock grow even thicker than it had been in a long time. She seemed too shy to respond at the moment, so I took the initiative and tried to continue the conversation.

“Don’t you just hate public laundry rooms?” I blurted, not even thinking about what I was saying… “I mean, you never know who’s going to walk in next.”

She looked up to me as she continued to sort her clothes and shrugged.

“I don’t know,” she started, “it can be a good thing in a way.” I could’ve sworn she winked at me as she said this, or maybe it was just the cum spilling into my brain talking. Either way, I resumed watching her as she sorted her clothes. Eyes groping the curvy body as she reached over and began the washing machine. Water splashed up onto her T-shirt as she tried to move back in time to keep it from drenching her top. Looking down she saw that her nipples were completely visible now beneath the thin, tautly stretched shirt.

She shrugged and grinned to herself before looking up to me. “See what I mean, you come here to do your laundry and now you end up with a free tittie show.”

I chuckled nervously, a little excited and a lot of horny, my gaze locked on those perky nipples poking through the wet shirt. I’ll be damned if they weren’t as rock hard as my cock as well. I leaned back against the washer I was using and tried to pry my eyes from those huge, wonderful tits, before I replied…

“Nothing wrong with a little show…” I stopped and it must have been my dick talking, but I went on, “I wonder how the rest of you looks when your wet…”

I fully expected her to slap me and take her clothes and leave, but she did not. Instead she smiled coyly and turned her head away slightly. A blush rose on her chest and it made her sexier, if that was possible. She reached up, almost as an afterthought and lightly scratched underneath of her left breast. Taking a step closer to me, she whispered, “How about the rest of the show…Sit down.”

I said nothing and did as she told me. I sat down on an orange chair behind me. She looked into my eyes and slowly reached into the waistband of her pants, running her fingers along her hips. Then, putting both palms against her tummy, she slid her hands up, cupping her tits, squeezing roughly. I could not take my eyes off her, and could not move for fear or bursting in my jeans at that very moment.

“What do you want to see?” She asked with a broad smile. “I want to see you play with your nipples…”

She reached up, pinching her nipples through her shirt. A little bit of water dripped off her fingertips and down her forearms.

“I want you to pull your pants slowly down your ass so I can see it.”

She turned her back to me, and for a split second I thought the show was over. Reaching behind her, she hooked her thumbs in her waistband and slowly tugged downward, revealing pristine white thong canlı bahis panties, hugging her curves. The swell of her ass slowly revealed itself and she bent over even more to accommodate my view. Finally, her pants dropped to the floor and she stood facing me, a wet spot growing in the front of her panties……

It was everything I could do not bend her over and pound the fuck out of her ass right then and there. I tried to remain calm, tried not to grab my cock and start jerking off.

I swallowed hard and tried to speak. “Is there anything else you’d like to show me?”

She smiled and moved a bit away from the chair. I was wondering if she had changed her mind and wanted to stop, after all, I was a stranger and here she was with a wet top standing in little white, wet panties.

She turned around as she spoke to me, arching her back so that her ass stuck out at me. “So, you like my ass? You like it curves and the nice little white panties?”

She arched her back even more, running her palms down her legs to her knees and stopped. Bent over with straight legs, which she spread slowly to shoulder width. I could see the nice feminine bulge where her legs met, that small wet spot still visible on the thong panties. She turned to speak to me again, her dark hair hanging off to one side of her head. “If you like asses, I suppose you like to fuck a girl from behind then, right? Grab her by the hips and just pound away for all your worth until she buckles underneath you and can’t take it anymore?”

She smiled at me, for surely my face was as red as the cock not-so-hiding beneath the bulge in my shorts. “Or let me guess,” she continued, “you like to be really dirty and fuck a girl IN the ass don’t you?”

She reached behind with one hand and started to part the cheeks of her ass slightly, not enough to see anything, but I’m sure we both got the picture.

She stood up quickly and smacked the cheek of her ass hard, leaving a bright, red handprint on her own skin. Then she turned and smiled down at me, slowly walking towards me.

“But if you think you have even the remotest chance of sticking your cock in this sweet ass, it better be good, nice and thick, and hurt like fuck…I’m not into that sissy shit.”

I could do nothing but sit there. I couldn’t believe she was actually talking like this to me. You’d think she hadn’t been fucked in years.

She moved closer to me, still grinning, and knelt about a foot away from me, looking from the bulge of my cock, and back to my face. “So tell me, what’s it look like? Is it long, and thick? What’s it taste like?”

She was rubbing her hands along the top of her legs as she spoke, licking her lips in that teasing way that only women can do.

“Do you think I could shove it ALL the way down my throat?” Her brows furrowed together as she tried to imagine it. “Would I gag on it? And what about your balls, do you think I could fit both of them in my mouth as I jacked you off onto my face?” She smiled wickedly now, knowing that I couldn’t take more of this verbal game she was playing. I think she was just trying to see if she could make me cum in my pants. She leaned forward with her hands resting on her knees looking up at me with those big, brown eyes.

“Well,? Are you gonna answer, or am I gonna have to take things into my own hands?”…

He sat there and I knew that he was too shocked to say anything. So it surprised me when he stood up and grabbed my ass cheeks, pulling me to him. He turned me around, slapping my ass sharply. I could not control a small shriek of pleasure. I felt rush of moisture between my legs as he ground his cock against me. He bent me over sharply against the washer and slid his hand down my spine to the cleft of my bottom, turning his hand slightly to dip beneath my thong and cup my dripping wet cunt. He was sliding his hand back and forth slowly, and the cloth was pulling at my clit. I was throbbing with wanting him to go further.

“What do you want?” He panted in my ear.

I said nothing, not knowing where I wanted him first, what I really wanted him to do, I just knew I did not want him to stop. He wrapped his fingers in my hair, and asked again.

“I want you to bury your cock in my mouth and shoot your load all over my face. ” Out of the corner of my eye I saw him grin.

“I thought so…so why not do it?” I turned to him slowly and leaned over to his chest. I bit my way down his chest, loving the feeling of his flesh between my teeth, wanting to eat him whole. He sucked in a breath when I ran my fingertips beneath his jeans and grazed the shaft of his throbbing hard bahis siteleri on. I unbuttoned his pants slowly, and jerked the zipper down, freeing him. As his cock bounced up and slapped me in the chin, I took a firm hold of it and stuck it all the way into my throat in one quick motion. I knew he expected me to play with it a bit first so I wanted him to be thrust into the situation so to speak. He grabbed my hair again and rotated his hips to give me a better view of his beautiful dick as I went to my knees. Still stroking him, I put his balls in my mouth and moaned around them, knowing he loved it, his eyes closed and mouth slightly open.

I slowly withdrew them from my mouth and slid my tongue up the underside of him, stopping to lick all over the head. He was salty in my mouth and I could not get enough of the taste. I again put him fully in my mouth and drew upward, making a vacuum as I did so. I fondled his balls as I swirled my tongue around his head while swallowing that lovely juice, looking up into his eyes as I did so.

He gazed down at me and said, “You like that don’t you? Yeah you do…” I slid my shirt up over my head to release my tits, who were desperately wanting to be fucked and played with, but not until I had satisfied my thirst first.

“God, I love to suck cock…and yours tastes like a big lollipop. I just want to eat it up…lick it up.”

He licked his lips. “Yeah…” I sat for a moment, alternating between looking into his eyes and taking in this pulsing plaything that was in my hands. I kept licking him up and down, sucking roughly on the head of his cock, enjoying myself, knowing he could not take much more. I grabbed his ass and pulled him deep into my throat abruptly, straining a gasp of pleasure from him. Running my hands up and down his thighs, I could the blood pumping against my cheeks, feel him ready to explode in my mouth. Suddenly he grabbed me roughly by the forearms and drew my face inches away from his. I could barely stand I was so wet, but I looked at him defiantly, daring him to do what he wanted next. I was sure he could not make me beg, as much as I wanted to, for him to make me cum and cum like I so wanted. I reached down and grabbed him roughly, tightly against my palm, feeling the silky smoothness that was ready to burst.

She sat there on her knees, slowly jerking me off just inches from her cute, babygirl face.

“You wanna nut all over my face don’t you?” She giggled and let go of my cock slowly. She leaned back and spread her legs a bit, the wet spot on the white thong panties now completely covering the front. Running her hand over the panties, she moaned softly, looking up into my eyes.

“I want you to fuck me. I don’t wanna know your name, I don’t wanna know anything about you. All I wanna know is that you can fuck me hard enough to cum before my laundry’s done.” She chuckled a bit out loud, and leaned up against the spinning washer.

Raising her legs high on each side of her, she slipped one leg out of the dripping wet thong and placed her toes against the washing machine behind her.

“Come on you big stud, come over here so I can spit on that fat cock and have you pound the fuck out of me.” Her voice turned me on more than anything. I moved slowly next to her face and she shoved my cock back in her mouth quicker than I could blink. I could have swore I heard her gag she forced it in so fast. Looking up at me, grinning around the shaft of my cock, she forced it again and again as far as it would go down her throat, almost banging her head against the washer each time she pulled it out. My cock bounced from her mouth with a wet pop.

“There you go, all lubed up and ready to fuck.” She smiled and leaned back against the spinning machine again, resting her hands behind his knees and pulling them to the sides of her face.

I moved back to where that wet, dripping cunt waited for me. Easing forward to run the tip of my cock along those swollen lips. She moaned like an animal, deep and husky. Her lids half closed as she waited for me to slip past those silky, wet lips and into her pussy. I ran my cock in little circles right outside her pussy, continuing to tease her. Then I pushed with all I had, burying my cock balls deep into that tight little cunt, my balls slapping against her ass as I did. I forced harder against her, trying to push more, even though there wasn’t anything left to force in. One hand rest firmly on her throat, just enough to let her know it was there, as I pushed. She looked up to me, pleading, begging with her eyes. All the tough girl angst was gone. Now there was just the eyes of a girl who desperately bahis şirketleri wanted to cum, and cum bad.

I pulled out slowly, then thrust it back in just as hard as the first time, only this time I didn’t just leave it in. I continued to pull back, only to force it back in, harder each time. Her head banged against the washer with a loud metallic thud, her breath coming in short, labored gasps. Her eyes were slammed shut as she took all that I could give as her nails dug into my back. I could feel her pussy squeeze tightly against my cock, starting to spasm uncontrollably. I blinked for a second, wondering if she could really cum this quick.

Her hand reached up against my chest as I pounded into her tight cunt again and again. She started to push me back, opening her eyes to look at me.

“Wait, stop for just a second…” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! Was she really that much of a tease??? I stopped and reluctantly slid my cock from her and sat back on my legs. She moved forward a bit and smiled wickedly, swooping up next to my face to lay a soft peck on my cheek, then turned around and got on her hands and knees. Those huge tits of hers rested against the cold, concrete floor as she raised her ass in the air, spreading her legs wide. She looked back at me with those big, brown eyes and grinned. “Go ahead honey, take it..I know you want it.” She reached back with one hand and ran it over one smooth cheek of her ass, smacking it playfully. “Lemme see what you can really do with that wonderful little plaything you carry around with you in your pants…”

I watched his eyes light up in excitement and knew he wanted it as much as I did. I could see our juices shining on the tip of his hard cock and licked my lips, wanting more. He took the step forward to meet me and slid his dick into the crack of my ass, sliding it back and forth, the tip grazing my lower back slightly. I arched to meet him, wishing him to slide deep in to me once again, to fill the void I so achingly felt. As I reached up to squeeze a nipple, he brushed the tip against the rosebud of my ass. He pushed slightly, letting me know he was there and I could not suppress a moan. He reached around and grasped my stomach, interlocking his fingers and pulling my back against his chest. His hardness still between my legs, I could not take much more of his teasing. Suddenly he bit the skin between my shoulder and my neck, causing me to gasp. He then put his hand down and guided himself slowly into me, teasing me one inch at a time. I wiggled my hips to try to get that dick all the way in my ass, but he held me tight, making me savor every morsel he chose to feed into me. Suddenly, he slammed himself fully into me, and I came immediately, feeling a gush from my hot cunt. I shuddered against his chest and slammed my ass back upon him while he was momentarily distracted by my cries of pleasure. Sliding his hands down, he began to massage my clit, which was sopping. I could not help but be amazed that his hands were as skilled as his dick and that pleased me. I could not decide which way to swivel my lower body, to meet his hands or his cock. He ran the hand on my stomach around to run it up my back, scratching me lightly, making me bend over. He then took my hand and put it down between my legs, leaning back almost withdrawing from me completely. He placed his hands on my hips and slammed into me, faster and faster as I rubbed my clit furiously, feeling the urge to cum yet again.

“You like that don’t you, you like that cock deep in your ass.” He said to me, pounding me like there was no tomorrow.

“God yes, I love it, fuck me in my ass…I am going to cum all over your cock!” I felt a scream rise in my throat as I verged over the edge. He reached up and squeezed my tits as I came, pulsing around his cock. He then withdrew out of me and turned me around, making me kneel in front of him. He stroked his cock and cum squirted all over the front of me, streaming onto my tits. A line went down, dripping from my hard nipple. I collapsed, eyes glazed, in front of the washer just as the spin cycle ended. Every part of my womanhood ached and my head spun.

“Holy shit…” Was all I could mutter. We sat there a few moments, our legs crossed around each other on the laundry mat floor. The tile was cold beneath my sore ass and I felt another wave of pleasure wash over me every few moments. I swallowed and licked my lips, my mouth suddenly dry. I rose on weakened knees and looked for my clothes. I slipped on my pants and T-shirt quietly as he got dressed, a knowing smile on his lips. He knew he had fucked me within an inch of my life. I took my clothes out of the washer and put them into the basket, walking over to the dryers, not looking at him for fear of him seeing the blush that covered me from head to toe. I hoped he could see the way he had made me walk…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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