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Author’s note: I may have set a new record for the longest delay between installments. My apologies. I’d like to think I can pick up the pace going forward. Since this chapter is a direct continuation of previous chapters, I would suggest starting from the beginning, or at the very least, Chapter 4. As always, I respectfully request your constructive feedback.

Chapter 13. Maria’s long wait ends

Tuesday, Sept 2

At the same moment that Maria bent over to pick up her keys, Mary Jacobsen was walking down a jetway at Lindberg Field. She had decided just that morning that she was going to catch an earlier flight home than had been originally planned. The public reason was that her parents already had plans for the day, so she wasn’t going to be with them anyway. More than that, however, the new toys that she had rush ordered on-line in the wee hours of Saturday morning would be delivered to her home today, and she found herself unable to focus on anything other than the new pleasures that awaited her homecoming. As she followed the crowd headed towards baggage claim, she reflected back on the path that had led her to this point.

Over the summer, she had grown increasingly concerned about her daughter. Kari had lived at home for her first two years of college at Cal State San Marcos, and her summer breaks were consumed by going out with either her boyfriend at the time or her girlfriends nearly every night. In fact, she and Kari had had a few arguments about how little time Kari spent at home, but in her heart, Mary realized that this was no different from how Mary herself would have been, had she not been a single mother when she was Kari’s age. This summer, Kari was back from UCSB, but she spent almost every night on her computer rather than out socializing. She often stayed up till well after midnight, and Mary could often hear the rapid tapping of her keyboard coming through her closed door as she passed Kari’s door.

Convincing herself that Kari’s internet activity was sex-related, she began to obsess over the possibility that Kari was putting herself in danger. The fear was driven by Mary’s own experience: many years ago, when the internet was still young and Kari was elementary school, her own unsatisfied needs for sexual release had led her to the primitive chat rooms of the day. It had become a nearly nightly ritual – put Kari to bed at 9 pm, get out her favorite vibe, then log on and get herself off at least once before her own bedtime. After months of the same routine, she had made the mistake of agreeing to meet with a regular chat partner in person. It had been a terrifying experience – in retrospect, she realized that she had barely escaped being raped.

She had sworn off the internet then, and had somehow managed to get through the following years with her toys and a few one-night stands despite her voracious appetite for sex. Then she had met Jim, and everything changed. They were the perfect match, it seemed, both in bed and out of it. He was the best lover she had ever had, and they both had very high sex drives that seemed to grow, rather than diminish, as the years went by. In fact, with Kari away at school this last year and the house to themselves, the sex had progressed to a whole new level. Many evenings and sometimes whole weekends had been spent exploring their fantasies through role-playing. Along the way, talking dirty to each other had become central to the teasing and foreplay, and in the privacy of their home, their exchanges were often as raw as anything you’d hear in a porn video. Kari’s presence this summer had effectively squelched their new lifestyle, and every night Kari stayed home was one more night of sexual frustration for Mary. She didn’t want to admit it to herself, but her frustration had mixed in with her fear for Kari’s safety and, in the end, drove her to an action that she was not proud of.

Last week, she had walked into Kari’s room after dinner to ask her to do a quick Google search for her, figuring she would already be on-line. It turned out, however, that Kari had to fire up her Mac, and Mary had watched closely as she typed in her password. It wasn’t hard to recognize what she had typed: layla9. Layla had been their dog since Kari was 10, and had died a couple of years ago when she was 9 years old. Just the day before she left for Arizona, Mary used the stolen password to sneak on to Kari’s computer when both Kari and Jim were out of the house. She copied Kari’s favorites and history onto a flash drive so that she could look through them later at her convenience on her own laptop.

She didn’t get a chance until Friday night in Phoenix, when she had returned to her motel room after leaving her parents. Even though she thought she had prepared herself, her heart started pounding with fear when she began to page through sites that Kari had recently visited: a couple of different chat rooms and a variety of free porn sites. She began to calm down, however, when she realized that none of it was canlı bahis particularly kinky or extreme – in fact, the porn tended towards “classy” heterosexual couplings and the chat rooms she had bookmarked were not into fetish action. All in all, it was pretty tame stuff, in fact, relative to her own sexual proclivities. Breathing easier, she chastised herself for ever doubting her daughter’s judgment. After all, Kari had always demonstrated good judgment when it came to sex and relationships – she was no angel, but she was nowhere near as wild as Mary herself had been in her younger years.

Once Mary’s fears had eased, a vigorous internal debate had begun. Part of her wanted to stop immediately, both because she had sworn off internet sex many years ago and also because she had a vague sense that it was somehow like cheating on Jim. The other part of her was incredibly aroused by the erotic images she had perused, especially the video clips which were so pervasive – years ago, she could remember patiently waiting for her slow modem to download low-res jpeg’s, and videos were unheard of.

The debate ended decisively when a new chatter appeared in the room Mary was scanning who went by the name “Anal Lover F38”. Mary was also 38, and in the last year, anal sex had become one of her obsessions. After many years of fantasizing about it, she had asked Jim to fuck her ass the first time about two years ago, while they were in the shower. Over the last year especially, she had asked Jim for it – begged for it – many times, but was only willing to do it in the shower, because she couldn’t overcome her fear that it would be too messy and dirty anywhere else. She absolutely loved it: the feel of Jim’s thick rod plunging in and out of her asshole while he whispered in her ear how good her tight ass felt to him and how he was going to fill her ass with his cum. As he went faster and faster, so did her hand on her clit, around and around. She was always vocal during sex, but the anal orgasms were completely mind-shattering, and she screamed in ecstacy, to the point where they wondered what the neighbors thought. Kari’s presence this summer, however, had put an end to the shower sessions. Mary was just not willing to be that loud with Kari just down the hall.

So it was no surprise that the first post by Anal Lover F38 set Mary on fire:

Anybody else out there who loves anal? I’ll take a big hard cock plunging deep into my ass over a regular pussy fucking anyday! But tonight I have to settle for my toys and some hot chat. Speaking of toys, right now my ass is soooo full of my biggest butt plug, and my clit is so big, just waiting for my vibrator. Come on guys, tell me how you want to fuck my tight ass! Gals, share your anal experiences! And post some hot vids PLEASE!

Mary’s first shuddering orgasm followed just a few minutes later, set off by just a light brush against her clit while she watched the very first vid that was posted of a buxom blonde pornstar – Shyla something-or-other – moaning “oh that cock feels so good” as she got her ass furiously drilled from behind by a huge cock. The next hour was a blur to Mary, as she alternated between reading the torrid exchanges between Anal Lover and her suitors and watching the incredibly hot vids, all the while playing with her own steamy cunt. She let her second climax build for a long time, getting close over and over again but not letting herself go over the edge. She finally came explosively, two fingers shoved up her ass while she frantically mauled her clit with her other hand, her eyes glued to a short loop of an amateur vid that had mesmerized her: a big-titted blonde – no small resemblance to herself – straddling a man who was blindfolded and tied spread-eagle on a bed, bouncing vigorously up and down on his cock, driving it deep into her ass while she rubbed her cunt frantically, groaning out her pleasure and urging the man to fill her ass with his hot cum.

By the time she had caught her breath and cleaned herself up, Anal Lover F38 had finished herself off as well, and was now exchanging tips with some other women. Mary had decided that she could use some advice from the experts, and signed herself on as Anal Learner F38. Another hour flashed by as she got detailed advice on preparing herself to ensure a clean experience, on how to lube up, and last but not least, on the best toys. Before she finally signed off, she had placed a rush order with Doc Johnson for one medium butt plug and one large inflatable vibrating plug, and a bottle of a highly recommended lube.

As Mary walked through the terminal, she could feel the men’s eyes on her, hungrily drinking in her stiff nipples plainly visible through the sheer bra and form-fitting dress. She wore no panties under the dress, and the slippery wetness on her thighs was deliciously embarrassing. Stopping at any empty gate along the long hallway, she fired off a quick text to Jim, the naughtiness of it all making her pussy throb in anticipation:

got in bahis siteleri OK gr8 2 b home save ur strength cuz gonna f u till u drop 2nite 🙂 luv u

Jake and Maria walked slowly back through the parking lot of the apartment complex, his arm around her shoulder, her’s around his waist. When they got to the car, Jake starting to pull away to head to the passenger’s side but Maria held him back.

“Wait a sec, Jake. Ummm … can I ask you a big favor?”

“Sure, anything,” he replied with that dazzling smile that made a spot just below her belly button quiver.

“I’m not sure I should drive. I’m feeling kinda, I dunno, like I can’t concentrate. Still kinda buzzing, I guess. Would you be willing to drive back to Kari’s house?”

Jake readily agreed, and soon they were on their way north. At first, Maria just sat with her eyes closed, listening to the music, lost in a deep pool of her own swirling thoughts.

“Oh shit, traffic!” Jake muttered as they approached the merge of I-5 and I-805.

Rousing quickly, Maria took in the situation and suggested, “Hey, get over to the left and catch the carpool lane. We’ll be able to cruise right past all that.”

As Jake worked across the lanes, Maria studied him in fascination. His face looked as good in profile as from the front, his strong jawline and chin complemented by a well-shaped nose and proportioned brow. His right arm, reaching forward to the steering wheel and bare from shoulder down in his sleeveless t-shirt, was a work of art, she thought, lean hard muscle rippling under a perfect bronze skin tone. A strong compulsion to touch him overtook her in the next instant, and she reached across and ran her hand lightly over his upper arm.

Taken by surprise, Jake glanced over questioningly, “Ummm … what’s up?”

“Oh, I’m sorry.” Maria pulled her hand back, a little embarrassed.

“No, no … it’s OK, I just thought, I dunno, that you wanted my attention for something.”

“No, I didn’t really want anything,” she blushed, “I was just looking at your arm and felt like touching it.”

“Hmmm … well, I’m not complaining, your touch is verrrry nice.” His playfully wicked grin once more set her smoldering with desire.

She leaned across the console and whispered huskily in his ear, “I’ll take that as an invitation. You just keep your hands on the wheel while mine do some exploring.”

“I can’t decide what I like better, your arms … or your shoulders … or your chest … or your legs,” she murmured as she leaned across, her hands drifting across each named body part each in turn.

Her right hand lightly traced small circles on his bare thigh, inching slowly higher up his leg. All the while, her eyes were glued to Jake’s groin, transfixed by the bulge steadily growing there. “Mmm … there’s just no question what I like best of all, though,” she added in a low whisper. Her hand drifted to her prize, fingertips lightly grazing along the length of the shaft now plainly visible in his shorts, causing a sharp intake of breath from Jake. “I think,” she giggled, “your shorts are too tight now. Let me fix that little problem.”

As she undid the button and began on the zipper, Jake found his voice, “Uh, Maria … I don’t know about this … I mean, I’m driving!”

“Mmm … just keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel, and don’t mind me.” Having fully unzipped him, she reached inside his briefs, grasping his shaft just below the head, and pulling it free from its confines. “God, I just can’t get over how big you are!”

Panic and arousal fought for control within Jake, and Maria didn’t help matters when she declared in a low voice dripping with lust, “I think I’m gonna explode, I want your beautiful cock inside me soooo bad.”

“B-b-but …” Jake stammered, “all the c-c-cars.”

“Mmm … don’t tell me you never done this before.” Jake shook his head, still completely flustered as she began long slow strokes. “Wow, what kind of girlfriends did you have? I can’t believe they didn’t want to play with you any chance they had. Hmmm … maybe they weren’t as obsessed with your cock as I am, it’s like … all I can think about.” She was quiet for a full minute, and Jake clenched his jaw to maintain focus on his driving as she jacked him expertly, flooding him with near-overwhelming pleasure.

“All I can think about,” she continued, as if she hadn’t paused, “I’ve been turned on for two days straight, ever since I first saw you at the airport. Even getting off doesn’t cool me down for long, I mean – I’ve had, like, ten orgasms since then. When you did Kari in the back seat … I dunno, I think that broke my off switch. If it didn’t feel so good,” she giggled nervously, “I’d be scared shitless.”

Another pause: stroke, stroke, stroke, then a swirl of fingers around and around his sensitive cockhead, causing Jake to groan and stiffen in his seat, the car slowing as he unconsciously took his foot off the accelerator.

“Whoops bahis şirketleri … maybe too much there, I don’t want us slowing down, we gotta get back to Kari’s as fast as we can. So, foot back on that pedal, please.”

She removed her hand from his rock-hard member but left him exposed. Her eyes still glued to his crotch, she leaned back against the car door on her side, her legs curled under her on the seat.

“Funny, this is just where I was driving on Sunday when you made K scream, y’know, the first time. Did you know that I got so hot when that happened, that I just had to touch myself. It was a little scary, since I was driving and all. Hmmm … I’m not driving now, and I sure am hot again. It wouldn’t bother you,” she asked sweetly, “if I played a little, would it?”

Taking the twitch of his cock as implicit approval, she raised her left leg and spread her legs as she pulled her dress up. A shiver passed through her when Jake glanced over, his cool blue eyes flashing with lust as they found the center of her heat before turning back to the road. Pulling her soaked thong aside, Maria plunged her two middle fingers between her swollen lips. “Ohhhh damn, that feels so good ,” she sighed, “but it’s not enough. I want more, I’m just aching to have your thick dick in me.”

Suddenly aware that she had been the only one talking, she felt suddenly self-conscious. “Ummm, Jake … you’re not saying much. Does it, like, bother you, the way I’m talking?”

Jake turned back again to meet her gaze. “Bother me?” he replied with surprise. “Oh no, it’s not that – I’ll admit I’m pretty much blown away … well, by everything, so I’m kinda speechless. But no, everything about you is sexy as hell, and it’s all I can do to keep driving.”

“Well, then, for safety’s sake, maybe I shouldn’t tease anymore,” she grinned, “but … that would be no fun. Besides, if you just have to stop driving … mmm … I can just imagine what would happen then: you’d drag me into the back seat, back there where you nailed Kari so good Sunday night … and you’d pull my legs wide apart and … and you’d just ram that huge cock so deep into my hot little pussy … omigod yes!” Panting, Maria pulled her fingers out of her throbbing cunt, fighting the urge to finish herself, determined that her next cum had to wait until she had him inside her.

After a long minute of looking straight ahead, struggling to back from the edge, she finally sighed, “Whew! This is just fuckin’ insane, I’m soooo out of control. I mean, now I understand Becca and Beth, you know, yesterday, doin’ it in front of everyone like that. So out of control, it didn’t matter.” She looked over at Jake. “Ummm, can I ask you – how was that for you? Was it, y’know, embarrassing to be watched like that? Or was it exciting?”

Jake thought for a moment before answering, “Well, I didn’t feel embarrassed at the time, but afterwards, it was kinda weird like that, I guess. At the time, it was … I can’t really describe it, like a mix of just being in the moment but also very surreal at the same time. Just going with the flow, I guess. But yeah, definitely exciting too!”

“Yeah, I get it. For me, it was … well, it really blew my mind, ‘cuz on the one hand, I’ve never felt like I could actually do something like that. Or even, just watch it. Just too scary to even think about. But when it just happened, omigod, I wanted it to be me so bad, but I was just frozen there, watching. And then it was over.” She paused, thinking about her longtime –

and very secret – masturbation fantasy of having fast, hard sex with a handsome stud while several women, aroused and envious, watched them from the sidelines. More often than not, she had to admit, the women watchers in her fantasy consisted of her friends, the same ones who were at the party yesterday. She sighed before continuing, “The last couple of days – it’s like what used to be just fantasy is becoming reality.” She looked thoughtfully at him for a moment, then giggled, “What about you – isn’t it every guy’s fantasy to have a harem? It looks like that one is coming true for you!”

“Yeah sure. A harem. Like that’s gonna happen!”

Maria grinned at him, “Too late to argue, it’s already happened. You’ve got, what, six of us who’ve signed up. I bet everyone single one of them has been fantasizing about you today, and would come running if you called. Hell, Nicky’s probably thinking about it too, but she’s got her guy already. I just feel lucky that I get to be with you today, but I know the others want you too. Funny thing is, I don’t feel possessive, it’s actually a huge turn-on. I guess I want it to happen again, the group thing, but next time …” She stopped, feeling too close to revealing that secret fantasy. “Umm … would you, y’know, want to do it again?”

Jake almost told her about the agreement he had already made with Amber, Maddy, Becca, and Beth, but then decided it was better if Kari or Amber brought Maria in on it. Instead, he kept his answer simple but honest, “I’m open to anything you and the others want to do, as long as no one is getting hurt. I still find it hard to believe, but I’m not going to say no to, as you say, every man’s fantasy.”

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