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This happened quite few years ago when I was a junior in college. I was going to a small religious college. There were only about a thousand student’s altogether, but it had a very good academic reputation. I was in the music department, which was quite large, but I was majoring in composition which wasn’t very usual—there were only about 10 of us in the program. Part of our work included listening to dozens of records (yes, it was back when everything was still on vinyl or cassette tape). The school had an extensive music library and half a dozen or so record players with headphones for those of us who had to do serious listening.

I went to the music library one hot afternoon to listen to some stuff that I was writing a report about—Cellini in fact. The girl on duty that afternoon wasn’t anyone in the music department. She worked for the school in return for tuition. A lot of us did that. She was pleasant enough and I noticed that her librarian’s badge said “Brenda.” Beneath the badge Brenda had boobs as big as the bumper on a Mack truck, and I was momentarily distracted by looking at them poke through the green sweater she was wearing.

My friends and I used to classify tit size by different kinds of fruit… The very smallest were “strawberries.”” The came plums, then apples, then oranges, then grapefruit and for really huge knockers, cantaloupes. Brenda’s were more like small watermelons.

I got the records I wanted from the shelves—shelves that stupidly went up about 10 feet. You had to have a sliding ladder to reach the top shelves. They were obviously designed for something other than LP’s. At about 5:20 I was startled when I felt a gentle tap on my shoulder. I had been listening intently and hadn’t heard Brenda come up behind me.

“I’m sorry I’ve got to close up now for dinner. We re-open, at 7 if you want to come back then.”

I was annoyed—though not at Brenda—anybody with tits like hers could do no wrong as far as I was concerned. Dinner was served in the dining hall, family style, and if you weren’t there at 5:30 on the dot you went hungry. I wasn’t going to eat dinner – I was planning to get some pizza later with some friends, but I knew that Brenda wanted to go.

“Couldn’t you lock the door and leave me here?” I asked. “I’m safe—I won’t tear up anything.” And I gave her my winningest smile.

To my surprise she smiled back and said,”It’s against the rules, but I guess I could bend them a little for you.”

“Thank you, madam, I’ll be your slave forever,” I joshed.

“You’ll be locked in for a while,” she warned.

“If I get bored I’ll see if I can find something to listen to”—and I gestured at the thousands of records on the shelves. “Shouldn’t be too hard.”

She smiled again and walked across the room towards the exit. I noticed that she had dark brown hair with some lighter streaks of light brown in it and it hung down her back almost to her ass. She was rather plump around the hips which made the modest skirt she was wearing hang like a bell with her legs as the clapper. Very sexy legs in brown panty hose I noticed.

Let me say here, that even though I was only about 20 years old, I had already learned to adore nylon covered legs. It wasn’t a fetish because I had no trouble getting it off without the presence of nylons, but I simply strongly preferred women in stockings or pantyhose. My mind started to drift – up her skirt—but I did manage to wave back as she lifted her hand to me and went out. I heard a “click” as she locked the door.

I didn’t get much listening done while she canlı bahis was gone. My mind kept wandering to her massive tits and her shapely legs, coated in smooth nylon with a band of darker nylon around her thighs… I came to with a start as I heard the door being unlocked. Brenda was back.

“Get a lot done?” she asked.

I glanced at my watch. I was barely 6 o’clock. “About half an hour’s worth,” I lied. “But I thought you didn’t open until 7.”

“We don’t,” she replied,” but I have to come back as soon as I can after dinner to put all the albums back on the shelves. Otherwise I have to stay after we close.”

On her desk were stacks of albums, and about a dozen of them were mine. “Let me help you,” I suggested. “After all, you did me a big favor.”

“If you don’t mind,” she said, again a smiling—a rather pretty smile.

So I carried stacks of LP’s for her to put back on the shelves. When she came to one that went on an upper shelf that she couldn’t reach she put it aside, explaining that she’d get the ladder later and do them all at once.

After putting away all the records on the lower shelf, she slid the ladder over to a certain spot and said, “Ok, give me the Schumann album first.” I did as she asked, handing it up to her. As she turned to place it on the shelf, I sneaked a glance up her skirt. Gorgeous legs and even though it was a little on the heavy side, an ass that I could spend a long time kissing or licking or caressing, or…


I came crashing back to the present.

“Give me the Scarlatti.”

I couldn’t tell whether or not she knew I had been looking up her skirt, but pretty soon I had a feeling that she knew it and liked it. When you have a thousand people together on a campus but don’t allow any public displays of affection and you restrict the contact between the sexes, you get some really horny people, and it wasn’t unusual to find all kinds of flirting and more serious sexual activity in that setting. As she put the albums up on the shelves, I had the feeling that Brenda was enjoying the fact that I was looking up her skirt and was even helping me a little by stretching and bending on the ladder to give me a better view.

She finally put the last album away and started to climb down the ladder. I had been holding it for her and I continued to do so now as she came down. I decided to put to the test the idea that she really didn’t mind showing me what she had under her skirt.

I’m not a forward kind of guy, and at that age I didn’t have a lot of confidence, so I even surprised my self a little when I let her step down on the ground and I put my arms around her waist. I could feel her big boobs resting on my forearms.

She stood stock still for a minute the she gently moved back half a step so my now swelling cock was against her ass. She gave a slow gentle breath, then took my hands and raised them about six inches from her waist to her massive, lovely, straining warm mounds of mammary flesh and pressed them there.

I had never felt anything so wonderful in my life, all the more so because through her sweater and whatever kind of bra she must have worn to support those humongous knockers, could feel the hardened points of two gigantic nipples. I gently lifted and squeezed, and she gasped and closed her eyes and took hr hands, put them over mine, and pressed hard. I hugged her tight and massaged her boobs as she began to rub her ass against my crotch. I momentarily took on e hand off her tits and pushed her hair away from the back of her neck. My hand went back to kneading bahis siteleri her breast and my lips found that indention at the base of her neck and I kissed her there, gently at first, then a little harder.

I could feel the heat rising off her neck as she began top squirm in my arms, rubbing her plump ass back and forth against my swollen cock. I started to push her sweater up until I could get my hand under it. My left hand went up inside her sweater until I felt the silky material of her bra. I cupped her big tit in my hand and started squeezing and pushing it upwards. She gasped and thrust her ass back against my crotch.

I couldn’t wait any longer—I had to have those nipples in my mouth. My left hand went up inside her sweater until I felt the silky material of her bra. I cupped her big tit in my hand and started squeezing and pushing it upwards. She gasped and thrust her ass back against my crotch.

I couldn’t wait any longer—I had to have those nipples in my mouth. They felt like they were the size of my thumb and I wanted to verify that this was the sexiest girl that I’d run into in my fairly brief sexual career. I let go of her and stepped around in front of her. I pushed her sweater up over her bra, reached behind her, and after just one or two tries, I got her bra unsnapped. I slid my finger under the edge of it at the bottom and pushed it up. And there they were. I had never before (and seldom since) seen tits that big. They were firm, but so big that gravity made them point down. The aureoles were as big around as a teacup and the nipple weren’t as big as my thumb, but damn close.

They were pointing down, almost at the ground, and I kneeled down in front of Brenda to position myself better, and began kissing, licking, sucking, going from one side to the other. I put my hands on her knees and slid them slowly upwards, under her skirt, over her pantyhose covered thighs. When I reached the top her thighs I didn’t stop. I caressed her heavy belly, rubbed her mound, slid my hands behind her and cupped her fat ass cheeks. All the while I continued my oral play with her massive boobs.

She wasn’t idle either. She had her hands on the back of my head, pressing my face into her mammoth breasts and at he same time she was trying to thrust her cunt mound against my hand.

And,– and this was a big turn –on for me—she was whispering things that no girl at a religious college should have known how to say. “Oh yes, suck me good, suck my nipples, God, yes, put your mouth on me, you know you want to fuck me, don’t you?, you want to put your cock in me, my pussy is so wet for you, I know you want to fuck me, pound my pussy, my cunt is so hot, I need you inside me, deep inside me, I want to be fucked , my pussy is so wet and open and hungry for your cock…” The constant stream of whispered desire to be fucked convinced me.

I broke away from sucking her tits, stood up, and started walking her backwards towards the desk. She was grasping my head, holding my mouth locked onto hers as she probed me with her tongue. As she bumped against the desk I gave her a little boost so she was sitting on it. Then I reached down, took her ankles in my hands and lifted her legs all the way up so she had to lay back a she pointed her toes at the ceiling. I moved her feet apart a little more and there in front of me was a plump belly, a protruding mound, and quivering thighs, all tightly covered in tan nylon. Oh yes, and a big wet patch right in the center.

I let my hands slide down her legs from her ankles to her thighs and leaned forward and bahis şirketleri started giving her pantyhose covered cunt the same oral attention that I had previously given her breasts. She started talking dirty again—telling me how she wanted to feel my cock inside her hot and pulsing pussy. she was struggling with the waistband of her panty hose and I reached up and helped her slide it down hooked my fingers in her panties and continued to slide the whole thing down over her thighs, down to her knees, and then, in a moment of inspiration, I took the scissors that were laying on the desk and with a couple of cuts I sliced her pantyhose and panties in two and pushed her legs really wide.

What a beautiful sight—a hot steamy pink flower, opening just for me! I got my dick out in record time and moved a step closer, teasing her sopping slit with the head of my cock.

“Is this what you want?” I asked in a strangle voice and she moaned and shook her head “yes” and pushed her cunt at me. “Wait,” I said. And I stepped back again and dove head first into heaven. My tongue found her love-box and went to work, sliding all the way up to her clit then back down to her honey –hole where I pushed my tongue as far into her cunt as I could

She came almost immediately. She was bucking her hips so hard the desk started to move and I was afraid someone would hear her moaning even though she was obviously trying to hold it back. I rubbed my face over her hairy mound as she thrashed around. It was everything I could do to keep from shooting my load all over her.

Even before she stopped quivering I stepped forward again and this time I didn’t screw around—pardon the expression. I put my cock directly on her gaping hole and I leaned forward, pushing it all the way in. It was too much for her—she tried to push me away because her senses were overloading. I guess her orgasm wasn’t finished because her cunt started spasming and gripped my cock.

God, she was tight! I grabbed her ankles again and leaned into every stroke. It was too much. I came in a bout 30 seconds and I was disappointed in myself because I wanted to fuck her forever. After coming for along time in her delicious pussy I finally stopped moving, standing still with my cock still inside her and her legs still in the air. She continued to quiver every few seconds.

And then she started to cry.

“What’s wrong?” I asked with some concern.

“N-n-n-nothing,” she whimpered, “it was so good.” Then she reached her hands up towards me, and pulled me down on to her huge tits and started to kiss me gently. “I love you,” she whispered.

This is not what I wanted—I wanted her to fuck me, not, love me. I didn’t even know her. But I just said, “I know, I know,” and let her calm down. A few minutes later we were both readjusting our clothes—she had to take off her panties and pantyhose because they were in two pieces. We smiled at each other and she let me out as she re-opened the music library for the evening.

I was worried for a day or two. I didn’t want her falling in love with me and I hoped she wasn’t taking casual but great sex to mean an emotional relationship. But it was OK. I bumped into her a few days later. She stood close to me so her boobs were pressing against my arm.

“Ummmm, you know about the other night… Well, I’m sorry,” she said embarrassedly but I don’t really love you. I was just carried away and, well, I don’t know you,…”

“Brenda,” I said, it’s ok because I don’t love you either.”

She smiled with relief. Then she said what I wanted to hear. “David, I don’t love you, but I want you to fuck me.”

“That can be arranged,” I said, smiling. “Just one thing,” I asked as she turned to walk away with a big grin, “please wear pantyhose for me.” And she did.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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