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*** Author’s Note: If you enjoy this story, please feel free to read by first 3-part story “Family Foursome”. Positive feedback welcome, constructive criticism and suggestions welcome, downright rudeness should take a hike. ***

Matt and Lucy were like any young married couple; still in their early 30’s they were considered to be in their prime as a husband and wife. They had taken all the baby steps a couple needs to take to form a lasting partnership; they even settled on buying a little bulldog and looking after her together, and shortly after, moved in together.

They moved in to a nice little three bedroom apartment which, on the outside, looked like a dump, but on the inside, had the potential to become magnificent. It was in a block of four which had been converted from two semi-detached houses built in the 70’s. The estate they had moved into wasn’t the greatest, and certainly wasn’t nice to look at, but the two of them couldn’t care less.

Working alternate shifts at different dead end jobs, the couple didn’t give a damn about the image they were putting out there into society — an image of slackers moving in together just to cut costs, who did little else than stay in and watch television scratching themselves while sat on the sofa and who certainly didn’t care for their garden which became overgrown within weeks.

None of this mattered to Matt and Lucy, however, as the two of them knew each other inside out and upside down and appeared to have the perfect working harmony in a relationship; in their own eyes, of course. The two shared a great passion for lovemaking and didn’t even mind if their dog watched — they even found it somewhat arousing.

To the nosy neighbour, the two would seem like the average young couple in the north of England these days; no regard for themselves or others, their property or their garden or even their jobs, as more than one neighbour had spotted Matt strolling out of the door, a lot later than he would usually set off for work, on more than one occasion. Then along came Shane.

Shane was a young lad in his early 20’s who had already finished with his education and was eager to start the next stage of his life and form his own limited company. Shane was no geek, though, he liked the usual things in life; music, tv, computer games, sports, friends, parties, girls… But Shane was far from any ordinary kid in the north of England; in fact, he based his life around being different to everyone else — when the world swung one way, he would swing the other just for fun. Shane truly was a character, and although not aesthetically pleasing to the girl daydreaming of her ideal hunk, he wasn’t unattractive either.

Slim of build with shoulder length, brown, wavy hair, stunning blue eyes and a great smile through memories of a tough time growing up and growing into the person he would inevitably be, were all qualities often seen as positives to Shane’s exterior; not to mention his behind, and the occasional noticeable bulge in his jeans.

Shane moved in to the apartment below Matt and Lucy and although at first a bit wary, Shane came to enjoy catching up with his neighbours as they passed each other on their ways in and out of their homes. Shane wasn’t a dog lover and often teased at how much Matt and Lucy’s dog hated him, but felt sorry after hearing the news of her inevitable death due to being a bulldog, not built for walking up and down stairs every time she needed a bathroom break.

Just when Shane thought he had a reprieve from the incessant barking he could hear above him on most days, The seemingly stable couple bought a replacement and the cycle of dog and neighbour being forced to get used to each other began once again.

Shane often thanked god that he bought the ground floor apartment in that particular block, as often times when he watched television during a day off, he would catch glimpses through his window of the neighbour he lusted after so much, as she let her dog out to do its’ business. From time to time Lucy would wave at Shane, and others Shane would listen for footsteps on the stairs above him and find an excuse to make his way outside to converse with the “would-be” MILF.

Lucy stood at 5’11” or there abouts, as she was maybe a couple of inches taller than Shane who reached 5’9″. She was a young man’s wet dream with curves in all the right places, and only the slightest hint ataşehir escort of sag in her 32C boobs; she even had one of those jiggly backsides which could be noticed if she was wearing bottoms such as juicy tracksuit pants. Chin length dyed black hair and cold blue eyes, along with a narrow nose and tempting lips set Lucy apart from the other women on the estate and Shane was infatuated.

On rare occasion when Shane worked on his computer in the back room, he could hear Lucy in her bed, no matter the time, day or night, but always when Matt was out of the apartment; Shane listened intently as Lucy brought herself to orgasm with one of her pleasure toys. Shane would lie there, closing his eyes, hand on his own sex weapon, imagining what Lucy was up to.

Upon one of Shane’s semi-frequent late night returns to his humble abode, he stepped out of his car, only to hear Matt and Lucy’s door close. Noticing that Matt’s car wasn’t around, he assumed Lucy had either just left the apartment or just gone inside. To his joy, Lucy had stepped outside to get rid of some trash, but unfortunately for her, it was embarrassing trash; She held in her hand, a 7 inch realistic vibrator sex toy. She had somehow managed to break the thing, and after an attempt at replacing the batteries, she reluctantly decided she should get rid of it and shop for a new one the following morning.

It didn’t take long for Shane to register what was in Lucy’s hand and after a little embarrassing small talk for Lucy, Shane headed towards his door. Upon closing her wheelie bin lid, Lucy turned to see the tops of Shane’s ass cheeks peering out of his jeans as he stood back up from picking up his dropped keys. She took a second to admire what she saw, and after a moment of thought, invited him upstairs for a nightcap and a chat, as they had never really gotten to know each other.

Before long it was well after 2am and Matt wasn’t due back for another hour. Shane and Lucy had enjoyed each others’ company for a good couple of hours and no drink was even poured, but Lucy didn’t need to be inebriated to understand the advances Shane was making on her as he edged closer to her on the sofa, looking deep into her eyes, and then brushing her hair over her ear.

She paused for a moment, wondering if she should resist, but she couldn’t help but speculate as to what the rest of this young man’s body was like if she was so drawn to a little butt-cleavage. She licked her lips and closed her eyes and this was all Shane needed as a nod to continue his advances. He closed his eyes and leaned in as their lips touched. Sparks. Both the younger man and the older woman opened their stunned eyes as they began to embrace, passionately; looking into each other’s pupils, staring into each others’ souls, knowing this was wrong but yet so right at the same time.

It had become apparent to Shane during their conversation that Matt was not satisfying Lucy sexually, and thus she had to resort to her small array of toys. Not anymore, Shane promised himself, as he placed his arm on her lower back and pulled her down flat on the sofa. Leaning atop the woman he had fantasized about for the last few months, Shane realised the pressure was on for him to deliver the goods. He kissed his way down Lucy’s neck as she reacted in exactly the way Shane expected her to.

Her white hooded unzipped top slipped from her left shoulder, exposing only a bra, which, evidently was a size or two too small for Lucy as the tops of her breasts appeared to bulge over the tops of the C cup’s. He kissed down her collar bone and shoulder as she wriggled out of her hooded top before caressing the back of Shane’s head.

He moved inward now and across her chest, he kissed, sucking with more force across the chest than any other area, before easing off as he reached her right collarbone and shoulder. He paused, looking into the eyes of his soon-to-be lover, as she smiled her enchanting smile. She bit his bottom lip gently as she smirked and this spurred Shane on to continue his kissing quest.

Using his hands to feel the bra which was encasing Lucy’s seemingly oversized breasts, he felt towards the tops of her cleavage and headed inwards, towards the clasp at the front of the bra as he kissed down from her chest to her breasts. The clasp now unhooked, Shane assisted Lucy in removing her breast shackles and laid her back down, so he could kadıköy escort bayan nuzzle at the newly exposed areolas and nipples of Lucy’s gorgeous bosoms.

Minutes went by as Shane continued to suckle at the teats of his neighbour’s breasts, nibbling and lightly biting around the sensitive areas, before moving down to her navel. His hands roamed her body as she stretched out, enjoying every second of this boy in his 20’s devouring her. He reached her belly button and he licked and sucked at this dip in her torso complete with unique protrusion. Lucy was surprised at how much she enjoyed the sensation of her new lover doing such things to her.

Then, the danger zone had arrived. Shane moved ever slower down past her belly button and towards the nether regions. He looked up once, and as Lucy continued to stare back in enjoyment, she assisted him in his quest, by quickly removing her jeans and panties in one fell swoop. She then raised her legs up together as she reached up to disrobe her lower body; giving Shane a peek at the treasure she had hidden between her legs.

His pupils dilated and he couldn’t wait any longer. Holding her legs in the air with one hand, he dove forward with his tongue out and proceeded to lick the woman’s most sensitive area. From top to bottom his tongue lapped, reaching inside the outer lips, then back out again and down towards her anus, he moved back up swiftly before circling the hood containing the last remaining protruding barrier between Lucy’s current state of happiness and her throws of orgasm.

As his tongue circled, a little friend came out to say hello and was greeted by numerous tongue lashings and light nibbling before Shane dove his tongue straight into Lucy’s womanhood. Cries of ecstasy could be heard from the top end of the sofa, as Shane’s tongue worked on the sensitive insides of her vagina. He searched and after a few moments, he pushed that little further and found what he was looking for; the G-Spot. With his tongue so deep inside his neighbour, Shane moved his right hand towards Lucy’s now exposed clitoris, only to find her left hand was already there.

As they both assisted each other in keeping her legs up and out of the way, they decided, subconsciously to work on her clit together. They circled and rubbed ever so gently until Shane’s tongue switched into overdrive. Knocking against her G-Spot, Shane’s tongue moved rapidly, causing sensation to anything and everything it collided with inside Lucy’s increasingly lubricated pussy.

Naturally, both hands moved faster and faster around Lucy’s clit, until before long, her entire body went into spasm and Shane was left to flick her bean with reckless abandon as Lucy’s orgasm took over her entire being.

With legs clamping together, vagina lips and muscles convulsing around an almost pneumatic tongue, arms and shoulders in complete disarray, and eyes rolling into the back of her head, Lucy took in the greatest orgasm of her life. Was it Shane’s skill, or the fact that Matt hadn’t attempted to please her in years? Perhaps it was a little of both? Whatever it was, it worked and as Lucy came down from the highest of highs, she immediately dropped her legs to the floor and launched her face at the now withdrawn mouth of her new lover, whose mouth was now covered in her raunchy secretions.

The two played tongue wrestling with each other for more than a few minutes before she broke the lip lock and whispered into his ear the two words he never thought he’d hear his elder neighbour say:

“Fuck Me!”

This was all the encouragement Shane needed as he quickly stood, kissing Lucy’s forehead before whipping his sweater off, followed by his shirt. Meanwhile Lucy had begun unbuckling his belt and unbuttoning his jeans. They unzipped him together and she immediately, without hesitation, pulled out his fully erect penis, which, to her surprise, was as large as the vibrator she had just thrown away. Pushing his designer boxers down below his testicles, she eagerly took his member into her mouth and attempted to fit the entirety in. A valiant effort but after gagging and choking before 6 inches could be reached, Shane withdrew, not wanting to cause her any harm.

Lucy then fondled her lover’s ball sack and licked the head of his penis all over, before he took hold of both her legs and scooted her down on the sofa again so that everything escort maltepe from her waist down was peering off the end of the sofa. He leaned in and kissed her passionately once more before slowly entering her vagina. Once the entire length had been swallowed by Lucy’s hungry pussy, in one swift motion, Shane withdrew. He then entered again, as quick as he pulled out, and continued this cycle for a minute or two, before forcing his length all the way in and beginning a fast paced in-out motion with his hips.

Minutes passed as the familiar squishing sounds could be heard around the room, the lovers stared into each others’ eyes, wondering what the future may hold for the two of them. With Lucy’s Love juice dripping from beyond the edge of the sofa to the floor, her dog found its self curious, and plodded over beneath the two of them and licked up Lucy’s orgasmic drink from the carpet and awaited any future droplets. Seeing this had inspired Shane as he withdrew and quickly flipped his neighbour over onto her front and helped her to mount herself on her knees and elbows against the awkward framing of the couch. Shane re-entered his new favourite destination and began to make love to Lucy ‘doggy style’.

Slowly sliding his right hand up the tender back of the 30-odd year old neighbour of his, Shane then reached around to the front of this woman’s voluptuous body and began to fondle her right breast and give gentle tugs to her nipple. Enjoying the sensation, Lucy attempted to replicate the proceedings with her left breast and while closing her eyes to heighten her other senses, she became surprised as yet again Shane’s hand came into contact with the always sensitive clitoris below her. Shane’s left hand acted as though scouring a stubborn stain in the kitchen whilst rolling the little nub between his fingers; this action caused an intoxicating release of endorphins from Lucy’s body as once more an orgasm took control of her.

As she spasmed out of control, Shane took his right hand from Lucy’s breast and firmly pushed against her more than ample right ass cheek. This seemed to settle her a little as her pussy continued to clamp down on his penis, with less and less force each time. He continued to pound away at her as he then played with her jiggling hind meat, enjoying the sights and sensations.

It didn’t take long after Lucy’s second orgasm for Shane’s enormous man eruption to take place and take centre stage inside her dripping vagina. Still spurting, he pulled out and began to shoot stream after stream of his hot man cum onto her seemingly edible backside and watched it trickle down her, into and over her asshole and towards her vagina where the earthquake feeling of ecstasy originated for Shane. Lucy then eagerly dropped to her knees and used her mouth to clean the excess sperm from the tip of Shane’s still throbbing cock as she licked and sucked the organ dry.

Unbeknownst to the neighbours, the seconds and minutes had ticked by faster than they could’ve imagined and as Lucy stood up to show Shane her cum-covered ass, she noticed Matt’s car headlights pull up onto the pavement. Shane opened his eyes only to catch a glimpse of Lucy’s sexy buttocks before she spun around to check the clock and exclaim:

“Shit! He’s back!”

Shane took a moment to get caught up to speed with the unfolding situation and the two frantically scrambled to find their clothes and put them back on. Moments later all seemed well, until Lucy noticed she had left her thong on the floor. Shane quickly grabbed it and put it in his back pocket just in time as Matt opened the door to their living room and saw his wife enjoying the company of their relatively new neighbour over a little drink. He was none the wiser, especially as Lucy had managed to switch their air freshener on just before Matt walked into the room.

Shane stated that he was just leaving and reminded Matt to take care of Lucy as he’s a lucky man, to which a startled Matt responded:

“Well, I do try!”

A smirk crawled upon Shane’s face as he descended the stairs and out of the front door towards his own front door. Later that night, Matt lay awake wondering why Lucy hadn’t attempted to make love to him that night, as for the first time in months, he had actually planned to look after her needs rather than his own, realising he had been neglecting her, while both Lucy and Shane lay awake reminiscing about their encounter earlier and wondered what would be next for the two of them, whether they could or would continue their tryst, and what, if anything, they could or should do about Matt. These thoughts helped them both drift off into a deep sleep in their respective beds.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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