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Big Dick

From the author… This story is part of the “Jimmy and Arane” stories written by DiamondJim and me. You can find links to the others in my profile and under my “Favorites.” Enjoy, and please leave your vote and feedback.


After Jimmy shared his heart with me, we stood there looking over the San Francisco Bay, arms around each other and feeling the cool breeze against our skin. Finally, after several minutes, Jimmy whispered, “Let’s head back.” His warm breath against my sensitive ear and neck, both cooled by the breeze blowing off of the water, caused me to tremble in his arms as I remembered his warm lips kissing and caressing the sensitive spot on the back of my neck.

We hopped on the trolley and headed back to our hotel. It was crowded with late-day tourists leaving their haunts of the day and returning to their hotels to shower and change for dinner, much like we were doing. Jimmy kept his arms wrapped around me on the trolley, holding me close as Frisco zipped past us, his arms resting just below my unbound breasts, the large dark nipples puckered from the chill and the closeness. His member was a solid ridge against my cheeks, and I gave my hips a little wriggle, teasing him with the promise of what was in store. He brought one hand down to press it against my mound to hold my hips in place, the heat permeating the thin material of my short skirt. His thumb flicked over my nipple, making it tighten and getting this little bit of revenge against me, teasing and tantalizing my over-sensitive flesh.

I brought my hands to rest over his, my right hand over his cupping my breast, my left hand covering the hand claiming my feminine heat as his fingers separated my folds through my skirt. My head fell back against his shoulder and a moan passed my lips. My hips wriggled against his hard cock, feeling the tell-tale moisture seeping through his khaki shorts and my silk skirt to my soft bum. “Jimmy,” I whispered urgently, “I’m going to come if you keep that up!”

With a wicked, self-satisfied chuckle, he replied, “Just don’t make any noise when you do,” as he slid his finger just a little deeper between my wet folds. Under my hand, I felt his forefinger and thumb capture and pinch my hard nipple as his fingers pressed against my clit just so, causing my knees to buckle slightly as I came.

Thankfully, the engineer hollered for our stop a few moments later, and with slightly wobbly steps I led Jimmy off the trolley. A couple of women who’d been standing nearby on the trolley looked down at the huge wet spot on the front of my skirt and the corresponding silver-dollar-sized wet spot on the front of Jimmy’s shorts and gave me a knowing smile. I winked at the ladies before taking Jimmy’s hand and leading him up the stairs to our suite.

Once inside our suite with the door shut kartal escort bayan firmly behind us, Jimmy took me in his arms, pressing me against the back of the door as he raised my skirt up. I gasped as my bare ass came in contact with the cool door, and my gasp quickly became a moan as I felt the heat of his tumescent cock providing sharp contrast as it pressed intimately against my swollen mound. He leaned down to kiss me, his lips lightly brushing against mine – once, twice, before finally settling on them. Sweetly, softly they toyed with mine, teasing them, coaxing them to open. My lips parted with a sigh that he captured before his tongue lightly touched mine, drawing it out and twining it together with his.

He sucked my tongue into his mouth as his hand stole down to rest between my legs, cupping my mound, the heel of his hand applying just the right amount of pressure to my throbbing clit as one thick finger slid and out of my wet slit. Holding my tongue between his lips, Jimmy flicked the tip of my tongue with his as his finger tapped against my slit, teasing and tantalizing me with the promise of penetration. My right leg came up to rest around his waist as I wrapped my arms around his neck, hanging onto him as he skillfully tormented both my pussy and my tongue.

My hand slid down over his chest, flicking his buttons open as I went. The back of my hand caressed his firm, muscled chest, his silky hairs lightly abrading my knuckles. I followed the line of hair that runs from his sternum, over his belly and down to his groin until I encountered the button holding his shorts together. As I worked the button loose and rasped his zipper down over his bulging member, I could feel the moisture soaking through the cotton twill of his shorts, further evidence of his arousal. Finally I got them unfastened so they’d drop around his ankles. Jimmy stepped out of them as I grasped his thick, throbbing cock, using my thumb to spread his precome around his bulbous head.

I grasped his cock, squeezing it with the same rhythm as his finger against my slit. His cock jerked, and he pushed against my hand, forcing his thick member through my tight fist. “Arane,” Jimmy gasped against my mouth, “I need to be in you NOW!”

“Gawd, baby, I need you in me now,” and with that I threw my other leg around him, bringing my feminine center into intimate contact with him, my juices soaking his purple head moments before he thrust up inside of me, stretching and filling my hungry pussy. As he plunged in and out of me, the base of his thickness rubbed against my clit, and his head stroked my G-spot. The door banged against its frame as we rammed against it, and my fingernails dug into his shoulders under his shirt. Once more he claimed my mouth for his own, his tongue thrusting in and out of my mouth as his escort maltepe cock thrust in and out of my cunt.

His taste filled my mouth, his scent filled my nostrils, his cock filled my pussy and he filled my heart. There was nothing in my existence but him, completely consuming my senses. Jimmy’s cock pulsed and throbbed inside of my sensitive canal as his groin continued to grind against my nub. With a scream I soared over the precipice into absolute bliss, drenching his cock anew with my juices and setting off his own orgasm. Stream after white hot stream of his essence erupted inside of me, splashing against the entrance to my womb.

He used his body to brace me against the door, and I rested against him, panting even as I planted kisses upon his sweat-dampened neck. My legs were straining around him, all the blood now pounding in my head and in my still swollen nether regions. Our come flowed out of me, dripping down over his deflating member still buried inside of me, and coating his balls before settling with a muted wet splat on the floor of our suite.

After several long minutes, Jimmy braced his hands under my bottom and carried me to our king-sized bed. Once there, he gently laid me down and divested me of my clothes and shoes, carefully draping them over the chair in the corner by the window. I sat up and helped him remove his clothes, then he came back to bed and laid down beside me. As the last remnants of sunlight burnished the room gold before darkening it to a twilight purple, we rested, content simply to lie in each other’s arms and to reflect on what had happened that day.

Hours passed and smoky violet twilight turned to deep dark blue night. I woke up and blinked the glowing red numbers of the clock into focus: 11:38. I sat up, content to just watch Jimmy sleeping, his face bearing a peacefulness it hadn’t before. I stealthily slipped out of bed, careful not to disturb him, before grabbing the phone book out of the desk drawer and my cell phone and going into the bathroom. After taking care of what I needed to do, I went back into our room, quickly dressed and woke Jimmy up.

“C’mon, sweetheart. Quick! Get up and throw some clothes on.”

“What? What’s going on?”

“No time to explain now. Just trust me,” I teased as I tossed a pair of jeans, a sweatshirt and a pair of socks to him. “We have ten minutes.”

“OK,” he replied, though he had a distinctly wary look on his face. “Don’t I get underwear, too?”

“Well, if you insist,” I said, reaching into his suitcase for a pair of silk boxers.

I flipped on the lamp on the desk, bathing the room in soft light, gentle on the eyes while still being enough to see. I took a few moments to enjoy watching my sexy gentleman dress before putting my socks and tennis shoes on.

We raced downstairs pendik escort and hopped into the taxi that was waiting for us at the curb. I’d already told the cab company’s dispatcher where I wanted to go. Jimmy kept asking me about our destination, but I distracted him with kisses, muting any further questions with my lips. Twenty minutes later, we arrived at the perfect spot. The shell parking lot was dark, our cab the only vehicle there. The ocean was a whisper on the other side of the dunes, and overhead the velvet black sky sparkled as if strewn with thousands of diamonds. I paid the cabbie and dismissed him, assuring him we’d call when we were ready to leave.

Taking Jimmy’s hand in mine, I led him to the plank board walkway going over the dunes, creating a bridge between the parking lot and the sandy beach beneath. The walkway stopped at a wide landing before steps descended down to the sand. We stopped there. Before us, the inky black ocean kissed the shore, leaving behind a line of glimmering phosphorescence. Overhead, stars winked in the velvet sky, brilliant and too numerous to count. Moonlight trailed over the water, and beneath us and to each side, miles of sandy beach glowed white under the moon’s beams. A chilly breeze whipped around us, tossing our hair and carrying with it the pungent scent of ozone and salt. I felt Jimmy’s heat against my back, his warm breath in my hair a contrast to the cool air around us. We stood there in silence for several minutes, just absorbing the dark beauty of the scene before us.

“Jimmy,” I spoke at last, “It was in a place such as this where I found my soul.” His arms tightened around me as if sensing the importance of what I was about to reveal. “Look out there. I know you’ve traveled those waters. But there are depths to the sea that no man has ever seen, creatures and plants unknown to us. Only the Creator knows them. And look up. There are stars out there that we can’t even see, yet the Creator knows their names. Look at the beach. So much sand that I couldn’t even begin to count the grains in one of my small handfuls. But God knows, not just how many are in a handful, but how many are on this little stretch of beach, and the entire coast, and on every beach in the world.” I paused to let that sink in a bit before continuing. “And God knows me. All of me. And he loves me. It was here that I realized my insignificance and also found my significance. It was here that I discovered that I DO make a difference to people.”

Turning to face him, I continued. “Darling, thank you for also making me feel significant. I’ve never told anyone else that story before, but I wanted you to know it. I’ve never trusted anyone else enough to share that, but I trust you. Jimmy, I love you.”

I wrapped my arms around his neck, bringing his mouth closer to mine for a kiss. We stood there holding each other, allowing the brisk wind to buffet our bodies as we remained there on the landing, not wanting this moment to end sooner than it had to. The moon had risen high in the sky before we called for our cab to take us back to the hotel.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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