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The rest of the evening and on into the early morning hours I had left with my sweet princess Kaye were spent in luxuriant lovemaking and soft cuddling. We talked at length, between sessions of simultaneous oral gratification, mutual masturbation and a very kinky bubble bath about her marriage, her children, and life in general. She confided to me that she deeply loved her husband, but his frequent trips away on business, sometimes for weeks at a time, were very hard on her. By all accounts he was an able lover, but in his absence she felt a great sense of loss and loneliness. I felt deeply gratified to be allowed to “take up the slack” and meet her need for romance and intimacy without any feelings of ill will towards me by her spouse. Although their relationship was unconventional, and not without its attendant difficulties, I knew that in the morning she would return to him without hesitation. Our parting was made easier by the fact that he had graciously assented to her spending one last night with me later on in the week before I had to leave back to the States.

I spent the next few days playing tourist, including taking a trip to Australia Zoo, the headquarters of the world famous Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin. While a nice distraction, I was extremely happy when Friday morning rolled around. I picked up Red at the airport at around 10:00 AM and we drove out to a beach rental that I had procured for a considerable savings owing to the fact that, although it was summer in America, in Oz, it was the winter off season. I confess that my ardor for Red was in nowise diminished from the previous week, and I could scarcely refrain from ripping her clothes off the second we crossed the threshold of the little beach cottage. As we were shortly to be joined by Kaye, we managed to abstain, and instead spent an hour or so shopping for food provisions at a local market.

It should be patently obvious at this point what was in the works for the three of us. Although we had cybered as a threesome, to great satisfaction, but not without uncovering some jealousy issues that, thankfully we’d resolved, we were to be a bone fide threesome this evening. The ramifications of this both excited and worried Red and I. Of the three of us, only Red, an unabashed bisexual, had ever been in a ménage’ a tois before. I am hopelessly hetero, but Kaye had confided in me an interest in exploring

three-way sex with myself and Red sometime back. Red and I discussed in great detail how best to proceed with this kinky experiment, and came to a consensus that we would let Kaye set the pace at which it would proceed. Nevertheless, both of us were keenly eager to make love to her in whatever manner tickled her fancy, and the waiting was excruciating.

Shortly before noon Kaye arrived, beaming with excitement to see us. Hugs and tentative kisses were shared all around as we helped her bring her belongings indoors. Rather than getting right down to it, we shared a light lunch and spent the unseasonably warm day splashing about in the surf and exploring the tide pools nearby. As the shadows grew longer, and the day grew colder, we headed back to the rental. I have never felt more like a man than I did with a beautiful, and willing, woman under each arm that evening. The arousal amongst us was palpable, and shared by each of us.

Having become somewhat sandy and salty from the onshore breeze blowing a fine mist of ionized sea air upon us for a good portion of the time, I announced my intention of grabbing a quick shower. I disrobed in the entry way, as not to track sand throughout the premises, but moved quickly to the bathroom to avoid any “shrinkage” comments.

My jeans had gotten quite wet and my package, in self defense, had tightened up like a ball of yarn. As to length, under ideal conditions, and at full erection, I felt adequate at an average six inches, taking deep satisfaction in the fact that the girth of my tool was quite thick. As I stepped out of my jeans however, it was as if my mojo was on vacation, and I made a hasty retreat to the heat lamp warmed bathing area.

I had just stepped into the most wonderfully warm torrent of spray, when I heard the padding of bare feet on the stone tiled floor behind the curtain. Before I could investigate, the curtain was drawn back and my two lovers stepped into the shower in their birthday suits. Kaye approached me first and we shared a loving, lingering kiss as the water cascaded over each and every one of our mutual curves. Disengaging from the kiss I turned Kaye around and began massaging her shoulders, while gazing intently at Red. My hands encircled canlı bahis Kaye’s waist and my fingertips began to tease her nipples,

greatly arousing Red by the flush of her face and breasts. I smiled and blew a kiss to her, then kissing Kaye’s neck I said in a low, lusty voice, “Isn’t Kaye lovely, Sweetheart?”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssss, Gorgeous.”, She answered, her voice dripping with desire. My manhood asserted itself against the small of Kaye’s back as Red stepped close, almost nipple to nipple with her. My hands were again massaging Kaye’s shoulders and neck sensuously. As their bodies touched lightly, a low moan of pleasure escaped Kaye’s lips.

“Sweetheart, my hands are somewhat occupied at the moment. Perhaps you could help me by washing our sweet playmate for me.” Red cocked an eyebrow and smiled, “Would you like that Kaye? Would you like my hands to wash your lovely breasts?”

“Oh yesssss please…” Kaye managed, her respiration visually and audibly increasing.

Taking the soap, Red lathered up and gently cupped both of Kaye’s large breasts with her soft hands. Kaye shuddered with delight as Red fondled and kneaded her melons with the tenderness that only another woman is capable of. As she began soaping up Kaye’s soft belly, Red leaned in and gently brushed her lips against hers.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Godddddddddddddddddddd…”, Kaye gasped. Red’s hand slipped lower and began gently stroking Kaye’s mound, caressing her lips again with a light flick of her tongue.

“You can touch me if you want to Kaye…” Red intoned lightly, as if perceiving the other woman’s desire yet apprehension about crossing that threshold.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhgoddddddddddd….”, Kaye moaned, her hand coming up shakily towards Red’s juicy tits. Taking her hand in hers, Red pulled it softly onto her breast and held it there.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, that feels wonderful, Kaye. Do you like it?” Red asked; her demeanor supportive and empathetic. “Ohhhhh yessssssssssss…”, Kaye confessed as she began gently squeezing the breast that was not her own, yet within her hand.

Red leaned in and kissed her lightly again as her fingers found Kaye’s slit. “Ohhhhhhhhh Mac, she’s so wet….”, Red whispered. I continued to rub Kaye’s back as I leaned in kissed her shoulder. Kaye’s legs opened to accommodate Red’s light masturbation of her and she took Red’s pussy in hand in return. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,” groaned Red, “Oh yes, sweetie, that is lovely.”

Kaye began fingering Red deeply, probing her vagina with first one, then two, then three fingers. Red shuddered as she leaned upon Kaye and in a shaky voice uttered, “Ohmygod… you are making me so hot, Kaye. Can you feel it? How wet I am for you? How my pussy is longing for your touch? How does it feel to be fingering my pussy, while I finger yours, Kaye? Our tits rubbing against each other?” The sensuality and seductiveness of Red’s words were not lost on me. I was feeling it, and I wasn’t even touching her.

“Kiss me again, and I’ll show you…”, Kaye returned, her voice thick with arousal, leaning close to Red’s luscious mouth. “Oh yes, baby, ” Red enjoined, as she and Kaye shared a passionately deep French kiss. As the kiss ended, Red sweetly turned Kaye to face me and began washing the short blonde hair of the deeply horny woman.

“Mac will have to rinse you, sweetie. ” Red informed her teasingly. “Besides, somebody needs to wash him, because he looks like he’s too distracted to do it himself.”

Kaye giggled as she groped my scrotum, feeling the weight of my balls. “I think he’s missed a spot…”, she teased, and began to masturbate me, her hands slippery with the soap.

“Unnnnnnnnhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” I groaned as my left hand cupped her breast, rolling her nipple between my fingers. Red, in the meantime, let her lathered hands wander down Kaye’s back, and was fondling her ass when she announced, “I think you missed a spot too, Kaye.”

Kaye leaned against me for support as her knees buckled, one hand clutched to my lingam, her other arm encircling me for support. Looking down I saw Red with her fingers buried between Kaye’s buttocks, her hand gently massaging Kaye’s anus. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…”, she moaned as my arms encircled her, holding her up.

“All clean now, time to rinse…”, Red declared playfully, and I yielded my spot under the showerhead to Kaye, who looked stunningly sensual as she let the water cascade over her comely form, the soap suds sliding off her body in a way that accentuated her every curve nicely.

Red and I took turns soaping and rinsing each other. bahis siteleri Kaye watched with interest, before asking,” Red, have you ever been shaved?” Red smiled, “Many times. You?” Kaye returned her smile, “Yes.” A slight blush came over her, and her eyes diverted demurely. Sensing where this was leading, Red asked, “Would you like me to shave your pussy for you? I’ll let you shave mine…” “Sounds good to me…”, Kaye answered shyly with the cutest little sheepish grin. “Then we can shave Mister lover man here…”, Red postulated jokingly.

I’d shaved my own pubes before with electric clippers, but never with a razor. I had to admit, scared though I was at the prospect of a botched job, it was an exquisitely erotic idea.

“It’ll be a first for me…”, I admitted, “but I’m game if you are…” “Ooooh, a taker…my, my, my, won’t this be fun?”, Red chuckled. “Shall we?”

I turned off the water, and we toweled quickly, save of course for our respective genitalia. Kaye was first up, and she sat herself against the mirror, atop the counter. Red asked for me to lather her up, which I did playfully while Red filled the washbasin with warm water.

Taking a safety razor with a brand new cartridge, Red kneeled between Kaye’s widely spread legs and began to slowly and carefully remove all traces of Kaye’s tiny wedge of bush. Kaye moaned softly as her mound became smooth as a newborn’s bottom under the able hands of the beautiful redhead. When she was finished, Red took a warmed washcloth and gently removed every bit of shaving cream left behind from Kaye’s pubis mons. Taking up a hand mirror, she showed Kaye her handiwork and asked, “You like?”

“Very nice,” came Kaye’s reply, her voice heavy with arousal. “You look so fresh and clean,” Red observed as she moved closer to Kaye’s now glistening slit, her breath hot on the other woman’s sexual architecture. “I can see you are turned on, Kaye…,” she continued, “I’m thinking you would like me to lick it…”

Kaye’s breathing increased, and she began playing with her nipples slowly, looking down at Red between her legs, her mouth mere inches from her snatch, but she didn’t say a word.

“Mmmmmmmmmm,” Red continued seductively,” I love the smell of clean pussy. I’d love to be the first woman to go down on you Kaye. Would you like that?” Kaye’s breathing became deeper and she nodded her head as she looked deep into the other woman’s eyes. Red returned her smile, and keeping her eyes locked on Kaye’s, gave her slit a long, sensuous lick.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH….”, Kaye gasped, her head arching back, eyes closed.

Red began flicking her tongue as Kaye’s labia engorged with blood and began to spread, exposing her vaginal opening. Ever so gently, Red licked and kissed Kaye’s twat again, and again, and again. Then she stopped, looking deep within the other woman’s eyes.”Mmmmmmmm, you taste so good,” Red said lustfully, “More?”

Kaye’s eyes grew wide as she mouthed a yes, and Red moved in for the kill. Opening her mouth wide she drove her tongue deep into the sexually curious blonde’s cunt, her lips sucking the young housewife’s clit deep into her mouth as she began to suck and lick and suck and lick and tongue it expertly. I watched with utter fascination, my hand lightly stroking my cock, as Kaye began rocking her hips and groaning with pre-orgasmic delight. Red shifted her position so that her oral technique favored Kaye’s clit; her head bobbing up and down as if she were giving head.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhgoddddddddddddddddd,” Kaye gasped again, “Gonna cum! Gonna cum! Gonna CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, OHHHHHHH! OHHHHHHHHHHH! OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”, Kaye exclaimed as she grabbed Red’s head and pulled her devouring mouth hard against her pussy, drenching her with a warm torrent of juice and female ejaculate that flowed down her chin and dribbled onto her breasts. Red greedily lapped it up, moaning softly in approval. Tenderly Kaye ran her hands through Red’s still somewhat damp hair, as the women shared a deep and meaningful glance.

“Ohmygod…that was so amazing…” Kaye sighed. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm hmmmmmmmmmmm.”, Red murmured, spying me softly stroking myself, eyes wide with admiration.

“Let me do that for you, Gorgeous…”, my auburn tressed playmate purred. I readily complied and she stroked me lovingly for several minutes until Kaye insisted that it was Red’s turn to be shaved. Both women traded places and once again I drew lathering duties. Upon completion of shaving Red, Kaye gently de-lathered my sweetheart’s pubic mons and shyly gave Red’s dripping snatch a small lick.

“Ohhhhhhh fuccckkkkk…”, bahis şirketleri Red moaned, as Kaye, turned on by the sights, tastes and smells of Red’s pussy, opened her mouth wide and drove her hot pink tongue deep into the other woman’s vagina. Kaye moaned with pleasure as she lapped up Red’s juices. Red, for her part, let go of my shaft and ran both hands into Kaye’s hair, pulling her tight against her well lubricated love vault. It was Red’s turn to begin heavy breathing. Her tits began to rise and fall heavily as her eyes rolled back into her head and then closed in ecstasy. “Ohhhhh yessssss….”, she gasped, “Oh FUCK YES, Kaye….”, she whispered.

Kaye slowly and deliberately devoured each and every inch of the other woman’s most private pleasure zones; lapping at her labia, flicking her tongue over her clit as she kissed and sucked it.

“Ohmygoddddddd, Kaye…. yes baby right there, ohhhhhhhhh shitttttt….yes baby, suck it… I’m so close…. I’m soooooo close. Don’t stop Kaye….” she begged, her hips rocking up and down, humping the short haired blonde’s face with increasing intensity. “Mmmmmmmmmmm yesssssssssss,” enjoined Kaye, “I want you to cum for me Red… I love the taste of your pussy… I want to taste your sweet cum; the cum of a beautiful woman. Give it to me. Mmmmmmmmmmm….”

Kaye’s technique localized over the other woman’s swollen clitoris with renewed abandon, and the sweet sounds of lips smacking, of slurping and kissing echoed off the walls of the bathroom; along with Red’s orgiastic gurgles of pleasure. “Ohhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkk! Suck it, Kaye. Suck it! SUCK IT! OMYGODDDDDDD I’M CUMMINGGGGGGGGGGG!” she cried, as her world exploded in wave after wave of orgasm.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!”, exclaimed Kaye as she succumbed to another massive climax, due to her frenetic stroking of her own clit while kneeling between the other woman’s knees. This was too much for me to bear any longer and I began pounding my cock furiously. Seeing me thus, Kaye turned and fell upon my swollen penis with an open mouth, sucking it hard and fast.

“Ohhhhhhhhh Princess….”, I groaned, “Pull off baby, I’m gonna cum!!!!” Kaye is not fond of mouthing a hot load of cum and I was sensitive to that fact. For this reason I strained to control myself long enough to give her ample warning of my imminent ejaculation; but she sucked all the harder. I fought for control, groaning loudly as I tried to hold out for her, imploring her to disengage so I could in good conscience cum freely.

“Sweeeetiiiieeee aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh! OH GOD BABY I’M CU…” I sputtered, as at the last possible second, she released my cock and pumped my warm ejaculate all over her tits and face. My knees buckled with each spurt of silky semen and I leaned heavily against the counter. My head swam as my brain was bathed in a post coital chemical cascade and I began to slump to the bathroom floor. Through half closed eyes I watched Red gather Kaye in her arms and slowly lick every drop of my jism from the Princess’ pearl jammed face and tits.

Temporarily lost in the reverie of the moment, Kaye came back to herself with a giggle and said, “Uh oh… I think we’ve worn him out, Red… Help me get him to the bedroom.” They both chuckled as they moved me, one under each arm as I made my way on wobbly legs to the bed. Laying me down, I heard Red ask Kaye to fetch a towel, a bowl of warm water, and the shaving kit. “That’s right,” came Kaye’s response in her lovely sing song lilt, “Its his turn to be shaved…”

For the moment, I was caught up in the afterglow of one of the best orgasms I’d ever experienced in my entire life. I literally could not open my eyes. I just lay there, semi comatose as I the two women “prepped” me. I felt two sets of hands gently washing me, and heard Red ask Kay to lather up my pubes and balls. The cream was cold and tingly as she sensuously worked it around the appropriate area. I felt the body heat of a lovely female form sidle up along side me as Red whispered in my ear. “Alright, baby, ” she intoned gently, “hold very still…”

The optical sensory deprivation I was experiencing made the sensation of being shaved that much more intense. As the job progressed, Red asked Kay to manipulate my penis and scrotum this way and that so that she could shave over, around and under them. When it was over, I felt a warm washcloth gently wipe away the remaining lather from my private parts, and moaned softly.

The next thing I knew I had two women laying nude across my equally naked body kissing me, tonguing my nipples, fondling my crotch and I began to fade out into a sex induced stupor. “There, there, baby, “, my sweet princess purred in my ear, “You just rest up a bit while Red and I fix tea.” I was out in seconds.

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