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It is midnight in your dorm room. I have waited for this night for a long time. We have been dating for months and you have not tried any advances. I am a young woman. I have needs. Tonight I intend to fulfill them. Although I have many different vibrators, the real thing is just soooo much better. I am wearing a very fitting body suit. My 36DDs are about to pop out of it. It is black and mesh only hiding the barest of essentials. I sneak into the dorm building staying out of the prying eyes of the cameras that would alert anyone of my presence. I use your key in the elevator to get to your level of the dorm. Quietly and quickly I pad through the halls in my soft slippers. I find your room. I know you are alone tonight. Your roommate has gone home for the independence holiday. I slip the key in the lock and turn it slowly. The only sound is the soft click of the bolt sliding into its hole. I think of you sliding into mine and a shiver of anticipation runs up my spine. Slowly I open the door. It creaks a little on old hinges, but you don’t notice.

I hear voices coming down the hall as I slip inside and close the door. I lock the door back and lean against the door. My body suit has slid up in my private crevices so I reach up and pull it off my shoulders. I ease it down past my breasts and let my hands cover them. I massage them. Caressing myself. My nipples begin bostancı escort to harden and it feels good as I pinch them slightly. I continue to caress my body as I slowly lower the suit to my waist.

My insides are rolling as I slip my hands inside at my hips. I want so bad to touch myself, to bring myself to climax. I refrain though. I want to have my first orgasm as you enter me for the first time. Slowly I push the clothes down and pull it out of my moistness. It tugs on my clit a little and my knees almost buckle. I bend down to let my feet slide out of the fabric. I lay my clothes on your computer chair and one arm of it hits the mouse on your computer. The screen comes alive and there on the monitor is a porn site. A big-breasted woman is sucking on another’s tits while playing with her own pussy. I smile thinking of you sitting there with your eyes glued to the scene and your hands working furiously to bring yourself off. Tonight you will not have to do that.

I walk to the door to your room and ease it open. There you lay asleep. You have kicked the bedclothes off of you. I see your flaccid member lying on your leg. It is a beautiful site. Only four inches in its current state, but I know it will grow handsomely. I tip toe over to your bedside. There is a smile on your face. I can only imagine what you are dreaming. I slide a chair ümraniye escort bayan over to your bed and carefully lean on the bed. I kiss you lightly on the lips. You run your tongue out and lick your lips off. I whisper in your ear, calling your name. Then I move down to your beautiful dick and softly blow on it. I give it a few seconds and blow again. Slowly it moves. Growing. Growing. Growing until it is fully hard and pointing to your chest. You groan and your hand moves down and rubs it slightly. I wait until you move your hand. I reach out and gently grab it. I begin to stroke you. This elicits more moans from your throat. I bend over you and cup your balls in my hand. My mouth moves up and over your head. I take you into my mouth and suck lightly on your head. You moan a little louder. I thought you would have woken by now, but you’re still deeply asleep.

I slip you deeper into my mouth and increase the suction on your shaft. I slide up and down while caressing your sack. I move down and suck your balls in my mouth and roll my tongue around them. I feel your hand on my head now. I look up but you are still sleeping. I let you guide me up and down on your shaft again. You wrap your fingers in my hair and begin to fuck my face. I feel your shaft begin to pulse and your salty juices burst into my mouth. I drink them down hungrily. Your hand relaxes kartal escort its grip, and slides down to the bed. You whimper as I slide you out of my mouth. You don’t; however, return to your flaccid state. I sit back in the chair and pull my leg up over the arm. I reach down and begin pulling at my lips. I get myself wet and ready for your dick to enter.

When I am satisfied you are back in a deep slumber I climb onto the bed. I suck you for a minute tasting the cum still to be milked from you. I position my hot wet hole over your slick shaft. I rub your head against my clit and jolts of electricity ignite in my body. I ease your head inside me. You fill me and stretch me some. I leave you in at that point for a minute to let my body get used to your size. Then I slowly ease down onto you. You are so big it feels as if you’re deep into my cervix. It feels good to have the real thing inside me again. I slowly move up and down on you. Your hands come up and grasp my thighs. I move your hand and place it on my clit. I use your finger to rub me as I slowly fuck you. Soon you begin to rub on your own. I am moaning now. Trying to be quiet. It is very hard to do when you are being pleasured. You moan louder now. Our bodies are in a rhythm going in and out up and down. I feel my pussy tighten as my orgasm strikes hard. I bite my lip to keep from screaming. Your cock begins pulsing your seed into me. I flex my inner muscles to milk every last drop out of you. Totally spent I roll off of you. I quickly dress and steal quietly into the night; satisfied that you will remember your dream, and hope you will act upon it during our next meeting.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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