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Adriana Chechik

“Do we have time?” I asked nearly out of breath as I gazed into her lust filled eyes.

“We have plenty of time to get to know each other better.” She said in a low sexy voice as she lowered herself onto me, impaling her pussy that was dripping over my hard cock.

That’s how my day had ended up (or is that how it just begun?) … I had better go back and explain how I got to the point where I found myself with such an incredible woman that twenty-four hours ago I hadn’t ever seen before and now a dream-come-true lover among other things!

At the start of this day I was one of the many unemployed that was using every day to fight for a job. Another day, another what I was sure was going to be boring – not to mention nerve wracking – interview. I actually felt pretty good about my chances on this one as the position was for a public relations assistant for a media company. My college degree was in public relations and this was really the first chance I had to apply for a related job since I got my degree two years ago.

I waited patently in the office lobby as a million and one thoughts zoomed through my mind. What are the right things to say? What exactly is this company looking for? Did I dress up too much? Maybe I should have had a little more of a casual look. Would I have a tough boss to work for? Would I be allowed to contribute ideas and thoughts or would I a rigid set of tasks to do? Did I need a lint brush? Should I maybe talk about how I passed my courses with a ninety percent average?

Huh?? Did I need a lint brush??

“Uhh.. Hello?”

I snapped out of the trance I had gotten myself into and looked around for the origin of the female voice I was hearing.

“You look a bit nervous! Sorry if I startled you.”

It was then my eyes happened to gaze upon a very beautiful woman standing a few feet in front of me. The red hair that fell just a little bit past her shoulders perfectly framed her face which featured bright blue eyes, just the slightest hint of dimples and bright red lips that I instantly thought of as perfect for kissing.

“Strong silent type are you?” She giggled as she took a step forward, again breaking a second trance that I had fallen into as I admired her beauty that included a white blouse and a mid-thigh length black skirt that faded into a set of very slender shapely legs.

“Oh.. sorry… Yeah, I guess you can say I’m a little tense.” I managed to get a few words out as I smiled modestly. As if being nervous about an interview that I was begging to get wasn’t enough, now I was pretty much alone in a lobby with a very attractive woman.

Understand that I’ve never had great luck with the ladies. I’m a very outgoing individual most times, but in a one on one setting with a member of the opposite sex.. Well lets just say that despite being fairly decent looking – just at six feet tall with a medium build – I haven’t had much of a love life.

“Did you need a lint brush?” She asked again. “You may want to take off that dog hair that is all over the ends of your pant legs before you go in for your interview.” I looked down and sure enough my dog Max managed to get his fur on me despite my best efforts to avoid him this morning.

I let out a bit of a chuckle, “Yeah sure.. Thank you.” She handed me the brush out of her purse and started working on getting the fur off of me.

“The name is Janette. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen you here before.” She exclaimed. Even though my eyes were fixed on my work, I could feel her eyes giving my body the once over look.

I pendik escort turned slightly to her. “Nice to meet you, I’m Luke, and no I’m new here… I’m here to interview for the public relations assistant position. “

Janette rolled her eyes and let out a heavy sigh. “Good luck then.. Let me tell you right now that the boss is a real bitch to deal with!”


“Hell yeah!” She said with strong self assurance. “You better be ready to be at her beckon call if you end up working for her!”

“Wow..” I was slightly taken aback by the comments. What was I going to get myself into?

“Anyway, I better get to work.. Good luck Luke!” And with that, as quickly as she appeared in front of me she headed for the elevators leaving me somewhat bewildered with her comments.. and left holding her lint brush!

Just as I was wondering what I was going to do with the brush, the woman from behind the lobby desk called to me.

“Mr. Phillips will see you now sir.”

I slowly got up and walked to the desk..

“Seventh floor, his office is at the end of the hallway.” She said with cold precision.

“Thanks.. Can you keep this here until I get back?” I handed her the lint brush which she took and put off to the side, then looked at me but was wordless.

“Uh… Thanks…”

I quickly turned to and walked into the elevator. As I pressed the button for the 7th floor and the doors closed, my mind again started racing… What had I gotten myself into? My future boss may be a bitch. The receptionist didn’t seem to like me at all. What the hell was I doing seeing a man when my boss is supposed to be female? Damn Janette smelled great though! I’d kind of like to see her again. And those breasts of hers! Oh damn, I’m getting turned on! I gotta think bad thoughts! Boss may be a bitch.. boss may be a bitch..

* ding *

The elevator stopped and doors opened to reveal a hallway with a series of doors on each side and one at the very end. I took a deep breath and made my way through the hallway and after being told to come in, entered the office.

The interview itself didn’t go to bad at all… It lasted a little long though than most interviews I’ve been at. I felt I gave him truthful and well thought out answers to all his questions and made a very good impression. I did learn that Mr. Phillips was the president of the company and that Miss Fulmer was indeed the boss I’d be working for as she is the head of public relations. I also learned that I’d have to undergo another interview at a later time with Miss Fulmer if I was approved by Mr. Phillips himself.

No such luck though in finding out if I was approved of right away.. The interview ended with a firm handshake and a “If you are who we are looking for then we’ll be giving you a call soon..”

I was kind of disappointed as I headed towards and into the elevator. I felt as though I hadn’t done enough to impress Mr. Phillips and probably wouldn’t even hear from Miss Fulmer.

“Just as well..” I murmured to myself as the elevator closed. “…Sounds like working for her was a pain in the ass anyway.”

The elevator ride back down seemed to take a little longer than I remembered coming up, but in reality is was only maybe a few seconds after moving that I came to a stop again and the door opened.. To the third floor!

The door opened and I looked up to see the same beautiful woman that I had saw in the lobby!

“Luke! Perfect! Come with me!”

She instantly reached in and grabbed my hand and led me out the elevator.

“Oh maltepe escort uh.. Hi Janette! Did you get your lint brush? I left it with the receptionist.. Umm.. where are we going?”

We stopped at a door to the left close to the end of the hallway and walked in.

“My office.. I need to talk to you.”

“If it’s about the brush, I’m sorry I didn’t give it right back!”

She laughed as pulled up a seat for me and closed the door behind us.

“No not that silly.. I just heard that the boss likes you and may just hire you.”

The smile was very hard to contain at first, but as Janette walked in front of me and leaned back against the edge of her desk my smile turned into a look of question.

“You heard? I just came out of Phillips door! Word travels that quick??”

“You’d be surprised.. Besides I heard that the boss really liked your resume before you even came here to be interviewed.”

“Wow.. But how do you know this?”

“I just do. Trust me I know more than you would think I do, including how to work with Miss Fulmer and how to make her happy. That’s what I wanted to talk to you about, I want to let you in on a few tips on how to make her happy.”

I sat there, my head spinning slightly from the revelations I was just told but I did manage to stammer out: “Great! That would be very nice of you Janette.”

She smiled and with hardly any emotion looked me in the eye and asked, “How well do you eat pussy?”

My jaw must have hit the floor. “I.. I’m sorry.. What did you say?”

“Pussy.. Ya know going down on a woman? Do you do it and how well?”

If I wasn’t floored already, I sure as hell was now! Was this her way to break the ice so to speak? Catch me off guard? Should I play coy? Should I just laugh it off?

I decided to play along a little.

“Well, I don’t know.. I’d like to think so! To be honest it’s been a while since I have.”

Janette lifted her skirt in front of me revealing that she had no panties on at all. A slight strip of brown hair led down to a shaven clean mound that was glistening with wetness. With a sly smile she crooked her finger for me to come forward and said in a very low sexy tone, “It’s time to find out then isn’t it?”

Instinctively I leaned forward and with the tip of my tongue I took a long slow lick up her slit that parted her pussy lips ever so slightly. Her hands found my head and started running through my hair as I reached in with my hand and after a slight rub my index and middle fingers gently pulled her lips apart allowing my tongue to lick and dance around her growing clit.

Soft moans escaped her lips as my tongue traced up and down each side of her labia, her wetness growing and starting to slowly drip off her and my lips. My lips wrapped around her clit and sucked in ever so slightly, savoring her sweet taste. I could feel her legs start to buckle as I looked up slightly at her face with my tongue still swirling around her clit. Hesitantly I backed away slightly and stood up in front of her.

“Wow.. Not bad…” she breathed.

“I’m not even close to being done.” I said winking at her. Picking her up slightly I had her sit right on the edge of her desk with her legs spread apart for easy access to her. Kneeling in front of her, she threw a leg over my shoulder as I leaned in and resumed my lapping of her juices off her pussy. She continued to breathe deeper as I pressed my tongue flat against her and slid two fingers into her slowly. I paid special attention to the inside of her thighs.. Slowly kartal escort licking and sucking inside the crease of her legs as my fingers slightly twisted and worked in and out of her tight sopping wet hole.

“Mmmmmm harder baby..” She gasped. “Finger fuck me harder…”

Her wish was my command as I plunged my fingers in and out of her quicker. A loud gasp of excitement escaped her lips as I resumed sucking and flicking my tongue over her clit. Her pussy was starting to drip with her juices even more and my steady, hard fingering was getting louder and even more erotic. Her slight gasps and moans became a very steady moan of pleasure as I licked and sucked at her pussy lips. Soon I became to turned on to hold back and started sucking at her pussy with wild abandon, wanting to drink every drop from her. I could also feel my growing cock starting to strain against my pants as the enchanting smell of her sex started to intoxicate me.

Her hands gripped at my head and pulled me tighter against her and I could feel her lips pulse as her hips started to rotate and press against my mouth and fingers. Barely able to form full sentences, she did manage to gasp out “Ohhhh fuck… I’m gonna…. cummmmm…”

I could feel her entire body tighten up as her legs wrapped around my head keeping me in head in place. Like a man who saw the finish line in sight, I fingered her deep as her pussy convulsed and pulled my fingers in. Sucking as much of her into my mouth as I could, I heard her cry out as the first waves of her orgasm hit her. Her juices flooded and cover my hands and mouth as I eased up slightly but still kissed and licked every part of her pussy. My fingers remained buried inside her until I felt her body relax slightly.

I looked up at her and saw a face that was covered in a flush red and showing a wicked smile.

“That…” she breathed heavily, “…was amazing!!” Her fingers reached down to touch her red swollen mound and rub in some of her wetness.. she then pulled her hand up to her lips to lick off her fingers that were coated in her cream.

As I stood up in front of her, myself feeling hot with senses having nearly been overloaded she looked down to see the heavy bulge in my pants. She gazed at it in a near trance like state before reaching out to cup me in her hands.

“I can see you thought it was amazing as well.”

Her hand squeezed gently causing me to let out an involuntary groan of pleasure. “I bet what you have here could make me just as happy as your tongue and fingers did!”

She stood up from the desk and almost frantically with both hands started to undo my pants. It was second later that my cock was standing free at attention and was in the firm grasp of Janette.

“I thought this was all about making Miss Fulmer happy.” I managed to stammer out as she slowly stroked the length of my ever growing cock.

“It is, and right now Miss Fulmer wants you to lay back on this desk so you can make me even more happy.”

“You mean.. you?”

“Mmm hmmm… My name is Janette Fulmer.. And you are my new assistant.” The smile on her face was matched with just as big a smile on mine. “And your first order as my new assistant is to lay back on this desk so I can ride your big beautiful dick!”

I faithfully did what I was ordered to. She then slid on top of me, reached back to grasp my cock in her hand and guided it into her still dripping pussy. I let out a gasp as I felt her squeeze and tighten around my throbbing cock.

We must have spent hours fucking and cumming together! She is a sexual dynamo that couldn’t get enough of my cum! It was a great way to start off a brand new job! But through it all I did have a thought in the back of my mind: Just how well would it work out that my boss is also a lover?

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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