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The first thing you feel as you climb your way out from a pleasant dream is my fingers lightly tracing their way across your face. You slowly open your eyes to find me lying on my side next to you, smiling as I caress your face gently. My fingers weave their way delicately through your hair to the back of your head, pulling you closer so I can kiss your smiling lips. Our kiss slowly deepens, as I languidly explore every niche and hollow in your mouth with my tongue, caressing your tongue with mine, and occasionally sucking it into my mouth.

While I revel in the tastes and feelings of your mouth, I slowly roll over on top of you, pushing you down onto the bed. I break our kiss and begin kissing and nibbling my way down from your mouth past your chin, finally reaching your neck. My hands are moving constantly over your body, over your arms, up and down your sides, touching everywhere I can reach. Meanwhile I continue lavishing my attentions on your neck, sucking softly just below your jaw, moving down licking and scraping my teeth across your skin until I reach the base of your neck. I suddenly bite down hard just where your neck joins your shoulder, alternating pressure with my teeth and sucking as hard as I can, my hands wrapped around your waist.

Finally I release your neck and begin working my way down again, tracing a line down between your breasts with my tongue. As my tongue loops down around one breast, my hand mirrors its path on the other, slowly tracing in a tightening spiral, teasing around your nipple, staying just outside your sensitive areolas until you’re writhing with the need for me to touch them. At last, just as you are about to forcibly move my head, I take your nipple between my lips, sucking on it and prodding it with illegal bahis my tongue as I pinch and roll your other nipple between my fingers.

I continue this way for a few minutes until I start the whole process over again, this time tracing my tongue to your other breast, with my featherlight fingers tracing over the still damp path that my tongue made to begin with. Again I bring you to a fever pitch before finally taking your nipple into my mouth again, suckling like a babe, flicking it with my tongue. Finally my tongue leaves your nipple to continue the downward course that was interrupted earlier by my worship of your breasts.

As soon as my mouth leaves your breast, my other hand comes up to take its place, and I continually knead and pinch your soft twin mounds as my mouth moves ever downward. I keep kissing and licking randomly across your torso as I move lower, stopping for a moment to teasingly prod your navel with my tongue. At last I can contain myself no longer, and move on again, lower and lower, my tongue finding its ticklish way through your soft, wiry hair, I ever so briefly touch your hard clit with my tongue, making you jump at the sudden rush of sensation.

Now I begin teasing in earnest, tracing my way around your lips; suddenly I bite briefly just at the point where your leg joins your body, mere fractions of an inch from your throbbing pussy lips. Releasing my bite, I resume tracing my way around and around your lips, avoiding touching where I know you want me to go so badly, reveling in making you squirm and moan, trying to force my tongue over just a little bit.

Just as you are about to swallow your embarrassment and beg me, I finally run my tongue from the bottom of your slit to the top, flicking your illegal bahis siteleri clit once, and then travelling back down. I move my tongue up and down between your lips, pushing it as deep into you as I can. I start back at the bottom of your pussy, quickly licking back and forth as I work my way from the bottom towards the top, where I begin circling rapidly around your clit, just barely avoiding it.

Suddenly you feel one of my index fingers pushing its way into you, at the same time that I gently suck your clit into my mouth. While I flick my tongue rapidly over your clit, I carefully slide another finger into you, sliding them both in and out of you, alternately hooking up as they pull out, and rotating as they push in. I keep thrusting my fingers deep inside you and lapping rapidly at your clit until your hips are bucking up to meet my hand and I can barely keep my tongue in contact with your hot flesh.

Unable to take it any more, I slowly begin to kiss my way back up your torso, pausing to briefly suckle each of your rock hard nipples before raising myself up to stare into your deep, liquid eyes. My pelvis shifts slightly and you suddenly feel the length of my erection pressed up against your wet lips, the tip just touching your clit. I continue holding you captive with my gaze, as I nestle my shaft between your folds, beginning to thrust slowly up and down, teasing your clit at the end of each push. I slowly begin to lower my head towards you, holding your eyes with mine the entire time. Just as our lips touch, you feel me shift again, and suddenly you feel the head of my hard cock pushing ever so gently against your entrance.

Our kiss deepens as you feel me slooowly increasing the pressure below, until the head of my canlı bahis siteleri dick just barely pops inside you. There is no teasing involved when I pause like that, it’s simply the fact that I’m reveling in the feeling of being even part way inside you, and trying to regain control so I don’t just cum from that one contact. Once I’ve regained control of my senses a bit, I slowly begin sliding deeper and deeper into you, millimeters at a time, trying to make this feeling last forever. Finally I sink all the way into you, my balls resting against you as I stay there, praising the Creator for giving us the chance to become a part of each other like this.

My prayer of thanks offered, I break our kiss and begin licking my way down your neck as I begin pulling out of you just as slowly as I entered. When I’ve pulled out to the point where just my head remains inside you, I thrust it in and out just a little bit, driving you wild with the need for me to be all the way in you again. Suddenly I bite down hard on your shoulder, distracting you just a split second before I slam all the way into you moaning into your shoulder as I continue biting and sucking on it. Again I begin pulling out slowly, shoving all the way back into you as soon as I feel the head about to come out.

Each time I pull back a little more quickly until finally I’m pumping in and out of you continuously, feeling your hips rise to meet me as my balls slap against you. I can feel myself building and building, hearing your cries of pleasure taking me so close to the edge. At last I feel you begin to spasm beneath me, your muscles rippling and gripping my cock so tight I can’t hold back any more. I gasp your name over and over as I feel my essence spurting deep inside you again and again, wondering at this gift that you’ve given me.

Finally I collapse on top of you, remaining inside you as I kiss you gently. “Thank you, Kacey, for giving yourself to me, and making me happier than I’ve been in a very long time.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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